Kerian lee and madison rose anal sex stories

Kerian lee and madison rose anal sex stories
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First Meeting (A Study in Light and Dark) She met him at the airport. She recognized him at once as he stepped through the "Arrivals" gate.

Without saying anything she went up and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply a kiss he was returning with the same energy. A few people began to applaud. "My, granddaughter," he said "is very affectionate," and laughing pulled her to him and they kissed again. "Let me get my bag, and we can get out of here. By the way, your name wouldn't be Sarah, by any chance, would it?" Her answer was to poke him in the ribs with her elbow.

After picking up Don's bags, Sarah led the way to her car. Don put his bags in the back and pulled her to him. He pushed up her top and kissed her breasts. Sarah was looking around to see if anyone was watching. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him close.

"Come on, Babe," she said breathlessly, "Let's get to your hotel before we get arrested." Don let her top down and held her face in his hands. He kissed her on the nose, and said, "You really are real, aren't you?" "You better believe it, and I love you too. Can we go now, master? Please!" She decided that she really liked it when he laughed. She drove to a hotel where Don had booked a small suite of rooms. Sarah felt strange checking in with him.

She felt lots of eyes judging her. She was tempted to fall to her knees and give Don a blow job right then and there so that they would have something to talk about when they went to their suite, but she was a good girl, and behaved herself. "Everyone downstairs thinks you are a whore that I rented for the weekend," Don said when they were in their rooms. "It's OK, baby." "No, it's fucking not, and I am going to do something about it, but not right now." He started to undress her.

She started to pull off her pants when he stopped her. "Let me do it," he said, "I want to undress you piece by piece." When her boots were finally off and the jeans were on the floor he had her stand before him.

His eyes were moist as he looked at her for the first time. "You are so fucking beautiful," he sighed, "and you belong to me." "Yes, sir," she responded, "I love you and I belong to you. I am yours." Her eyes teared up as she spoke aloud these words for the first time to her owner and lover. Don started removing his own clothes, "Then," he said, "I think I am entitled to a test drive before I take possession." "Oh, yes, Sir," Sarah responded happily as she jumped on the bed while pulling him on top of her.

"No foreplay, babe," she breathed, "I'm so hot and wet right now just put it in, please!" Don, being above all else, a gentleman obliged.

Soon he was riding her in an up and down motion like they were long lost dancers. She moved and bucked but he would move with her. Finally she just let out a cry and gave up as he entered her secret place where he came, and came.

Both bodies were pressed together in one spasm of, there is no other word for it, pure bliss. When they had separated, and were resting on their pillows, she sat up and moved her head toward his groin. She looked at him questioningly and he nodded his consent.

She began to clean him with the devotion that only one who has given herself to another could know. "This is really real," she thought as she licked some of the combination of her own cunt juice and cum from his cock.


"And I am pleasing my owner," her heart leaped. Don suggested that Sarah might light to wear one of the hotel robes, and he would order up a light supper. Without waiting, he picked up the phone, and ordered food for the two of them, and then asked that the manager be sent up to his suite. The manager arrived before the food. Both Don and Sarah were in robes. The manager introduced himself and asked how he could be of service.

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"The young lady and I are lovers. Does the hotel have a problem with that?" "No, sir," the manager replied, a bit startled. "Then why did she have to be humiliated by the smirks of your staff in the lobby while we were checking in," Don asked in a low voice that was sharp enough to cut paper. Sarah reminded herself that it was probably best not to annoy him. "I should demand that your staff appear before us here and apologize, but I think that would just embarrass the young lady more.

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You and I know that the only reason that your staff thought that it was all right to laugh at us is because of my age.

If we were the same age and checked in, there would have been no problem. Now, son, I got this here lawyer that is about my age too, and he gets real pissed when hotels I stay in engage in age discrimination. So I would say we got ourselves a bit of a problem here. Any suggestions?" "On behalf of the hotel I would like to apologize to both of you, and would you and the young lady consent to being the guests of the hotel for the duration of your stay?" "Why thank you, son.

We do accept. And you have a nice day now, you hear," Don said as he escorted the manager from his suite.


"You hear?" "Just came out that way. That wasn't a con. I was really pissed. It's not that I mind you being humiliated, but I damn well better be doing the humiliating. Speaking of which, should I have you nude and kneeling when they bring the supper table in?" "Oh, please, sir, no sir, really I mean it sir, no, please." "OK.

Come here." She came to him and he just held her to him for a long time. She thought that he might have been crying, but she wasn't sure. The food and table arrived and the staff who set up the dinner for two behaved in a professional manner. Don tipped them with cash, since there was no bill to sign. When they were finished (Sarah didn't eat much), Don sat the wine bottle on another table, and pushed the dinner table outside into the hallway. They moved a couple chairs close to a picture window, sat, relaxed and drank their wine.

"I am so happy right now," Sarah said as she pulled her feet up to the chair so that she was half kneeling half sitting. She looked and saw that Don was very hard and looking at her. "How," she started to ask. "Little blue pill. It's not for everyday, but I think that this counts as a special occasion." "May I suck on it, sir," Sarah said in a little girl voice. "You are a good girl. Yes you may. You may even finger yourself, but no coming. Understand?" Her response was a grunt and a nod as she was already sucking devotedly on his cock.

She remembered that he had written that he liked his women to look him in the eyes while they worshiped his cock, she looked up to see him smiling down on her with a pleased look a master whose girl-slave was performing well. "Did she really want to be owned that much," she asked herself. "I am owned that much," she answered. She reached for her clit. She loved the smell of maleness. She loved the meatiness of his cock in her mouth. He looked down at her, and said, "Stop." "Go to the bed and kneel beside it.

