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I returned to my portable bedroom to freshen up before heading out for a hot card game with Joe, Carmen, and her daughters. Almost half hour had passed as I strode over to Corrine and Carla's over sized trailer. I was about thirty yards away when I heard Joe ranting and raving. He was loud and very animated as I could see shadows of his arms waving, and him walking back and forth by the living room window. It appeared that Joe and Carmen were having a few marital issues as well.

I hesitated and had second thoughts of continuing.

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Just then Joe flew out the door, hopped in his truck and drove off. In his anger he didn't even notice I was there. Maybe that was for the better. Perhaps the game for tonight had been cancelled. I went back to my tent and waited another fifteen minutes or so before I got up the nerve to approach their trailer.

You didn't want to be a target around Joe when he was angry. It was after eleven when I knocked on the door; Carmen was right there to let me in. A drink in one hand and her other holding the door for me, it was hard to pass up her invitation to enter. She looked like she had been crying; her eyes were watery and her cheeks were flushed. She was already for bed, I thought. Wearing only a thin loosely wrapped bathrobe and a somewhat translucent nightie, I thought I might have gotten her out of bed.

She assured me she was only getting more comfortable; it was quite warm inside. Immediately she offered me a drink. The light from the kitchen outlined her figure perfectly as she walked in front of me. Was I imagining things or was she missing her panties? "Uh oh," I thought to myself sensing an arousal in my groin. "Down, boy; not yet!" "Would you like a beer, Bobby?" "May I have what you are drinking?

I've never had one of those; a margarita you called it?" Carmen's robe fell open as she set the cool drink in front of me. Her massive olive toned globes were very visible through the thin negligee. Her right nipple was so close to my face it hurt not to be able to reach out and put my mouth to it. My dick was becoming uncomfortably swollen in my shorts. "The girls will be out in a few minutes; they are getting into something cooler than their work clothes." "I thought I heard Joe shouting a while ago and then heard him speed off down the road.

Is everything O.K?" "Joe is upset about the generator again. A new problem developed tonight and he has to go back to Springfield again. He's not in the best of moods. He won't be joining us for our weekly card games that he enjoys toward the end of the week. As a matter of fact, he won't even be back tonight. He's staying at home again and will return sometime around noon tomorrow." I had heard the argument from outside but never let on. I knew Joe left for other reasons. Enough said about Joe.

Carmen always closed-up earlier than the girls and was already quite relaxed from today's work. I thought she must have had one or two drinks before I arrived.

She still kept her beautiful full lipped smile all the while as we talked waiting for Corrine and Carla to appear. It was only a few minutes more when they both came in to the kitchen. It was as if I had died and went to Heaven. The pastel exhibition triplets, Carmen in hot pink, Carla in minty green and Corrine in sky blue, surrounded the kitchen table.

It was a fucking boob fest. I squirmed to get comfortable; it didn't go unnoticed. I sipped my drink; actually I gulped my first drink.

It was my second drink that I drank a little slower. These sweet drinks were far more potent than a beer. I was feeling light-headed before I finished my second.

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"Anyone up for a card game?" Carmen announced. I thought that was why we were here. But I answered her and said I was ready. I was thinking poker, but Carmen set out two decks of cards and I knew I was out of my league here. I couldn't imagine what game they were about to play. My thoughts were answered before I even asked.

"Do you know how to play canasta, Bobby? "No, but I'm sure I can figure it out." "Can I have a margarita, Mom?" Carla asked. Carmen was thoroughly relaxed and probably still upset from her argument with Joe, because she quickly gave her consent. Corrine hinted for one too, but was turned down once again. She settled for a tall glass of Coke, but when Mom got up to go to the bathroom, Corrine quietly and quickly added a double shot of 'Southern Comfort' to her half empty glass.

It looked like we were all in for a night of relaxing fun. Ten minutes into the beginnings of my introduction of canasta, Carmen and I were ready for another drink; my third and maybe fourth of fifth for Carmen. She was already a little unsteady when she pushed away from the table to mix a couple.

