Garoto Batendo uma antes de dormi

Garoto Batendo uma antes de dormi
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A kajira story by ScottMaster In the Darkness, I sleep so peacefully that the world itself seems to cease to exist. I feel the tender touch of bizarre dreams filtering through my mind. The cascade of heightened sensations during such strange, yet eloquent visions. It happens in the darkness, taking me by surprise and pulling me into a very strange place. I can not understand where I am or what I am doing. Suddenly, pain and horror fill my mind as I disappear from my world.

I awaken to the visage of fields full of bright purple flowers like roses and tulips bred together for some strange purpose. My head hurts like a bitch and I cannot help but be thinking that 'Whoever did this is gonna fucking pay!' Yet.such a strange place only seems to entice ideas of beautiful places I know. Suddenly, it hits me, the smell, the breeze, the light, the feelings of the fresh grass beneath my body. Yet, I am fully clothed, unlike a moment ago, carrying the last things I had.

To specify exactly the incredible confusion, sensations, and shock would be to tell God to be simpler. My deep hazel-green eyes taking in the strange sensations around me the best that I can.

My breathing seems so.strong, so powerful. I feel cleansed in many ways. The grass is such an amazing sensation of smooth tenderness. The smell of the flowers surrounding me like lilacs in perfect season, creating a void of other smells.

I can hear the sound of free-flowing water across the field, in the distance, far away. I swear I notice movement across the horizon and in the skies, yet, my mind must be playing tricks on me. I can feel my clothes upon my body, yet the fabrics feel more real than they EVER did. I slowly stand as my eyes finally adjust to the bright, CLEAR, skies. I almost begin coughing as the atmosphere is so void of pollution. I suddenly hear a soft twang.

Following the twang, I hear a shriek and a thwap against the grass. I gaze around me carefully, trying to figure out what that was. Just as suddenly as the sound, a figure on the horizon appears. The figure seems to be about 5 and a half to 6 feet tall from my perspective and shadowed against a cloud or tree or rock.

I notice another twang and thwap with the realization that it is a man firing arrows at me. I begin running the opposite way with long strides.

The gravity almost makes me superhuman in my speed and strength, causing me to be a little confused. My purse raps against my soft little camisole dress, shining against the sunlight. Another twang behind me, causing me to jerk violently into the grass. I grunt in pain and frustration, cursing out into the air. "Motherfucker!!" My body is tightened against itself, wrapped in some kind of twine or silk rope. I feel scratching against my skin, noticing that it has small metal prongs that tickle and pinch, but not scar the skin.


I writhe about trying to get the net off my body and yet I simply make it worse. As I struggle, the sounds of voices and footsteps become clearer and more defined. I gaze up in the sunlight to see three large men dressed in heavy leather armor, carrying a quiver of arrows, a bow, a satchel, a longsword in beautiful embroidered sheathes, and wearing red upon their armor. The armor itself has an emblem emblazoned on it and seems to be also on their cloaks.

I cannot help but blink softly in confusion, contemplating my situation. They speak in such a strange language, yet it seems very similar to a very eloquent Latin like Elvish or something. I thought that maybe I truly was sleeping and it was just my imagination. One of the man tosses me over with the edge of his sword, speaking to the others carefully yet angrily.

I grunt at the movement and spit at their feet. The man closest to me backhands me across the face harshly, sending my head hard against the grass.

My mind spinning with both pain and dizziness. I soon collapse on the grass, falling into unconsciousness. My guess was that his hand had fractured my face or caused some kind of concussion and I just passed out from the pain. I awaken from my deep slumber only to have my head knocked against the ass of a horse. I grunt and move my head up, gazing around me in attempt to understand where I am, where I'm going, and who is taking me.

I notice that these are the same men who captured me. We are riding along some kind of paved dirt road with strange markers on the side of the road.

