Euro whores acquire glad to the max

Euro whores acquire glad to the max
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Cameron was always a very unlucky person. His friends at school used to tell him he was born unlucky. He never got good grades and he could not hold a conversation with a girl to save his life. Determined to change his luck, Cameron reinvented himself when he entered collage.

He moved several miles away to a different city and changed his appearance and his style. He got new friends and he spread rumors about himself that made him sound less shy and wimpy than he actually was. Finally he had what he wanted, a new life with a new reputation. He of course used this reputation to gain friends and girls. The first few times he went on dates with girls at college things went well.

After a while though, a new rumor started to spread; the rumor that Cameron was not very good in bed. Any girl that went out with him said the same thing. He was a disappointment; a bit on the small side and lacking in the skill to provide his partner with any pleasure.

Eventually he could no longer get a date on campus at all. With no other choice, Cameron began to frequent local bars in search of girls who knew nothing of his reputation. Every few weeks he would move from one location to the next so as not to gainer too much attention in one place. It was the same when he went to the bar on fifth street one warm winter night, looking for girls he had not hit on before.

Apart from those drinking with their friends at the tables, there were only two at the bar itself. One was a blonde girl with bronze tan skin, wearing a bikini top and jean shorts. She saw him coming and announced what she was drinking, fully expecting him to pay for her next shot. He placed his card on the bar and ordered for her and himself while her friend snickered behind her hand.

"What's so funny, Laura," the blonde skank asked. "I'm pretty sure that's one of Donnie's friends," Laura answered. Cameron tried not to appear surprised to hear a familiar name. Donnie was a muscle head who hung around Cameron mostly just to show off their difference in physique.

Cameron was quite scrawny after all. Laura was his girlfriend whom Cameron had never met before. "I hope Donnie has nothing but good things to say about me," Cameron tried to play it cool.

He was already dreading the idea that perhaps Donnie had alerted Laura to his short comings. "Oh he says a lot about you," Laura continued to snicker. "You'll have your hands full with this one, Paula." "Well, as long as he can make me scream, I won't mind, and a few free drinks will just be extra incentive," Paula tried to remain hopeful. "You'll be screaming for your wasted time back," Laura laughed again.

"They call him Little Limp Dick." "Hey!" Cameron finally lost his composure. "Oh god, really?" Paula was already having second thoughts.

"He wouldn't be mad if it weren't true," Laura assured her. "I think I'm gonna pack it in early today. I don't need a rumor that I went to bed with a limp dick going around." "You could say you wanted to know if it's true," Laura suggested.

"Damn, I'm a little curious now myself." Paula did not respond. Instead she just hurried off, her round ass bouncing with every step. Cameron watched her leave the bar before he turned to glare at Laura. "You're a real bitch," he spat angrily. "I'd be more of a bitch if I let my friend have a disappointing night." She shrugged.

"You don't know anything about me. Those rumors could be false for all you know." "If they were you'd say that instead," she scoffed. "Why are you even talking to me? Go away or buy me a drink." Rolling his eyes, Cameron ordered a drink for Laura before downing his own and getting another.

"Wow, thanks, I guess," she was at least impressed with his chivalry. "Why is Donnie going around spreading that rumor," Cameron whined to her while drowning his misery in shot after shot of vodka and or whiskey.

"You should slow down," Laura warned him. "It's not that he goes around telling everyone. He just let his number one gal know." "What's a girl like you doing with a muscle head like him?" Cameron asked while eyeing her up and down.

She was wearing a black tube top and a green shawl that she kept moving around and taking off, showing her shapely breasts to the whole bar.

Her black hair was long and wavy and her lips were painted red with gloss. Her jeans looked like her hips were about to burst right out of them. "Oh, are you trying to steal me away from Donnie?" she laughed. "Sorry, we're kinda exclusive." "Why are you out drinking at a bar without him then?" Cameron pried.

"Trying to be Paula's wingman.


I'm sure she's gone to another bar by now. I'll get a text pretty soon asking me why the hell I didn't follow her." "Well, free drinks is a good reason." Cameron slid a whiskey shot over to her. "I never have these," she admitted while tilting her head back and downing it. "God, my head hurts now," she groaned. He could see her eyes glossing over. She definitely was not good with the strong stuff.


"Maybe you should lie down," he suggested. She looked over the bar at the bartender. "Tom, can I use one of your rooms upstairs?" she asked while clutching her stomach, trying not to be sick.

"Give me Paula's number later?" he asked snidely. "Whatever. You, limp dick, help me upstairs." She leaned heavily on Cameron's shoulder. He gritted his teeth while the bartender laughed at him. Laura made sure to grab her handbag. They slowly made their way to the stairs next to the bar and trotted up. There were a couple of rooms and most of them were occupied. Apparently Tom made a little extra letting couples get it on in his attic. Cameron found one that was empty and helped Laura sit down on the bed.

