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Note: As per my other stories, the character names are all changed on the off chance that there is someone who recognizes any of the descriptions of living arrangements or furniture. If this is the first story of mine that you are reading, I have stories before this - while the other stories are not necessary to read, they do help to build up some backstory to where I was in my life at the time.

Once again, while the verbal interaction may not be accurate, the physical interaction is to the best of my recollection.

----------------------------- Christie and I had come to an agreement. She would be going to the same university as me at the end of summer we had agreed that in exchange for her silence to Emily (and more importantly for Alexa's sake), I would be at her beck and call any time she needed a favor, no matter what the favor was. She did me the courtesy of reminding me of this in private the next day during our last day of school, as I had returned to drinking the night before.

I ended up passed out in a bush, and had a pretty gnarly hangover the next day. Finals went by fast I was done all of them in less than a week, and had around a week to just do nothing before graduation, and prom the day after.

Since our school did not want to be affiliated with any out of control parties, we had to have our prom independently, and had agreed that it would just be easier to have it after the school year was finished. Graduation came and went nothing super exciting, just relief. I hadn't spent a lot of time with Alexa in the last week because her finals went almost to the end of the exam period. After we graduated, a bunch of us went to see the midnight showing of the new Batman movie (which was awesome), and then most people went home to rest up for the big party the next night.

I drove Alexa home, taking the opportunity to allow our bodies to feel each other once again. The next day was pretty boring I didn't have much going on, and the pre-prom 'party' wasn't until five. I say 'party', because it wasn't a big deal.


There was champagne and stuff being served to the graduates (but no one younger), but no one was letting loose because parents were there, all taking pictures of their sons and daughters dressed up for a fancy evening. In an ongoing effort to hide our two-month relationship from people, Alexa and I agreed to find other people to go with, or just go alone. Seth, Bill, and I had decided to go stag Bill had been dumped about a month ago, and didn't really feel the need to find a new girlfriend.

He didn't actually have a steady relationship of more than two months until he was in his second year of university.


Seth was still just an asshole. Guys got along great with him, but girls thought he was a condescending, sexist pig. Alexa attended prom with a pretty nerdy guy named Jake he was nice, polite, and wouldn't try anything, so she probably saw it as a safe choice.

Since we had broken up, Emily had tried a few times to make me feel worthless. Two weeks earlier, however, she had also tried to get in my pants.

I wasn't sure which Emily was going to show up tonight, but the fact that she had agreed to let me be a part of the group that was going to crash at her house when all the parties had ceased told me she was at least going to be somewhat civil. We all got in our limos and private buses and headed downtown to the prom.

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The Student Council had found a nice location overlooking some water, and everything was actually really nice. I'm not a fancy kind of guy, but even I appreciated the effort that went into making this a 'magical' night. Seeing all the guys in suits and tuxedos, and all the girls in something other than school uniforms or jeans was pretty refreshing.

Dinner was great, even though I was sitting at a table of mostly guys. Dancing was even fun, too. I don't really like dancing, but I was having a great time singing along to K-Ci and JoJo with whatever girl agreed to dance with me at the time. The best part of school dances, in my opinion, is when the cheesy '90s R&B songs come on, because girls love them. Prom came to a quick close, and people piled back into their limos to head to the after party, which was back up north someone who lived near the school had convinced their parents to clear out for the night, so we had a huge house to ourselves.

Grads and their dates got in free, but anyone else had to pay twenty bucks to get in, to help cover the costs of kegs, and just in case anything got damaged. It was a pretty rowdy affair even the people who staunchly opposed drinking were having at least a couple beers. It wasn't even midnight, and people were already passing out left and right. I laughed as I saw Neseet making out with a sophomore on a lawn chair, as the guy had just puked in a bush not even a few minutes earlier.

Around two or three in the morning, our group decided to get out of there. The cops had already come once to tell us to keep it down, and if they came again, they would break up the party anyway the way the party was raging, they'd definitely be back soon.

