Girls nude in the street

Girls nude in the street
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I knocked on the door and was greeted by a worried face. "I just don't have it, I'm sorry" she said. I knew she would get paid next week, but my balls were heavy and aching for a release. "I warned you last time" I said quietly as I stepped in through the door and closed it behind me.

A tear rolled down her cheek from a big brown eye. "You're mine now, or you're out." She turned and walked slowly into the living room, resigned to what she had to do, her slender figure slumped sadly.

Her light brown hair was tied up messily, which showed off the clean lines of her face. "Get on your knees" I commanded, undoing my jeans. She obeyed. "It won't be so bad, ok?" My cock had sprung out and was almost fully erect. "Just wrap your lips around it like a good girl. I'm sure you've sucked a cock before, haven't you? Haven't you?" She eventually nodded slowly, and I guided her warm mouth onto me. The veins on my shaft stood out as her lips slid over the head. Using one hand to grip, she slowly began pumping on my hard pole.

Her tongue brushed against the underside of the head, and she recoiled it. I lifted her head.

"Your tongue feels good on my cock. I want you to do this properly, or things will get worse for you. Understand?" She nodded again, and her mouth returned to its former position. I had a sudden urge to try out her pussy. On my urging, she stood up and removed her sweatpants and panties, revealing a neat rectangle of hair above her slit. She went to kneel again, and I caught hold of her hair.

"I don't think so." My free hand moved between her legs. "You're wet. Does sucking a nice big cock turn you on? Answer me!" My voice rose. "My boyfriend was here this morning and we made out" she stammered, blushing. "Good.

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I should slide in there pretty easily then if you've been loosened up this morning. Lie on the table, on your back. Lift your legs." She did as I bid her to. She wasn't wearing a bra, and I lifted up her vest top to reveal her small, pert tits. Her body was tanned and firm. I tested her cunt a few times with the tip of my cock, and then thrust it in. She gasped, and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

I grunted in pleasure and put one hand firmly around her throat to let her know who was in control. She may have been wet but she certainly wasn't loose.


I looked down at my cock slicing into her, and caught her eye. It felt like my balls were burning; I was backed up for about a month, and it was all about to bubble to the surface. I was breathing heavily, grunting with each thrust. She knew what was going to happen. " I'll make you cum, just not inside me.

You're already raping me, that's even worse. Please." I stopped, feeling her throat bob as she swallowed nervously under my hand. Her watery eyes looked up at me. "I make the rules here, not you. Nothing feels better than cumming in a tight young cunt like yours." She sobbed, and made a feeble attempt to push me away with one leg. I delivered a stinging blow to the inside of her thigh with the flat of my hand, causing her to yelp in pain. She tried to claw at my face with a hand, and received two more hard slaps, to her left breast and then (with the back of my hand) her face.


She tried to struggle some more, but stopped as my grip tightened on her throat. We faced each other, both breathing heavily, our bodies joined by my shaft which was buried deep in her snatch.

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Her breath rasped in her throat as I slid in balls deep, our pubic hair meshing, my balls pushing up against her ass. During our brief one-sided struggle, my attention had been taken away from the sensations of my cock. I was ready to cum alright.

"Now, sweety" I hissed, "I'm going to dump a filthy wad of cum in your cunt. You'll do as you're told; you know not to mess with me now. Right, here we go!" I began driving in and out of her pussy. If anything, it was wetter than before, and I could feel it's suction with every out stroke before plunging back into the wet depths. The base of my cock was tense and tingling, and my balls had tightened right up. "Urgh, fuck.fuck.I'm gonna fill that pussy up!

Urgh, that cunt's gonna be overflowing with my cum. Fuck.look at you, you little fucking whore, fucking a cock, getting filled up with spunk, just for your rent. I bet you're enjoying this really aren't you? Urgh, fuck, fucking hell, that pussy feels it comes that filthy cum.FUCK!" My whole body tensed right up, and with about half of my 9 inches inside her, I felt my load explode into her.


