Cute Teen Fucks Her Way Out Of Trouble

Cute Teen Fucks Her Way Out Of Trouble
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Jenny was almost 16 and had never had a boyfriend or even kissed a boy not even held a boys hand. She was the daughter of a single mother who had become very obsessed with her church after getting pregnant very young.

Her mother would not divulge the name of her father and Jenny had even snuck a peek at her birth certificate and under father it said "None." After getting involved heavily in her church her mother never dated another man and she intended to isolate her daughter in the same manner so she would not have a teen pregnancy of her own.

To further protect Jenny she was enrolled in an all girl's religious based school. She taught Jenny that any thoughts of boys or sex were a sin and would damn her to hell. She made her read the Bible nightly and at 15 Jenny had read every book and chapter of the Bible. Like most kids at one point Jenny explored her body, looking and feeling her body parts but her mother caught her and told her she was committing sins of the flesh and that if she continued she would be damned to hell.

Even with other girls Jenny's mother kept her very isolated. To protect her she only allowed the other girls to come to their home and she only let them play in her presence in the same room. Under this scrutiny no child wanted to hang out at their home so Jenny had very few friends and mostly they were around her at school.

In school Jenny's favorite teachers were the few male teachers in the school. She loved to watch them walk and move around the class room and loved the size and strength they seemed to display. But rules were clear in school and the teachers were careful to follow them that they should avoid any type of physical contact with the students.

When Jenny thought about it she had little physical contact with anyone as her mother never showed her any type of affection. Even the women teachers at school avoided contact so there would not be misinterpretation of impropriety.

So Jenny was pretty lonely and quiet and lived a very isolated life sad for a girl her age. __________ Rose was in her 40's and had married late in life not until she was 33. She had medical issues and turned out to be infertile and was unable to have children of her own. She was tall 6'1 and built very large with broad shoulders and when she was younger did not have much success with men but surprisingly that did not bother her since she just didn't seem very drawn to them.

So she mostly focused on her education and after graduating with a Master's degree she focused mostly on her career and did very well for herself. She had a very successful career and like most successful women who were confident and assertive she was known as a bitch. Unlike most women she actually became proud of the title and made a point to live up to the nickname and ruled her staff with an iron fist. Rose met her husband Ron when she was 31. He was seven years younger then her and was tall and slim with a large frame.

He stood 6'7 and of course had large hands and feet but he was not at all athletic and was uncoordinated and had poor vision. He wore bifocals and was a computer geek so he was seen very much of a nerd and Rose was only his second sexual partner.

He was a very gentle soft spoken man and every bit the nice guy but with Rose he was the perfect man. Not too long after marriage their sex life became pretty slow.

Ron was very well hung and to Rose sex was mostly painful which she didn't like and after finding out she was infertile she seemed to lose all interest in sex. They still had a close relationship and enjoyed doing things together. They finally decided they wanted children and so they signed up for foster care classes and once they passed they signed on to take infants with special needs.

Not too long after signing up for the program they received an infant from a drug mother and the poor child was blind but otherwise healthy.

Shortly before adopting the child Rose took maternity leave to be home with the new baby. After the baby arrived like any new parents she still found the need to have a babysitter on a few occasions. While trying to come up with someone she could think of to babysit, Rose thought of one of her coworkers who she remembered having a teenage daughter.

Rose contacted her former coworker and the lady thought it might be a good idea for her daughter to babysit an infant. So for the following weekend arrangements were made. The coworker happened to be Jenny's mom. Jenny was excited by the prospect of babysitting for Ron and Rose.

It was a chance to meet new people and to have someplace other then her own home to hang out for a couple hours.

She was a little nervous about the idea of it being a blind baby as she had not cared for an infant before but she still decided to give it a try as the first time the mother would also be there the whole time.

Upon arriving at their residence Rose looked Jenny up and down. Her physique was very different then both Ron and hers as Jenny was a half inch under being five foot tall, she weighted not an ounce more then 80 pounds soaking wet and was thin and looked very frail to Rose.

Her size and shyness did not convey confidence in Rose but within minutes of her holding the baby she seemed to take to it naturally. Rose had never been a fan of the cheerleader type and from what she knew from her mother this girl was not in anyway that type of personality but Rose found her physical characteristics to be so feminine and she felt a soft spot for this tiny girl.

She seemed to bond quickly with little Rob, their infant, and had him giggling and laughing before long. Jenny at first was intimidated by both Rose and Ron as they were both so huge. But she found Ron very kind and Rose was very nice and motherly. What she enjoyed most was that a baby needs to be held and it felt so nice to be so physically close with another human being. The one other thing Jenny noticed was that Ron seemed to stare at her quite a bit.

