Gay of dubai sex tube xxx A taste of stiff manhood is all it takes to

Gay of dubai sex tube xxx A taste of stiff manhood is all it takes to
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Chapter Nine Kevin's alarm clock sounded at five thirty A.M. He jumped out of bed, made for the bathroom and showered, shaved, and brushed his teeth. After getting dressed, he went downstairs for some coffee. His aunt was already up and making the coffee when he entered the kitchen. She looked great. She had become very forward and brazen since their relationship had changed into a sexual one. She was standing there at the counter wearing only her brassiere and panties. The smooth, silken material clung to her ass cheeks like paint.

The material was wedged up into the crack of her ass and he could see her ass cheeks fully exposed for his gaze. She didn't even turn around when he entered the kitchen. She continued working over the coffee machine and said "What are you looking at you nasty boy?" Kevin gulped and said "What makes you think I'm looking at anything?" She turned around and laughed, then sat down with him at the kitchen table.

"I could feel your eyes on me the minute you walked into the kitchen. I'm not wearing much but you soon had me undressed didn't you?" Kevin smiled, "You really have a great body aunt Cheryl. I was tempted to do you right here in the kitchen." Cheryl smiled back and told him that he'd have to wait for that evening."I'll be home at about six tonight. Maybe you can surprise me later honey." Kevin left for work early and when he got there he was greeted by Jean.

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She had come in early to get some of the accounting out of the way and see about ordering some new videos from the distributor. Kevin walked with her to the office where she closed and locked the door. She told him that she would call her friend and see about getting the plans started for there friend Judy. Kevin told her he would set his camera up behind the vent in the bathroom as they had planned.

An hour later Jean called her friend and asked her to stop by the store on her way to work. She was an optometrist and had established a very successful business in the downtown area in only four years.

She had agreed to stop by and pay them a visit. At six thirty a tall, beautiful blonde walked into the store.

She walked over to Kevin and asked for Mrs. Estevez. Kevin knew that she must be the dyke that Jean had told him about. Man! She looked good. She looked real good. Her breasts were small but firm.

She wasn't wearing a brassiere and her nipples were protruding, straining against the weave of her sweater. Her skirt length was respectable and she had a great pair of shapely legs. The thing that fascinated him the most about her was her skin. She had the most exquisite skin.

Her complexion was clear and her skin was white almost to the point of being albino. Kevin got a mental image of her in a sixty nine position with another woman. Both of them rubbing their mouths into each other's pussies. Their shapely legs spread wide and their heads bobbing into each others cunts.

Man! What a sight that would be, he thought. Kevin broke his thought and looked her in the eyes and said "Mrs. Estevez is in her office, please follow me." She smiled back at him and looked him up and down.

He suddenly felt what a woman must feel when a man undresses her with his eyes. The feeling was only slightly uncomfortable but his face reddened anyway and he felt that she had noticed him blushing. Her smile widened and he turned and led her to the office. He knocked on the door, opened it and escorted the woman inside. Jean was sitting at her desk. She stood and approached the woman saying, "Thanks for coming by Sharon on such short notice." They embraced and Jean turned to Kevin and said "Sharon, this is my head man Kevin." They shook hands and Kevin was impressed by the feel of her hand.

It was cool and soft to the touch. Her fingers were long and terminated in very well groomed painted finger nails. In short, she was extremely sexy, very feminine, and not at all like he imagined a dyke to look. Kevin turned and excused himself so that they could get on with business. He went bck into the shop and took a quick look in the womens restroom.

He removed the four screws that held the air conditioning duct cover in place and found that the size of the area was a perfect fit for his camera.

From this position the camera would catch anything that went on in there provided they stayed out of the stall. Kevin left the restroom and went to the adult section to arrange the rentals from the previous day onto the shelves. As he was arranging them he spotted a video box with a couple of young girls pictured on the cover.

One girl was driving a vibrator into a girls cunt while was getting her pussy eaten by the girl. He heard high heels behind him, tapping on the floor and turned and saw Sharon enter the room. She said, "Hello, head man." She took the box from him and examined the illustration carefully. "Pretty hot stuff, Kevin. Can you handle that?" Kevin blushed again and said "Sure I can.

Can you?" Sharon just smiled at him and turned and left without another word. Kevin couldn't wait to talk to Jean. He knocked on her office door and entered. He closed the door behind him and Jean asked him to lock it but to leave the blinds open. Kevin did as she asked and sat down next to her desk. "Well, what's up", he asked. Jean smiled at him and said "She's going to do it.

She actually got turned on by the whole idea of putting the make on our young Judy."I told her that it's got to happen in the restroom in range of the camera. She was concerned about who would have possesion of the video afterward. I assured her that it would be in good hands. She trusted me though, weve been friends since high school." Kevin asked what time she would be back so that he could set up the camera in the vent.

Jean told him to go home and get it now before Judy came in for work. "Sharon said that she'd be back after her lunch break this afternoon." Kevin drove home and picked up the camera, a charged battery, and a blank cassette. Once everything was in place, he set the cover over the vent.

