Give my ass a good time

Give my ass a good time
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I loved to fuck. I won't lie. To me, there was nothing like a good piece of USDA grade A dick. I thought about it morning, noon and night. Dick, dick, dick. I wasn't always able to get it. Well, that's not true. Dick is always available but it's not always quality dick. How many times had I had dicks that didn't feel me up? Or if the dick was big enough, the dude who occupied it didn't know how to fuck.

I don't mind being on top if it means me being able to bust a nut. But for the most part, I wanted to be controlled; dominated by my man. So I started hanging out at a nearby club. I knew a few of the guys there. The guys that I knew there had mediocre dicks. Rarely would let any of them fuck me but I would let them finger me and suck my tits and pussy often.

Doug was generally my go-to guy. He had a decent size dick and I had rode it a few times. But on this particular night, I wanted my pussy eaten. Like normal, Doug was sitting at the bar. I walked over to where he was and sat on the barstool; ever so slightly spreading my legs. Doug discreetly slid his hands between my legs to find my awaiting wet snatch.

He ran his finger up and down my slit. "Let's go outside," Doug whispered in my ear. I hopped down off the barstool then followed Doug outside to the side of the building. "I want you to suck my pussy, baby," I instructed. Doug got down on his knees.

I lifted my dress and I straddled his face placing my pussy hole right over his mouth.


I pulled down the top of my dress to expose my huge triple D titties. I placed my hands on the building wall in front of me then gyrated my pussy onto Doug's face. "Suck it!" I commanded. "Suck it until my pussy juices pour into your mouth and all over your tongue." Doug obliged as I removed one hand from the wall and placed it under his head gently guiding him to where I wanted to be.

"That's it, baby. I'm about to cum and leak my pussy nectar into your mouth." As promised, I delivered a load of my pussy nectar onto Doug's wandering tongue. "Shitttt!" I screamed as my ass shook and pussy lips quivered during my orgasm. Before I could lick my cum off of Doug's lips, we were approached. "Hey, what the fuck is going on back here?" a big burly man screamed.

I knew who he was. Well, not really. He was the Bouncers at the club. I had seen him before but had never had any encounters with him.

"You, get out of here," the Bouncer said to Doug. What a bummer. He had sucked me off and I hadn't had the chance to jerk his cock off for him. Hell, he had sucked me so good I was actually considering letting him fuck me.

As Doug walked away, the Bouncer escorted me to the backdoor of the club. He pushed me against the wall then began to suck my still exposed titties. Yeah, this was going to be fun. After giving each tit, the attention he felt they needed, the Bouncer slid his hands under my dress.

Two fingers slid into my wet cunt hole as the Bouncer began to finger fuck the shit out of me. "Goddam!" I screamed as I was on my tiptoes. The Bouncer's fingers were better than any dick I had had in a long time. "You are fucking the shit out of me with your fingers. Don't fucking stop, baby. Don't fucking stop until I nut all over them. " It wouldn't be long before I once again delivered on my promise.

As the Bouncer eased his third finger in my now stretched twat, I screamed to the high heavens as I came all over his finger. White pussy cream dripped down his fingers that he quickly removed from my cunt and shoved in my mouth. "Lick it all off," the Bouncer commanded as I licked my juices off his finger.

He would then kiss me and taste my pussy on my tongue. "Yeah, that's a good girl. We're not done though. I've been watching you for a long time. You come here and let these guys play in your pussy until you nut.

Well, now it's my turn. But I ain't gonna just play in that snatch. I'm gonna fuck it with my rock hard dick. You're going to take every inch of my stick and cum on it until you can't cum anymore. Do you understand?" "Yes, baby, I will do whatever you want me to do," I shared with the Bouncer. "Meet me out front at 2am," the Bouncer ordered. As I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, I couldn't help but wonder what was in store for me.

What was he going to do to me? Just the thought of him handling me in bed the way he had handled me outside of the club caused my clit to stiffen up and my pussy to drip. At exactly 2am, I was standing by the door waiting for the Bouncer. "Let's go," he commanded as I followed him to his SUV. A gentleman, he opened the passenger door for me and helped me in.

As the Bouncer made his way into the driver's side he started the car then looked over at me. "Take your panties off then reach over here and take my dick out of pants." Lucky for me and him, I hadn't worn any panties. As we drove away, the Bouncer rubbed my wet pussy as I stroked his stiffening cock.

