Latina Nympho Zoey Foxx Blows And Fucks

Latina Nympho Zoey Foxx Blows And Fucks
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My phone rings well after mid nite. My sleeping wife next to me stirs as I get up to answer it. "Go back to sleep, Honey" I say walking out of the bedroom to answer it. Your voice replies after I pick. "I need help" you say. "Why did you call me?" I reply.

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"You know better than that!" "I didn't know who else to call. I was leaving my boyfriends way past curfew and my car stopped running. My father will kill me if he knew I was still out and I'm scared!" "Where are you?" I demand keeping my voice low so as not to wake my family. "I am on the side of the road near Mill Spring. In the middle of no where. Can you please come pick me up? It is so dark. I'll do anything to make it up to you," your voice breaks as you plead.

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"I'll be there shortly. Lock your doors and you should be OK." I say as I hangup abruptly. Sliding on my shoes and pants, I'm raging on the inside. "She knows better than to risk this, calling me at this hour when my wife is home." A half hour later you see lights in your rear-view mirror and your heart pounds.

You know I'm pissed and you half hope that it is some stranger trying to help. The light turn off and the interior light flashes on and you see my profile as I get out. I walk up to your door and you pop the lock to let me open it. "What is your problem?" I snap as I pull you roughly out. "I don't know, it just stopped running and the lights went out." your big eyes welling up with tears.

" I didn't know who to turn to, I'm sorry." "Well there is nothing we can do here now, lock it up and I'll take you home. I'm sure you can get a wrecker in the morning" I bark at you. "Your going to learn the meaning of sorry" I think to myself as I push you towards my waiting car. "Thank you so much for coming to get me, please don't be mad." You start to sob next to me as I start the car.

"I'm just glad my wife is a hard sleeper otherwise I would have all sorts of explaining to do." My car sprays gravel as I pull out onto the sleepy country road. You sob gently next to me as I drive. Thinking it will help you cautiously slide your hand on my thigh, inching it up to my cock. Suddenly I lash out at you, slamming you against the door. "Is that all you think about, Dammit!!!" I scream.

Startled by my response you shrink back in the seat as far from me as you can get. I tear through the dark countryside, tires squealing in the curves. Suddenly, I veer off the road down a little dirt trail next to the river.

I screech to a halt under the bridge and jump out. I round the hood and jerk your door open and drag you out of the car. I push you on the warm hood of my car as you cry out. "Shut up!" I yell and slap you across the face. Your head rocks back against the hood and you feel me roughly tear open the front of your shirt.

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I pull out a knife and cut off your bra, the cool nite air washing over your flesh. I tug your pants down around your ankles and cut off your panties. Getting right in your face I hiss "I'll teach you a little respect, you selfish little cunt!" I force open your mouth and force the wadded panties in your mouth. You taste yourself on the soft cloth as I force it deep in your mouth. You taste the dried semen from your earlier sex with Dustin and sob into the cloth.

I shout "I said be quiet!!" and back hand you across the face. You feel your cheek swelling from the blow and a slight trickle of blood running down your lip. My hand drops to my belt and zipper, freeing my thick hard cock.


I force your legs apart and thrust into your gooey wet pussy. "You little slut!" I breath into your face as I thrust harder into you. "You just got fucked and I am the one you call??" Shoving roughly into you I reach up and pinch your hard nipple. Tears stream down your cheeks as you remember the tender time spent with your boyfriend. Grunting, I push myself off you and turn you over.

The cooling hood soothes your swollen face and nipples. My hand drags my belt out of my pants and I raise it high. "I'll teach you, you nasty little bitch!" and drop my hand, raining blow after stinging blow across your tender flesh.

You try to scream but gag on your panties. You try to squirm away from the onslaught to no avail.

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Finally I push you off the hood and you land in a heap in the dirt. Your knees burn as the gravel digs into them.


I savagely pull your hips up and kneel behind you. "I know one place your sweetie stayed away from" I sneer. I spread your full cheeks and spit on your puckered hole. You shudder as you feel my hot slimy spit trickle between your legs over your swollen cunt.

My fingers dig into your flesh as I spread you further. You feel the angry head of my cock as I line it up on your rectum and try to push into you. You tighten your muscles, refusing me my prize. Savagely, I force myself into the tight sphincter and bury myself in your tight ass. You scream into your gag, tears burning trails down your swollen cheeks.

Your insides are on fire as it feels like I am ripping you with my thick hard cock.

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I laugh as you squirm under me and draw out slightly then slam it deeper. My weight pins you beneath me as your body collapses on the rough cool earth. I grunt loudly as I slam harder and harder in your tight hole. My thick cock swells as I thrust over and over. You feel my sweat dripping on you as I use every once of strength I possess to take you. My cock begins to kick deep in your gut as you feel stream after burning stream flood your raw hole. You feel me collapse on you, spent from my exertions.

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After my breathing settles, I push off of you. Standing up, I survey the damage I caused. You lie in a heap, softly sobbing into your panties. Your torn blouse is lying beside you and your pants are tight around your ankles.

Sweat steams off your back in the cool night. I reach down and tightly wrap my fingers in your hair.


I jerk you up on your knees and force you to look up at me. Your mascara has mixed with your blood and tears and you look up at me through puffy blood shot eyes. "I can't go home like this" I say and pull out your panties.

You gasp in the cool night air through your mouth and start to say something. I cut you off by forcing my filthy cock into your mouth.

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You gag and retch from the taste and smell. I pull you off of me and smack you roughly on the cheek. "Take it" I command, "you filthy little Bitch, TAKE IT!!" and shove it harder down your throat.

"Lick me clean" I say, "I can't crawl back in bed with my wife with you all over me!" Your spit mixes with the pungent mix on my cock and you take it. Sucking me, licking me, knowing the sooner I find release the sooner you will be free. With my hands locked in your hair I face fuck you, ramming my dirty rod deep down your throat. Slamming 1 final time you gag as I shoot my load deep in the back of your throat.

I force you to remain there with my cock wedge inside you as you struggle to breath around me. Finally my cock softens and I release you, throwing you back on the ground. The cool earth and dew soothes the welts I left on you. Your breaths rushing in raspy in the still night air. I pull up my pants and pick up my belt. I survey the ruined wreck that I caused ,finally feeling tenderness for the first time this evening.

My white hot rage finally abated. I reach down and offer you a hand, pulling you to your feet. I gently brush off the gravel and debris from your creamy flesh. I help you pull up your pants as you sob quietly. You jump a bit as the fabric brushes over the open welts that I caused. I tenderly rub them through your pants. I pull the torn edges of your shirt over your bruised breasts and brush the hair that is sticking in your tears from your cheeks.

I lift your chin and kiss you softly. "I'm sorry" I say and pull you in my arm my tight embrace. "I'm so sorry."