Remove the robe.

Go." Don went to one of his cases and returned with a thin bamboo walking cane. Without saying anything he struck a pillow on the bed with such force that the sound made Sarah flinch.

"I like to mark what is mine," he said rather unpleasantly. "I assume that you have no objection." "No, sir," Sarah answered meekly. "I wasn't asking, cunt, I was assuming." "Lay down on the bed on your stomach. You can muffle your scream with a pillow.

Stretch out your legs to the corners of the bed.

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You will not be tied. If you move to defend yourself, your next move will be out the door. Do we fucking understand each other?" Sarah was sobbing. Just minutes ago he was the tenderest of lovers, and now this.

Now he was going to hurt her, not because she deserved to be hurt. He was going to hurt her because he wanted to. She looked at the bamboo cane. "This is not going to be fun," she thought. "We understand each other, sir." Don started stroking her backside with the cane. He enjoyed the way that he butt cheeks would tighten and release. Then he gave her ten light strokes to the back of her legs. These were hard enough to leave a mark but not so hard as to be seriously unpleasant.

In fact, Sarah rather liked it. It was almost like a massage. She enjoyed the heat in the back of her legs and butt cheeks. "This next one is going to hurt," Don said, "I would start biting that pillow if I were you." Sarah tensed for the coming blow.

Nothing happened. She remained tensed waiting. Finally she had to relax her muscles. It was at this moment that he brought the cane down on her backside with all of his strength. Sarah was blinded by pain. The pain of the strike was a white heat that blocked out everything else from her consciousness.

There was nothing in her universe but white hot pain and her screams into a pillow. She was aware that Don was fingering her, and that her legs were kicking up and down as she cried.

She turned and looked up at him with tear stained eyes, and saw that his face was covered with pleasure. She reached for his cock. It was hard and twitching.

He traced a finger across her new welt. She almost cried out. He moved her hand away and told her to turn over. When she obeyed, the pain from that last strike did make her cry out. "Hummm, it will probably hurt even worse while I fuck you while that is still fresh, but let's move on.

I am going to leave two more marks. I am going to leave one like the one on your backside on your stomach and another on your breasts." Sarah knew better than to ask him not to do this. It began to strike her that while this was a man who, without any question loved her, at the same time considered her to be his property to do with as he pleased.

She also knew that he was determined to establish his ownership of her. She knew that she had said that this is what she wanted, and that she had offered herself to him, but what she did not want was two more hard strikes from that bamboo cane.

She had never felt anything like what had happened to her butt. She really did not want anymore. She re-positioned herself so that she would be easier for him to reach.

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It was like he was reading her mind. The moment she moved, he laughed. Only it wasn't the pleasant laugh that she loved. This was the laugh of a tormentor laughing at the tormented.

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Sarah felt she was sinking into something that was way beyond her ability to deal with. "Here's the deal," Don said, "I am going to do one strike just to the top of your nipples. I want you to lay there with your hands flat on the bed. If you are a good girl, and don't move your hands to your tits, you only get the one strike. But if you touch those tits, you lose, and we have to do it all over again until we get it right. When we have got that right we will move on to your belly with the same rules.

Now, are you ready to play?" "Could I have something in my mouth, master," she asked. Don went to his bag and returned with a penis gag, which he attached to her mouth and head. He propped her head up on the pillows so that she could look down at her breasts.


"I want you to watch this," Don said, "You are not to close your eyes or look away." She nodded. Don didn't tease. He brought the cane down with such force that it bit into her skin. Again Sarah saw light and almost passed out. She also sat up and cupped her breasts. Only the gag stopped her from licking them. "You lose that round. You know I am not hitting your tits as hard as I hit your ass.

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Got different material there, but I did get a nice mark there." Sarah was watching a red welt form just above her nipples. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. The pain was close to replacing her thoughts. But she remembered that it was going to happen again. She lay back, and waited.

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And it did come again with the blinding white light of agony. She did not move her hands. The tops of her breasts were crisscrossed with two perfectly defined welts. Then, without warning he brought the cane down on her belly. Only the gag muffled her scream. She sat up, but she did not touch herself. She looked at Don with only fear in her eyes. Don removed the gag and waited. Sarah knew that he was waiting for something from her, but she didn't know what.

Then she did. She moved to the floor and keeled before him. She kissed his penis in obeisance, and looked up at the face of the man who hurt her so much for his own selfish pleasure. "Thank you, master," she said with a sincerity that scared her. "Thank you," she sobbed, and then she returned to ministering his cock. While he was fucking her this time, it was not love making, it was a battle. She felt that he was trying to devour her, as he grabbed her wounded breasts with his hands and teeth.

Sarah felt like a wounded animal that had been caught by a predator. She hurt. She was fucking for her life. She had to toss him off, but when she would move her pelvis up, she would feel the welt on her ass, and he would meet her thrust and drive it back. With every stroke, it was as if he were punishing her. He was beating her down with his cock.

Every move she made was met and defeated, till she just lay there as he had his way with her defeated cunt and body. She had never felt so empty and fulfilled at the same time. He came like a victorious warrior who had just taken what was his by conquest.

She came like a wrung out rag doll. She had never felt so deliciously used. It hurt for her to move, but it was a good hurt. Something inside of her had broken free. She had proven something to both of them. She bent her head, and began to clean him. He was a worthy owner indeed. Don stroked her head, "I love you so much," he said. She lifted her head for a moment, "I know," she replied and continued sucking and licking him clean. She did not see the tears in his eyes as he continued to stroke her head.