"I don't know if I'm going to make it home. I want to fuck you now," the Bouncer announced. We pulled off the road and parked on a lightless dead end street. "Get in the back seat," the Bouncer commanded. Without hesitation, I climbed into the back seat as he followed. Hungry, I laid down and spread my legs as wide as I could get them. The Bouncer planted his massive body between my legs then slid his monster cock up inside my awaiting tight cunt.

"Fuckkkk," I sighed as the Bouncer's meat invaded my pussy; stretching my walls as he pushed in deeper and deeper. "Damn your pussy is tight as fuck," the Bouncer commented as he slowly moved inside of me. "Look into my eyes and tell me what you want me to do to you." "I want you to push your big cock all the way inside of my tight, little pussy," I begged. "I want you to go deep and fuck me hard until I nut all over your fucking cock.

Fuck, baby, you got me so hot right now. My pussy is gonna swallow every inch of your fat cock. Fuck me, baby! Fuck my tight pussy! Fuck it good and hard! Fuck me until I cum all over it!" The Bouncer obliged as he fucked me harder and harder. My only fear was that we'd get caught because I was sure any passerby could see that SUV was moving and hear me screaming as the Bouncer rammed his rod inside of me.

I hadn't had dick like this in such a long time. As good as this shit was, I didn't give a fuck if we got caught or not. Regardless, I was going to nut and I was going to nut hard.

The Bouncer continued to pound my pussy until I was a point of explosion. "That's it, Baby! Right there! Right fucking there! Goddammit!

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Fuck that pussy! Fuck that pussy hole deep!" "I'm about to bust my nut up in your pussy!" the Bouncer confirmed. "Nut in me, Baby! Nut in my pussy. Fuck, I'm about to cum!" I could feel myself losing all control. As hard as the Bouncer was fucking me was as hard as I was humping his dick.

By now, every inch of that 9 inch rod was stuffed inside of me. I could feel is balls slapping my ass. "Uhhhh, shit! Here it is, baby! Here it fucking is!" The Bouncer exclaimed as he let off inside of me. "Fuckkkkkk!!!" I screamed as I took The Bouncer's load and unleased my own. "Don't take it out! Don't fucking take your dick out of my pussy! Please!" I begged as I humped the Bouncer's rod to finish up my orgasm.

"Open your mouth," The Bouncer commanded moments later as he took his dripping wet cock out of my pussy and placed it in my mouth; making me suck off all of my pussy nectar from his dick. I then sucked his cock to get rest of his cum. "You are one hot, bitch," The Bouncer announced as he climbed out of the car to put his clothes back on. I reached for my purse. Always prepared, I took out personal wipes to clean my wet pussy and asshole.

Though the Bouncer hadn't fucked me up my ass, I sure came out of it like he did. "Are we done?" I asked as I walked around to the driver's side of the truck.

"If so, drop me on the main highway and I will get a cab home." "Done? Fuck no!" The Bouncer announced. "That was just the appetizer. Get in. We're going to my place." Of course, I obliged. The ride to the Bouncer's home was a relaxing one.

We listened to music as I gazed at the stars through the opened moon roof. I wondered what he would do to me. I thought of all of the nasty things I wanted him to do to me but would he. We finally made it to his home just on the outskirts of town. The Bouncer opened the door and flipped on the lights. I followed.

As he closed the door, the Bouncer grabbed me from behind and pulled me close to him. Pressing my ass into his swelling mound, he placed one hand around my neck while he lifted my dress with the other. Yeah, it was about to be on and popping. "Awwww," I moaned as the Bouncer slipped two fingers inside of my already fucked pussy. I guess he liked finger fucking. That was okay because I liked being finger fucked. "Oh gawd!" I belted as it was for certain that I was going to cum sooner than later.

I reached for the back of the couch to hold on as leverage as he stuffed yet another finger inside of me. "You feel that?" the Bouncer taunted "Fuck yeah!" I screamed. "Give it!" the Bouncer demanded. "Give it up! Give me that sweet pussy nectar. Cum!" His wish was my command as my body unleashed a thick load of twat cream all over his fingers.

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"Fuck you!" I screamed as he had taken control of me. He now controlled my body, my mind and most importantly my pussy. The Bouncer released his fingers from my swollen snatch as well as his hand from my throat.

"Lie down," the Bouncer commanded. I obediently went to the couch. "No, not the couch," the bouncer corrected. "There." The ottoman. Son-of-a-bitch.

