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Elizabeth wants him. She sits in the back of the class, looking up and down the body of her English teacher. Gregory Heckstall stands at 5' 8". His skin is bronzed; his hair is short, black, and spiky, upon his head. He is wearing a grey turtle neck, with long tan dress pants and black dress shoes. Gregory is of average build; he is not fat, but he is not pure muscle either.

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His past girlfriends labeled him as 'one hot hunk, rolled up in a sweet package.' Elizabeth is a young woman, age 18 with deep blue eyes. Her dark brown hair is soft and silky, much like velvet.

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Her skin is pale white; her face has a slight blush applied to it. She has her hair up in a bun; loose strands cling to her neck. She is dressed in a black T-Shirt that has a gothic Hello Kitty in the lower right corner. Her dress is simple red dress, with frills on the bottom; her shoes are small with black and white patches all over it.

Elizabeth looks up at her teacher. He leans on his desk at the front of the class. Elizabeth bites her lip slightly. She takes her pale hand and places it in her lap. She moves her thumb up against her dress, which covers her red and black panties.

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She bites on her lip slightly, and hopes to God that no one heard her soft moan. She moves her thumb up and down slowly, thinking of her English teacher, Gregory Heckstall.

She moves her thumb up and down faster; she begins to dig it into her red and black panties. She leans her head back and bucks her hips slowly; again hoping that no one hears her or sees her.

She digs her thumb into her panties and moans out softly, "Oh, Gregory. . ." The bell rings and Elizabeth nearly jumps out of her chair. "Alright, everyone is dismissed; remember that English Oral on Shakespeare's Hamlet is due on my desk Monday morning." Everyone else leaves the class, and Elizabeth slowly gets up; fixing her red dress. She is almost to the door when her teacher stops her.

"Elizabeth, could I talk to you?" Elizabeth groans softly; she is a flood of emotions.

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She is slightly scared that her teacher heard her moaning, or that he will yell at her because she was not paying attention in class. But all of her emotions don't match up to the fact that she was at school, after hours, with the man she has a crush on.

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Elizabeth turns around slowly. Gregory looks at her with his soft brown eyes. "Elizabeth, are you alright?

You were leaning your head back in class." He places a hand on her cheek. Elizabeth blushes a deep red, but does not pull away. She places her soft hand on top of his. She closes her eyes for a moment; she opens them and looks deeply into his eyes. "Yes, Mr. Heckstall." "Please, call me Gregory," he says simply.

Elizabeth nods her head. Her heart is beating quickly in her chest. Out of pure instinct, she leans her head to the side and her lips brush up against his hand. Gregory makes no move to stop her. He runs his thumb across her bottom lip.

Elizabeth opens her mouth and wraps her lips around his thumb. She licks the tip of his thumb and licks down the side of it. Elizabeth bobs her head up and down slowly, her eyes lock onto his. Gregory moans softly and looks deeply into her eyes. Elizabeth releases his thumb and nuzzles her cheek into his soft hands. Gregory pulls his hand away and goes to the door.


He locks it and leans on the door facing Elizabeth. Elizabeth pushes him against the door and places a rough kiss upon his lips. Gregory is stunned at first but then begins to respond to the kiss. Elizabeth pulls back for air; she grins at her teacher.

"Gregory, I have your Oral for you now." Elizabeth goes to her knees, undo's his belt, undo's the button, and zips down his pants. She reaches her hand in and pulls out his ten inch dick. Gregory's dick stands erect, with pre-cum glisten the head of his dick. Elizabeth touches the head of Gregory's dick and collects some pre-cum on her finger.

Elizabeth licks the pre-cum off her finger, decides that she likes the taste of her teacher and wraps her lips around his manhood. Gregory leans his head back and moans softly. Elizabeth bobs her head slowly up and down his manhood. She licks up and down the side of his manhood, earning great pleasure from him. Elizabeth slips her fingers inside her panties and alternates her fingers going in and out of her pussy. Elizabeth bobs her head up and down faster and faster.

"I&hellip.I…Gonna…" Gregory moans out. Elizabeth nods her head and strokes his manhood slowly as she bobs her head up and down; both cum at the same time; her in her panties, and he all over her pale face.

"Well, Elizabeth," Gregory pants, "I think that oral gives you an A". Elizabeth grins. She has him. Elizabeth pulls her hand out of her panties and stands up; Gregory pants and smiles at her. He takes her hand that is covered with her own cum and licks her finger, tasting the sweet juices of Elizabeth.