We had agreed to meet at Emily's house, as per the plan, but first we made our cabbie go to the McDonald's Drive thru, because we needed some food. Arriving at Emily's house, we changed into more comfortable clothing.

It was only a matter of time before someone pulled some twenty-sixes out of a bag, and we continued our drunken shenanigans. I don't really remember what happened over the next little while, but I do remember waking up in the middle of the floor, all ten or fifteen of us passed out in the general area. Alexa had shaken me awake.

"Shh," she whispered, keeping her finger on her lips, and grabbing my hand. I followed her across the basement and up the stairs, before finally asking her what was going on I was pretty drunk and not really able to keep my balance very well. "Just follow me," she said, turning to grin at me as she walked up to the second floor. She led me down the familiar hall to Emily's room, where she pushed open the door.

The room was empty I hadn't noticed who was downstairs, but I guess Emily had chosen to sleep with her friends instead of alone in her room. "What are we doing up here?" I whispered to her, wondering why she'd woken me up.

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She led me inside and closed the door behind me, before pulling my sweatpants down and taking my flaccid cock in her mouth. "What's gotten into you?" I looked down at her. "Nothing," she took a break from trying to get me hard. "I just thought it would be really hot to fuck you in Emily's room!" "Ok," I mumbled, grabbing her hair as she replaced her lips on my cock.

After a few minutes, it was pretty clear that I was probably too drunk to get hard enough to have any fun, though Alexa kept powering through, hoping that my penis would wake up. "I don't think it's happening," I told her, trying to pull her off my cock. "A shame," she said, standing up as I pulled my pants back up.

"Why's that?" "I had a surprise for you.

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I guess it'll have to wait," she answered, opening the door to go rejoin the sleeping group. "A surprise?" "Mmhmm," she purred at me, making her way toward the stairs. I grabbed her arm. "What surprise?" "Well it'll just have to wait, won't it?" she grinned, grabbing me through my pants. She began the return to the basement, and I was about to follow her, before stopping and turning around.

Realizing I wasn't behind her, Alexa turned to ask where I was going. "To sleep in Emily's bed," I answered, walking back to the room. "You can't sleep there, Rob," she insisted, chasing after me.

"No one else is," I pointed out, climbing onto the bed. "Are you seriously going to sleep up here?" "Mmhmm," I moaned, already almost back to sleep.

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----- I woke up again, looking at the clock it had only been thirty minutes. You never get a good night's sleep when you're drunk. There was definitely something wrong. I could feel someone right up against me, and there was movement elsewhere in the room.

Turning over, I shot up quick laying against me, staring right at me as I'd turned over was Sarah, a friend of Emily and Alexa's. "What the fuck," I whispered, startled. "Surprise," Alexa laughed, climbing onto the bed behind Sarah. "What?" "This is your surprise," she explained, pulling her shirt off so she was just wearing her panties and bra. I noticed Sarah was already undressed the same way, as I allowed myself to take her body in. I had never really paid much attention to Sarah she was usually around somewhere with the people I hung out with, but we never really talked or hung out ourselves.

She was alright looking she was taller than me, a good four or five inches taller, actually. Her body wasn't curvy, but she could stand to lose thirty or forty pounds. She did, however, have two very good things going for her. She had a really sweet rack, which I had never noticed before due to her conservative style of dressing, and actually had a really pretty face.

She had full, pouty lips, a small stud in her nose, and shoulder-length brown hair that was in a ponytail at the moment. "This is my surprise?" I asked, still not sure exactly what Alexa meant. Was I going to be watching or participating? "Ya, babe," she laughed again. "I was trying to think about how to give you something special before I leave next week, and I thought you'd like it.

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You like it, right?" Looking at Alexa, then Sarah, and back to Alexa again, I started to smile. "Of course I like it, babe.