The camera would be activated by the remote control in his pocket. He let Jean know that everything was set up and to let him know when to start the camera.

Jean smiled at him and said "Well! Were on the way to snagging that bitch Kevin." Kevin was going to enjoy this. He not only wanted Jean to get even with Judy but he wanted to see Sharon in action with Judy.

He checked his watch and saw that it was almost eleven. Judy should be walking in the door any minute. At two minutes after eleven she walked into the store. She looked over at Kevin and said "Hi stud!, How's it hangin?" Kevin just smiled and went about his work taking care of the customers. Twelve came and went, then one, and finally at one thirty Sharon walked into the store.

She looked just as fresh as she had when he saw her earlier. She walked by Kevin, smiled and said "Everything set-up, Kevin?" Kevin nodded in the affirmative and went back to work. Sharon disappeared into Jeans office and they soon both walked down the aisle to the womens restroom. Kevin walked around trying to find Judy but couldn't find her. This thing wouldn't go off until the camera was turned on. He headed for the restroom, knocked on the door and entered when he heard Jean's voice from inside.

Jean was with Sharon and Kevin asked about Judy. Jean told him to turn on the video and leave, find Judy and ask her to go to the restroom.

He did as she asked, and went looking for Judy. He found her in the science fiction and horror section speaking to a customer. Once the customer left, Kevin asked her to see Mrs. Estevez in the restrrom. She turned and walked away. Kevin took a deep breath and smiled inwardly. Man!

Weve got you bitch. Weve got you. In about ten minutes he spotted Jean walking down the hall to her office. She looked over at Kevin and waved him over. She whispered to him to close and lock the door if there were no customers in the store and come into her office. Kevin locked the front door and immediately went to Jeans office, locked the door, and said "How did it go?

Are they in there now?" Jean just smiled and said "Yes, they are most definitely in there, and I'll bet it's some sight to see." Kevin went back into the shop and busied himself with a few odd things.

The time seemed to drag by and when he checked his watch it was two thirty. They had been in the restroom for about forty five minutes. Kevin was beginning to wory about the tape running out or the battery going dead when he saw Sharon walking down the aisle away from the restroom and towards him.

He breathed a sigh of relief and drank in all of her as she walked by him. Her face was flushed and her hair was a little disheveled, but she still looked really hot to him.

She winked as she walked by him and said "Enjoy the video, head man. Remember that it's for Jean that I did this. I want to see the video destroyed once it's served it's purpose." Kevin nodded in agreement and breathed in her perfume as she walked by.

Judy soon appeared and you could tell from her appearance that she'd been busy. Her hair was a mess. Her make-up was non-existent. Her skirt was wrinkled and partially unzipped. Her face was also flushed like Sharon's. When Kevin saw her he looked her directly in the eyes and said "What the hell have you been up to? You look like you just got banged in the backseat of a VW at a drive-in theater." Judy just grunted something about him minding his own business and walked away. Kevin found Jean and asked her to keep Judy busy while he removed the camera from the restroom.

Once the camera was safely back in it's case Kevin took it out to his car and locked it safely in the trunk. He went to Jeans office and told her what he had done with the camera and asked her when they could watch the video. She said "Keep your pants on Kevin.

Sharon has invited us both over to her place tonight to watch it. She wants to see it too. Kevin's first reaction was to agree that that would be great but then realized that he had a date with his aunt that evening. "I can't make it tonight Jean, I have a date." Jean smiled and said "When your date is over stop by Sharon's apartment.

You can bring your date along if you want to and Sharon can keep her busy while we watch the video in the privacy of Sharon's bedroom." She wrote Sharon's address on a slip of paper and handed it to Kevin and said "Now don't dissapoint us, we are counting on seeing that video tonight Kevin." Kevin agreed and left the store for home.

When he arrived home it was about five thirty. Cheryl would be walking in the door any minute. He figured that it might work if he took Cheryl as his date to Sharon's apartment and introduce her to his new friends. Hell who knows maybe it could work into a good time. Kevin hurriedly showered and shaved, put on a fresh sweater and slacks and was ready before his aunt arrived. She walked in the door about fifteen minutes later. Hello! Baby doll. You look great, your'e not planning on going out are you?" Kevin said "I was invited to a party and I thought that maybe you would go with me." Cheryl smiled and said "How sweet.

A date with an older woman. What will youre friends think when they see me?" Kevin assured her that it would be no problem and that in fact the girls who were throwing the party were her age.

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Cheryl agreed. She went upstairs and got ready. They were on the road an hour later. They stopped at a liquer store and Cheryl picked up a few bottles of wine. While she was in the store Kevin took the video from the camera and put it in his jacket pocket. The apartment was located in the better part of town. The apartment building was located on the beach front with a beautiful view of the surf.

To the left was a stretch of rocky cliffs and to the right there was a great view of a pier and boat docks. There were stores and restaurants all lit up for the evening along the pier.

The surf was breaking on the beach below the apartment building and the sound was wonderful to hear. Loud crashes and explosions of water as the waves rolled over and broke into foam and the hiss and ssshhh as the foam soaked into the thirsty sand beneath. Off in the distance Kevin could see a fire burning on the beach.