"Well my dear Elizabeth, your juices are as sweet as honey," Gregory whispers in her ear as he walks forward and she walks backward. Elizabeth hits the edge of Gregory's wooden desk; she looks at her teacher and bites her lower lip.

Gregory collects some of his cum that is splattered on Elizabeth's cheek on his finger and offers it to her. Elizabeth smiles and her tongue darts out of her mouth and slowly she licks the white and gooey cum of her teacher. She wraps her lips around his finger and sucks on it to make sure she got every last drop.

Elizabeth smiles at her teacher and sits up on the desk.

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"Well Gregory, aren't you going to return the favor?" Elizabeth smiles at him as she opens her legs. Gregory slowly runs his fingers over Elizabeth's soft and smooth legs. Elizabeth gasps softly at his touch. He goes to his knees and grins up at her. "You will enjoy this, Elizabeth." Gregory smiles up at her. He runs his soft hands along her inner leg.

She gasps softly and begins to moan. He smiles and kisses from her ankles to the lower part of her inner thigh. He stops to pull down her red and black panties. Gregory smiles as he feels the heat emanating from her womanhood. He keeps himself from devouring her right then and there; instead he goes slowly. He nips at her inner thighs, earning a quick jump and a squeal of delight from her.

He slowly moves toward her warm womanhood, kissing and nipping softly as he goes. Gregory smiles and blows cold air onto her womanhood; Elizabeth gasps softly and moans. "Gregory. . ." she whines softly.

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Gregory's tongue darts out of his mouth and licks the lips of Elizabeth's woman-ness. Elizabeth moans and bucks her hips. Gregory thrusts his tongue in and out of her, going faster. Elizabeth moans and bucks her hips matching Gregory's speed. Elizabeth gasps softly and soon her juices flow from her. Gregory opens his mouth wider and eagerly drinks up her sweet and warm juices.

"You were right, Gregory, I did enjoy that." Elizabeth pants softly as Gregory stands up. She smiles at him and pulls him closer. "Enter me, Gregory," she whispers into his ear softly. Gregory smiles and positions himself at her womanhood. The head of his manhood slowly enters her, Elizabeth moans softly. "Shove it all in," she moans in his ear. Gregory nods his head and thrusts deeply into Elizabeth. Elizabeth moans out loudly, but Gregory kisses her lips deeply to stifle the moan.

Gregory thrusts in and out of Elizabeth; slowly at first then getting faster. Elizabeth moans softly and thrusts herself at Gregory matching his speed. Gregory thrusts deeper and harder into Elizabeth; he moans softly. "I'm&hellip.gonna……" Gregory moans softly. "Yes! Yes!!" Elizabeth moans through her teeth. Gregory pulls his manhood out and ejects on Elizabeth's shirt.

Elizabeth smiles at her teacher, the tips of her fangs poke out from under her lips. She places her hands on his neck. Gregory smiles and nuzzles her hands. Elizabeth smiles, and with a quick motion she snaps her teacher's neck. Gregory falls to the floor, dead. Elizabeth jumps down on the body and bites hard into his neck, drinking the blood from her teacher. Elizabeth wipes Gregory's blood from her lips. Elizabeth smiles, redresses her teacher, and places Gregory back into his chair. Elizabeth looks lovingly down at the dead body.

She closes his eyes and strokes his cheek. She turns to leave. She stops, as if remembering something. She goes over to her bag and pulls out a small sharp knife. She carves into Gregory's chest the letters: "E.V." Elizabeth smiles at her handiwork. She pulls down Gregory's pants and cuts off his manhood. She places it in the trashcan by his desk and lights the contents of the trashcan on fire, burning Gregory's manhood. Elizabeth smiles again, and kisses Gregory's cold cheek. "Goodnight, Sweet Prince." Elizabeth opens the window.

She places her clothes in her bag, and throws the bag out the window. She transforms herself into a spider, and climbs out the window to her bag.

She reforms herself into a human, redresses and goes on her merry way home. School was canceled the next day. She heard it on the news the next morning. "No school?" she whines softly, "but what will I do today?" Elizabeth looks out the window at the gang of boys in the street.


Elizabeth smiles wide, her full fangs showing. "I think I'll find something to do. . ."