Blonde spinner Sydney Cole craves for huge cock

Blonde spinner Sydney Cole craves for huge cock
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Jake had just completed his after-school assignments and wanted to take a shower before he went to his part-time job.

He noticed that the student's shower was out of order and he had no other choice but to use the teacher's shower. He thought in his mind "It should be alright, its after-school and most of the teachers have left." So he took his clothes off and entered the shower.

As he was about to use the shower, he heard an angelic voice say "I think you might be in the wrong shower." Jake turned around and saw the voluptuous naked figure of his sex-ed teacher Ms. Santos. She looked at his naked form; Jake was a scrawny teenager with nothing too impressive except for his thick 10-inch cock which Ms.

Santos definitely took notice of. Jake turned red. "I'm sorry I'll just leave now." Ms. Santos grabbed his shoulder and said "Oh, its okay, I don't mind, I love the company." "Really, you mean it's okay if I stay?" "Of course, the teacher's shower is big enough for both of us." Ms. Santos was a real piece of ass. She had a brownish complexion, big D-cup titties, a tiny waist, wide hips, a big curvy butt, and a shaved pussy.

She was Brazilian too, so her being exotic only added to her attractiveness. That and she was open-minded and nice. All the boys in school loved watching that fat ass of hers bounce up and down when she'd walk down a hallway or just staring at it while she wrote on the board in class.

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They'd do anything just to see her naked but for Jake; all he had to do was just take a chance, pretty lucky, huh? Anyway, Jake was a little nervous about showering with a teacher but he liked the fact that he could have the opportunity to view Ms.

Santos in all her wet nude glory. The soap and water just glistening off that body of hers just made his cock rise with arousal. It was so long, that Ms. Santos caught sight of it in the corner of her eye.

Ms. Santos looked at Jake's big cock. "Wow, Jake, you've got a real piece of meat between your legs." "Uh, thanks, Ms. Santos." Jake said blushing. Ms. Santos left the shower. "Hold on sweetie, let me get my phone, I got to get a picture of your big cock." "Uh, wait I- pict- whoa." Jake was stuttering.

It was hard to focus when the biggest and roundest ass that ever walked through the school's corridor was bouncing naked in front of you and our hero Jake was in, what most bros call a DAT ASS Trance.

The phenomenon where you're minding your own business and out of nowhere you see this girl with an enormous ass! Your mouth's agape, you're looking as the girl sashays that beautiful bulbous behind and the only thing that's going though your mind is how exactly you get up in it.

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But that's another story. Ms. Santos returned with her cell phone and she gently grabbed Jake's cock. "Okay Jake, stand still so I can take the picture." "Sure, Ms.

Santos." And with that she snapped a couple of pictures with her phone. "Man I love guys with big cocks." said Ms. Santos. Jake's heart started to race. "Really, you wanna have sex?" he asked loudly. At that point he wasn't thinking; it was one thing to get a peek off his teacher but to screw her too? How is that going to work? Ms. Santos giggled and said "Sounds fun, follow me, big boy." Jake couldn't believe it.

She watched Ms. Santos as she sashayed her way out of the shower and into the gymnasium. It was empty, there was no more class for today and there were only a small number of people left in school and they were busy with afterschool stuff. Jake was happy that she agreed to this but he was worried. "What if we get caught or what if I'm late for work." Jake thought.

But all his worries disappeared when Ms. Santos turned around, put her hands up against the wall and started shaking that big Brazilian booty! The moment that started, Jake lost all inhibitions. "Fuck my job and this school, I want that big booty!" Jake said. "Well, come and get it, papi." Ms. Santos responded. Jake walked up behind her while she was still shaking that massive ass.

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Jake was stroking his cock. "I think someone's been a bad, bad girl." "Maybe a good spanking will teach me a lesson papi." Ms. Santos replied. And with that Jake started smacking that fat ass like there was no tomorrow.