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The markers have a symbol of something written in a strange language that I cannot pronounce. I can feel the moving muscles of the animal beneath me striding forth with great effort. I notice now that I am naked and bound in some kind of twine. The strange texture of horse fur against my nipples stimulates a strange sensation within me, yet I cannot help but feel fearful as I do not understand where I am or why I am here.

I just slowly pass out from both hunger and exhaustion only to once again reawaken somewhere else entirely. I am inside a strange building made of wood, similar to Medieval European towns around the 14th century. The fresh scent of recently moisturized wood filters through my nostrils, yet the scent of perfumes and oils, very feminine, permeate from somewhere else in the building.

I can almost smell every inch of the building even on the second floor. I feel my naked body against a hardwood floor, in a corner, chained to the post of a bed. The room is very simply furnished and contains no art or crafts of any kind other than woodworking. There wasn't even a candle in the room. I shook my head, feeling soft pulses of pain hit me.

I let out a loud groan and fall against the wall. I stand up after a few moments and move towards the door, but my body is stopped by the chain just at the door frame. I almost fall down as it pulls me back against my neck. I suddenly realize that I have a thick steel collar around my neck chained to the bed. I laid against the bed in frustration realizing I wasn't going to be getting out of this situation easily.

I tried in vain to mess with the spike embedding the chain loop against the bed, but I had not the strength to leverage it. The sounds of heavy footsteps cascaded down the hallway, moving in my direction. I growl softly readying myself to ambush the person tricking the chain into moving with me in a way where it is barely visible from the door. After a couple minutes, the Man steps inside and I toss the chain over His neck, pulling it together in a loop and wrapping it hard around the post.

He instantly begins choking violently, His face turning a deep pale.He grabs the chain trying to loosen it from the beam. I have my body far from the door and Him, keeping me out of visual range of the door, yet maintaining a good hold of the chain. He suddenly forces his foot down onto the floor causing a loud bang throughout the house. I shook my head and pulled the chain tighter and harder, hearing a bone crack in his neck.

A couple minutes later, a group of Men come rushing upstairs wielding swords as their comrade falls down dead upon the floor. His body lay limp against the bed and I growl and roar at the Men, tossing my body at them. One Man yells as I smash my elbow straight into his nose, flinging him down and into a table behind him.

He smashes it to pieces in his weight, yet they don't exactly break apart normally. It's more like the table bends. The other man throws himself ontop of me, taking hold of a great rod, he thrusts it at my face.

I block his thrust with a well-placed arm block tossing it towards the floor. It sparks violently as it hits the floor. I gasp in the shock of this device, but I am more concerned about my welfare. I grab the device and thrust it into his face, causing it to spark, sending waves of electricity through his body. As he is violently spasming, I move away from Him, and jab my palm upwards into the other man's nose, shoving his nose bone straight into his head killing him instantly.

I then gauge the situation in my eyes: Three Men dead, obviously using me for something. I grab the rod and test it out, checking its capabilities and function. I discover it must be a cattle prod of some kind, intended to be used for subduing or killing a person depending on where the dial at one end is set. I use it on its highest setting on the three men to make sure they are dead, dying, or unconscious at least. I hear the footsteps of more men and the sound of a ringing bell outside the house, indicating some kind of alert system.

I growl in frustration that they have announced my escape, but nonetheless, I will not give up. I grab one of the swords the man had, checking its sharpness, weight, and dexterity. Once I've done that, I run into another room using the deep sounds of heavy footsteps to mask my naked, soft feet. A man comes running up the stairs, then notices one of the man's arms hanging out of the room doorway. I mentally curse myself and ready myself to attack this man should he come by me.

He considerably slows down, taking great caution. He seems to either whisper or not speak anything to another man at the other end of the hallway. The men begin maneuvering through the hallway, trying to snuff me out. I breathe very slowly, quietly and steadily, taking my time to wait patiently for an opportunity. The man in the hallway moves carefully into the room I am in. I have hidden myself underneath the bed at this point, taking care to watch his feet movement.