But when she noticed him starring she just smiled back at him and that elicited a smile from him. Jenny also enjoyed her time with Rose. When she was teaching her how to hold the baby and how to do things with the baby she made body contact which felt so warm to Jenny. As tall as Rose was she was able to stand behind Jenny and put her arms around her and helped her learn to support Rob's head.

It felt so nice to Jenny to have her so close. At the end of the evening Jenny was thrilled when each parent gave her a gentle hug for her kindness and how well she did with the baby and then Ron drove her back home. For the next several weekends, Rose and Ron had her come babysit on Friday and Saturday nights. The second Friday she did so Jenny noticed Ron looking at her more then he had before. She had an after school activity and didn't have time to go home and change before coming to their home so she had to come over in her school uniform.

The uniform was a very traditional girls school uniform with the plaid wool skirt, white button down blouse, blue blazer and black and white saddle shoes with white ankle socks.

For comfort Jenny removed the jacket soon after arrival and she forgot that the white blouse was so thin you could see her white bra through the blouse.

Typically she would wear a camisole under the blouse but she was low on laundry and just made a point to wear the jacket all day. But she was here to watch a baby and didn't want to get spit up on her jacket and of course the blouse was washable. She noticed he could not take his eyes off her and it felt so nice to be admired.

Rose noticed it too. Jenny also noticed that on the ride home Ron's eyes were on her legs. Now while her mom never permitted her to wear a mini skirt the school uniform had about the shortest skirt hem Jenny owned. Jenny could not remember except one of her teachers one time seem to look at her legs and it made he feel, well female, and she loved how it felt so she stretched her feet as far out on the floorboard of the car as she could. At every traffic light when he had to strop Ron would look down at her legs.

Before the next light Jenny stretched out trying subtly to make the skirt ride up all she could without being obvious.

With that move she got the skirt a couple inches above the knees and Ron definitely noticed. At the next traffic signal he missed the light turning green as he was looking at her legs.

Jenny continued to babysit for baby Rob every Friday and Saturday and was proud when his parents started trusting her to be home alone with him and went out for the evening. At the end of each babysitting session each parent would give Jenny a hug goodnight and she found herself looking forward to this hug. Ron was so tall and masculine that she could not get her arms fully around him and she found herself leaning into him with the hug they exchanged.

Jenny knowing that Ron liked looking at her in her uniform found every excuse she could to not have time to change before going to their house on Fridays.

On Saturdays she had to wear her own clothing and found a long flowing linen skirt he seemed to like her in so she made a point to where it if it was clean on the day to babysit and she made a point to not wear it anyplace else. One particular Saturday Rose had something she needed to do that didn't require Ron to join her so Jenny was alone with Ron the whole evening.

He decided to cook a meal for her and she ended up helping him and they had a good time cooking together. She also found every excuse she could to make contact with him and she found that he seemed to enjoy that contact as much as she did so it seemed to happen much more often.

Poor Ron wasn't getting any sex from his wife and this young girl's subtle flirtation excited him. He knew she was forbidden fruit but couldn't resist any opportunity to make body contact with her small body any more then she could. That evening after Rose returned home she went in to see baby Rob, she then realized she had not given Jenny her hug goodbye and headed to the living room to do so.

As she got to the door frame she saw them in their hug goodbye. They were locked in their embrace and were holding it far too long, but they had both had a nice time that evening and neither wanted to let go.

Rose stared in shock as she watched her babysitter hugged up against her husband, both of them embracing the other closely his hands stroking her back continuously.

Their eyes were glued on one another's and it almost looked as if they were going to kiss. Finally Rose sickened of it and tapped the wall on purpose and they released their embrace. She came to Jenny anyway and gave her a hug goodbye. She was so angry at the young girl she intentionally hugged her very tight trying to make the hug uncomfortable. No matter how hard she squeezed the young girl just took the hug and did not say a word or protest so Rose had no choice but to let her go.

She watched her husband leave with the young girl to drive her home and couldn't help wonder if any monkey business was going on with any of the car rides home. Unfortunately temptation was a little too much for Ron and upon reaching Jenny's home he felt the need to give her a small kiss so just before she opened the door he called her name which made her look at him and he told her she was a sweet girl and he leaned in giving her lips a little gentle peck.

