Gewichte an den schamlippen

Gewichte an den schamlippen
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I gave Erika 30 minutes to clean herself up and come back downstairs. She had 5 minutes left. I sat on the couch and flipped through the channels. Not really paying attention to anything on TV, I was more interested in what had just happened.

My incredibly gorgeous eighteen-year-old tenant couldn't pay her rent so she thought she could barter sex in exchange. I countered her offer with mine: be my sex slave for a month. She accepted. I looked around and saw her clothes and underwear scattered on the floor and smiled. I had just finger fucked, throat fucked and ass fucked her.

I wanted so badly to fuck her pussy but I had to wait for her birth control pill refills tomorrow. I had so many ideas and couldn't wait to try them all: slutty clothes, toys, sex in public.

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I wanted to tie her up and fuck her, I wanted to slap and spank her. Oh, did I have ideas. My dick started to get hard again. Two minutes left. Just as her time is running out, Erika come upstairs.

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Her hair is wet again but no makeup, and wrapped in a towel. That made me upset. I had given her some rules to abide by and she had broken one already: unless told otherwise, you will wear nothing but a bra and panties inside this house.

Erika walks up to me, smiling. Calmly I get up, still naked but with a semi-hard on, and asked her if she remembered anything I had told her. She gives me a puzzled look and I remind her about rule two. Her eyes widened and immediately removes her towel and throws it on the couch. "I'm sorry Master," Erika says standing naked. I eyed her perfect 34C tits and her smooth shaved pussy. My semi-hard on became a full hard on. "Sorry is not good enough. You will need to be punished," I said.

The first punishment needed to be good. I sit back down on the couch with Erika standing before me. "Go downstairs put on some underwear and wait for me," I said dismissing her. She apologized again then quickly left. I let Erika sweat a little over what her punishment might be. After a few minutes, I got up went to my room and got dressed then walked into the basement. Erika was standing in the basement living room in a red bra and matching red panties. I walk past her and go into her bedroom.

I look in her closet and pull out a blue mini dress. I threw the dress at her and told her to dress and meet me upstairs. We were going out. The car display watch read 8:45 as we pulled into the mall parking lot. There were a few cars still parked in the lot. We walk into the mall and head right for Victoria's Secret. The store was empty, except for the cashier who was on her phone when we walked in. We walked around the store looking for something nice for Erika to wear.

I picked up a red negligee then we went towards the dressing room in the back. I sat outside and told her to try it on. A few minutes later Erika pokes her head through the dressing room door and asked me to come in. I looked back at her and told her to come outside. She swallowed hard and looked around to see if anyone else was there.

There wasn't. Erika opened the door and stepped out. The red negligee did justice for her curves. The material hugged her body all in the right places. I told her to swirl around so I can see it from all sides, she complied. "Damn, she is fine!" someone exclaims. I look to my left and see a middle aged, tall white man standing at the entrance to the fitting room doorway.

Erika freezes. She immediately turns bright red, the same shade as her underwear and negligee. Right away Erika tries to cover herself with her hands. "oh god," she expresses. This is perfect, I thought. I got up, told Erika not to move and walked over to the guy and stood next to him.

Both of us looking at Erika. "You think that negligee is right for her?" "Fuck yeah," the guy exclaims.

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Not taking his eyes off Erika. "I was looking for something sexy and slutty, not sure if this is it," I said. "Dude, TRUST ME that is sexy. But you know what? I saw something else a few minutes ago that I think would look great on her," the guy said. "Why don't you get that," I said smiling. Erika fidgeted more and couldn't take the humiliation. She lowered her head and tried so hard to keep herself covered using her hands. "Be right back. Don't leave," the guy says. Clearly he was talking to Erika and not me.

I walked back to Erika who says,"Oh god. This is so embarrassing. Can we please leave?" "The guy went to get you something to try on. If we leave, it'll be rude." "Oh god please. I know I should be punished, can't you punish me at home. You can slap me again. You can slap me as much as you want," Erika says.

Before I can answer the guy comes back with what looked like a white skin tight shirt. "Sorry it took a while but can't find any leg warmers or tights to wear underneath. By the way I'm Tom," Tom says and extends his hands. I shook his hands and took the shirt from him and gave it to Erika. She took the shirt hesitantly. She tried to turn around and go back into the dressing room when I tell her she should just change in front of us.

After all the red negligee was so thin and transparent that nothing was left to the imagination. She stared at me and cringed. She knew I was right. If it wasn't for her bra and panties it'd be like she was standing in the store, in front of Tom, totally naked. Erika slowly slides the thin strap off her shoulder. Her hands shaking and face turning redder and redder by the minute. She slides the other strap and off and wiggles out of the negligee.