Once he moves around the bed once and begins moving towards the door, I know that I must act quickly for his body going down will surely make noise. I slice his ankles open with the sword, hearing him fall down screaming in pain, I lunge outward of the bed and slam down the rod across his forehead. Not caring if I knocked him out or killed him, I move towards the sound of the other footsteps in the next room.

I thrust my longsword into the side of the man, in between the plates of lacquered leather on his chest. He goes down onto his knees and I thrust the rod straight into his head, causing massive damage. His body falls down onto the floor and I quietly move down the opposite way of the hallway, seeking a way out of the house more efficiently. My eyes study a window which leads to a small alley leading behind it to a series of rocks heading towards a forest.

I smirk softly and gently open the window, sliding down to the first floor with little sound. I maneuver to the end of the alley and begin treading towards the forest. Although as I move into the forest, I can hear the sounds of yelling men treading towards my direction. I suddenly turn behind a rock and instantly begin crawling my way up a tree. I find myself on a thick branch.

Analyzing my situation, I see that I can set up an ambush and with the right setup, possibly damage multiple warriors. I notice that the branches are slightly sharp and pointed, as well as the leaves. Using these to my advantage, I begin to construct little pathways and ribbons through the tree to allow me the option of springing a trap. Unfortunately, I do not notice the men behind me on the ground.

As I am chopping a piece, an arrow hits my shoulder and I fling towards the ground, hard. I lose my grip on my sword and my rod, tossing them aside me. My shoulder feels intense pain throughout, sending waves through me. I grunt harshly and lay there tentatively as I am quickly surrounded.

They seem to have a heavy conversation about me before they move me. One man almost slices my neck open, but another man stops him before that. After 10 minutes, they finally pick me up once they've tied me up again in twine. I try my best to struggle, but with so many men, I am simply held tight down.

They bring me back into the city, that I had escaped from, and toss me down on the ground in front of a noose area. I simply spit and growl at them, yelling, as loud as I can. "Fucking ruthless assholes! I'm never bowing down to you!! FUCK OFF!" I flick them the finger multiple times insulting them the best I can.

As some men begin moving in towards me to make a powerful kill, a woman's voice is heard sounding off. I look behind me to see a beautiful woman dressed in an extravagant 15th century gown striding towards the group.

She is followed by a very handsome warrior who wears glistening metal armor embroidered with some kind of emblem. Next to Him is a small woman about 20 something years old who looks so amazingly beautiful.

I feel jealous for both the gowned woman and the naked girl. Both have freedom, at least, that's what I thought. Boy, was I ever more wrong.

The gowned woman begins speaking to the men carefully. I can tell perhaps she is arguing my favor or maybe trying to get them to just not kill me. I don't know which, but whatever she does, it helps me. The men pick me up and drag me into another building, this one very different.

It is more like a grand harem covered with silken drapes, beautiful silk pillows and furniture, and the smell of wonderful oils and perfumes penetrates the senses. They toss me into a backroom that is quite small compared to the main room. It is only about 5 feet by 6 feet. The main room is much more massive on a scale more like 40 feet by 100 feet. I grunt heavily as they drop me, causing a quiver through my body.

The men simply turn as soon as I drop, closing the door behind them. I sigh heavily in frustration. "Lilly, you are such a fool!" I mention to myself, attempting to pretend that I might be in a better situation. I slowly pass into unconscious state once more from the loss of blood and my still hungry stomach. Finally, after much time has passed, I wake up again. I find myself in one of the many individually separated rooms.

There are two girls near me dressed in similar ways. One is wearing a beautiful, thick black silk chemise that barely covers her breasts and a black silk "skirt" that does not cover her vagina in any way. Personally, I think it wasn't meant to.

The other is wearing a deep lavender silk set in a similar manner, but it is much more formalized with armbands of silk, strings of bells on her ankles and wrists, and a beautiful golden crown upon her head. They both look like exotic Hispanic or maybe Native American or even Indian. Yet, somehow, I don't think it is that easy to describe them that way.