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He knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted to make sure he had full control once again. As I laid down on the ottoman, I moved to the edge so that my ass would ever so slightly hang off the end. Yeah that's what he wanted. I pulled down the top of my dress so that my titties could be free while the Bouncer stood over me stroking his cock with the cum from my snatch.

I sucked my titties as I gyrated my horny pussy in a circular motion awaiting the Bouncer to make a move. A stream of pre-cum dripped from his dick head unto my erect clit. Moments later, I placed my hands under my head as I watched this muscled man think of what he wanted to do to me. As he got down on his knees he surprised the shit out of me when he buried his head in my snatch and started sucking on my hardened clit.

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"Oh baby," I groaned as I placed my hand on the back of his head ever so gently as he tried to suck my clit out of my pussy. "Stick your fingers inside of me," I begged. Let me tell you. There is no better feeling than getting your clit sucked while getting your pussy fucked. Later, the Bouncer took his attention from my clit and nibbled on my hardened nipples as he slid that monster cock up inside of me. "Ohhhh!!!" I cried out as the Bouncer tried to push every bit of his 9 inches inside of me with no mercy.

It was okay because I wanted it. I wanted all of him and more. Once again, the Bouncer pounded the shit out of my fucked pussy. He removed my hands from behind my head and pinned them above my head as he feverishly fucked my hot pussy.

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As my titties bounced up and down I could feel myself about to give up yet another load of cum. "I'm cumming, baby!" I sighed as I lost my ability to speak and almost breathe. This was some good dick. "Ugh!!!!" I screamed as I nutted on the Bouncer's swollen rod that was lodged deep inside of my pussy. "Fuck you! Fuck you for making me cum so hard! Fuck you!" I screamed as my body convulsed beneath this man that was fucking me like no other had.

I won't lie. I had had my share of dick; fucked by three guys at one time. I had a dick in my pussy, one up my ass while I sucked the other one off yet not even that experience gave me the pleasure the Bouncer was providing. Bottom line, he knew how to fuck and he knew how to fuck well." "Turn over," the Bouncer commanded. I obeyed as I looked back at his dick that was standing at attention.

I wondered had he taken something; some kind of dick enhancer so his dick would stay hard longer. I didn't really care at this point. All I wanted to do was cum and he was making that happen for me. While on my knees, the Boucher slid his cock up inside of me once again. He'd pick up where he left off; digging out my pussy, fucking me like a dog. "Un huh, yeah baby!" I grunted after each stroke of his knob going inside of me.

"It feels so good, baby! Your dick feels so fucking good." He knew it. The Bouncer knew he had me; knew he had me right here he wanted me. From now on when I came to the club, I wouldn't be hanging out at the bar looking for Doug or any of my other stand-bys. I'd be looking for him. "Fuck! You gonna make me squirt." I informed as I tried to ease away from his dick.

It was deep in me; deeper than any dick had ever been.

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I wasn't ready for it. I wasn't ready to give up that kind of control; well not all of it. But I had no choice. The more I tried to ease away, the more he pulled me back to him and pushed in deeper and harder. "I'm about to fucking squirt!" As I began to buck like a wild horse, the Bouncer pulled his dick out of me and I squirted all over the floor.

"Ugh!!!!!!" I screamed as the Bouncer stuffed his cock right back up my pussy and hammered away at it just a little bit more. As a puddle of my pussy juice formed on the floor between my wobbling legs, I lay my head down on the ottoman. I was exhausted and could barely hold myself up on my knees. The Bouncer had fucked me to a point of weakness. "You want me to nut?" the Bouncer asked as he moved in and out of my pussy slowly.

"Yeah baby, nut, please," I moaned as I was worn out. The Bouncer had beat my pussy up something terrible and I loved every fucking moment of it." "Turn over baby," the Bouncer instructed as he pulled his cock out of me. As always, I obeyed. He spread my legs. "Look at that beautiful pink clit," the Bouncer stated as he beat it with his stick. "Oh shit!!!!" I screamed as he beat on my protruding clit. "Fuck you!

Fuck you!" I screamed as another load of pussy honey streamed from deep inside of me. The Bouncer would soon insert his rod of steel inside of my love canal. "Oh yeah," I moaned as I could feel his dick taking up residency in my pussy. Slowly, the Bouncer would slide his thick slab of meat in and out of me bringing me to yet another orgasm. "Oh gawd," I cried out as my pussy juices came down and covered the Bouncer's dick once again.