Glittering figures of young women were moving around the fire and Kevin could hear guitar music. They found the apartment up on the top floor. Kevin rang the bell on apartment 24C. It was soon answered by Sharon who smiled at them both and asked them to come in. "I'm so glad you could come by Kevin." Kevin introduced her to Cheryl who took her hand and shook it graceously.

They both entered the apartment and Kevin took the wine to the refrigerator. He asked Sharon if she would like some wine. She was talking to Cheryl in the living room and responded by smiling and giving him a wink.

He uncorked a bottle and soon had three glasses filled and took both the girls a glass. They all took a sip and Kevin asked when Jean would arrive. Sharon told him that she had just called and was on her way over. Sharon took Cheryl on a tour of the apartment. It was a beautiful place with a large picture window overlooking the beach below.

Her furniture was beautiful. Overstuffed couches at four locations, a big screen television and a stereo system. Paintings were hung on all the walls. Some were of nudes and in very good taste. Modern paintings too hung on the wall next to the kitchen and dining area.

This place must cost a fortune, he thought as he walked around. The fireplace was gigantic. It was placed in the center of the huge picture window. Kevin heard the door bell ring and then Sharon asked him to get it for her. He opened the door and found Jean standing there with a big smile on her face.

"Hello Kevin." She said. "Did you bring your date?" Kevin told her that she was getting the tour of the place with Sharon. Kevin poured her a glass of wine and they sat on the couch together while they waited for their hostess and Cheryl to return from the tour.

They soon returned and Kevin refreshed their glasses with more wine. They all sat down and chatted about nothing while Kevin took in the sight of the three beautiful women. Cheryl looked great in her tight skirt and sweater. Her legs were crossed and he could see just enough thigh to make his heart race. She didn't have on a brassiere either and her nipples were easily visible under her sweater.

Jean on the other hand was wearing tight, black slacks and a white silk blouse. It was unbuttoned low enough to reveal a great deal of her deep cleavage.

Her arm was thrown up onto the back of the couch and Kevin could see down her cleavage to her half bra. Her massive breasts were exposed for his inspection and she gave him a smile when she caught him looking down her blouse. Sharon, on the other hand, was wearing bright yellow, very short, shorts. She was sitting on a half sofa with one leg thrown up over the arm. Her long legs and the way that one leg was thrown over the arm of the couch gave Kevin a clear shot right at her pussy.

It was easy to see the bulge and the crease of her pussy lips. Her sweater was also a bright pastel yellow and the contour of her small but firm breasts was visible beneath.

Her nipples were also protruding from underneath. His eyes were locked on them and when he raised them he saw her looking directly into his eyes. She smiled at him as if to say, It looks pretty fucking good doesn't it head man. They continued to talk and cracked open a few more bottles of wine. The wine was really heating up the conversation an hour later and Kevin knew that things would start to get interesting soon.

The inhibitions were starting to melt and the conversation was turning to sex. Jean asked Kevin if he had brought the video. He pulled it out of his jacket and gave it to Sharon who took it into the bedroom. Kevin whispered in Cheryl's ear that the video was a porno or two women getting it on. He asked her if she wanted to see it.

She said "I guess so, if that's what everyone else wants to do it's OK with me." Kevin called to Sharon and asked her to put it on the big screen TV in the living room. She returned with the video, placed it in the player and soon the screen was filled with a scene of the restroom. Kevin waited anxiously for the fun to begin. Soon the restroom door opened and Sharon walked in. She looked up at the camera and gave a wink, then walked over to the mirror and started primping and applying make-up to her beautiful face.

The door opened and Judy walked in. She said "Mrs. Estevez asked me to come in here to see you. She said that there was something that you wanted to talk to me about." Sharon walked over to her and lied, "I own a modeling agency and I saw you when I was in the store a few days ago. You have a very cute figure and very attractive facial features. You could really make it in magazine modeling. If you're interested, I could get you into some makeup ads and within a year you could be doing some covers." It was easy to see that Judy was excited over the offer and said "How and when can we get started?" Sharon smiled at her and said "We first have to get some pictures taken for your portfolio and maybe a video or two.

We can probably get you working in a month at the most. Sharon walked over to the restroom door and locked it. Judy didn't seem to mind at all, in fact she smiled at Sharon when their eyes met. Sharon said "Do you mind removing your blouse? If you'll remove your blouse, it will give me a better idea what you are best suited for." She started unbuttoning Judy's blouse before she could answer.

Judy just stood there while Sharon took it off. Judy wasn't wearing a brassiere and her tits were standing out proud and firm. The nipples were already hardening. Cheryl looked at Kevin and said "isn't that Sharon with that girl?" Kevin said yes, but we'll explain after the video is over, just watch it for now." Kevin looked over at Sharon who was looking back at him.

She still had that mysterious smile on her face and it was driving Kevin nuts. He wanted to fuck her brains out. Too bad she's a lesbian, he thought. What a fucking waste. Their attention returned to the video and Sharon was commending Judy on her fine breasts. She reached out a hand and cupped a firm breast and gave the nipple a small pinch and then dipped her head and sucked the nipple into her mouth. Judy held her head while she sucked at her and then said, "why don't you take off your sweater also?" Sharon quickly removed it, exposing a beautiful set of white, perfectly shaped breasts.