Tom exhales seeing Erika minus the negligee and mutters,"oh my god." Erika quickly takes the white shirt, courtesy of Tom, and pulls it over her head. The shirt/dress hugs every inch of her body and comes down to maybe three inches past her thighs.

The material was slightly thicker than the negligee, but not by much. Clearly she needed leg warmers or something if she wore it in public. But I don't think this was intended to be worn in public. Tom was right, this looked absolutely perfect on Erika. I told Erika to spin around so we can see from all angle. Her backside looked awesome.

The material hugged her ass like it was molded for her. After having Erika model for us --which included spinning around a few times, walking up and down and bending over-- I decided it was time to wrap up. I tell Erika to get changed, and thanked Tom for his suggestion. In a blink of an eye Erika disappears behind closed doors and Tom's smile vanishes. "She is some work of art," Tom finally says. He hands me his business card and says I can call him anytime to help pick out things for Erika.

A few minutes later Erika steps back out in her blue min-dress with the red negligee and white shirt in hand. I calmly walk up to her and slap her.

"In case I didn't make myself clear, you don't get to tell me how and when I can punish you. Don't ever suggest punishments for you, got it?" "yes Master, so sorry Master," was all Erika could say. After we paid for her clothes we left the store. Many of the shops were already closed, and security was shooing last of the patrons out of the mall.

We made our way to the parking lot and drove home. At home I plopped down on the couch and watched Erika strip down in front of the window I designated for her earlier this evening. She comes up to me, gets on her knees, resting her elbows on my leg. "I'm sorry for suggesting punishment for me Master. I will never do that again," Erika begins then she moves her hands to my belt and undoes my pants. She slides my pants and my underwear off, and takes my semi-hard cock and licks it.

She takes my balls and wraps her mouth around it and playfully sucks on them. Then she immediately begins to devour my member. Starting at the tip, she slides her mouth down and goes as far as she can. She repeats this several times. Each time she gets to the tip she sucks hard.

I reach over and grab Erika and pull her onto the couch. I place her on top of me but facing away and spread her legs a little. I run my hands across her soft face. I kiss her neck while I run my hands down and squeeze her tits.

I unhook her bra with one hand and fling the bra off her with the other hand. I run my fingers over her nipple then without warning, I titty slap her. The slap is hard, unexpected and Erika yelps. I start slapping each of her titties. After a few slaps I run my hands down her stomach and run my finger insider her panties. I stick two fingers inside her and start slowly going in and out. I speed up a little then slow down, speed up then slow down.

Erika bites her lower lip and reaches forward, slides her panties down and spreads her legs a little wider. I finger fuck her for a few minutes, always slowing down and speeding up. My other fingers hit against her inner thighs while two fingers go in deep as I can put in. "OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhh.AAAhhhhhh," Erika moans.

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Then I stop. I take my fingers out and put them in Erika's mouth and she licks them clean. "Please make me cum. Please?? Oh god, please," Erika pleads with me. Ignoring her, I push her off me and get off the couch. I pick Erika up and throw her over my shoulder and carry her into the bedroom.

In the bedroom I throw her on the bed, grab her by the ankles and pull her forward. I bring her knees to her chest, take my dick and start tapping her pussy. Erika begs me to make her cum and I ignore her. She was my slave, my satisfaction matter not hers. I glide my dick against her outer pussy lips, then with no hesitation or pauses I ram my dick up her ass. As fast I can and as hard as I can. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH GOD!! FUCCKkkkk, ohhhhh," Erika yells out loud. I hold her ankles firmly and pound her incessantly.

My balls slam against her ass with every shove. The room is echos with her screams and I start feeling the pressure build up. I yank my cock out of her and let out a few streams directly on her stomach. And, bingo, I hit the dolphin. I release a few thick wads and cover her stomach. Erika runs her fingers over her cum covered stomach, collects it all and licks her fingers clean while staring at me.

This bitch was wild. I loved her. When she cleans her stomach, Erika gets off the bed and polishes my dick clean. She starts at my balls, the shaft and sucks the head dry. Satisfied, I pull away from her and walk out the room to clean up. "Get cleaned and come to bed," I said while walking out. *** The next morning, I come down and see Erika in the kitchen making breakfast. She is in a yellow bra and matching panties, hair in a single ponytail.

I walk into the kitchen, slap her ass and ask for breakfast. "I'll bring it out Master," Erika says cheerfully.


