Ive Never Fucked A Fan Before Blondie Fesser

Ive Never Fucked A Fan Before Blondie Fesser
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About 2 months babysitting Craig and meeting his best buddy Kevin, I was at the grocery store when I saw Kevin with a women that I presumed was his mother.

It was too late to turn around and I hoped Kevin wouldn't make an attempt to talk to me. But then I saw that was with Kev and his mom as he straggling behind.

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His face lit up when he saw me. He and he tapped Kevin on the shoulder and winked at him before speaking loud enough for Kevin's mom to hear. "Hey Kev! Look! - There's my "cousin" Jerry! - Let's go talk to him." He said. "Oh Cool!" Kevin replied. They both took off running and I could see Kevin's mom looking up at me and smiling from the other end of the aisle. When Kevin and Craig got to me, I could swear that both of them had grown in the few months since I'd seen them last.

Craig looked back to see how close Kevin's mom was behind us. She was still a distance but closing in fast. "Just go along with whatever we say!" Craig said just as Kevin's mom wheeled her shopping up beside mine. "Mrs. Wheeler!" Craig said. This is my cousin Jerry. He's the coolest cousin in the world." "Yeah mom!

He's really cool." Kevin added. I shook her hand and she seemed to be checking me out.


Jeeze! I was still in high school and this 30 something year old women was staring at my package. I wonder what she'd think if she knew that I had sucked not just one, but two watery loads right out of her little Kevin's balls.

"So are you eating dinner at our house tonight?" Craig said with a wink. Kevin's mom was right behind him. I couldn't believe that this kid was being so sneaky. I was loving it! He was devious, deceptive, and curiously horny just like I was a few years ago when I was his age. "Um.yeah! - I'm eating at your house tonight!" I said. "Hey!

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Mrs. Wheeler, can Kevin eat over at my house tonight?" Craig asked. "I don't know, maybe you should ask your mom first." She said. "Are you kidding? My mom cooks so much food. Why do you think my cousins can just show up anytime they want?" Craig said.

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"Oh well.I guess it will be okay then." She said. "Cool! Jerry will even bring Kevin home after dinner so he don't have to walk." Craig said. "Goodness sake's Craig. You should ask your cousin first before you volunteer him." "Oh it's okay.Mrs. Wheeler is it? - I can't ever seem to say no to this little falla.

He already knows that I'm a sucker and he can get whatever he want's." I said. These kids where absolutely nuts. When I told Kevin's mom that part about me being a sucker, he took a few steps back out of his moms view and moved his hand in front of his open mouth like I had done when I sucked his chubby little cock. Then he moved his hand away and mouthed the words "suck this" while pointing to his crotch. I started to sweat because they where making me nervous with sexual inuendo in just about everything they where saying.

"Yep! he's a sucker all right!" Craig said. "Well since I don't have to cook tonight, I guess I can go get my nails done." Mrs. Wheeler said. "Hey! You can take me and Kevin to my house when your done shopping. That way she can go and get her girlie nails all painted and purdy." Craig said. and him and Kevin giggled at the same time. "Yeah mom! Me and Craig can drive with Jerry, can I go with them, can I." Kevin said.

"Is that okay with you?" His mom said. "Sure! I don't mind." I said. So that was that. I told Mrs. Wheeler that I would have Kevin home by 9:00 pm sharp, and the 3 of us walked away together.

I didn't say anything until we where out of the aisle. I looked back before asking Craig if he was crazy, and then swatting Kevin on the back of the head for making that dick sucking motion. "Okay you little Einstines, what and where are we supposed to go for the next 5 hours?" "Oh shit! - Yeah Craig, where are we supposed to go?" Kevin said. Craig reached into his pocket and pulled out a key connected to a rabbits foot.

He said that his neighbor was on vacation and that he was feeding her cat. We all smiled and bolted for the door, and then ran across the parking lot to my truck.

We werent even out of the lot before Craig reached over and started rubbing the front on my pants. "Look Kev! I'm making Jerry's hairy monster get all big and hard." Craig said.

Kevin looked at Craigs hand on my cock and immediately leaned over Craigs lap demanding to feel it too. Now I had two hands massaging my cock and balls at the same time.

I felt awesome. "Let me do it by myself for a little bit Craig, you dick hog!" Kevin said. Craig didn't say anything and just moved his hand away so that his best friend could have my cock all to himself for a little bit. But when a minute had passed, Kevin wasn't so willing to let Craig have a turn. "You're not play fair Kevin! - You're being naughty and need a spanking!" Craig said.

I looked over just in time to see Craig pull Kevin's silky basketball shorts down far enough so that both smooth cheeks where showing. But instead of spanking Kevin, he just sat there and gently massaged his little buddies bubble butt.

It made Kevin moan as he laid across Craigs lap with his face now in my crotch. He was rubbing his chin and cheeks along the huge lump of teen cock stuffed in my pants. "Oh! Jeeze. That feel real good Craig. You can reach over here and play with Jerry's cock with me. I got it super hard now." "That's okay. - Jerry isn't the only that's hard, I feel somthing hard poking my leg." Craig said.

Kevin rolled over and sure enough his cubby cock was as hard as a rock It looked bigger than it did a few month's ago. I just stroked Kevin's hair while his best buddy gently played with his cock. Kevin was clearly loving it. I kept looking down as he looked up from where he was rubbing the back of his head on my hard cock.

Kevin reached for the hand that I had been rubbing his head with and grabbed it. He pulled my pointer to his mouth and started sucking on it. Craig looked over and saw what Kevin was doing.

"He likes you" Craig said. Kevin heard what Craig had said to me and took my finger out of his mouth just long enough to left his head and look at Craig.