Jenny was so surprised she didn't even pucker but she blushed after the kiss. Without saying a word she exited the car and to her the evening was over. Upon reaching home Rose awaited Ron and began to berate him the minute he got inside the door. Worst of all she started to pepper him with questions each he was answering honestly until to one he had to hesitate. She asked him had he kissed her. Poor Ron always a man of honestly froze. He didn't know how to answer without also giving an explanation.

But his non answer was all Rose needed and she slapped his face. She then accused him of doing more but he was so stunned and ashamed of having been caught with the kiss he no longer could answer. Rose finally brought the questioning to a stop and stormed to their bedroom throwing his pillow and a blanket out of their room telling him he was sleeping on the couch.

As the days continued to pass Roses anger only grew. Rose considered ending the babysitting agreement but she was so angry she did not think that would bring her satisfaction. So on Tuesday she started to set out her plan for her babysitter's punishment and for her collaborator as well. One day while Ron was running an errand Rose called Jenny's mom and asked for permission for her to stay the whole weekend straight through and with her agreement her plan was set it motion.

Rose arranged for her mother to babysit Rob over the weekend. Early the next Friday evening Rose sent Rob to run and errand during which time she took the baby over to her mother's. He returned home just as Jenny was arriving for her babysitting duties as usual in her school uniform. Rose was waiting inside for both of them.

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As soon as they were both in the living room she set her plan in motion. "Sooooooo what is going on between the two of you," she asked? Ron and Jenny looked at each other then looked at Rose looking a little guilty but also like they had no idea what she was talking about. Looking at Ron she says, "You kiss the babysitter on the lips. You give her long drawn out hugs. You stare at her body like if you are trying to undress her with your eyes." "And you," she says looking at Jenny, "You wear your school uniform even though you have plenty of time to change because you know Rob finds it attractive.

You remove your school blazer so he can see through your thin blouse and look at you in your bra. You tug that skirt up as high on your waist as you can to show as much of your legs as you can." She then addressed them both, "Well tonight you're both going to get what you want. No more games. No more subtle flirting. Instead you are both going to get what you want and what you have coming to you." Jenny and Ron sat on the sofa looking at Rose and each other.

Shocked at what she was saying. Rose walked over to the breakfast counter and picked up a ping pong paddle and one of Ron's belts. She then walked back in front of Jenny and told her, "Stand up." Slowly Jenny stood up.

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She continued, "Now take off that blazer." Jenny slowly did as she was told removing the jacket and setting it on the sofa. Rose turned to Ron and said, "Stand up." Which he did and she continued talking to him, "Now you have been trying so hard to see through that blouse its time you stop straining your eyes and got a look at what you want to see.

Unbutton her blouse." She watched them both look at her stunned and nervous and before either could say a word she continued, "NOW." As she said it she slammed the edge of the ping pong paddle into the coffee table. "And I don't want to hear one word from either of you," as she said this she could feel her face was red still with the anger of it all. Slowly Ron reached up and began to unbutton Jenny's blouse his hands were trembling. He could hardly believe he was doing this.

Jenny just stood still looking at the floor. Slowly button by button Ron continued to unbutton the blouse till it was completely unbuttoned. "The cuffs too," Rose added referring to the wrist cuffs of the blouse. Jenny lifted each wrist up to him. She continued, "Now pull it down off her. All the way. . ." Ron wasn't sure what to do, but he had always done what his wife asked and she looked angrier then he'd ever seen her.

So he slowly pushed the blouse open, un-tucking it from her skirt and then pulled it off behind her shoulders and down off her arms till it was free from her body and he tossed it on the sofa as Rose pointed that way with the paddle. There Jenny stood with her shirt off in only the bra and no camisole. Like Rose had said her skirt was pulled up as high on her waist as she could wear it right up to her belly button. "Now that is what you have been straining so hard to see so look at her," she said to her husband as Jenny continued to look at the floor.

Then she turned to Jenny, "Now you young lady have been trying to show my husband your legs. . don't shake your head at me look where that skirt is. . since that's what you've been trying to do, there's no point in just trying, its time to do it, so unbutton that skirt and let it fall to the floor." Jenny looked up at her shocked surprised she asked her to do such a thing. Rose yelled, "Don't make me tell you again." And with that Jenny reached in back and unbuttoned the big button at the waist of the skirt.

She then very slowly pushed the skirt down and it slide down her legs once it reached her knees it fell to her ankles. "Now you're both getting what you've wanted for so long and there's no sneaking around anymore," she continued.

