Amateur huge dildo anal masturbating

Amateur huge dildo anal masturbating
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Secret Urges Yes…we all have them. No one can control what we think. Let's listen to some of those who choose to 'reveal' those…'secret urges'. We'll just call these two. John and Mary.

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John tells about his&hellip. Well&hellip.nobody knew but me, but I was getting a secret urge to fuck my step daughter Mary. Damn she was so sexy. She was slim, and had long brown hair down to her sweet looking ass. She liked the attention I gave her. She came in the living room with her little roller skating outfit on.

She sat by me on the couch and leaned over to put her skates on. No bra, and as her blouse fell open at the top, I saw the cutest little tits I'd ever seen, but with good sized nipples. They just barely jiggled as she put her skates on.

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Of course I tried to not get caught looking down her blouse at her little tits. She caught me. She smiled and said quietly&hellip."What are you looking at, I have little tits." with a big smile. I got brave and said: "I love little tits, and yours are perfect." She got a little embarrassed and looked down her own blouse. "You like these?" she said.

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I said: "Don't tell anyone I said so, but I think they are beautiful…shhhhhh." Well she liked that! From that point on she started making sure I got a look at her tits, every chance she got.

She started leaving her blouses unbuttoned at the top. She wore tight tops that show off her nipples. She loved the attention as I now made it a point to look at them and smile with delighted eyes. She would leave her robe open at the top and parade in front of me.

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When her mom wasn't looking, she would reach her hand up and open her robe up and squeeze her tits for my attention, and she sure got it. One morning as soon as her mom left for work, she ask me to come in her bedroom. She had me lay down and she got on top of me.

She had on her long yellow night gown, which zipped all the way up the front. She had it unzipped to below her tits. Now her tits were just below my face. She had this little devilish smile on her face. She held her arms stiff beside me so I could see her tits perfectly.

We both smiled. She said: "You love to look at my tits, don't you." I replied with a: "Oh god… yes I do. I'm in heaven looking at them right now. Do you like to feel your own tits.?" I asked. She said quietly…"Yes I do, I love play with my nipples, they tingle when I do that." She slid closer up on me. Bringing her tits very close to my face.

She whispered: ("&hellip.did you want to feel them?") My answer was my hands reaching up thru the open robe and feeling those little jewels. Her eyes closed as she started rocking back and forth on my tummy. I gently played with her nipples and she moaned quietly.

I pulled her to me and I started sucking on her tits. She began to breathe hard and kept rocking her pussy on my tummy. Her arms began to get tired, so she slowly dropped down on me still sucking on her tits. She still rocked her pussy on me. My hands came up to hold her tits as I sucked on them. Now she moaned a little louder. She was really getting turned on, and began to scoot down.


She continued until her pussy was right on my boner. She jumped a little and gasp as her clit rubbed over my boner. Now she rocked more.

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I moved my hands to her ass and joined in her rocking hips. She started a continuous little moaning as each rock was moving my boner over her clit.

She was into dry humping me, real good. She reached back and started pulling her night gown up and up. Now her bare pussy was on my boner with only my pajama bottoms separating her pussy from my boner. She continued to rock and moan. I then felt her hand on my boner trying to get it out.

I reached down and pulled my pajama bottoms down as my boner sprung up between her legs. She took my boner and laid it flat against my tummy.

Now she began a slide on my boner. Her pussy stroked it with each slide. My boner was so close to going in her pussy, one little adjustment and it was going in. I knew she was on the pill. Her mom had told me, so I was going to let it happen.

She reached down and guided the head of my boner in. In short strokes, she worked it in and started in fucking me with her sliding fuck.

She never stopped her little moans. I didn't know if she had sex before or anything about her sex life. She was fucking me with about 1/3 of my boner in her. I squeezed her ass and moved with her fucking motion. She speeded up her fucking and moaning.

She was working up to climax.

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I was going to cum and soon. I kept pushing a little deeper with each stroke. She opened her legs wider to help it all get in. He body began to tremble and&hellip.I shot a big load in her.

She shuddered and moaned loud. She just kept on fucking my shooting boner. She stiffened her body up and moaned a long moan, then collapsed on me. She still moved her pussy slightly back and forth on my boner. A few years later, Mary recalled how she felt at the time and about a secret urge she had, that John fulfilled for her.