Her front of her robe just gaping open; Large areolas and rigid nipples on display and a confirmation of my earlier thoughts, no panties either. A firm boob pressed into my shoulder as she set the glass in front of me. I tried not to gawk at her and just said, thank you. On my first sip, I looked up and across the table where Corrine and Carla were also displaying their summer negligees. It must have been too warm for them also because their robes were now open.

Nipples and boobs where ever I looked. They all acted as if they didn't know they were showing their tits. My poor cock was ready for anything, screaming with each heartbeat. Carla got up and poured herself another without any objections from Mom. Corrine did the same a few minutes later. My dick was clawing the inside of my shorts, begging to get out.

Another round of canasta and we were all having a great time. The talking got a bit louder and both Carmen and Carla on each side of me would lean into me as they spoke.

Corrine was sitting across the table licking her full succulent lips.

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I was between Carmen and Carla. Now every time Mom and Carla would talk, they became more and more physical by placing their hands on mine or on my arm and shoulder. This was going to be a great night from what I could tell so far. I was getting drunker by the minute. My attention span as to what they were saying was near zero.

All I could think about was fucking the first one that volunteered. My head was spinning; boobs and nipples every where I looked. I sensed wetness in my shorts. I didn't recall spilling anything, but at the same time I notice a familiar slipperiness. My cock was drooling uncontrollably. I didn't notice when all the girls had taken off their robes.

Six of the most succulent nipples begging to be licked had my mouth surrounded. People were talking and I felt hands on my arms and legs. I think I had a hard on but was too numb to know for sure. I felt someone's hand reaching up to my wet spot, but never knew whether it was Carla or Carmen. For that matter it may have been both. I don't know who won the card game. I think I had several more drinks and by 1:30 I was just about wasted.

It seemed much warmer than it was when I arrived.


My vision was a bit fuzzy, but not too much so that I wasn't aware of all the warm flesh clinging to the translucent negligees. It appeared as if they weren't wearing anything. The silky nighties became transparent and for a few seconds I thought I saw a few extra nipples. Did someone else enter the kitchen? No, it was just Corrine and Carla getting up from the table and moving about. I faintly heard them say goodnight and looked up to see their seemingly naked gorgeous bodies moving toward their room.

I think I still had a hard on, but I wasn't quite sure. I was done drinking for tonight.


I looked up from what I thought was a few minutes and Carmen was at the sink; her hips and ass swaying as she rinsed out our glasses. As she turned to place them in a draining rack her profile of huge boobs were just a few feet from my blurry eyes. I had to blink several times before I realized she still had her nightie on. "Welcome back!" she said. "You had passed out about half an hour ago. The girls went to bed. I think they both had too much alcohol tonight. Even Corrine had sneaked several drinks when I wasn't looking.

I told them not to worry; I would stay up and get you to bed." I looked into the dim living room and noticed the sofa bed had been made-up for me. I had to go to the bathroom in the worst way. I stumbled to my feet and Carmen helped me to the bathroom. I didn't notice if she left, but I didn't really care. I finished and turned to leave; there was Carmen right there ready to help.

I felt myself get red for a brief moment, but it didn't last. Carmen's huge tits pressed against me as she walked me to the sofa bed. I started to get undressed and Carmen began to help me. I didn't remember ever finishing removing my clothes. I must have dozed off again for a few minutes. Here I was stark naked lying drunk in a strange bed. Where was Carmen, I thought? I looked around and there she was in the bathroom, door wide open and Carmen completely nude washing up in the bathroom.

I rubbed my eyes to see clearer; yep she was naked.

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I reached for my cock and it was already standing at attention. I didn't give damn if anyone saw me now; I guess alcohol does things like this to a person. Carmen left the light on as she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing only her birthday suit.

Her huge tits outlined by the light swayed sideways with an undulating up and down wave with each step. Her waist was narrow which accentuated the width of her hips. My turgid cock standing straight up was totally visible with the light from the bathroom shining on me.

There was no way to hide it and it would not have made any difference. Carmen, apparently, was in revenge mode. Joe had fucked some carnival patron and Carmen was about to get even. She wanted my thick swollen cock deep into her body.

She leaned over me and asked if I was awake. I answered and she said I had dozed off for a few minutes again. She leaned further and kissed me good night; as she did I could feel her nipple drag across my chest.