Then she turned to Ron again and continued, "Now hug her long and tight like you did Saturday night." Ron hesitated but slowly complied stepping towards Jenny and took her in his arms. He was ashamed he noticed how soft her skin felt and even more that his cock was now harder then he could remember it being in years.

While they were hugging Rose bent down and took hold of the skirt tapping Jenny's one leg softly with the paddle, "Lift," she said which Jenny did when she realized what she meant. Then Rose said it again, "Lift." As Jenny lifted the second foot Rose was able to remove the skirt from around her ankles and toss it on the sofa as well. Then she returned to Ron and said, "Now I want you to kiss her, but not a little kiss but the deepest dirtiest kiss you can think of, push your tongue down her throat kiss her like the two of you dreamt about." Ron looked at Rose unsure but when he hesitated she hit Jenny firmly on the butt with the ping pong paddle to which Jenny let out a yelp.

He leaned his head down and slowly put his mouth to hers and started to kiss her. Her mouth was so soft and gentle he couldn't believe he was kissing her. He slid his tongue over her lips to which she finally understood she was to open them and with that he pushed his tongue into her mouth giving her, her first French kiss.

Jenny couldn't believe they were kissing either. She had often dreamt of her first kiss but she never imagined it being today or like this or with Ron. She could hardly believe what was happening.

"Now its time for you two to get the things you shouldn't have been thinking about but I know you have been," she shouted at them both. "Kneel down at his feet slut," she shot at Jenny her words cutting deep inside the girl. When Jenny hesitated she again swatted her hard on her white cotton bikini pantied butt making Jenny jerk in surprise. "Now," She shouted at the girl who immediately started to kneel down, "you two think I'm playing around you're getting the come-up-ins you both deserve." She continued, "Now unbuckle his belt, open his trousers and take the tool you have been dreaming about out of his underwear and be quick about it." As she finished saying this, not giving Jenny a moment to argue or hesitate Rose swatter her butt with the paddle again as hard as she could with her kneeling.

Jenny jerked with the hit but it was also like a starting gun and her hands went immediately to his belt and started to fumble with it struggling to unbuckle it.

Then she unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them, and then with her hands shaking she struggled to pull his hugely hard cock out thru the fly of his underwear.

Jenny's eyes went wide seeing Ron's cock. Not that she had another cock to judge it by but either way it looked huge standing erect at a full 13 inches and more then two inches in girth. "This is too much," Ron protested. "Shut up," Rose said pointing the paddle in his face and continued, "then tell me Ron that you haven't fantasized about doing this with the babysitter, if you can honestly look me in the eyes and tell me you've never once thought about having her mouth on you down there I'll bring it to a stop right now." Rose left a long pause for him to answer but Ron could not say the thought had not once crossed his mind so he said nothing.

"That's what I thought," she added. "Now you young lady," she said, "you with your impure thoughts. I want you to take a good long lick up that cock and taste what you've thought about in your naughty little mind." Jenny felt so ashamed. She was ashamed that like her mother had always berated her about that she had impure thoughts.

Thinking and wondering what a cock might look like, what it might smell like what it would feel like. She felt so, so guilty for having thoughts that every girl has but all the years of her mother's preaching made her feel so dirty for ever having just imagined it. So she accepted Rose's punishment and slowly, very scared, stuck out her tongue and slid it up Ron's cock.

"That's it, that's a good slut now wrap those lips around it then I want you to inhale deep through your nose and smell what it smells like," Rose shot at Jenny again.

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To Ron's amazement Jenny did exactly as she was told wrapping her lips around his cock and then he even heard her inhale through her nose getting the full scent of his cock. Then Rose turned to Ron, "Now you, you dirty adulterer I want you to take hold of her head with both hands and push into the dirty slut's mouth and I want you to start to fuck her mouth like you fantasized about. Ron feeling humiliated and ashamed he was doing this to Jenny did as he was told and slowly took hold of her head and then began to push his cock deeper into her mouth.

Within a few strokes and a few inches inside her mouth Jenny gagged and jerked back. "That's right, gag on that dirty cock.

Keep pushing it in Ron," she added. Ron could hardly believe he was doing this but in front of him knelt this beautiful young girl with her mouth wrapped around his cock. He could scarcely remember the last time Rose had given him head. Jenny gagged again and again. With the third gag Rose swatted her lightly on the bottom with the paddle. "Stop gagging so much try to open your throat for his cock, I know you want it," Rose said harshly.

Ron continued to push and Jenny continued to gag, but with each gag Rose continued to swat her butt making it heat from the impact with the ping pong paddle. "Work it down her throat Ron," Rose barked, and then said to Jenny, "Try to swallow it down whole." Stroke after stroke Jenny gagged and Rose swatted her reddening butt.