But does that mean Sarah knows?" "Ya, obviously I had to tell her. She's wanted to fuck you for a while, and I wanted to share you with someone. It works for everyone," she replied, leaning down to fish my cock out for the second time that night.

Bringing her mouth to my cock, she tried again to get me hard in my still drunken state. I felt slightly uncomfortable, despite my infidelities in the past those were hidden and quite secret, whereas this was going to be me fooling around with another girl in front of my girlfriend for the first time. Emily and Alexa both had no idea I had cheated on them at any point, let alone with disgusting regularity.

Sarah was on her knees, her feet tucked under her ass, as she meekly waited for someone to make a move to include her. "You're gonna make me work for this, tonight, aren't you?" Alexa sighed, taking a few seconds off my cock to assess the situation. "Sorry, sweety," I answered. I hadn't been expecting to have sex tonight after we had left the after party. Sarah moved in, offering to try blowing me for a minute that way they could take turns and hopefully have me hard soon.

I took this opportunity to run my hands down Sarah's back, realizing that she probably wasn't as heavy as I had always thought she probably just didn't exercise very often, and didn't eat very well, much like most teens.

Finding her ass, I gave it a hard squeeze, eliciting a moan over my cock that started to perk him up finally. Pulling my head back, Alexa kissed me softly, allowing our tongues to roam the caverns of each other's mouth. As her lips left mine, I looked at her, and couldn't believe how lucky I was. I hadn't asked for this hell, I hadn't even hinted that I wanted another threesome in my life. I realize they're not as uncommon as most young men think, but for your girlfriend to actually find another girl because she thinks you deserve a surprise, that is just a great feeling.

Sarah removed her mouth from me, quickly pumping up and down my slowly hardening rod. "Your turn," she held my cock out for Alexa to take her place, which she eagerly did. Sarah sat back once more I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be passionate with her, and I don't think she had a clue either. I decided to make a move, and would see if it was ok by Alexa's reaction.

I slipped a finger in between Sarah's breasts, under her bra, and pulled her towards me. She closed her eyes and just waited, as I leaned in to kiss her for the first time.

I could feel her moving, and as I broke our kiss, I noticed she had taken off her bra. Instinctively, I reached down, grabbing one breast in each hand, and squeezed them softly.

Bringing one nipple at a time to my mouth, Alexa finally realized what was going on above her head as Sarah began to moan quietly. She must have been feeling territorial, because Alexa did something next that I wasn't expecting. Grabbing Sarah's hair, she roughly pushed her back down to my cock, and waited until she had taken me in her mouth once more. When she had, Alexa pushed on the back of her head, trying to force more of me into her, a very malicious look on her face.

Sarah's hands went to my thighs, trying to push back and allow herself to suck me at her own pace, but Alexa wasn't having any of it. I finally had to grab Alexa's wrists and move them away so Sarah could take a breath. "What the fuck?" Sarah gasped for air. "Sorry, I just thought it would be hot," Alexa said nonchalantly. "It was pretty hot, though, wasn't it, babe?" she asked, grinning at me.

"Well, it felt great, ya," I answered. Undoing her bra, Alexa laid on her back, sliding her panties off as well. While Sarah had returned to my cock, Alexa got off the bed, standing behind her, before grabbing Sarah's panties, and managing to pull them down too. "My turn," she said, taking control of the situation.

Sarah removed her head from my crotch, and this time didn't take more than a second before she started kissing me again. While my tongue danced with Sarah's, my hand crept down Alexa's body and found her pussy, which was already wet.

Shoving two fingers inside, she moaned around me, the sensation getting me to my full length. Removing the fingers from her pussy, I surprised Sarah by trying to put them in her mouth.

She pulled her head back, obviously against what I was trying to do. "Your loss," I laughed, before putting them in my own mouth and tasting my girlfriend. I knew I was finally ready to get in some pussy, so I grabbed Alexa's head and brought her up. "Who's first?" I asked.