--------- I was young and no boys paid much attention to me at our small school. At home John did, and I needed that. I was sexually attractive to him and that made me feel wonderful. I knew he liked my little tits& I used them to get more attention from him.

I had sex once. It was so quick I just ended up with cum in me and the boy left. John was a man and he treated me so cool. He got me aroused and hot to the point I wanted to fuck him& I did.

Now our secret urges are both getting fulfilled every time mom's away…or&hellip.we can sneak it&hellip.but&hellip.I had one secret urge left. This sounds crazy, but I wanted to fuck John right next to mom, while she was passed out drunk.

This was my ultimate secret urge. I don't know why, but the thought of doing that made me so hot and turned on, I just waited for the opportunity to do it. Mom would drink way to much and would pass out. When she was passed out, nothing woke her up and she snored. I immediately wanted to sneak a fuck with John, every time. That night came. They had lot's of people over.


John only had a couple of drinks, I snuck a couple myself. Mom got&hellip.completely drunk as usual. John and I walked her to their bedroom and dumped he in bed. We undressed her and covered he up. He looked at me smiling, and I smiled back. We went around to the other side of the bed and we started kissing and feeling us. We slowly got us naked and we slipped under the covers into their bed. My heart was racing with excitement as I began stroking his boner.

He turned me and began to lick my pussy. Oh My God& boy or man had ever done the before. I couldn't dare moan, but his tongue was driving me crazy.

I looked at his boner. I knew men like to have girl suck on them. So for the first time…I put my lips on the end of his boner. He jumped a little. It was warm and my mouth got it all slick. In the mean time my pussy was humping his face in a race for a climax that was building in me. I put all I could of his boner in my mouth and started stroking it. He must have liked it as he thrust his boner up to my mouth.

Our motions all got together with my jacking, my fucking his face and his thrusting his boner in my mouth&hellip. Mom moved with all the shaking of the bed. We froze. She sat up away from us and stumbled in to take a pee. John pulled me close to him and we froze. Mom came back, bumping into things and plopped in bed. Within minutes, she was snoring again……whew!!! Now I was really sexually excited with that close call. I got hyper with Johns boner and jacked it fast and sucked as hard as I could.

His lips locked on my clit as his fingers found a good spot inside my pussy. I started to tremble and I climaxed big, I couldn't help but shake with a muffled moan…then hot cum shot in my mouth.

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I wasn't expecting it and almost gagged on it as he shot more warm slick cum in my mouth. I loved the feeling of it and licked the head as he continued shooting it. He was squirming with his muffled moans too. Mom just snored. It was the ultimate sneak and it was the best cums we ever had so far. I held his boner in my mouth as he kept massaging my clit with his tongue. We just bask in the ultra high we were having. We held everything until we got some air in us.

I held some cum in my mouth and savored it. I wanted this to last and last as it happened right next to mom, as she slept…&hellip. My secret urge&hellip.fulfilled. ---------- The next day. I picked up a newspaper and it read: This story written by blueheatt at

I put it down and continued telling this story. We just love to sneak it whenever we can. One of my favorites is this&hellip. On days when I know mom is going to the grocery store, I wear no panties. All day I know I'll be ready when she leaves. Before she's even left, John's hand is already feeling my tits. His other hand has already slipped fingers in my wet pussy right behind her back.

Sometimes I've got him unzipped and his boner out as she walks out to the car. I'm bent over the arm of the couch and he's putting his boner in me as she gets in the car.

I'm already moaning as she starts the car. Johns boner is fucking me hard as his big hands feel my 'growing' tits. I can now moan loud, with mom gone. John's hot fucking makes me climax as soon as I feel his big loads of cum shooting in me… He then always carries me to my bed and after a while, we fuck again.

I hold his boner in me tight so he won't take it out…we both fall asleep, knowing that mom will eventually come home&hellip. I guess we just love the risk&hellip. -------- Mom takes a very, very long time grocery shopping. John and I knew something might be going on with her. We found out later she had an urge to fuck the handsome grocery store produce man in the back room… ……so she does,&hellip.

every trip. John and I,&hellip.well. we don't mind at all&hellip. --------------