"I know what might help," Rose stated and with that she bent down and pushed Jenny's panties as far down her butt as she could with her kneeling there almost to mid thigh. "Wow that butt is getting redder you'd better try to swallow it more. And Ronny you'd better try to force it in her throat cause every time she gags she's getting a spank on her bare butt. Ron hearing this felt bad for Jenny but he wasn't sure what to do, should he force his huge cock to go past her gag reflex and to enter her throat?

Almost ten spanks later he decided he'd better, so he held on harder to Jenny's head and pushed harder against her throat. For a moment he felt it seem to open a bit but she panicked and jerked back and he let her pull back. Whack the paddle fell again against her butt. Ron could feel Jenny get more apprehensive of each swat so he tried again this time pushing harder and holding on harder to her head.

He was stunned with the result as the head of his cock pushed past the back of her mouth into her throat. The tightness and muscles spasms felt incredible.


Rose swatted Jenny again so he thrust his hips forward again working more of his cock down her throat. "That's it, now it's going down that tight little throat. Breath through your nose Jenny or you'll run out of air you can't hold your breath forever.

Push deeper Ronny." Ron gripped her head firmly again and thrust again. He could hardly stand how good it was feeling and he wanted nothing more then to get it even deeper. Poor Jenny was in a panic and it was a good thing Rose suggested she breathe through her nose as she was indeed holding her breath.

"Fuck that pretty little face Ron, I know you've dreamt of doing exactly that." Ron was getting almost half his cock down inside her mouth and throat now and the stroking was really working his cock and balls into a frenzy. He didn't think it would be long before he came. Rose circled around them and ended up behind Ron as she did she pushed up and whispered in his ear, "You'd probably ought not cum down her throat as she's never sucked cock before but you'd better spray her face with it or I'll spank her 20 times for each drop of cum that lands on my carpet." It was only a few strokes more past that soft mouth into that tight throat that caused Ron to be ready to shoot his load.

When he felt the need he quickly pulled his cock from her mouth and grabbed it with a hand and jerked. With the next stroke he squirted harder then he could remember doing since he was in college. His first squirt was right on target and actually sprayed from Jenny's right eye down across her nose and onto her left cheek.

Out of reaction Jenny went to turn her head but she felt Rose grab two hard handfuls of her hair one on each side, keeping her head up and facing forward. Her eye burned from the cum that got inside it and she had to close her eyes to try to lessen the pain. The next squirt sprayed over her left eye and down towards her nose so much fluid was in that squirt that it dripped down onto her left cheek.

The third spray hit the bridge of her nose and worked its way down onto her mouth and chin. The fourth on the front edge of her hair in the center and down onto her forehead. The fifth and final squirt landed on the left eye first then across to the right and down onto that cheek. For a moment Ron thought his knees were going to buckle as it was the best orgasm he had had in a long time. Jenny felt Rose take hold of both of her arms and pull them behind her.

She had grabbed Jenny's blouse and was binding her wrists behind her with her blouse. Ron staggered over to the sofa and flopped down. Jenny kept her one eyes closed tight as her one eyes was still burning from the salty fluid that has squirted into it. "Stand up," Rose commanded her pulling Jenny under her arm to get her to her feet. Jenny slowly did as she was told rising up onto her feet with Rose pulling her helping a bit. "Wow Ron you painted her face beautifully, "Rose commented standing in front of Jenny.

As she stood there Jenny felt her panties only slightly holding onto her thighs and was pretty sure they wouldn't stay on long she tried to tighten her knees to keep them from falling to her ankles.

As she did this Rose noticed and took the ping pong paddle and swatter Jenny firmly on the back of one thigh as far inside as she could. This completely caught her off guard and made Jenny jump and jerk and her own movement made her panties fall to her ankles. Rose walked around Jenny looking her over. She looked at the young girl's chest. "Wow Ron look at her nipples their showing even through her padded bra. She's aroused from giving you a blowjob." She stepped closer to Jenny and rubbed a finger on the bra directly over each nipple.

Wow they're really aroused and hard. Rose then walked behind Jenny and unhooked the two catches of the bra. She then very slowly eased the bra to open in back and then gently pushed it around the outside of each shoulder. Once there she slowly pulled down and the bra began to move down off Jenny's small perky breasts. Rose pulled the straps lower and lower and eventually they cleared her wrists and hands once it did, she tossed the bra on the sofa with the rest of Jenny's clothing.