I was near tears; not because I was in pain but because my pussy felt so good. "Here I cum!" the Bouncer announced. "Open up your mouth!" The Bouncer snatched his cock from my pussy and stuffed it in my mouth.

"Take every drop of it. Swallow it all." Not one drop would spill from my mouth. I took care to swallow it all. "That's a good girl.

Now clean my cock." He didn't have to ask. Not only did I suck his cock dry but I sucked the sweat from his balls. It was time for a shower. No more personal wipes. I needed a good hot shower. The Bouncer gave me a towel to dry myself off. That was it. No t-shirt, boxers or nothing. I was given a towel and nothing to put on after my shower; not even my own clothes. This, to me, would suggest that our episode wasn't finished. It wasn't. I laid down to take a nap as I needed it.

Besides, my pussy needed a break. A few hours later, I woke up. My hands had been tied above my head and the towel was gone. "I've got something for you," the Bouncer announced as he opened a package. It was a big black dildo. My pussy started to drip just looking at it. Like a good little girl, I spread my legs.

"Mmmmm," I moaned. "Are you going to put that in me?" "You're goddamn right I am," the Bouncer informed. "I'm going to fuck you with this until you cum and then I'm going to fuck your brains out with my dick." My clit started to get hard; pretty much like it is right now. I sucked the black dildo then watched a nearby mirror as the Bouncer slowly stuffed inches of it into my pussy. "Goddamn you!" I cursed as this man had me so opened and horny that I would do just about anything.

"Swallow it," the Bouncer insisted as I humped my ass up and down pushing to take more and more of the dildo. 'Take it all in, baby. Take it deep. Swallow that cock in your pussy!" "Shit!!!!" I screamed as I had taken a good bit of this dong up my snatch.

Up and down my hips went. Faster and faster as my ass would finally leave the bed. "Yeah, that's it!" the Bouncer yelled. "Take that shit! Fuck it baby!" "Ughhhh!!!" I groaned and screamed as I humped that lump of plastic stuffed inside of my pussy.

"I'm cumming!


I'm fucking cumming!" I announced as my ass hit the mattress and my body shook like an earthquake. The Bouncer grabbed my tits and squeezed my nipples as my body continued to shake from this enormous orgasm I was having. As promised, he removed the dildo and slid his rock hard cock up inside of me. The Bouncer pressed my knees to my titties opening my pussy up so that he could go deeper inside of me. I think I was falling in love. If I wasn't my pussy most certainly was. Once again, his balls slapped my ass as he fucked the living shit out my pussy.

With my hands still bound, all I could do was lie there and take it. I had to take what he was giving me and I was loving all of it. "Fuck me!" I screamed as the Bouncer pumped my pussy. "Fuck my pussy!" I commanded.

" Fuck it hard! Harder!


Oh Gawddd!!!" The Bouncer pulled out is cock just in time for me to squirt my pussy juice all over him. He didn't put it back inside of me. He didn't have time. "Fuckkkkk!" the Bouncer yelled as he unloaded his spunk onto my sweaty titties. He was done. I was done. We were both done as the Bouncer lay on the bed beside me. He would untie me and let my hands go free. I sat up and looked at this beast of a man who had just fucked me like the slut I was.

But I wasn't quite done. My clit was still yearning. Still hard and needed more attention. While the Bouncer lay there, I straddled his large muscular thigh and humped my clit against it. I've humped a lot of things in my life; dicks, pillows, the corner of mattresses just to name a few. But humping this thigh was especially hot because I could stare at that good dick that I had become very acquainted with.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I humped his thigh the way a dog humps another dog in heat. I slightly smiled as I was getting turned on by the sight of what I was doing to him; what I was doing to myself. My bouncing titties was an added attraction. I was a nasty, horny bitch; a slutty whore that loved fucking. Was there anything wrong with that?

"Owwww!" I cried out as I popped yet another load and spilled my pussy juice all over his thigh. Now, I was done. I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I returned, I saw the Bouncer was fast asleep. Our tryst was over.

It was time to go. I grabbed my dress, put it on then left. What an incredible night and morning. Would have been even nicer had I gotten his name. Shouldn't be hard to find him though. When I'm ready for more pussy play which shouldn't be long - I'll just go to the club and ask for The Bouncer!