I walk into the living room and was about to sit when the doorbell rang. It was only 7am on a Thursday morning, I wasn't expecting anyone. I opened the door and saw Joe Mallone, one of my friends and neighbors a few blocks away.

"Morning, what's up?" Joe says when I let him in. "About to have breakfast," I replied. As we walk into the dining room, Erika comes in with my breakfast. She sees Joe and freezes. Joe sees her and freezes.

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I just smile. "Put the plate down," I simply say to Erika, who slowly resumes her movement and places the plate on the table. She kept her head down and avoided eye contact with Joe. I guess she recognized Joe. He face started getting a little red and she hurried out of the dining room when I dismissed her. "You sonofabitch," Joe says, "you told me you weren't fucking her." I don't reply, but take a bit of my omelet.

"Well???" Joe says, sitting down, "tell me all about this. Why'd you lie to me when I asked if you were fucking her?" "I didn't lie. All this just happened yesterday." "Details. And, I want them now." So I told Joe everything.


He sat there listening intently and hanging on my every word. Especially when I described fucking her in the ass the first time. "you lucky bastard," was all he said.

Then I told him about the lingerie and Tom and Joe's his eyes lit up and started laughing. "You're a sick fuck," he said. I finished the story by detailing how I ass fucked Erika again last night. "I knew I should have rented my basement," Joe says and shakes his head in bewilderment. "What're you doing here this early?" I asked continuing to eat my breakfast.

"Well I tried calling last night and no response, now I know why," Joe started and took a piece of toast off my plate,"Janet is taking the kids and visiting her parents this weekend and wanted to see if you wanted a guys weekend. But now that I see what you got cooking here, I totally understand if you say fuck off." Joe Mallone was in his mid-forties, ten years older then me.

Over the years he's been putting on some weight but still looked good for his age. He still had all his hair, perfect vision, and no health issues.

He and Janet had two kids, both under the age of 5 and lived several blocks away. Joe and I hung out frequently and he came around a lot more, especially after Erika moved in. We spent countless drunk nights going back and forth obsessing over Erika and how we'd cherish the opportunity (if presented) to fuck Erika. As hot and sexy as Erika is, I always felt Joe had no reason to complain. Janet was very good looking. After giving two births, running her own business and the house, Janet still had time to do palates and yoga.

In her late thirties, Janet had a great body with everything pointing up. Last year we all went to the beach and I saw Janet in a bikini and I silently cursed Joe for tapping that ass. "When is Janet leaving?" "Friday afternoon." "Then why don't you come over Friday night?" Joe knew what I was hinting at and right away I saw his eyes lit up.

Most likely thinking back to some of the conversations we had. "I don't think you want me over," Joe finally said. "Yeah you're right. You probably wouldn't be interested in seeing Erika naked and all," I said.

"You're such an ass. I got an instant hard-on seeing her standing there in her yellow bra and panties." Joe started. "Then come over. It'll be fun." "Yeah but I can't let things get out of hand. If Janet found out I was here with Erika prancing naked and all.oh boy, my life would be over." "You planning on telling her?" "No." "Then no worries." "What if, you know, Erika lets it slip." Time to show some control, I thought.

I called Erika into the dining room. She came right away. This time a little less embarrassed seeing Joe, but not by much. "Joe wants to come over Friday night, but he's afraid you'll tell his wife," was all I said.

"I would never do such a thing. My master is in charge," Erika said proudly. Joe was impressed.

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He mouthed the word master and looked at me with new found respect. "You can go now," I said without looking at Erika. "I want to live in your world," Joe says and laughs out loud. It was decided that Joe would come over Friday night and he left.

A little disappointed I didn't ask Erika to show him the door. After I ate, I walked into the kitchen and saw Erika doing the dishes. I asked her what time she leaves for school and she said eight. It was seven-thirty. I tell her to get ready for school and walk out the kitchen. *** At around six o'clock Erika comes home, goes to her spot, strips, and comes looking for me. Rule five was to come find me the moment she came home and suck me off.

I was in the computer room, on the phone when Erika came in. She waits in front of my desk, I point at her and motion her to get down, and she obeys. I made her sit for a few minutes while I finish my call then get up and walk over to Erika. It had been such a long day and I was stressed dealing with rude, spoiled and dumb clients that I needed to let off some steam.

I unzip my pants and step out them as I'm walking over to Erika. My dick is already hard, and I shove it in Erika's mouth the second I get in front of her.