She then slowly walked in front of her again. "Look at those small young boobs Ron. They just fill that A cup bra and their so firm and perky that have almost no sag. Look how puffy those little half dollar sized areolas are. They make a nice little hill all of their own. And those nipples, just so pink and perfect," as Rose said this she reached out a finger and touched each of the nipples rubbing them gently.

"Wow, you are so aroused here you liked giving my husband a blow job didn't you," she said to Jenny ignoring her as she shook her head no. Then to Jenny's horror Rose took the ping pong paddle and smacked her right breast dead center on. Before Jenny could finish her yelp of pain Rose hit the left breast the same way. Again Jenny yelped and jerked on her feet.

"Wow they even stay hard when I spank them Ron, she likes this," Rose said again amusing herself. With that she again spanked each breast two more times. Rose then looked down at Jenny's legs with the panties sitting on the top of her feet.

She leaned down and tapped Jenny's left lower leg with the paddle and said, "Lift." When Jenny did she pulled her panties off that foot. "Open your legs wider," Rose said pushing with the paddle on the inside of the leg without the panties.

As Jenny moved her foot to open her legs Rose kept pushing the inside of it till it was where she wanted. When she had her feet almost three feet apart Rose stood square in front of Jenny and took hold of the end of Ron's belt she was holding and let the end with the buckle down towards the ground.

Once it was hanging there she swung the belt backwards and then as it swung back down she swirled it up between Jenny's legs. The belt now swinging down and then back up flew up between her legs and caught her directly between her legs on her sex and the belt kept going up until it hit her on the top of her butt crack.

Jenny made the loudest yelp she had made to that point. "Wow look how red that made you," Rose said to no one in particular. Gravity had already again brought the belt and buckle back down but Rose again swung it back then let it follow through forward again making it come up between Jenny's legs striking her sex and wrapping around till the buckle hit her high on her butt again.

Again Jenny let out a horrible yelp and turned her knees in and rotated to one side a little bit. "Did I tell you that you could move," Rose asked. With that Jenny turned straight again and put her legs like they were before. No sooner then she was straight again Rose swung the belt again making full contact between her legs and up her butt. She turned really red wherever it made contact.

Ron was watching this stunned shocked to see his wife spanking this young girl like this. But like the timid man he had always been he simply sat there quiet. "What a messy un-kept bush," Rose stated, "Look at her hair down there Ron, what a mess. Ron looked up from his place on the sofa and looked at Jenny's bush. It was obviously natural and had never been trimmed or shaped or shaved.

Rose walked into the kitchen and opened then closed a cabinet then in a few seconds returned. "Let's see what we can do about this mess," she said as she knelt down in front of Jenny. With that Rose lifted a pair of pliers and took a hold of a small patch of pubic hair. She then held the pliers as tight as she could and placed her other hand on Jenny's mound close to where the hair was and jerked as hard as she could on the hairs pulling them from her flesh.

Jenny let out quite a scream. "Wow that must have hurt," Rose said sarcastically. Rose then took a hold of more hair on the opposite side of her pubic mound and pinched them tightly in the pliers.

Before Jenny could protest she again yanked as hard as she could ripping the hair from her skin. Jenny again cried out loudely in obvious pain.

Jenny's pubic region was very red where the hair had been pulled from. "This is fun," Rose said with laughter in her voice. "No it hurts please stop," Jenny begged. Rose got up and walked around and got a pair of scissors and a trash can. She took hold of another patch of Jenny's bush and as she did Jenny moved a little afraid she was going to jerk hair again. "Now hold still or I might cut a lip off," Rose joked but that made Jenny very nervous.

She then took hold of the hair again and took the scissors and cut away as much of the hair as she could. She did this several more times till she cut all the hairs she could.

"Don't move," She commanded Jenny and headed for the bathroom returning with shaving cream and a razor. Rose sat down on the floor in front of Jenny and started smearing the shaving cream on her. Then she finished smearing the shaving cream around and began to slowly shave Jenny's hair away.

"Get me a bowl of water Ron," she told him and he went to the kitchen and got a bowl. Poor Jenny still standing there with her eyes closed from the cum in her face. He returned with the water and Rose used it to rinse the razor then made stroke after stroke carefully with the razor. She wasn't even sure why she was doing this but she realized she was having fun. So slowly carefully Rose shaved Jenny's pubic area bald, making sure to get every stray hair even the ones around her lips. "Now that looks so much cleaner," she said putting the razor down admiring her own handy work.