The girl wearing black is around 5' 7" and probably around 100 pounds. She is so beautiful with long raven curly hair that must reach the middle of her back and huge, round breasts. Her body emulates a perfect hourglass shape, yet she has some of a tummy, almost as if she is pregnant, yet isn't. I find it very confusing. She has bright beautiful hazelnut eyes that almost glisten even in the shadows. Her face is actually covered in bright, exuberant makeup that isn't flashy but certainly isn't subtle.

She has gorgeous large, streamlined lips like watching a Victoria's Secret model. Her body is athletic, long, lean, and really well shaped. Her legs seem to be the longest part of her body. The other girl is about 5' 8" and around 110 to 140 pounds, I'm not sure. She is slightly younger than the girl in black, but just as beautiful except she has long brown straight hair and deep green eyes. Her makeup is much more subtle yet in the right light it bounces like an explosion of stars.

I stare at them for a few moments trying to understand and then I notice that they are currently painting my toenails and fingernails with a deep lavender color. I at first back away, but they hold on tightly to my hands. The taller girl in the bright clothes speaks up softly and yet, she speaks English.

I am quite confused and sputter for a moment before hearing her words exactly. "You mustn't attempt to do anything less than what I tell you, girl.for I promise t'would be your last in the wake of your wicked death dealing." She nods softly to me before continuing to paint me. "Oh fuckin' hell.Are you kidding me? You're telling me that I gotta do whatever the hell you say?

Do you have any fucking clue who I am?" "It matters not who you are girl. You are no longer on Earth and no longer in the safety of that planet. Do you understand?" I blink for a moment, hearing her words and unable to believe what she is telling me. "Um.what do you mean, we're not on Earth? You mean I'm not in some.strange third world country?" She shakes her head softly and speaks once more, "You are on Gor, the Counter-Earth, the opposite of Earth.

That is all you need to know." I begin to slowly hyperventilate, completely freaked out of my mind that I am on a different planet. I begin to try and rationalize the idea and yet it somehow doesn't work. I just can't understand why I am on another planet! I mean yeah, it's always been a dream, but shit, I mean am I really gone from Earth? Is this really some other place? Then I suddenly think, oh my god! My parents! My sister! My job! My dog! Everything I have is now gone!

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I begin to sob in between my hyperventilating seizures. "You must calm down, girl. You are never going home so you must learn quickly your place and your life." But of course, I can't calm down. She and the other girl eventually stop, laying me down on my back in the pillows. I just lay there for what seems like forever, shivering in fear and horror.

My eyes stare at the ceiling, vibrating in the shaking of my incredible dumbfounded, hysterical nature. The girls eventually return to my side and wipe me down, finishing the nails they wanted to finish. I don't even respond yet simply lay there in a state of mental languish.

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Eventually, I am able to consciously make decisions. I look up at the girl who can speak english and I ask her. "Never going home, huh?" "No, girl, you are not. The Master wishes you to be clean, healthy, and beautiful for Him so we may begin training you as a slave girl." "Fuck that!

I'm no one's slave!" "Girl, you are lucky you can fight, for if not, they would surely beat you to the point where you would beg for death." "Pfft.whatever. I killed 6 of those damn assholes.I'll get away and this time I won't stop running." She just sighs and finishes putting on my makeup. It seems that in my unusual state they had washed me and dressed me in some kind of fine burlap outfit.

It wasn't really very flattering in terms of fashion, but it did show off all my curves. I stand up and look at myself, testing out the fabric. "Come, girl, no time for festivities.we must begin your training." I am still rather perplexed by my situation and yet I can understand and comprehend.

I think it is less about what is going on and more that I need to survive. The girls parade me into a large hall filled with two huge sand pits. In each sand pit is a large wooden post that is connected to the ceiling, yet I can see that there is a way to pull the pieces out and change them for different pieces or new wood.