I shove it in so hard and rough that she immediately chokes and grabs my thighs. I tell her hands behind back and do not move them. She obeys. I put my hands around the back of her head and start throat fucking her. I ram my dick in and out of her throat as hard as I can. She starts to choke again as her spit and my precum start dribbling out from the corners of her mouth. I continue ramming hard and don't stop until I release my load down her throat. After I empty my load, I step back and ask if she took her pill.

"I'm sorry master but they couldn't find it," Erika says meekly. That is not what I wanted to hear. I had imagined all day how it would feel stretching that pussy with my dick, how it would feel to empty a few loads up her warm cunt. "Why not?" "I don't know Master. I waited for an hour also. They were so busy." "Go clean up," I said and walked out the room. A few minutes later I throw yellow dress at Erika and tell her let's go. As we drive to the pharmacy I yelled at Erika for coming home without the pills.

I told her that pussy was mine tonight, with or without the pills. At the pharmacy counter I see some people waiting for pickup and tell Erika to make it happen. I sit down and watch the show. One by one people leave the counter with their meds then Erika approaches the counter.

The guy behind the counter is a young guy, probably an intern or something. He gives Erika a goofy smile. Erika gives her name and her meds and the kid goes looking for it.

He comes back, asks for her name again and goes back looking for it. The third time he comes back and says," Sorry miss, I can't find your prescription." "That's bullshit. You guys called me telling me the refills were ready for pickup," Erika says angrily.

Her tone made it obvious she wanted me to fuck her as badly as I wanted to. I had played with her pussy all last evening and stopped before she could climax. "I know but." the kid starts explaining. "Lemme speak to your manager," Erika says cutting him off. The line behind Erika grew by three people when the kid's manager came up. The manager was a stocky old man, with wire-rimmed glasses and hair slicked back. He reminded me of Cheech from 'Cheech and Chong' fame.

"I'm sorry miss but we can't find the prescription. When did we call you?" "Two days ago. Can you please look? I am so fucking horny," Erika blurted out. The kid's eyes bugged out and almost popped out of his head. The three people behind Erika heard her, two of them men exchanged looks and smiled and the woman made a disgusted face.

"Well, uhm, miss, we can look again. But in the mean time there are other means of protection," the old guy said. "I don't want to use other forms of protection. I want my pills. I want them now.

I'm dying here," Erika said. I was impressed by this. It didn't look like she was saying this to impress me also, she was saying this so she can get her pills and have an orgasm. Another devious though entered my head. This will be fun. The old guy goes to be back and looks again while Erika steps aside and the kid takes the next customer. The guy behind Erika smiles at her. "The same thing happened to my girl once," he said. Erika ignored him. "She was so horny but her birth control pills weren't ready and she didn't want me using condoms also.

Guess all women want the natural feel, eh?" Erika continues to ignore him. One by one all three people left and Erika was still standing there when the old guy comes out with a bag. "They spelled your name wrong," he said and hands Erika the bag. Erika takes the bag, pays and walks away. I walk out behind her. In the car she pops in a pill and washes it down with a day old water bottle from the backseat. I pull away and head for the highway.

Fifteen minutes later I park the car in the parking lot of an adult oriented store. I get out and Erika follows me. She sees the neon sign on the store and swallows hard.

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Inside the store I see a middle aged guy at the register and two other men next to him having a conversation. The guy behind the register smiles at Erika and says,"What can I do for you?" "Looking for some fun items. Like collar, leash, nipple clamps and stuff," I said. I can practically feel Erika's face getting red from humiliation. "Dog collar and leash, isle 3.

Nipple clamps, isle 5. Dildos and vibrators, isle 2," the cashier says looking right at Erika who was now looking at the floor and avoiding all forms of eye contact.

I walk to isle 3 and Erika runs up behind me. In isle 3 I look over some collars. I had no idea which ones to get to but would be fun having Erika try them on.

I picked up black leather-strapped collar with silver engravings that read SLUT. I put it around Erika and looked at her. It was fitting on her. I swapped other collars all in similar fashion but different engravings --SLUT, WHORE, CUM WHORE, SKANK, BITCH-- and finally picked SLUT as her collar. Then I tried on some leashes. I settled for a semi-thick chained leash. It wasn't so thick that it would hurt Erika. I put the leash on the collar and yanked on it.

Erika came jerked forward into my arms. "Perfect," I said. Erika kept her head down. I made her look up and look in the mirror on he wall and ask her to comment.

Erika slowly lifts her head and says," I like it master." I grabbed the leash and walked to isle 5. I picked up a few nipple clamps and walked to the register, leash in hand.