Jenny's sex looked so tight, smooth and red. Rose starred at it and then realized what she was doing and what she wanted to do and was surprised with herself. She took a deep breath and did it anyway, kissing softly a short kiss right on Jenny's lower lips.

"Your wet Jenny, why are you so wet," she asked.

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Rose felt her own heart pounding in her chest. "It's okay that you wet Jenny," she said softly for the first time. Then she took a deep breath feeling so nervous and licked the young babysitter up her slit thru her lips letting her tongue penetrate them slightly and even go over the clit. Jenny shifted nervously on her feet to which Rose grabbed hold of the paddle and swatted her lightly on the back of one thigh.

"Hold still, don't you move," she commanded," then leaned in licking up Jenny's crack again. "Your very wet Jenny you've liked what we've been doing haven't you," she asked?

Then Rose put her hands on Jenny's butt and put her mouth on her sex and licked and sucked at the thin soft freshly shaved sex. Jenny's sex tasted so much better then any man Rose had ever tasted. She could hardly believe she was doing this. But the girl just stood there still for her, letting her, getting more and more wet. It wasn't like she was forcing her. Rose tried not to think too much and let instinct take over.

She licked at the young girl's sex over and over, tasting her taste, feeling her incredibly soft lips. She vowed to continue to lick as long as Jenny made more juices. Rose took a more firm hold of Jenny's butt cheeks pulling her into her mouth more.

She licked up and down the crack trying to push her tongue as far inside Jenny as she could. Licking and tasting Jenny over and over then remembering what feels best and slid her tongue to the top circling the clit with it.

Round and round drawing it from its hood. Then she carefully wrapped her lips around it, pulling it into her lips. Sucking in a little cycle, suck stop, suck stop. Rose feels Jenny begin to move her hips slightly with the cycle so she continued to doing it suck stop, suck stop, over and over. Jenny squatted down some shifting her knees out opening more for Rose. Jenny was in shock at what she was feeling she could hardly think.

With her eyes still closed because of the cum she felt the feeling more then if she could see and feel the shame of what she was doing. She started to move her hips more and more as Rose sucked and licked down there. Soon her muscles were shaking and she could hardly keep from falling. Then Jenny felt a feeling she never could have imagined, an intensity that almost hurt and she tightened every muscle she could tighten.

Then she had to let go, to release the tension between her legs and she did and she felt herself shake uncontrollably and felt her own body gush wetness out from deep inside her loins. She felt her own weight lean onto Rose and almost collapsed. Ron watched in amazement as his wife brought the babysitter to her first orgasm.

Rose had to take hold of her shoulders and steady her. Then slowly she stood up in front of her and kissed her on the mouth deeply. Jenny tasted her own juices on Roses mouth. She felt so naughty and dirty for it but didn't break the kiss till Rose did. Rose then broke the kiss and took Jenny's hands guiding her around the back of the recliner and slowly leaned her forwards over it. When Jenny had her balance Rose then walked back over to Ron and took a hold of his hands getting him to stand up.

She walked him around behind Jenny. She then reached down taking a hold of his cock which had become hard again watching her eat Jenny. She stroked her husbands cock a few times then pulled Ron forward by the cock till he was directly behind Jenny.

She then guided it to Jenny's virgin pussy lips and rubbed it up and down the slit. She pulled him a bit more forward till his cock was firm against the entry to Jenny's womanhood and then she let go of his cock.


Ron looked at Jenny and felt very unsure. For a moment he lost site of Rose as she had walked behind him. In a moment he knew immediately where she was as he felt the hard spank of the paddle on his ass. It caught him so off guard and stung so much his natural reaction was to move his hips forward. By doing this he thrust his cock firmly into Jenny's virgin sex and he heard the young girl cry out.

"Whack," went the paddle a second time and again it made him jerk forward and push his cock deeper into the young babysitter. And again he was struck for the third time and lurched forward feeling the head of his cock meet resistance.

"Whack," again came another spank and he thrust forward and heard poor Jenny cry out in pain.

Sexy lesbians fill up their monster butts with cream and squirt it out

Ron realized he had just taken a girl's virginity for the first time. While he was scared and ashamed of it, he also realized it was the most aroused he had ever been.

He felt his own will wish for another spank which he was rewarded with. And with that hit he drove his sex deeper into the babysitter's virgin hole. Another spank did not come this time as he felt his wife move to his ear and say in a low voice, "fuck her Ron." His worry and will power were all gone now, he needed this, he yearned for this and with no other encouragement he continued to push deeper into the girl his cock was inside.