"I get you all the time, babe," Alexa answered, making space for Sarah to bring her body closer towards me. Sarah moved towards me, unsure of which way she wanted to do things. I decided for her, grabbing her and pushing her across my body, I quickly knelt behind her. Grabbing my now hard cock, I allowed Alexa to give my head one last suck before I pushed it gently into Sarah's hot pussy.

"Let me know if it hurts," I said, before sharing a smile with Alexa. "It's ok," Sarah replied, trying to raise her head from the sheets. Alexa wasn't having any of that, and grabbed the back of her head, pushing it back down. I didn't know if she was regretting sharing me, or if a whole side of Alexa was emerging that I had never seen before.

I pushed further in, grabbing hold of Sarah's ample waist, squeezing my fingers into her sides as I started to fuck her hard and deep. If her face weren't buried in the sheets, her moans probably would have been audible from at least the main floor of the house.

"You like that, bitch?" Alexa asked, slapping Sarah's ass hard. "Mmmmm," was all we heard from the blankets. Alexa started to slap both Sarah's ass cheeks, alternating each time. The slaps were getting pretty vicious, but Alexa had straddled Sarah, and wasn't allowing her to move her neck, her thighs pinned tightly to the poor girl's head. I had stopped pumping into her pussy, and was just watching my girlfriend abuse the fuck out of this other girl.

I finally grabbed Alexa's wrists once again, forcing her to stop her assault. Climbing off Sarah, the girl finally managed to turn her head around, tears streaming from her face. "What the fuck?" she said, clearly in distress. "Are you ok?" I asked, obviously already knowing the answer. "What's your problem, Alexa?" "Nothing?" she hissed back. They glared at each other for a few seconds, before I decided to start renewing my rhythm in Sarah's pussy. "My turn," Alexa said, barely giving Sarah enough time to get out of the way before she pushed me back and climbed onto my cock.

Sarah tried sitting back on her feet, but her ass was probably still pretty sore from the beating my girlfriend had just given her. She got on her hands and knees, before I had an idea.

"How would you two like to make out while you ride me and Sarah gets her pussy licked?" I asked, trying to get them to get along. Alexa stopped bouncing on my cock long enough to look at Sarah, and mutter her ok, noticeably not thrilled with the idea. I pulled Sarah's leg, urging her to allow me to taste her. Keeping her eyes on Alexa, her leg lifted up and she straddled me, carefully lowering her lips to my stretching tongue.

I tasted the sweetness that was Sarah's pussy, and could slowly feel her legs relax around me. Between the slapping coming from me and Alexa, I could begin to hear moaning as they got into it. I couldn't see it, but I could tell they were finally beginning to get along. Reaching up behind Sarah, I pushed gently on her back, urging her to lean forward, which she did.

"Ooo" she squeaked as my tongue ran delicately from her pussy back to her asshole. "Let Sarah suck me," I urged my girlfriend, tapping her leg to tell her to get off. I returned to sucking Sarah's sweet pussy lips, teasing her clit with my tongue as I felt her lips wrap around the head of my cock. Apparently she was fine with tasting Alexa after all, or she didn't even clue in at that point.

I noticed Alexa had joined me at the Sarah's backside, winking at me quickly, before sucking on one finger and poking it into Sarah's asshole. Sarah didn't even flinch, as she struggled to get more of me in her mouth.

Alexa moved back to the other end of the bed, taking my balls in her mouth one at a time as Sarah slurped and drooled all over me.

Suddenly, I felt Alexa's tongue probing my asshole now. "Oh, babe," I moaned into Sarah's pussy as Alexa's finger replaced her tongue. This went on for a while, and I was still nowhere near cumming due to my still intoxicated state. Looking out the window, I realized it was just barely starting to get light outside, which means we had to have been gone for an hour or so.