At the wall on the far side rests a huge wooden throne covered with golden leaf embroidery and strange emblems. I notice that there is no one else in here but us at the moment. The fervent scent of exotic flowers and textures fill my nostrils while the air itself seems to harbor some kind of glittering particles.

"So, where is everyone?" "Master and the rest of His chain shalt be here soon." She smiles gently and helps me to lay down in a certain pattern. She and the other girl kneel beside me in a most peculiar way.

They kneel down with their thighs spread widely, resting their feet perpendicular to their thighs. Their backs arch straight as board, then thrust forward, allowing their breasts to be extremely noticeable and pronounced.

Their heads indicate towards the floor and do not rise above 3 feet from the wall. It is strange to notice such women in such a particular ritualistic fashion. They seem to take pride in their movements and accuracy.

They take the time to smooth out their clothing, allowing the fabrics to sit more appropriately in order to even further enhance the beauty of their forms.


We wait nearly twenty minutes before anyone else arrives and in that time, I take the chance to study the hall carefully. The walls that are not made of silk are made of a hard resined wood colored white with intersecting pillars every 5 feet.

The building seems amazingly very sturdy despite many amenities pulling heavily on the ceiling. The first to enter is a man nearly 6 and a half feet tall with a large, broad body and heavy shoulders. His skin is slightly tan, slightly dark, indicating that either he spends a lot of time in the sun or that it is often at a different angle than many other places in this world.

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His skin is also coarse and furry, also indicating a hard working life. His body is simply clad in simple silk clothing of a pants, a unbuttoned shirt, a leather belt, and a pair of boots. A broadsword sheath sits at his left side adorned with a heavy engraving depicting some kind of scenery.

He has dark brown, almost black wavy hair with a thick mustache and beard that is only trimmed, never shaved. Following him on his right side very closely is a very beautiful woman. She must be in her late twenties or early to middle thirties. She wears an outfit very similar to the girl who doesn't speak english on my right, the one with the very bright colored, extravagant clothes.

This woman, however, has a very different attitude and demeanor. It is more like that of a mother or perhaps a matron of a clan. She stands at around 5' 6" and probably has a healthy weight of around 120 pounds, but I can definitely tell most of it is muscle.

I cannot help but think that this world must really love muscular women even more than Earth does. She has very large breasts that are slightly saggy, but definitely beautiful. Her body forms an almost perfect hour-glass shape that has long, lithe legs, strong arms, a tiny torso, and good neck.

Upon that neck sits an amazingly beautiful collar made of some kind of silver or platinum, shining brightly. The engraving on the collar is obviously painstakingly designed to portray some kind of set of symbols. At the center of the collar is a single ring attached to a leash that is sitting in the hand of the man.

The other two girls must simply be slave workers or something because they are practically naked and wear ugly little brown costumes similar to my ugly little costume.

The two girls next to me bow their heads even deeper into the floor before suddenly speaking in their strange language. The man sits down at the throne followed by all these girls sitting beside him to his left, except the older woman, she sits to his right. I mean I'm really confused, I gotta say, but I guess it's only going to get more weird as time goes on.

The man looks me over and speaks to the woman to his right without actually looking at her. She shifts her body three inches forward and bows her head deeply, speaking very eloquently. They exchange something then she looks at me, then looks to the girl who speaks English.

"You are now a slave of our Master, slut. You are his property and his toy. You are to follow every command He gives and every command any Free within the world of Gor gives you as long as it does not contradict our Master's orders.

Our First Girl, Mistress Tiala, shall be teaching you along with myself in the ways of the kajira. Do you understand?" I shake my head and laugh, "You can kiss my ass, I am not a slave and I'm not gonna bow before him. What a crock of shit." The girl narrows her eyes at me and repeats herself adding, "You will be made to understand and learn the ways of the kajira or you shall die most painfully at much to the pain of my Master." I continue to laugh, shaking my head at the ludicrous demands of this man.