I returned the gesture and said good night, but I could not help myself and placed my hands around her firm ass and squeezed and tugged her slightly toward me. She was off balance and fell onto the bed; both tits flattening into my chest; my throbbing woody stabbing her in the tummy.

I held her tightly by her smooth semi firm ass cheeks. I made a feeble attempt at an apology while my hands roamed all over her butt. She tried to say this is wrong, but quickly warmed to my feeble aggressions. She kissed me again; this time her full moist lips were pressed to mine.

God she was a good kisser. I could feel her lips massaging mine as she kissed me; my cock pulsed quickly against her hot tummy. I continued fondling her ass.

My hands caressed every square inch before a couple of fingers slid between her crack and softly grazed her tightly puckered asshole. I thought I was really in trouble then as she twitched. I pulled my hand away and she broke her kiss and to my surprise asked me why I stopped. I didn't know what to say. I answered truthfully and said I didn't mean to do that. I lied of course; and then I added another lie and said I heard that some people like that.

She told me that Joe never did that and asked me if I would do it some more. It occurred to me that this situation was getting way out of control.

I'll blame any error on the booze.

Carmen rolled off me and positioned her ass for easy access with my hands. My hands slowly went to work on her whole backside from her shoulders to the back of her knees. She rolled further onto her side and propped one leg up offering unlimited access to her private parts.

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Her excitement filled my nostrils. I knew she wanted more and I didn't keep her waiting. I slowly thrust my hand through her dampness. Her hairy pussy was wet and slippery; it reminded me Corrine and Carla when my hands and fingers worked their pussies.

I fondled her slit for several minutes before slipping my fingers deeper between her lips. I felt all the way from back to her front; her little clit was the final resting spot as my fingers rolled her small nub beneath two fingers.

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I was certain she could feel my cock stabbing into the back of her thigh. I ran my fingers from one end of her slit to the other; always ending on or near her clitoris. Several times as my fingers explored her slit, they slipped into the opening of her hot tight vagina. My fingers got slicker as I dragged them back through her hot juices and continued to her clit.

She would moan and say how nice it felt every time my slippery fingers rolled her little nub after sliding them up from her vagina. I rubbed more and she reciprocated by almost non-stop moaning. She really enjoyed my playing with her pussy. I must have played with her pussy for a least a half hour. God, was she wet! My mind was spinning, or maybe the room was spinning. The smell of her sexual arousal was too much for me to bear. I wanted to taste her; I wanted to eat this mature pussy; my mouth was watering; actually it was kind of dry from drinking too much.

I needed to eat this pussy just for my own enjoyment; I needed to know if my thoughts were correct in thinking all women like a good licking. I told my dick to wait; he'll get his turn in a few minutes. I removed my hand from between Carmen's thighs and told her to lie on her back. She didn't require any coaxing. Immediately, she was on her back with her legs instinctively open wide. I got between them and lowered my mouth to her hairy hot pussy.

I spread her swollen lips and searched for he little nub once more; this time with my tongue. It was hiding again in its tiny sheath; but after several kisses, licks, and soft sucking Carmen's clit had grown immensely. She moaned and tried to muffle her pleasure as much as she could. She tasted wonderful.

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I couldn't get enough as I slurped and sucked on her pussy I was just about to stop after almost ten minutes of sucking and licking this hot pussy when I felt a trembling shoot through her body. Her hands moved to the back of my head as I licked and sucked her some more. I kept a steady rhythm which she seemed to like the best. Her shaking became more pronounced as her thighs tensed and her butt came up of the bed to force my face harder against her bucking pussy.

I was straining for air as I opened my mouth wide and just lay my tongue into her slit. I allowed her oscillations to rub along my motionless tongue. Without me doing a further thing she came violently from my tongue massage on her swollen love button. I crawled out from between her twitching limbs and lay on my back beside her. I needed a rest. That was a marathon cunt lapping. We both lay motionless for several minutes.