"We need to stop girls," I reluctantly told them. Someone was bound to come looking for us eventually. Sarah quickly got off, wiping the saliva from her face with her arm, while Alexa took her place, wrapping her mouth around my cock, her finger still buried in my asshole.


"Babe, we need to go before anyone comes upstairs. Emily's parents are gonna be up soon, too," I explained. Sighing her agreement, she removed her mouth and finger from me, but not before sucking that finger hard and full. Kissing her lightly on the mouth, I realized Sarah had already left the room.

Lying back on the bed for a second, Alexa got up and dressed herself. Walking out of the room, she turned back to me, "You should come too, Rob." "I'm coming," I mumbled, just trying to wait a minute for my cock to deflate quickly as I expected it would. I heard the door open and close as I smiled at the second threesome of my life.

The first had been far more enjoyable, but my own girlfriend organized this one she was definitely something special. A few minutes later, I made my way back to the basement and passed out once more. ------------ A few short hours later, I awoke to the nauseating smell of breakfast being cooked. I was definitely hung over, and the thought of food alone made me have to vomit.

Fortunately for everyone there, I made it to the bathroom (which was a pretty uncommon occurrence when I drank too much). The morning was uneventful I mostly just lay in a corner wanting to die a quick, merciful death. People ate brunch, and it was time to go. I agreed to give a couple people rides home, and dropped them off in the order that was most convenient Alexa first, a couple others, then Sarah last since she lived a couple blocks away from me.

Pulling into Sarah's driveway, there was an obvious uncomfortable silence. I wondered how she was feeling about the whole situation she had been talked into a threesome with one of her best friends, who had turned around and literally beat her during the encounter.

"So…" Sarah began. "So," I smiled at her, hoping this conversation would pass quickly I still wasn't feeling great. "Look, I know Alexa is going to be gone all summer, and since you guys aren't really dating or whatever, maybe we could…" she trailed off. "We're not dating? What did Alexa tell you?" I asked, suddenly unsure of how this girl came to be in bed with me a few hours ago.

"She said you guys had been fucking, but it wasn't that serious." I wasn't really sure what to think of that. Was this just something she had told Sarah, or did she really feel that way? "Well, you have my number if you want to hang out or whatever," I told her, hoping she would just get out of my car.

I needed to get into a bed. "Ok… I'll call you?" She asked, fishing for something more definitive. "Ya, call me later or something," I smiled weakly. As she got out of my car, I popped it into reverse and was home a couple minutes later. Walking into my house, I opened my phone and called Alexa, getting her voicemail. "Hey, nothing serious. Thanks again for this morning, babe.

I'm gonna crash for a couple hours, but I'll try you again when I'm up." I managed to fall asleep, despite the boundless uncertainty swimming through my thoughts. ----------------------------- I woke up and still felt like shit. Even though I had managed to throw up when I woke up in the morning, I was still pretty hung over not the best way to feel when your parents want to take you out for dinner with some family and friends to celebrate being done with a large chapter of your life.

I remembered the conversation I had with Sarah before I got home, and reached for my phone, eager to see if Alexa had responded yet she hadn't. Instead of letting it get to me, I forced myself to get out of bed and went and sat in the shower for an hour or so, until the hot water ran low. I finally felt a bit better from the night before, even if only a physical relief from my physical malaise.

I got out of the shower and anxiously checked my phone again still nothing. I didn't really feel like being the clingy type of person that some of my friends were with their girlfriends, and tried my best to push it out of my mind. I managed to make it through the dinner and then head over to Bill's to distract myself.

----------------------------- I woke up the next morning; evidently I had passed out in Bill's basement from the exhaustion of the night before, coupled with some of the usual pot smoking. I checked my phone still nothing from Alexa, but I did have a text from Sarah, as she had said she would. I texted her back apologizing for the tardiness in my response, explaining that I had fallen asleep on a beanbag chair in Bill's basement.