The nipples were large and fully erect and seemed to throb with the need to be touched. Judy carressed her right breast and licked around the nipple before sucking it into her mouth.

Sharon closed her eyes while the young girl continued to suck and knead her breast. Judy dropped to her knees and pulled Sharons skirt half way up her thighs and started kising the inside of her thighs. Sharon reached down and slowly pulled her skirt all the way up, revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Her long, flawless legs were covered in sheer silk nylons held in place by a lavender garter belt. Her pussy was plainly visible now. It was gorgeous. Completely shaved of all hair. The bulge of her cunt was protruding between her legs and the slit was clearly visible. The inner lips protruded slightly from the outer lips like silk petals.

The room had grown completely quiet and no one was saying a word as they watched the video. Kevin felt Cheryl's hand travel across his stomach and gently rest over his hard penis.

She gave it a stroke and gently squeezed it for him. No one noticed, their eyes were riveted on the TV screen. Kevin felt good that she had responded this way.

Instead of getting upset, she had fallen into the mood and he felt that things just might get to be very interesting before the evening was over. Judy had now placed herself between Sharon's legs and forced them apart. Her face was pushing up into Sharon's pussy as her mouth sucked on her cunt lips and her clitoris. Sharon was holding Judy's head in her hands as she swayed forward and backward, rubbing her pussy over Judy's sucking mouth. Sharon pulled Judy up to her feet and told her to get undressed.

They both stripped off their clothing and Kevin could see that Judy's pussy was completely shaved also. Judy lay on her back on the floor and spread her legs for Sharon. The older woman lay down and placed her face over the young girls throbbing pussy and began licking her labia and clitoris.

Judy was moaning with pleasure and she toyed with her own breasts, squeezing them hard and pinching and stretching the nipples to add to the pleasure she was feeling between her legs. Sharon continued to suck her and inserted two fingers into Judy's open cunt and started finger fucking her.

The young girl squirmed as the fingers flew in and out of her wet opening. Sharon removed a cock shaped vibrator from her purse and returned to Judy's throbbing cunt. She inserted it halfway into the fleshy hole and turned on the switch. The humming of the vibrator could be heard as she worked it in and out of Judy's sucking cunt.

Sharon began moving it faster and faster and placed her lips over the girls clitoris and continued her sucking. Judy's eyes rolled back, she screamed, and started bucking up into the rubber cock impaling her young cunt on it's length all the way to the base. Her body trembled and she arched her back as her orgasm came in wave after wave of pleasure. Kevin looked over at Sharon who returned his gaze with a smile and a wink.

She slowly licked her lips, sensuously wetting them with her tongue. He imagined what it might feel like to have them wrapped around his cock and he noticed that from the expression on her face, she knew just what he was thinking.

Maybe this chick wasn't a full blown dyke, maybe she was into men as well. Jean was oblivious to what was taking place between Sharon and Kevin. Her hand had found it's way between her legs and it was gently rubbing the mound that lay beneath her slacks.

Cheryl still had her hand in Kevin's lap as she continued to stroke the bulge in his pants. The gathering had become sexually enchanted by this erotic video.

Sharon turned her gaze from Kevin back to the TV. She saw herself laying on her back, her legs widely spread while her hand pushed the cock shaped vibrator slowly in and out of her clutching cunt. Judy had placed head between her legs and she was licking Sharon's clitoris feverishly. The electricity generated between these two women was obvious to all four as they watched.

They were all feeling lustfull sensations as they watched like Peeping Toms watching a beautiful woman getting undressed through her bedroom window. None of them felt any guilt at what was happening either on screen or between them in Sharon's living room. Sharon was still spread wide on the restroom floor. Her body was twitching as her climax approached. She arched her back and bucked her pussy into Judy's mouth as her climax came and she moaned loudly. Like electrical shocks, the orgasm shot through her and she writhed on the floor in ecstasy.

Judy continued to eat her pussy as the sensations of pleasure started to diminish and finally end. They kissed each other and then they dressed and left the restroom. The VCR was now showing only an empty restroom that moments ago was filled with lust and wanton passion. Sharon stood and turned off the TV. The room was quiet but for the heavy breathing.

Sharon broke the moment by going into the kitchen and returning with a newly opened bottle of wine. She filled everyones glass and asked "Well! What did you think of it?" Jean was the first to speak and she didn't hold back her feelings.

"I thought it was exciting. I've seen porno videos before, but never with people that I know performing in them. You looked like you were really enjoying the entire affair." Sharon laughed, "You don't think that I did it only for your need to get even with Judy do you?

I was excited about the idea from the start and had a great time. That's why it looked like I was enjoying it. Cheryl asked the group what was going on. Jean explained that Judy, the young girl in the movie, had something on her and she was using it to guarantee her employment at the video store, and that the video had been made to hold over her head if she decided to blackmail her. Cheryl nodded as if she understood then turned to Kevin and asked him if the video had turned him on.