The huge ass jiggled with every slap and then Jake started to worship it, kissing, licking, and wobbling it with his hands.


He got back up and started to spank her ass with his cock this time, just whacking his meat whip against that ass. Jake just relished in this glorious moment. Ms. Santos looked back at Jake. "Oh, papi, I've been so bad, make me pay for it." "Why don't you start by sucking this dick, baby." Jake said swinging his big dick around. Ms. Santos got down on her knees and gently kissed the head before taking all of Jake's cock into her mouth.


She kept a steady pace of sucking his dick while slobbering on it constantly. "Oh yeah, Ms. Santos, suck it good." Jake commanded with his hand on her head directing her. Her technique was pretty good, so much so that it was safe to assume that Jake was getting his dick sucked by a real pro.

Santos was really slobbering on that dick like a k** with a lollipop. She really enjoyed the taste of a man's cock. She started to really deepthroat Jake's cock. She sucked hard until Jake yelled "Enough, I want to get up in that ass now." Ms.

Santos had a look of certainty. "Do you think it will fit?" "There's only one way to find out, assume the position." said Jake stroking his big dick. Ms. Santos got up from her knees and put herself in a doggy style position. She stuck her large ass in the air as high as she could.

Jake slowly approached her, pulled her bubble butt cheeks apart and started to lick her tight asshole. Ms. Santos moaned as Jake coated her butthole in saliva. Jake then kissed her big cheeks, got up and grabbed her hips. Jake rubbed his cock between her buttcheeks. "Are you ready for this, baby?" "Yes, give me that big dick." said Ms.

Santos jiggling her butt a little. "Alright, hear I come." exclaimed an excited Jake. Jake grabbed his dick and f***ed it inch by inch into her ass.

She moaned like an a****l for a few minutes until it was all the way in. Ms. Santos screamed "Oh fuck!" as loud as she could in the gymnasium. Jake, turned on by the tightness started to fuck that ass like there was no tomorrow! He just hammered his cock into her, making her scream in pleasure. Jake got rough with it; he started to pull her hair and slapped her big booty as he fucked her.

"Yeah, you like that shit, Santos yeah, take it girl!" yelled Jake. "Oh, yes papi fuck me, fuck my ass!" screamed Ms. Santos as the fucking continued.


In the hallway, a fellow classmate named Cindy walked down the hall in her P.E. uniform consisting of a small t-shirt and booty shorts when she heard some noise coming from the gymnasium. She quietly opened the door and the sex scene between Jake and Miss Santos! She was stunned to see such a sight! "Oh my God, that's Jake and Miss Santos having sex! Whoa, look at Jake go!" said Cindy.

Cindy's face turned red with envy.

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"I can't believe Jake fell for that slutty bimbo; I'm just as sexy as her!" She spied on them for ten minutes until Jake screamed: Oh baby, I think I'm gonna cum!" "Fill my ass with cum, Jake!" said Ms. Santos. Cindy then realized that she had her cell phone in her hand.

She quickly took it out and started to take pictures of Jake and Miss Santos fucking. "Ha ha, this is perfect! With these pictures, I can f***e Jake to fuck me with that huge dick." whispered Cindy. Her thoughts were eclipsed as Jake filled his teacher's ass and she moaned: "Oh god, Jake yes, cum in my ass!" Once Cindy heard this, she knew that the romp was coming to an end so she took the last picture and walked away quietly with a mischievous grin on her face.

Meanwhile back in the gym, Jake and Ms. Santos laid on the floor covered in sweat and smelling of sex. "Oh man I think we should get out of here, I'm gonna be late for my job." said Jake. "Its okay papi, I can drive you once we get dressed." Santos said with a smile. So Jake and Santos got up and went back to the shower to retrieve their clothes. During the walk, Jake grabbed one of his teacher's ample buttcheeks and smacked it making her laugh.

Jake was happy but unaware of what the future held for him with his new relationship with his teacher and Cindy's secret plans.

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We will see in the next installment.