She wanted to know if I was available to hang out that evening I told her I would have to get back to her as I wasn't sure what was going on that night yet. In reality, I was hoping to hear from Alexa still it had been over 24 hours, and she hadn't called me back. The worry was beginning to turn into agitation. I decided that since it was mid-morning I would pop over to Alexa's and see if she was home.

I didn't want to turn into a bit of a stalker, but I was worried that maybe another relationship was dissolving before my eyes. Pulling into her driveway, I noticed her dad's car wasn't there.

I rang the doorbell and stood around for about a minute, waiting. I rang the doorbell again and knocked a few times and took a few steps back into the driveway to look at her windows and see if she was even home. I saw the blinds move a bit, and waited a few minutes, but she didn't come answer the door she was definitely doing her best to dodge me.

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The worst part was, I had no idea why had I done something in my drunkenness the other night? I got my phone out and tried calling her again nothing. I left a message, saying I'd stopped by and that I guess she wasn't home, and got back in my car to go back to Bill's house. "That's kind of fucked up," Bill sighed, after I'd explained what had just happened. "Right? How do I not look like an overbearing asshole in this situation?" I asked him. "It's tough. If you push too hard, you're a douche.

If you don't keep on it even a little bit, you're kind of a pushover. I guess just leave her alone for a few days if she wants to talk to you, she'll talk to you." "I guess. It's just shitty knowing she's going to camp for the summer in like 3 days." Alexa had worked as a counselor at a camp up north every summer for the last four years. "I'm sure she'll talk to you before then… but that does suck," Bill continued.

"What are you gonna do all summer, man?" "What do you mean?" "You haven't exactly kept shit in your pants for a couple years now. She's gonna be like five hours away." "What's your point?" I asked him. "Man, we both know how you are. You were hung up on her before you even broke up with Emily. You've fucked how many other girls since you started dating Alexa? And that was with her even being in town… sometimes even in the same place as you." I sighed. Bill had a point, and knew me better than anyone it came with the territory of being best friends for three quarters of our lives and spending a ton of time together growing up.

"Maybe you can get a free pass for the summer?" Bill suggested out of the blue. "Like let her fuck whoever she wants at camp, and she lets me fuck whoever I want at home?" "Ya," he answered bluntly.

"I don't know… the idea of some other dude fucking Alexa kind of bothers me." "You've fucked other girls that she doesn't know about and it's not like it would be a one-way street.

You'd both be allowed to just do whatever, no harm, no foul." "Ya," I argued, " but what happens at the end of summer when we go to school out west and she doesn't?" "I dunno, man… you'll talk to her before she leaves, I'm sure.

If you like her as much as you think you do, you'll work it out. Don't worry about it," he patted me on the shoulder, trying to put my mind at ease. I left Bill's and texted Sarah to let her know that I was just going to hang out at home by myself for a night or two and then drove myself home.

I needed to just be alone and hope that Alexa was actually going to try talking to me at some point before she left for Camp in a few days.

----------------------------- Two days later, Alexa did finally get back to me. She was half hysterical and I couldn't understand her on the phone, but when I got to her house, I understood her fears after only a few minutes of talking. It was pretty much what I had come to expect after talking to Bill a couple days earlier she thought we had to break up since she was going to be gone all summer and then would be going to different colleges in the fall. I did my best to comfort her, but in my heart I knew there was only one choice I could offer her, and it wouldn't be easy to say.

After finally calming her down enough to get more than the odd sentence in, I started to suggest what Bill had told me. "Babe, just listen… what about some kind of like… open relationship," I began, trying to find the words that would make this sound the furthest thing from sleazy as possible.

"Like just fuck whoever and whatever, whenever you want?" She looked at me like I was half retarded. "Not whoever, and not whenever. We can talk about it more. Look, it's going to be hard as hell to not touch anyone all summer, and I can probably only get up to see you a couple times," I went into further detail. "Maybe not whoever, maybe not as often as you want, but let's talk about it.