He nodded, took another sip of his wine and glanced over at Sharon. "Sharon, you say that you enjoyed getting it on with Judy, but do you enjoy men as well? Sharon held nothing back. "I enjoy making love to women and I also like a good fuck once in a while to clean out the cobwebs. It's a whole different feeling when I'm with a woman but the feelings are just as wonderful with a man.

Just different." Kevin was glad to hear her say that. He wanted to nail her in the worst way. She knew it too, and from the way she had been flirting with him the whole evening, he figured she wanted him to nail her.

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The night was still young and they had an ample supply of wine in the kitchen to get the fires burning. Kevin was trying to think of some way to get the women to drop their inhibitions when Jean cut in. "We all enjoyed the video so much, why don't I stop by my store and pick up a couple of regular porno tapes?" Everyone agreed and Cheryl cuddled up next to him and whispered in his ear that she was getting horny.

"I can hardly wait until we get home later. I'm gonna tear your clothes off and do some real nasty things to you when we get home." Kevin cupped a breast in his hand and said "I've got a feeling that we won't have to wait until we get home." Cheryl looked at him with a puzzled gaze which suddenly turned to shock when she realized what he meant. "I couldn't do anything in front of other people Kevin. I wouldn't even feel comfortable doing it with you here in Sharon's apartment, behind closed doors." Jean put on her sweater and left saying she'd be back in about thirty minutes.

The door closed behind her and Sharon, Cheryl and Kevin went into the kitchen to crack open another bottle of wine. The wine was good and flushed all three of them with a warm glow. They waited for Jean to return and each of them felt lusty anticipation in thoughts of what might come later. An hour passed and they were starting to worry about Jean when the doorbell rang, the door opened and Jean walked in with a video in her hand. She was followed by her husband who handed Sharon two more bottles of wine.

Jean introduced her husband Steve to the others. He was a man in his early forties and he had some grey streaks in his hair. He was ruggedly built and looked like he had left a pretty hard life behind him. Kevin shook his hand and immediately took a liking to him. The group settled down in the living room and enjoyed some polite conversation with their wine.

Fortyfive minutes later, the group was laughing and the conversation had turned to the video that Jean had brought. She announced that she had never seen it, but from the description on the cover it sounded interesting. She read it out loud, "Hot, horny wives seduce their neighbors husbands, in one and a half hours of nonstop sex.

Inhibitions are lost in this video of succulent breasts, cum swollen balls and massive cocks. Wives fuck their neighbors while their husbands watch.

Husbands drain their cocks over and over again while their wives writhe in ecstasy. THIS IS A VIDEO NOT TO BE MISSED". Jeans face had turned crimson at the words she was reading out loud, but the group laughed and applauded her attempt to sound sexy.

Sharon put the video into the VCR and everyone sat back and waited for the video to begin. None of them knew at that moment what it would lead to. No one really cared. The video started and the TV screen was filled with the image of a massive cock. It was erect and throbbing, filled with blood and standing at a fortyfive degree angle.

Beneath the enormous dick hung a bloated, hairy set of balls. A hand suddenly appeared, long fingers with painted nails cupped the balls and gently squeezed and milked them. Another hand appeared and fingers wrapped around the throbbing cock and slowly stroked it, causing the balls beneath to strain in the cupped hand that held them.

The beautiful, painted face of a woman came into view. Her painted lips parted. Her tongue licked them and they glistened with her saliva as they opened even wider to receive the entire head of this massive cock between them. First the cock head disappeared into her mouth and it was obvious that her tongue was lashing at the nerve that lay along the underside of it.

She closed her eyes and more of this massive cock disappeared into her sucking mouth. It was unbelievable that a woman could take so much cock into her throat. Finally the entire length of the cock had penetrated her and she slowly withdrew it. This continued over and over again until she opened her eyes and looked up. She was obviously looking into the man's eyes to enjoy the pleasure she was giving him. This time, as the cock made it's way into her throat, she jolted.

The balls had started draining their hot cum into her throat. She gulped and swallowed as her hand milked the sticky cum from the cock that was exploding in her mouth.

There was so much cum that she couldn't contain it all. She was rapidly swallowing but thick rivers of it escaped from the corners of her mouth and dripped down the cock onto her milking fingers.

It was obvious to the group that she was enjoying the erruption as much if not more so than the owner of that incredible cock. She continued to suck and milk the monster cock until it fell from her mouth. She turned her face toward the camera and smiled. The scene froze and the title shot onto the screen, "Cock Hungry Housewives". Cheryl was flushed with excitement at the scene she had just witnessed. Her face was flushed with desire and she could tell that her panties were already wet with anticipation.

Kevin had developed a pounding hard-on and it protruded rudely, straining against his slacks as if trying to escape. Jean had placed her hand in Steve's lap and was secretly rubbing Steve's cock. Steve had his arm around her and was cupping a large breast.

Jeans nipple, hard and fully erect was being pinched and she squeezed Steve's cock through his pants in appreciation. Sharon had turned sideways in her loungechair to better see the video and her hand had found it's way to the waistband of her shorts. Her fingers had travelled down inside and were rubbing her pussy lips.