It literally felt like my dick just burst inside her, a thick white river flowing from the end, filling up her pussy. Evidently feeling my slime being pumped into her, she emitted a strangled cry of "No! No!" I slid out of her and cum oozed out of her hole and onto the table. We faced each other again, in silence. She was staring at me now, her tears gone, with an angry look on her reddened face. Her legs were still apart, revealing her spunk-sodden slit.

God, I thought. She was a pretty young thing. My cock was still hard. "You've paid one week. You owe me another.

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We can sort that out now." "W-W-What?" she asked. "You don't want the money as well?" "Payment in kind will do fine" I explained to her. "Once a week. Every week.

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No money. You just have to do what I say." She agreed. "Ok," I said. "Prove it to me. Lick that cum up off the table." To my surprise, she obeyed immediately.

The cum was thick and sticky, and her tongue had no trouble in lapping it up. "Now show me.and swallow." Again, she obeyed, showing me the cum in her mouth and gulping it down.

A change had come over her; it was like a line had been crossed, and she knew she could never go back. " really are a little whore aren't you? I'm impressed.

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Now, crawl over to the couch." My cock was semi-hard and sticky with cum and the juices from her pusssy. I sat down and instructed her to clean it up with her mouth, then lick and suck my balls, which still tingled from before. Her mouth slipped down over my shaft, making me writhe in pleasure, and 30 seconds later one of my balls was in her mouth. She rolled it around, sucking on it until I felt a small stab of pain, then releasing it just in time. Her tongue began licking my ballsack with long, upward strokes, and in no time at all I was rock hard again, ready to penetrate her once more.

I roughly took a handful of her hair and lifted her up. She understood and got up from her hands and knees to mount me, her slender legs straddling mine. Her wet cunt slid down over the head of my penis, sealing itself around the shaft. She began riding up and down, and I slid her top off over her head, fully revealing her bouncing firm tits. "Harder" I instructed. "I like it rough - you should know that by now." I pulled her wrists behind her back and began slamming her back down after she had pushed up, our flesh meeting with a dull slap every time I drove deep into her insides.

With my free hand, I slapped at her tits, making her gasp through her heavy breathing. A red mark appeared on one of them, spurring me on.

With a quick movement, I switched our positions, slamming her down onto the couch. Her face wore a shocked expression. "What's the matter?" I grunted as I drove back into her pussy. "I've never had it like this before," she said, "I never thought I liked pain.hit me again." I obliged, slapping her tits one after the other.

We were face to face, both red and sweating, and I saw her hand slip down between her thighs. She began rubbing at her swollen clit frantically, her eyes rolling back in her head in pleasure. "I'm going to rough you up real good now, you little bitch" I spoke, gutturally. I slapped her hard in the face twice. She gasped and moaned in pleasure.

She was going to cum, I could feel it. Her pussy was hot and tightening. I spat on her face, and she began screaming in pleasure, reaching up with her hand and rubbing my saliva on her cheek. "Shit.I'm gonna cum" she howled. And cum she did, hard. As the first wave of orgasm swept over her, I clenched a fist and punched her quite hard in the stomach, winding her. Unable to breathe, she clawed at the sofa and squirmed, her face contorting as her eyes rolled wildly and her mouth stretched open.

Her orgasm lasted for over 30 seconds, and I spat on her face again before she was finished. As her breathing returned to normal, I looked down at her. She was wrecked, with hand marks on her face and chest, saliva high up on her cheek and sweating from head to toe. I resumed pumping away at her cunt, and after about a minute I was spent. I pulled out and jerked off all over her raw pussy, slapping the head of my cock against her clit, causing her to twitch.

Watery cum splashed out onto her trimmed hair and bald slit. I slid back in, savouring the sensation of her soaked pussy. "I'll see you next week," I said. She nodded in reply.