The woman can tell I am not submitting myself and she stands tall on her feet. I gaze at her with my fervent, strong eyes, showing my defiance. She pulls a simple object from a bag on her side and elongates a whip from it. My defiant smirk turns into anger and terror at the same time. She slides it back readying herself to toss it at me. I defiantly stand gazing into her beautiful porcelain blue eyes. She flings the whip at my body with such control and precision. It slashes across my face from the corner just above my left eye down across the top of my left cheek and down the left side of my nose.

I scream and fall to the ground, holding my face. I feel blood trickle down my mouth and cheek, filtering into me. "You fucking bitch! That's it! I'm done with this shit!" I move to attack her, but as I do, her hand comes up again and down across my chest, flinging me across the room, landing harshly on my back. I feel the air thrust out of me and my head spins. "OHhhh.fuck." I mutter, trying my best to inhale and fix my breathing.

She walks elegantly over to me, almost like a queen belittling a pathetic citizen, she speaks softly, yet in English, "You are my Master's slave, slut. Understand.or die." I am terrified looking at this strong slave, towering over me with purpose and effort, yet she seems to barely exert any energy. I shake my head softly and nod frantically. "Fine! You win! I'll.I'll do it." I whimper softly, fearful for my life. The woman hisses softly, almost thrusting her fist into my face. I cringe, holding my arm up to protect myself from the woman's fierce thrust, "What are you?" "Wha.What?" I'm confused, honestly, what does she mean?

She slaps me harshly across the face, leaving a sharp pain surging through me, "What are you?!" "A.a slave!" I yell out, just wanting the pain to stop. She recedes with a very content smile across her beautiful pampered lips. She returns to the side of her Master, very smugly satisfied. The Master stands very elegantly from his throne, gazing at me with bright brown eyes.

He pierces my soul, staring directly into me without any of my defenses. I move away softly in fear for my life, but he stops and kneels down on one knee.

He grabs my face with a single hard jolt, almost crushing my jaw inwards. He drags me off the floor, holding me about a foot off the floor, just dangling helplessly. He judges my body, looking at everything. The pain in my jaw so great that I don't even struggle when he fondles me everywhere. " go!! Ple.please! t.too.much!!" I practically scream the best I can with his giant fist gripping my tiny head.

The girl who has been telling me things speaks up, "The Master enjoys giving pain. You will adjust to His desires and needs, slut." " e.expen.expense a.bil.ability to do anything?" I groan heavily, still deeply in pain from his roughness. "He judges your value, slut, and only He shall decide your fate.

He is God now, enjoy it." She smirks softly watching my body writhe and struggle in pain. He finally releases me after a couple more minutes of judging me. I drop like a pile of bricks on the floor, screaming in pain as the sudden releases hits me.

He walks back over to his throne and sits down. He nods to the english-speaking girl, indicating something. She moves slightly forward, perhaps only 4 inches, and looks down at me.

I gulp softly, panting heavily in my recovery. She speaks slowly. "Get up slut. Now begins your training.

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First, you will learn our laws and our rules.and learn them well. I will not repeat myself more than once. Do you understand?" I gesture positively with a nod of my soft brown hair. I have every intention of escaping this place and if I have to listen to this drivel, then I will. I resume a better posture, despite painfully groaning and listen to the girl before me. "You are property, meaning, that you have no rights, no ownership over anything, even your mind.

Those are the property of our Master. You will obey every order without question or be punished for your insubordination. Our world is nothing like are property and not people. As such you will be treated so. If you show care and concern for your place, learn well, listen well, and you will be rewarded with freedoms and more appropriate clothes." I open my mouth in surprise and shock at the start of these rules. I don't do anything else except keep listening. She continues her words.

"You may not speak unless spoken to or given permission. You are going to be used as slave labor and a servant in our Master's home. You will learn to cook, sew, dance, serve drinks, and how to properly act like a good slut." I gulp again, hard, pushing the dryness in my throat down. "Everyone you meet is Master or Mistress or kajira, understand. You never say always say yes.and when you answer, you say, Yes, Master. Understood?" "Um yes, kajira." I hope that's the right answer.