She had seen the couples enjoying secretly touching each other and threw all caution to the wind when she inserted a finger into the warm, moist folds of her cunt. The video continued after a brief introduction of credits. Three housewives were sitting around a kitchen table drinking coffe.

They were all dressed in housedresses and aprons. It looked like a scene from "Father Knows Best" or "Leave It To Beaver". The only difference was the cleavage shown. Father Knows Best never even gave a hint of cleavage. These women were all sporting some massive cleavage.

Their blouses were partially unbuttoned and the lace from their brassieres was clearly visible. Certainly not "Leave It To Beaver" material. A mailman knocked at the door and when a blonde rose from the table and answered it the other two girls quickly looked out of the window.

They looked at each other and whispered something, laughed and went to greet him. He looked pleasantly surprised and put up no resistance when one of the girls, a brunette, put her arm around his waist and squeezed his dick through his shorts.

She said "Honey, I'm so glad you came home for your lunch. Betty, Shirley, and I will make sure that you get all you can eat". By now, the blonde was on her knees in front of him and was sucking his dick. His wife was stripping and the other girl was standing behind him with her arms wrapped around his waist while her fingers toyed with his balls. The girls stripped him of all his clothing and then stripped themselves. His wife was stripped down to her nylons and after he lay down on the floor, she straddled his face and lowered her hairy cunt down onto his face.

The blonde had now started sucking his cock while the third girl played with her pussy. Her fingers slipped in and out of her wet cunt and rose now and then to rub her clitoris. Sharon had slipped another finger into her hairless snatch and she was moaning quite audibly by now. She didn't care if the others could hear her. She was enjoying the exquisite feelings burning in her cunt. It became so obvious to the others what she was doing to herself with her fingers. Cheryl was sitting next to Steve on the couch and had seen Jean's hand rubbing his cock through his pants.

The large bulge in his pants that Jean's hand had produced had caught Cheryl's curiosity. She didn't believe that a man could have such a large penis. Cheryl kept changing her gaze from the TV back to Jeans hand as it continued to rub her husbands cock. Kevin, had by now slid his hand under Cheryl's sweater and was kneading and squeezing her breast.

His fingers found her nipple and pinched, and rubbed it as it rose to meet his needs.


It felt so good to her. Her breasts had always been super sensitive to a mans touch and playing with them had always been the best way to get her horny. Jean couldn't stand it any longer. She needed to see Steve's cock fully exposed and throbbing. She needed to feel it's bare skin in her hand. To taste the massive head as she had the previous night when they had regained their sexual passion. Their sexual activity had been practically dead prior to the perverted pleasures they had both enjoyed.

She didn't care about modesty anymore she wanted his cock out and in her hand. She found the zipper of Steve's pants and lowered it. Cheryl couldn't believe what she was seeing. Jean had actually had the nerve to unzip Steve's pants. Her hand found it's way inside his fly and grasped his huge cock. She pulled and the massive piece of meat came out into the cool air.

It's head was fully engorged and deep red with pulsating blood. The veins of his cock were inflated and protruding as Jeans fingers slowly pumped his penis. Cheryl was hypnotized by the sight of this mans cock who was sitting next to her. It was massive and she couldn't stop admiring it. Steve had started to moan as his wifes manipulating fingers continued to jerk him off.

She reached her other hand down and freed his balls from their confinement. They sprand into view, swollen and hairy. They bounced as her hand pumped on his cock.


The couch was starting to creak, Steve was moaning loudly while Jean talked him into even higher states of lust. "Does it feel good baby when I play with your beautiful cock? Do you want to suck my hairy cunt and make me cum? Do you want to fuck me in front of the others and let them see your big cock stroking in and out of my wet, slippery twat? How would you like to suck Sharon's pussy and lick her asshole while I suck Kevin's cock for him? Come on baby, squirt out your hot sticky jizz all over my face so we can get down to some really serious fucking." Cheryl couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing as this man groaned and bucked his cock into his wifes jerking hand.

Kevin had not been oblivious to all this action taking place next to his date. He was going mad with desire. On his right, Sharon was finger fucking herself while on his left Steve was being jacked off by the woman he had eaten out and fucked just two days ago. He thought about how she had come unglued when he had splashed his cum into her face and onto her tits.

That must have really done it for her because here she was jerking off her husband and wanting him to do the same. Seems like maybe he'd created a female sexual monster. He placed his hand between Cheryl's legs and found the bulge of her pussy beneath her slacks. He rubbed it and she opened her legs invitingly to allow his fingers to search her crotch. She had opened her legs wide but her eyes were still locked on Steve's cock. Milky fluid was starting to ooze from the hole in his dick by now and it looked like he was getting ready to cream.

Jean looked over at Cheryl and their eyes met. Their expressions didn't change and they didn't say a word, but the message Jean got from Cheryl's eyes was, "Go ahead. Make him cum. I want to see him cum all over your face. I want to see the thick cream shoot out of his cock and run down your cheeks. Do it for me." Kevin removed his hand from between Cheryl's legs and found the zipper on the side of her slacks.

