Hot black angel with large melons takes hard dick in throat

Hot black angel with large melons takes hard dick in throat
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Well, as anyone knows that has written me knows I had female surgery a while ago and had a total reconstruction of my vagina and had the womb out and all in all, being a lesbian I do not care for me in bed at all. Well, there are actually two men I will never turn down and one is Daddy and the other is my brother/son, Mark. They are the only ones I trust and love so that is the end of that, do not ask to be with me guys, it will never happen.

Well, anyway, Mark and his wife came over a lot whi;le I was laid up and Loni had finally gotten kncked up by Daddy and MArk was banging her like craze since her sex drive went through the roof when she tested pregnant. Well, they came to visit a couple weeks ago and she is beautiful.

Her tits are leaking milk like crazy and are way beyond 42EEE. Her bra does not fit at all and she wears no panties ot very small thongs at best.


She is so beautiful. Well, she and MArk came over on a Friday and I had to go out to take Dana to the airport to visit her family.

I was going to be alone so Mark and Loni decided to stay with me. They came in as I was leaving and we all kissed, both of them kissing Dana although she kissed Loni deeper. I got back about 10 PM or so and they were sitting on the couch naked watching TV so I pulled off my clothes and joined them. They had some wine that they had been sipping and I poured me three quick glasses and drank them down.

I sat next to Loni and my hand was on her leg right next to th wonderful "Y" that is so lovely and tastes like heaven. I leaned over and touched her nipples that began to leak right off and then kissed deep and Mark was sucking one of her tits and she moaned loud, "Oh, Looks like I am in the middle." she said.

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I put her face in my hands, "That is one of many plases you will be for the next two weeks." Mark moved aside and we stood and walked to he bedroom and we al laid on the bed, again with Loni in he middle. She laid there and Mark leaned back to watch and I began going all over her body, sucking, biting and kissing my way around to get her hotter and hotter. Her pussy opened up and first one finger then another and then another slipped in until my fist popped inside her pussy.

I was gentle so that I did not hard and she had grabbed my wrist and began moving my hand in and out of her pussy. I was trying to lick her too but she was all over the place and had one orgasm after another. We laid there a while and then Loni said, "Mrk dear, your Mommy has not had her new pussy broken in yet. Why don't you do it?" and she smiled at me and moved Mark and I together and she laid to the side. Mark caught on and laid there next to me cupping one breast then the other then pulling my nipples and my juices began to flow.

I had not had him in a while and was ready for him. His hands were all over me as his mouth found mine and we were locked in passion like we had been long before. I reached down and found his rock hard cock that was fully ready and I moved to get under him. He smiled, "Not so fast Mommy, do you want your son to fuck you?" he said as he teased my clit with his fingers.

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I moaned and he said it again this time biting a nipple. "Wel, do you want you son to fuck you or not." he said and I moaned "Oh yes." "Oh yes what?" he smiled and I said ,"Oh yes, I want my son to fuck me, fuck me good." and he was not finished teasing, "Are you my slut like that sister of mine was?" and I moaned again, "Oh yes, I am your slut, please, please fuck me." I begged.

He moved over me and I felt his huge cock head slip between my lips and then pased the labia and then deeper and I felt him swelling. "Oh yes<" I moaned louder, "Yes baby, fuck your Mommy and your sister." and he pushed dep as I cried out in pain. He stopped, "Are you okay?" he said with real concern.


"Yes baby, you just are going to take my cherry." I laughed. "Please take it." I moaned again. He pushed deeper and deeper until it was all the way in and was swelling as it throbbed inside me. He knew I loved feeling it that way, deep in me and throbbng but him not moving in and out. Then I begged him again, "Take your Mommy, fuck her good." and he drove in and out of my pussy deep every time.

His cock head was hitting the back of my new pussy and it hurt but sent shocks all over my body begining wih me pussy. His speed incerased and he was pounding as hard as I asked him until I exploded and sprayed all over his cock and on the shrrts as his cock kept pounding away. "Please cum son." I moaned and Loni got behind him and began sucking his balls and then sinking her tongue into her ass.

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He gave out a loud animal growl and thrust into me making me cry for it really hurt and then his cock exploded inside me. We both feel limp and LOni was kissing us and licking us all over. Mark moved at the touch of Loni and she was between my legs licking and sucking my pussy to get all the cum out she could get.

"Oh that was great." we all said almost at the same time. We rested a little then began kissing after more wine and began kissing and sucking and playing with each other.

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Then suddenly MArk was pounding Loni hard and deep and she sounded like a French Whore, shouting at the top of her lungs to be fucked harder and deeper. She pulled him out then got on her knees with her upper body on the bed and her legs open and her legs apart. "Fuck my ass Baby, oh fuck it hard, come one fuck it." she was begging. Mark moved and his cock disappeared into her ass and he began pounding harder and harder. She began having orgasm after orgasm and I was laing under her pussy as Mark pouned her and her jucies poured onto my face and into my hair.

She was screaming louder and was realy out of it.

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"Fuck you ass slut, fuck me ood so your Mommy can eat me." over and over again. I did do just that and Mark filled both of us two or three times each before his cock had trouble getting hard.

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Loni and I licked it and toyed with it for a while till we all fell asleep. I woke with Loni sucking my nipples and Mark was juct sliding his cock into my sore pussy. After a couple hours we all went down for breakfast.

Well, folks, Hope that answers questions. Love sue