"'t try running again or killing anymore men.or you will be given no mercy and killed in the most horrific, slow manner possible." I nod with a quiver of fear, thinking of how many Men chased after me, "Um yes, kajira." "Now, let us go teach you how to properly clean and cook, slut." Over the next few weeks, I learned how to cook heavy, lean meats; well-grown, tasty vegetables; beautiful, unusual fruits; thick broths; and interesting condiments like 5 different colored sugars that are not brown or white or shimmery silver.

I learned what it was like sleeping on a hardwood floor, sweeping on hardwood floors, how to get out muddy bootprints, and metal plating marks out of a hardwood floor without an electrical buffing system.

I learned very quickly that this place is very different from Earth. There is a completely unique, strange language that persists in everything.

Everything has a name, a meaning, a purpose. Almost nothing is wasted and nothing is abused. I find myself strangely attracted to this place yet insulted in every way by its very existence.

I have had to grovel and beg and bow to this cruel Man for what seems like an eternity. He is very cruel, but I hate his woman even more. She is smug, selfish, and completely devoted to him.

She enjoys her position with so much pride and happiness that if it ever were stripped from her, I think she would go absolutely insane. I have grown to enjoy my duties, but I still contemplate escape, constantly scheming and thinking. I know I will never be able to fully get away, but maybe, just maybe, I can at least try to find someone kinder than this awful place!

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I move from the kitchen counter to peer out into the hall, seeing my Master's guests. One man is incredibly snobby and rude, belching and not wiping himself as he drinks and eats.

I cringe at the smell, sight, and sound of him. I retreat back into the kitchen and finish preparing drinks. I place them on a clean tray and carefully walk out into the room. I haven't quite learned the elegant, regal walk of the other girls yet, nor do I intend to. I place the drinks down where they must go next to the Masters, but then the disgusting one asks me for a drink. So revolting is his behavior that I remark, "Hell no." I purposefully keep out Master because he's too nasty to be one.

I should have remembered their statements of punishment. The disgusting man growls softly, holding back the urge to backhand me for whatever reason that might be. The music continues despite my inexcusable behavior.

The Master looks up at me slowly and speaks plainly, translated by one of the other girls. "You will be taken to the pits of the hounds whereby you will learn the purpose of a kajira through the humiliation of that horrific place. In this place, you will stay for 2 and a half hands or.until your death." Just an FYI, I discovered later that the word hands when spoken in english without relevance to the hands of a being, actually mean a Gorean week or 5 gorean days.

Two men came towards me, grabbing me harshly by the arms, dragging me away roughly. I scream and yell, trying desperately to be freed from their grasp as I'd rather just die than be in this place any longer. They strip me naked, tie me up very securely, and load me onto a horse. A group of men ride with the horse I'm on to some location I am unaware of.

All I know is that it must be at least a quarter of a mile outside the city and obviously not very well-guarded for when I am finally released from the horse, I see scarcely 10 warriors guarding a small farm area.

I notice heavy animal prints scattered around the area. They drag me across the ground and toss me into a building. Inside the farmhouse, is instead of stables and hay areas, etc, is a large very industrial looking set of tiny 4 foot by 4 foot cages along two walls, these cages are interconnected by a single "walkway" which goes across the middle center of the farm house.

This strange walkway can be opened directly to allow for exit to either side of the farm house. Inside, are 3 dozen barking, snarling, vicious, cruel unchained dogs. They don't seem to fit each other, but as soon as I come in, they begin barking like crazy, bashing their muzzles against the wireframe kennel doors. At this point, I'm scared completely out of my mind.