Rose then walked around to the seat of the chair and took a hold of Jenny's shoulders and pulled them forward firmly as much as she could. She then reached under the young woman and took a hold of her breasts and began to gently work them with her hands and fingers. Rubbing and stroking and pulling them. Even with the pain inside her between her legs Jenny's attention went to her breasts. With the way she was bent over the chair her breasts hung freely on the other side of the back of the chair.

The manner in which Rose was stroking them made them feel much larger then the really were and made them feel better, more sexual, more aroused then she ever knew they could feel. Rose continued to kneed, pull and stretch her breasts from her chest down towards her nipples as Ron moved his cock painfully inside her.

Over and over again and again it just seemed to move deeper inside her. Touching her where she never knew she could even be touched or that even existed. She was so tight it actually took Ron quite a while to work his cock fully inside her and it felt like nothing he had ever experienced once he had it fully in.

He had to hold there still for a few moments just to get his composure before beginning to move his hips to begin stroking his cock with the tight pussy he was inside. Ron could hardly believe this was happening and that his wife was the one forcing it to happen.

But he didn't want to think about that either he just wanted to fuck the girl he was inside of and to stop thinking. That's exactly what he did. Rose looked up watching her husband's face thinking about their marriage and their own lovemaking. She had never seen him look at her with that much raw desire. But then again they had never really tried anything wild like this before.

She then looked down at the young girl who she had forced her husband to rape. Rose really struggled with the next many thoughts that came to her mind. She couldn't help notice how pretty and frail and feminine the girl was. How incredibly soft her skin felt. How good it felt to massage her breasts.

She also tried to make herself not think so much and she lifted the girls chin up so she could look at her. . no not look, but to kiss. And with that Rose put her mouth to Jenny's and began to kiss her deeply as she massaged her breasts and as her husband fucked the girl.

Since he had just come not too long ago it took a good while for him to build up his cum. He fucked Jenny long and hard before finally he knew he was close. Then he had the hardest internal fight he had ever had. He had to decide if he should pull out or not. No he knew he should, he wasn't wearing a condom and he doubted this girl was on any birth control.


He knew with ever sense of intelligence that he should pull out. But her sex was so tight, it held him so firmly he tried to lie to himself and tell himself he just couldn't do it. Again he told himself to stop thinking so much.

Four strokes later he began to squirt his seed inside the young girl. It was the best orgasm he had ever had. IT felt like he came and came over and over again.

He didn't want it to ever stop but of course it had to. As he was cumming he saw his wife kissing Jenny so deeply. It was weird to watch his wife do that but it was so hot to see and helped him milk the last few drops inside her. On his last squirt he pushed firm against Jenny and then stopped moving leaving his cock inside the girl and carefully leaned forward laying his body over hers. He had just had the most amazing orgasm he had ever had inside a 15 year old virgin right in front of his wife.

He couldn't believe this was happening. What would become of this all? Rose just continued to work the soft perky breasts. She could hardly believe what she had done getting her husband to fuck this young girl.

Even more she could not explain her feelings about Jenny or anything that had just happened. How aroused it made her feel to tell them what to do. No not tell but command, it felt incredible. She could hardly believe how aroused it made her feel to hit, no spank, this young girl on her private places. She could definitely not believe she had put her mouth to the girl's sex and had licked and tasted her.

And she could not believe how much she enjoyed kissing her, pushing her tongue into Jenny's mouth, sharing her own taste with her. She worried what her husband thought of all this. Would he be angry with her, maybe even want a divorce. What would Jenny do when she left here?

Would she tell anyone what happened. Those things Rose did not think about when she planned part of this. She then realized it wasn't over yet, that she was still in charge and with that she broke the kiss and tapped Ron on the shoulder so he would get up. He did so without needing to be told. Rose got up and walked around the back of the chair and then helped Jenny to stand upright again. She then slowly guided her into their bedroom, towards their bed.

She pulled back the covers and guided the girl to get into their bed. Ron of course followed behind. Rose looked at him then the other side of the bed. He understood without being told and walked to the other side of the bed and then he and Rose both got in on opposite sides of Jenny. They were all under the covers and Rose pulled them up over everyone's shoulders.

She felt and watched Ron roll to face Jenny and put an arm around her and she did the same. Jenny laid there stunned trembling as if she was cold. But it wasn't, it was nerves of what had just happened, of what she was, of how right her mother had been about her. She wasn't sure what to think or do so she just laid there with them feeling both of their arms around her holding her.

What did all of this mean? To be continued.