I love you, I don't want this to just be over because of some time apart and some distance between us." "I love you too," she smiled, before looking away. "So what's your suggestion? Is there a limit?" "Well, let's talk about it right now. Maybe decide we're only allowed to do it once every week or two, and we have to talk about who it's going to be with beforehand." "Are you already planning on fucking someone?" she asked me, skeptical of my motives.

"No," I answered honestly. I wasn't planning on fucking Sarah I knew it would probably happen, and that Alexa might be ok with it, but I didn't think it was guaranteed or that it would even happen frequently. "So how are you going to know beforehand who you're going to fuck?

Are you just going to assume they'll agree to fuck you?" I winked at her before we both started laughing. "I think we both have a good idea who we could get with pretty easily," I said. "Ya, you're probably right. Do we have any vetoes?" she asked. "Absolutely. Let me guess Emily is veto number one?" I asked, laughing. "Without a doubt. If you even talk to her, I'll kill you both," she stared at me seriously, before laughing again. I really loved her playfulness.

"You don't have to worry about that. She's fucking crazy… you're the one who's going to see her all the time next year," I reminded her that she was going to be living in the same dorm as Emily at college the next year and they'd probably run into each other a fair amount.

"Ya, that's going to be real awkward if you ever come visit," Alexa laughed, rubbing me through my pants. I moaned gently. "So what do you think, babe?" I asked her, hoping there would be some kind of principal agreement so that we can have some fun before her dad got home. "I think it's an ok idea… but only for the summer. What happens when we go to college?

You're going to be surrounded by a bunch of horny drunk girls, and I know how you can be with no supervision." "Well you'll be home for a few days before we leave, right?" I was double-checking.

"Ya, but I'll be doing laundry and packing pretty much. We need to talk about this now." "I dunno, babe. I know two things. We're going to school way too far away to see each other more than maybe once every two weeks, assuming we alternate who visits." I stopped there.

"And the other thing?" "You know what it is. I love you. I love you so much. I want to make this work more than anything… maybe after a year one of us can look into transferring from one school to the other," I suggested.

"Maybe. I love you too. Let's do it," she beamed at me, as I picked her up underneath her back and legs and carried her to her room. As we got into her room, I threw her onto the bed and quickly took my shirt off. "I feel like we should try something special," Alexa said suddenly while I rid myself of the rest of my clothing.

"Special?" I laughed. "You already gave me a pretty special present the other night," I reminded her of the too-brief threesome we had with her friend Sarah. "Ya, but that was special for me, too. It was different and fun." "You liked beating her, didn't you?" I asked.

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"Maybe," she smiled reveling in her cruelty. "Well what did you have in mind?" We had done a lot of sexual things in the few short months we had been together, and I wasn't really sure what else we could do.

While I had had lots of sex with many women in the last few years, most of it was of a relatively plain type various positions, but mostly just vaginal and anal intercourse, with the odd finger going other places.

"Just lie back and relax, and let me take care of it," she told me, putting her hand on my chest and pushing me back onto the bed. I was in heaven instantly as her tongue started to dance around the head of my cock, her fingers tugging firmly but gently on my balls.

This wasn't anything out of the ordinary so far, but she was a cocksucking champion. Alexa sucked me hard, then gently, alternating rhythms and pressures, and I was honestly probably going to shoot my load a little prematurely at this point. "Babe," she said, removing herself from my cock for a moment. "Put your legs in the air." "What?" I asked, not sure what she was doing.

"Just do it. Close your eyes and relax." She continued to stroke my cock in her hand, as I began to feel the familiar sensation of a tongue probing at my back door. I let out a gentle moan, as she started to eat my asshole she was great at everything she did with that mouth. Suddenly, her tongue was replaced with a finger, and it felt cold. I must have tensed quite noticeably, because she stopped moving and told me to relax again.