I begin to panic and shriek in fear, trying my best to get away. Unfortunately, it is for naught as the warriors pick me up, open the walkway and toss me inside. Instantly, I am locked within, trapped in a tiny, little, but still massive box filled with horrific animals. I have never seen dogs so vicious and drooling.

I try to calm my heart, knowing that the dogs can more than sense fear, they sense anxiety and worry.

I look at my surroundings carefully, judging that the metal is made of steel, about 2/4's of an inch thick and very strong. There is no way I could break this metal without permanently damaging my body. I mutter softly in frustration, trying in vain to look for a way out but seeing none. Suddenly, the dogs rush through the walkway, heading directly for me.

I scream in terror, feeling them scratch and sniff me. They assault my body, understanding what I am. They jump around me, thrusting their muzzles and bodies into me. I fall to the ground in pain, shrieking in fear. Despite this fear, it is interesting to think that perhaps I feel pity for them, to be trapped here only to be released to breed or to kill.

As I lay there trying to gain composure from the sheer terror and shock of being so assaulted, it seems that it isn't over. The dogs only assault me again.and again. I hope that this doesn't last long.and they get bored. I shall spare you the specific details of my horrific incarceration in this place but suffice it to say, it certainly changed my idea of what the idea of what they wanted a slave to be.

I must say that I am certainly not willing to endure that disgusting experience ever again. To bring you up to speed, it has been 2 weeks since my incarceration within the hunting dog kennels. One day, I am within the kennels, trying to get some sleep after experiences, when all of a sudden a loud, violent crash goes off.

At least, I think it was a crash, I was so sleep-deprived, starving, dirty, and thirsty, that I couldn't really see straight. A man came over to the cage, pushing a dog away with a small fresh piece of meat. The dogs instantly were at the piece of meat, gnawing and shredding it apart.

I cowered in a corner away from the entrance, trying to hide myself in case he was here to finally kill me or just abuse me. The man opened the cage, knelt down at the entrance and said, "Slut," I whimpered at first, afraid, but then I thought.maybe, he might be taking mercy on me.

So I crept to the door and went to him. He placed the collar back around my neck, instantly leashing me and dragged me over to the entrance of the stables. Here, my Master was standing with the rest of his entourage, including that rude bitch he calls his First Girl. My Master stands over me, gazing my disgusting, dirty, horrific form writhing and moaning in complete shame and embarrassment, and complete physical detriment, with a sigh.

He kneels down to be level with me and looks me in the eyes, holding my face up to look at equally. The girl who was always helping translate for me, translates once again. "Do you understand why I placed you in here, girl?" "Y.yes.and.and no, M.Master." I speak with such a dry and heavy voice.

"You are my slave, my property and I will do whatever I want with you, but I wish you to see that I am not without mercy and that should you chose to serve me well, I will reward you greatly for your wonderful perfection. Now.I ask no more problems with you understand?" I cannot speak now, so tired and exhausted that I mumble, "Y.yes, Master." with the r being elongated because I pass out right there.

I then return to my Master's village and I take a few days rest before I am allowed back. Now to return to the current time period. I have been able to further myself along the chain, gaining more and more respect among the girls in my Master's chain.

It's now morning on my 5th month on this planet and I have finally gotten used to the language enough to speak enough phrases to do my purpose. I have also grown to understand that my Master does care about me and that what I do matters to him on more than just level. I've also grown to like him in a sort of way. I am walking down the stairs to the tavern area to open up the tavern for my Master, when the First Girl comes into the tavern.

She smiles at me and I simply bow my head to her, "Tal, sister." "Tal, kajira. I see you are getting ready for work, but did you hear? A local marauding band of outlaws is possibly invading the region. We need to keep inside the Tavern until our Master tells us otherwise." I raise an eyebrow and nod softly, "Yes, sister. Well, let's just hope they don't want girls or booze and just want to rage their testosterone around." She giggles softly and steps past me up the stairs.

As soon as she is gone, I laugh softly in the thought. I move over to the kitchen, preparing the morning meal for my Master and His Free Companion.