He zipped it down and pulled at her slacks. She lifted her hips and the silken material pulled away easily. She quickly kicked them off. Kevin's hand again found it's way between her legs. His fingers rubbed her pussy through her sheer panties and she again parted her legs for his probing hand. Jean was licking the head of Steves cock now and Cheryl was totally enraptured by the sight. Her pussy was on fire as Kevin continued to rub her mound.

His fingers pushed aside her panties and found her wet opening. He inserted a finger into her gaping cunt and rubbed her clitoris. Cheryl sighed and then moaned as the finger sank deeply between her pussy lips and into the deep recesses of her hot throbbing cunt. Jean had stopped licking Steve's cock now and had again begun pumping on his massive dick.

She looked over at Cheryl and said "Take his cock for me while I take off my blouse." Cheryl didn't know what to do. She wanted to feel that cock in her hand, to feel it pumping in her fingers but she had never done anything like this before and could only shake her head no. Kevin leaned toward her and whispered, "Go ahead, jack him off for Jean. It's okay Cheryl." She timidly reached out her hand and wrapped her thin, long fingers around the shaft of Steve's thick cock.

It felt hot in her hand and she could feel it throbbing as she started to slowly pump her hand up and down on his massive tool.

She let me eat it

Jean quickly removed her blouse and her large tits spilled out. She wore no brassiere and her nipples were both erect and fully aroused once they met the cool air of the living room. She knelt down on the floor in front of Steve and started kissing and licking his balls as they bounced up and down in cadence to Cheryl's pumping fist. Cheryl was thrilled with the lustful feelings she was experiencing as her hand held this monster cock.

She was in total control of it. She pumped faster and heard Steve moan at the pleasure she was giving him. She slowed down for a while and saw him take a deep refreshing breath. His thighs started to tremble and he groaned when she again pumped her hand faster on his cock. Steve said "I'm almost there now, I'm getting ready to cum.

Having a massive cock in her slit

Keep pumping." Jean looked at Cheryl and said, "When he starts shooting his cum, shoot it all over my face and tits. Keep pumping until it's finished." Cheryl nodded and continued to stroke the cock in her hand. Her pussy was on fire and Kevin was speeding up his finger in her twat. His finger found the roof of her tunnel and probed and massaged it. He could feel her cunt tunnel closing on his finger and milking it as if it were a cock.

Steve was arching his back now and Jean knew that he was going to cum. She moved closer and grasped her tits in her hands and forced them together in front of Steve's crotch. Cheryl continued to pump faster. Her arm was tired but she had to see this happen. She gripped his cock harder and pumped faster and faster, then he groaned and the first spray of cream errupted from his dick and sprayed straight up into the air and landed both on his cock and Cheryl's clutching hand.

It was hot and a shock ran through Cheryl, sending shivers up her spine and in her cunt. Her hand pumped again, slowly this time. The cum spewed out in thick torrents and landed on Jeans face. Her mouth dropped open at the pleasure she was feeling and again a jet of cream spat at her face and ran down her chin. Cheryl was becoming mad with lust as Steve's dick continued to errupt so much cream. It seemed for a moment that it would never end. Again another squirt shot out and landed on Jean's tits.

It ran down her cleavage and covered her nipples in thick globs. Cheryl continued to pump and more came out, then more. Each time his cock squirt, she could feel it pump in her hand. Each time it pumped a load of jizz would squirt out and bathe Jeans tits. Cheryl continued to pump until the massive dick started to deflate in her hand. It had been a performance that she would never forget.

The air was thick with lust as Steve's cock, now flaccid and drained fell from her grasp. Jean was still kneeling on the floor and she was trembling all over. She had cum too as soon as the first jet of cum hit her. Scalding hot.

It had caused an explosion of pleasure in her cunt and she had rubbed her pussy through her slacks and tightly clenched her thighs together when the orgasm started.

The feeling had been exquisite. Steve and Jean left for the bathroom to wash and freshen up. Kevin still had his finger deep inside Cheryl and she was bucking her hips, her cunt impaled on his finger. Kevin saw Sharon approach them.

She knelt down in front of Cheryl and pulled off her panties. Kevin removed her sweater and exposed her tits to Sharon's appreciative eyes. Kevin stood and quickly got undressed.

His cock sprang into view as he removed his underwear and Cheryl reached out to grasp the throbbing cock in her cool fingers.

Kevin sat down and spread his legs while Cheryl took her place between them and started sucking his cock.


Her moist mouth sent incredible pleasure through his cock and he leaned his head back and closed his eyes while enjoying the sucking his cock was getting. Sharon had inched her way into the action and was massaging his balls and playing with Cheryl's breasts. Cheryl was too hot to mind, in fact she was enjoying the sensations that Sharon's fingers were sending through her tits.

She pinched her nipples and pulled on them until they screamed out in tender pleasure verging almost on pain. Steve and Jean had returned from the bathroom and saw the threesome in action.

Steve's cock began to grow again at the sight of Cheryl's heart shaped ass sticking out as she sucked Kevin's dick.