"Thanks, you can go now." She waved him away before setting her handbag down on the bedside table. "I don't think I should," he refused. "You were going pretty hard on those blue martinis before. I'm worried something might happen to you if I left you here by yourself." "Aw, how sweet. Limp dick has a crush on his mate's girl," she teased him. "Seriously, I'll be fine." "Can you not do that," Cameron grumbled under his breath. "What was that? Speak up, Limp dick." "I said, shut up!" He slapped her across the face extremely hard.

She fell over on the bed. He stared at her limp form, her curly hair spread out over the sheets beautifully. When she sat back up she had a swollen cheek and a cracked lip.

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"You're gonna get it when Donnie hears about this," she warned him with a scowl. Cameron was frozen in fear. Part of him wanted to run from the room while another part of him thought he should beg for forgiveness.

However, one more part of him was laughing on the inside. She wasn't making fun of him anymore was she? "Did you hear me?" she shouted at him. Before she even finished her sentence, he struck her again, this time with his fist. Her head bobbed awkwardly and her mouth fell open. Blood and saliva trickled down her chin. She looked up at him with a confused expression.

She was too disoriented to respond before he leapt on her, knocking her onto her back and pinning her to the bed. "Get off of me!" she wailed as he grabbed the middle of her tube top and ripped it open, exposing her beautiful tan breasts. She tried to cover them but he grabbed her arms and pushed them under his knees as he straddled her waist. She writhed beneath him like a bucking animal, thrusting her hips upward. He reached between his legs and pressed his hand into the crotch of her jeans, causing her to yelp.

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"What the hell are you doing?" "I'm gonna teach you that you're wrong about me," he spat angrily. She gasped as he pulled down her fly and slid his hand inside her pants.

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He grabbed the front of her panties and pulled them up, giving her a wedgie that dug into her crotch painfully. Tears streamed down her face as she tried again to buck him off of her. With his free hand he punched her in the face again.

He heard the cartilage in her nose break. Her eyes rolled back as she lay still with her mouth hanging open. She must have fallen unconscious for a moment. When her eyes refocused she was no longer struggling defiantly. The anger on her face had been replaced with fear. She whimpered as she felt him working his hand around her panties so he could grab a handful of her cunt hairs.

With a hard yank he ripped most of them right off her crotch. She could not help but shriek in pain. For this she received another punch to the side of the head, leaving her ear ringing and her eyes spinning. "Be quiet," he warned her. She was unable to nod but she lowered her voice as much as she could.

Getting tired of kneeling on her hands her rolled her onto her face and used the remnants of her tube top to bind her wrists at her waist. Then he slid his hands into the belt loops of her jeans and worked them down her legs. He stopped to admire her bare ass when it came into view with her panties still wedged in her crotch like a thong.

He ran his finger along the crack of her ass and pushed the cloth of her panties against her tender back hole. "Please," she begged him.

Without warning he slapped her round ass extremely hard, leaving a red hand print. "Do not speak unless I tell you to," he spat angrily.

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When she began to sob in pain he placed his hand on the back of her head and pressed her face into the bed to stifle the sound. When he slapped her ass again she tried to suck in her breath but was unable to.

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He repeated the action until she passed out from trying to gasp too much. As she lay beneath him limply, he began to wonder what he really planned to do.

Despite having said he wanted to show her that she was wrong about him he was feeling far too self conscious to show her his below average dick and potentially have her laugh at him again. Instead he began to search the room for anything else he could use to enact his revenge upon her. Finding a fully stocked mini fridge under the bed, Laura woke to the sensation of the cold neck of a bottle pushing the cloth of her panties up into her crotch. She rolled over onto her back again and stared Cameron in the face with tears spilling out of her eyes.

He did not stop until he had forced the entire bottle neck into her along with her stretched panties. She let out a pained groan. Again he punched her in the face, sending her eyes spinning. He was no longer doing it for any other reason than because he liked watching her reaction. When her mouth fell slack again he shoved an open bottle in all the way to the back of her throat and let the contents flow down her esophagus.

She choked on it until she managed to start breathing through her nose. Her tongue was sticking out and licking the larger base of the bottle. Cameron decided he did not want her to keep breathing through her nose and pushed two fingers into her nostrils. As the cartilage was already broken, he managed to fit them both inside and plug them completely. She began to squeal and squirm, swallowing the beer as fast as possible in hopes of being able to breathe again when the bottle was empty.