All three men watch Erika in the leash and smile. "Couldn't have picked a better collar," said one of the guys. "Yeah thanks," I said not looking at him.

To cashier I asked which nipple clamp is better. The cashier picks up one nipple clamp, a thin metal clamp and says,"this just pinches the nipple slightly. No real pain or sensation is given." He then picks up each clamp and tell me about it.

A thick metal clamp with sharp teeth is to give a lot pain, a black rubber one is for beginners not sure what the pain threshold is and the last one, a silver clamp with a hook on the back was the most popular one.

That clamp gave some pain but more sensation and the hook allowed attaching a chain so one can pull the clamp from a distance.

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I looked at Erika and told her to pick one. All men held their breath and focused on Erika. Each one tried to persuade Erika to choose a clamp they wanted for her. Red faced Erika, with trembling hands points to the silver one and meekly says,"this one." "What about dildo or vibrators?" the cashier asked.

"Not that she needs one but I can see the fun in having one," I said, "Which isle?" In isle 2 I look through some vibrators and picked the perfect one for her. It was about two inches long and one inch wide, rubber like and best of all battery operated. I picked the small one cause I had ideas. Besides Erika has an eight incher waiting to fuck her pussy.

Ten minutes later we're back on the highway speeding home. Back home, Erika strips and comes up to me. Starts apologizing and I cut her off. I didn't want any more apologies from her. She makes mistakes and she gets punished, plain and simple. I tell her to loose the underwear and hand her the vibrator. Erika inserts the vibrator in her pussy as far as she can.

I put in the batteries and press the ON button on the remote and set the setting to low. I hear a low humming sound.

I raise the setting to medium and the sound gets a little louder. This was going to be fun. I command Erika to stand still and not to move or make a sound. I raise the setting to high and watch Erika. Her knees start to wobble from the vibration. He bites her lips, closes her eyes and curls her hands into a tight fist. I change the setting from high to low, then medium to low, then low to off then back to high.

For ten minutes I play with her. Erika almost collapses to the floor as her knees tremble from the vibrating sensation, but regains her balance. "Please master.please make me cum. I want to cum so badly. Please master," Erika pleads.

"This is more fun," I said. After a few more minutes I turn off the vibrator, walk over to Erika and kiss her hard. She wraps her hands around my neck. Her tits press against my chest and my hard dick is poking her thighs.

I pick Erika up and head for the bedroom. I throw her on the bed, grab her ankles and spread her legs. I pull out the vibrator and throw it on the floor. I lean in and start licking her wet pussy. I wrap my lips over her swollen pussy lips and start kissing, I slide my tongue inside her pussy and start lapping up her juices.

Erika starts moan again. Then I take my dick and start tapping her pussy. I take the head and pretend to insert it inside her. "Oooo mmmmyyy goooddddd," Erika exclaims. Finally I can't it any more and slowly insert myself inside Erika. Her wet pussy is so welcoming. Her pussy lips wrap around my dick as I push in deeper. "Ohhh fuck yes," Erika screams out loud. Erika spreads her legs, and I hold Erika's waist and start a rhythmic in and out motion.

I start slow but the sensation and the feel of her pussy is so intense that I start going faster and faster. I loose all control and ram into her with so much force that my balls slap against her ass and makes a WAP sound. WAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAP.

"Ohh fuck yes, ohhhh yessssss.FUCK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSssssssssssss," Erika screams. I release her waist, pull out of her and turn her over. Her face buried in the bed, ass sticking up and hands extended forward. I climb on the bed, take my dick and shove it inside her pussy again, from behind. I lay on top of Erika, put my hands over hers to told them in place and start pounding her again. She spreads her legs and lifts her ass up a little. WAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAPWAP WAP WAP WAP WAP.

Erika screams some more. The pressure is building and I can feel myself getting ready to explode. And I do. I release waves of cum inside my eighteen year old sex slave. I feel Erika's pussy clenching tightly around my dick. "OHHH GOOOD YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! OH FUCKK! OH MY GOD," Erika screams in ecstasy. I roll off her, exhausted. I had never cummed this much my entire life. Erika buries her face in the mattress.

But she wasn't finished. I grab her hair and lift her head from the mattress. I stand on the bed, take my semi-hard dick covered in my cum and her juices and slide it in her mouth. Erika sucks the cum off my shaft, laps my balls and sucks my head clean. Now she was finished. I push Erika off my dick, jump off the bed and walk out the bedroom. "Clean up," was all I said as I disappeared into the hallway.