I did my best, while she took me into her mouth once again, while starting to work a second finger into me, just as cold as the last one. "What are you doing down there, babe?" I moaned again. I could tell I was going to erupt from this pleasure. "Trying something I've wanted to for a while," she managed to get out around my cock. "Well I'm gonna blow soon, babe. This is fantastic." "I'm glad you like it so far," she told me, removing herself from me again.

"Now keep your eyes closed," she reminded me, spanking me lightly on the thigh. I had no idea what she was up to, but I could hear her fiddling with something near her desk. "Come on babe, I was so close," I pleaded with her to continue with her mouth or fingers I didn't even care what at this point, I just wanted to bust my nut. I felt her pressure on the bed, and was hoping she was going to climb on, but was surprised by the next feeling.

Not only was it cold, but also bigger. I tried to relax, because I trusted Alexa implicitly, but it was tough. "Babe?" I managed to squeak out, hoping for some reassurance.

"Shh… Just let it happen, and don't fight it. Stay relaxed and I promise it won't hurt." I couldn't help it at this point I opened my eyes, and saw what Alexa had planned. Right below my cock was a big silver piece of metal. "Whoa, babe, what the fuck?" "Don't be such a pussy, Rob. Now quit squirming, because we're doing this," she told me matter-of-factly. Taking my cock into her mouth once more, she slowly worked the metal dildo against my asshole, still a little loose from where her fingers were moments ago.

Pushing gently, it felt like my asshole was being ripped. I bit my lip to stop from letting her know how much this was hurting me, while it felt like I had just been impaled in the asshole by a baseball bat. In reality, she had probably only gotten it an inch or two in. "How does that feel, bitch?" Alexa asked me, spit still connecting my cock to her mouth.

Safado pirocudo mostrando o corpo sarado e sua rola grossa

"Different," I grunted, grimacing in pain. "You're my little fuck toy aren't you?" "I'm whatever you need me to be, babe," I smiled weakly at her. Pushing gently, she worked the dildo further into my ass, as she continued to suck me off.

"Oh my god, babe, I'm close," I told her, as she started to work the dildo into my ass, matching the rhythm of her mouth on my cock. Quickening her pace, she must have found my prostate, because I unexpectedly had the most intense orgasm I had to that point of my life. I came so much Alexa could not keep it all in her mouth. I screamed my delight, my body shaking in ecstasy. "Holy shit," I must have muttered this phrase a half dozen times, while Alexa cleaned my still throbbing cock with her tongue.

Pulling the dildo slowly from my ass, she went to the bathroom to wash it off. I lay in her bed, catching my breath from the experience I had just been a part of. I loved this girl so much, and while I knew she was pretty sexual before, this had clearly tested the limits of my interests.

I never thought I would be into having anything more than a tongue or finger in my ass, but if it meant something to Alexa and made her happy, I would do it every second of every day. As Alexa sashayed back into the room, she had a huge grin on her face. "That was the dirtiest thing I've ever done," I told her, smiling back at her.

"I made you my slut," she sang at me, mockingly. "Only for you," I grabbed her hands, and pulled her on top of me, kissing her gently. "You're damn right, only for me. You don't get to fuck any other girls like you fuck me." "Babe, it's never been the same with anyone as it has with you. I love to fuck girls, but I love you I really love you. No other girl could ever do what you do to me." "You mean your ass?" she laughed.

"That too," I chuckled. We lay in bed for a while before I helped her pack her things to take to camp. ----------------------------- Author's Note: Surgery did not go well - it took a lot longer to rehab than doctors anticipated, but I have made a full recovery.

Been busy with work, but I have this story finished, and am working on another right now. It might take a while, because it covers the craziest week of my life: my first week at college. It's already 25% longer than this story, and I am maybe 25-35% done. As an aside, I am no longer going to allow anonymous comments, strictly to stop the annoying 'kik' spam. If you want to PM me, feel free. I will not divulge any personal information about myself or the stories, but I am open to talking about them in further detail.