He tipped the bottle and touched it to the side of her throat, causing her to gag and bite down. The glass shattered inside her mouth. She sat up and spat out shards and blood all at once while also trying to breathe. He pulled his fingers out of her nose and watched her puking up beer and blood. He picked up one of the shards of glass and touched it to her right breast, causing her to gasp.

He dragged it along her skin, slicing a deep line into her once perfect breast. He did the same to her other one and drew a crude X across her chest. She lifted her head just enough to look at him with miserable pleading eyes. She no longer understood what he was doing. This had gone far beyond simple humiliation revenge.

He was actually marring her body, ruining it forever. With this new realization, she began to scream again. He wasted no time placing the glass shard in her mouth and covering it with his hand. She waited in confusion and fear until she realized he expected her to swallow it.

She did her best to open her throat and let the glass slide down her esophagus without cutting it. Satisfied, he turned his attention to her crotch again.

He pulled the bottle out and then slid her panties down and off. He balled them up and stuffed them into her mouth. Immediately they started to soak up drool and blood. He then pushed the bottle back into her cunt as far as it would go. When it got stuck, her laid her down on her back and stood between her legs.

She shook her head as he reared back and kicked the bottom of the bottle, jamming it up into her cunt. The neck pressed against her cervix causing her insides to contort in pain. Her back arched and lifted off the bed as a stream of liquid shot out of her crotch and sprayed onto the floor. Her face was bright red and her nostrils were flaring as she struggled to breathe.

Her toes curled and her eyes rolled around in her head as she actually managed to have an orgasm from the feeling of having her cervix penetrated by a bottle. "See, I told you you were wrong," Cameron laughed at her. She simply dropped back down onto the bed in exhaustion. He grabbed her under the arms and lifted her to her feet.

He leaned her against one of the bedposts with her tied wrists looped behind it. She felt the wooden poll between her butt cheeks and against the small of her back. Her eyes widened when he reared back and punched her in the stomach, causing her to vomit more blood and beer into the gag in her mouth.

Some of it even sprayed out of her nose. While she was still disoriented he lifted her by the waist and sat her on top of the post. She lurched as she felt the knob of the post pressing into her butt crack. He pried her cheeks apart while leaning on her thighs, pushing her down onto it. She shook and thrashed as he forced her dry asshole to split apart and welcome the thick wooden poll into her bowels. He continued to push down on her lap until her feet could touch the bed again.


He stepped back and admired his handy work; a girl completely impaled on a bed post. He ran his hands up and down her legs and poked at her belly where the glass bottle and the wooden post were bulging outward.

She whimpered but tried to hold as still as possible. He fingered her cunt for a while, trying to get her excited. She just kept breathing heavily and trying not to move around too much to prevent either inserted object from causing her more pain. Eventually he turned his attention to the handbag she brought with her. It was adorned with several buttons she had pinned to it.

He took off two of them and pushed the pins through her nipples one at a time. She screamed into her gag again but otherwise remained un-alert. Feeling slightly bored with her lack reaction he stood in front of her and placed his foot on her stomach. He pressed forward until her felt the bottle inside her cervix clang against the wood post in her bowels.

One more good shove and for the second time in one night a bottle shattered inside of her. This time she could not remain still. She spat out her gag and began to thrash. Blood poured out of her cunt and her stomach bulged in an unsightly way as the knob of the post stretched her from within. Fearing someone hearing her screams, Cameron grabbed her handbag and wrapped the strap around her neck. She began to kick wildly as her air supply was cut off. He moved behind her and crouched down, pulling on the bag over his shoulder.

Her head was pulled backwards while her waist was kept straight by the poll inside her bowels. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue darted out of her bleeding mouth wildly. She gurgled and sputtered for air that he continued to deny her.

Finally, with a hard tug on the strap, he heard something crack. He released his grip immediately. She was no longer struggling or screaming.

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He moved in front of her again to get a better look. Liquid ran down her thighs and her tongue hung out obscenely. Her eyes were bloodshot and her face was purple. Her legs were twitching slightly but her whole body was limp. The sound of her phone ringing inside her handbag startled him.

He dropped it and leapt off the bed. It was probably Paula wondering where her wingman was. Once Cameron calmed down enough he began to survey the mess he had made. A beautiful girl, completely naked, held up by her impaled asshole, not even able to flop over properly. Bleeding from every orifice. Her nipples hidden behind two colorful buttons like crude censorship.

Her face loose but still contorted in agony. Slowly Cameron backed away from the bed. He made sure the hall was empty before he left the room. He did not even bother returning to the bar to get his card. As soon as he was downstairs again, he left through the back door and stole off into the night.

All the while he kept telling himself that all he had wanted to do was teach her a lesson.

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She deserved everything that she got.