Sharon was rubbing Cheryl's ass cheeks with one hand and fondling her breast with the other. Steve quickly dropped his pants and underwear and knelt down behind Cheryl. He grasped his cock and pumped it a few times to bring it back to life. Sharon helped him by wrapping her hand around his balls as they hung between his legs. She gently squeezed them and wrapped her fingers around his cock, replacing his and started stroking it back to full erection.

Once he was hard again she let go and undressed herself. She was exquisite to look at and Steve couldn't keep his eyes off her shaved, pouting pussy. The slit in it was prominent and he could see her inner cunt lips protruding beyond her outer labia. He wanted to rub his face in it but directly in front of him, on her knees was a woman's beautiful ass. Her cunt was visible between her thighs.

He moved closer and held his cock up to the entrance of her pussy. He moved his cock head around the hairy opening to her cunt and when he had parted her cunt lips, pushed his dick into her from behind. Cheryl felt the exquisite pleasure tear through her.

Her cunt was finally being filled. She suddenly realized that it must be Steve and she paused from sucking Kevin and said "No! Please, I don't want you to do that." Kevin grasped her head and guided his cock back into her mouth. She parted her lips and took his cock back into her sucking mouth and tried to moan out a rejection of the penetration her pussy was enduring.

She loved sucking the cock that was in her mouth and she felt her cunt grasping the cock that filled it. Milking it, as it slid slowly in and out of her hairy pussy. Sharon moved closer to Steve and placed her pussy in his face as he turned to lick her. She spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers to give him access to her clitoris and wet inner flesh.

Steve ran his tongue up and down her wet slit, enjoying the taste and the aroma of her clean pussy. His cock was slamming into Cheryl's cunt now in powerful thrusts and Cheryl was moaning with pleasure as she continued her sucking.

Her entire body was approaching an orgasm. She was amazed at how her every nerve was screaming for release. She was like a slave being fucked from both ends. She was unable to complain and wouldn't have if she could, the pleasure was too great. Jean was sitting in the lounge chair watching the orgy that was taking place before her.

Her fingers had found their way into her cunt and she was finger fucking herself into a frenzy of desire and lust. She had never seen anything so depraved and sexually exciting in her life. Her fingers would give her another cum and another one before this was over. Sharon was cumming now and rubbing her cunt all over Steves sucking mouth.

Her nipples were rock hard and she was covered in goose bumps. Her legs were shaking and her body was wracked with one orgasm after another. She screamed with pleasure, then moaned and her cunt gushed forth her climax in hot waves of liquid electricity. She dropped to her knees and caught her breath as Steve continued to fuck into Cheryl's dripping cunt. Sharon felt between Steve's legs and found his balls as they swayed back and forth in time to his stroking hips.

She pushed her fingers deeply into the area just behind his balls to delay the orgasm that she sensed Steve was about to have. The swelling subsided and she knew it would prolong their pleasure. Her finger then moved back even further and found his asshole. She rubbed the tip into his ass and probed it. Steve grunted with shock and pleasure as she sank her finger into his ass and probed around until she found his prostate.

It was bloated with cream and Sharon gently massaged it with her finger tip. He moaned with pleasure and she pulled her finger out then plunged it back inside him to resume the finger wave she was giving him. Kevin was on the verge of cumming and Steve was ready to blow his cream deep into Cheryl's pussy.

Cheryl was moaning with pleasure as one orgasm followed another. Her entire body was on fire with jolts of pleasure as her pussy squeezed and contracted on the massive cock that filled her hairy cunt. Jean was finger fucking herself wildly. She had pulled down her slacks and spread her legs wide apart. Her cunt flesh was fully exposed and her wet fingers plunged into her pink inner flesh.

The lips of her cunt clung to her fingers and the walls of her tunnel contracted wildly in spasms of pleasure. Kevin grasped Cheryl's head and held it and said "Suck gently now baby, I'm going to cum. Just suck it out gently." She mewled out some groans as if to say "Yes! I understand" and gently sucked the head of his dick. She sucked gently and felt the head explode in her mouth. The cum errupted and hot cream filled her sucking mouth.

She swallowed as fast as she could but the fluid escaped from her sucking mouth and trickled down his balls. Her fist milked at his cock and it errupted in another jet of cream just as Steve's had when she was jacking him off. The pleasure was beyond description and she came again. Steve was now arching his back and plunging his cock into Cheryl's cunt all the way to his balls.

Sharon's finger continued to probe his ass and she felt the first pump of his prostate as it spurted his cum into Cheryl's pussy. She could feel the hot cream spurting inside her and again she came.

The massive cock again pumping out large wads of his jizz but this time it was inside her cunt. She felt her cunt contracting on his cock in appreciation for the fucking she was getting. Steve fell away from her and a river of cream ran out of her wide open pussy.

It ran down her thigh and formed a small pool on the floor beneath them. Jean had almost collapsed on the lounge chair. She was drained. Kevin was totally satiated and Steve was proud of his performance. He was exhausted but proud. Cheryl lay down on her side, her cunt still throbbed with pleasure and she was totally satisfied.

She had done what she thought she could never do and she enjoyed it. She loved it.