My cock still rock hard and I don't know for how long, but it was dripping and oozing precum down its length. A soft whisper broke the silence, "Bobby, don't ever tell anybody about this; especially Joe or my girls; but I must tell you that was the best pussy licking I have ever had in my entire thirty four years. I wish I could keep you." "I was hoping you would like it." "God, it was Heaven, Bobby!" It was quiet again when I felt Carmen moving to get up.

But she wasn't getting up. She straddled my legs facing me; my sticky woody brushing along the front of her patch of fur. For the first time I got a good look at the front of her. The bathroom light had lit her up like a spot light. She was drop dead gorgeous. I just lay motionless with my mouth open in awe. She watched my facial expressions as she grasped my sticky and slippery tool and slid its head between her soft fuzzy wet lips.

I could feel the internal heat from her cunt breathing down on my shaft. She rubbed me several times between her lips before she put my dripping tip to her vagina. She then slowly lowered herself on to me.

"Oh, God," I said out loud. Every inch gave me a different sensation as she sat down all the way to engulf my pulsing tool. Her pussy had my thick cock totally wrapped; her slippery hot insides began to massage my thick weapon of pleasure. She leaned forward placing her hands on my chest as she began to slowly bounce her ass up and down on my cock; my balls slapping her asshole on each stroke.

I was buried and couldn't help being mesmerized as those massive nipple tipped globes rubbed and bounced on my chest. My mind was spinning; my week old virgin cock was getting fucked for the fourth time in my life and it was fucking unbelievable.

Carmen leaned forward some more and began to quicken her rhythm. My cock wasn't going in as deep but it still felt unimaginably Heaven sent. Carmen began mumbling something about my solid pole and her swollen clit, but I could quite understand as her movements were becoming uncontrollable.

I sunk my fingers into her ass cheeks to keep her from falling off and as I did her body stiffened. I continued the motion by pumping my ass and driving my cock into her pussy. Even with her whole body pressed to mine I found quite easy to continue where her pumping had ceased. "Oh God," she screamed as my tool rammed her hard and fast.

"Oh, Bobby, cum in me now. Fuck me, Bobby, Fuck me." Her full lips were all over mine, kissing and sucking. Her tongue entered my mouth. "Oh, God!" I thought as my pumping increased in intensity. Her voice and words got to me.

My balls were getting ready to erupt. "Make me pregnant, Bobby. Cum in me. Cum in me hard! I'll fix that bastard!" I wanted to pull out but it was too late.

My cock said, "No way are you pulling out. Cum in this bitch and fill her pussy with your hot impregnating load!" My mind had no control. The thought that I could get another person pregnant was exciting; then reality rushed in and said, "What if you were to get caught by Joe?" I was fucked either way. Carmen leaned further forward, resting one of her nipples across my lips. I opened my mouth and began sucking like an infant.

I was going to hell for sure. There was nothing to stop me now; I was beyond the split second thought of pulling out or continue slamming my juvenile cock hard and deep into Carmen's hot and juicy pussy.

The pussy won the short lived argument; a few more thrusts and Carmen's spasming cunt was all my almost virgin dick could take. I held her ass tight and with a final deep plunge my cock imbedded itself into her depths; exploding, shooting torrents of boiling cum directly into her cervix. I held ass tight for several minutes until my last spasm had ended. Carmen felt my load pouring into her as she began milking me dry with her tight contracting vaginal muscles.

We kissed a few more times and thanked each other for this moment of passion. My conscience was catching up to me as I could smell the musky scent of hot sexual activity; the trailer was filled with lust.

I said, "Carmen, I wish I could stay, but I do not want Joe to come home early and catch me here." Carmen reluctantly agreed and I quietly sneaked back to my tent. Next thing I knew, it was almost 9:30, Saturday morning. I was still worn out from the 'card game' last night. Today was an early open so I quickly got up and reluctantly prepared for the morning crowds to appear. Corrine and Carla came over just before starting for the day and said they were disappointed I wasn't still at their house.

I told them that after I sobered up some I left to sleep at my place for the night. It was a little bit more comfortable out in the cool night air.

"Too bad it's Saturday already. We have to close up and move on to the next town tonight and we probably won't get to see you until next week" "Next week is only a day away," I reminded them. Their faces lit up as they strolled back to their concession stand.