"Yeah, but I love you!" Kevin said to Craig. I could sware that I saw Craig's face glow when Kevin said that. He slumped over and kissed Kevin on the stomach, and then planted little tiny kisses moving upward until he got to his right nipple and started sucking it. Then he rested his head on Kevins chest as if he was listening to the sound of his heart.

But suddenly, Craig sat up and started crawking out from under Kevin. "Damn you Kevin Wheeler! - You make me love you more then I should." Craig said. He got down on the floor board, leaned over the seat, and took Kevins hard cock into his mouth. I looked down and saw Kevin's head in my lap with his mouth wide open, and his eyes shut tight.One small tear ran out of each eye and I reached down to wipe them away. Kevin opened his eyes and looked at me.

I didn't expect what was coming next and it took me by surprise. "If is wasn't for you, we wouldn't be in love like we are." Kevin said. He reached down and played with Craigs hair while I pulled Kevins shirt back up and played with his nipple. It was still damp from where his lover Craig had been sucking on it. I can only guess that they had time to get things out on the table since I had seen them last.

I decided right then that tonight would be the last time that I'd play with my little buddies. I wasn't sure why they wanted me along for the ride now that they where a couple, but I was about to find out.

Kevin was moaning loudly by now and he had that painful look on his face that I knew from experience. It was about as far from pain as a boy who's new to cumming can get.

When I was 12, I used to jack-off while looked into a mirror. Back them I used to think that I looked like I was about to cry, and couldn't understand that with what I was feeling down below. I would cup my free hand over the tip of my cock to catch my watery cum, and often had a few tears roll down just as I shot-off.

And that was exactly the look that Kevin had as Craig grinded his face down into his crotch. "Oh baby! I love you!" Kevin said. Craig just moaned with Kev's cock seriously being sucked inside of his mouth.


I watched as their hands found each other and met right over Kevin's heart. He was about to cum and I knew it. If my windows had been rolled down, the whole neighborhood would have known it.

His chest was heaving up and down and he was panting like a hound dog. "Oh baby! I'm there! - Are you ready for it! - Huh!, are you ready?" Kevin shouted as Craig replied by nodding his head up and down with a mouthful of chubby cock.

"Oh fuck! It's gonna be a big one! - Yeah here it comes! - It's coming! - Oh fuck yes! - I'm cumming! - I'm cumming! - Oh suck all that cum for me baby!" Kevin said with both hands shoving Craig's head down onto his shooting cock. I could hear Graig gulping as he swallowd Kevin's young load.

And than I realized that they must have tried taking each other loads after I had taken theirs. It took a minute for Kevin to come down from his orgasm, and when he did, he was hell bent of getting Craig's cock out to suck on it.

I had to tell them to cool down until we got to Craig's neighbors house. But we did finally get there and went right in and tore through the hall closet for a blanket to lay out in the floor. I was just kicking my shoes off when Craig told me to stop. I looked at him and he was pointing at the floor. He said that I was to lay down and get comfortable and that he and Kevin would undress me and take care of everything tonight.

So I did as I was told and was treated to the sexiest little striptease by the both of them. The each stood over my legs and bent over facing away from me to take off my shoes. I was in heaven with a pair of milky white butts in front of me, but when the bent over to each pick up a foot, I was greated to a pair of tiny rosedbuds that seemed to be winking at me. Piece-by peice, my little buddies stripped me naked. The took up a position straddling over my face from either direction and started to kiss and hug each other as I looked up at to pairs of the cutest, hairless, sets of balls I'd ever seen.

I stuck my tongue out a licked them with the tip of my tongue and the got the message. Both of them spread their legs futher apart bringing their balls lower so that I could take turns sucking an entire set into my mouth.

If I could have fit both pairs in my mouth, I would but it wasn't possible. Their cock where too stiff to dend down far enough to suck on and they could tell that I was getting super hot and needed more.

"Jerry?" Craig said. "Yeah buddy?" I replied. "Can me and Kevin do whatever we want?" He said. "Sure! You guy's are a hot little pair of lovers.

I just don't what to get between you now that you're in love." I said. "Well.we wouldn't be if is wasn't for you so we decided to thank you together, okay?" "Okay! - Go for it! - I'm you whore tonight!" I said jokingly "Good! cuz your about to get fucked like a whore and Kevin's gonna go first!" Craig said.

I giggled because he sounded so serious. I didn't react when Craig reached over and grabbed both of my feet and pulled them so far back over the top of my head that I could almost suck my own dick. Then it went dark and Craig's rosebud crashed right down on my face.

I didn't need to be told what to do from that point. I went right to licking and lapping my tongue over that hot little hole like there was no tomorrow.

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Craig started to moan like a bitch in heat and started to gyrate his hips as my tongue slipped into his hiney. "Oh shit! He's tongue fucking me!" Craig said. "Is he making you feel good baby?" I head Kevin say. "Oh yeah! - It feels so good. Now put your dick in him while he eats my ass." Craig said.

I guess Kevin must have already been in position because I felt his cock head apply pressure for a few seconds before he just fell foreward and slid his chubby cock all the way in. I was surprised that it hurt. It hurt pretty bad but I wasn't about to deny either of these hotties whatever their hearts desired.

But just as quickly as the pain arrived, it seemed to fade away and then turned into shear pleasure. Once Kevin put his cock in, he didn't pull out, he just kept pushing forward through the pain.

Craig must have been the look out because the instant that the pleasure arrived and a moan escaped my lips, he gave Kevin the signal. "Okay, start fucking him now and don't stop until you cum in his butt." Craig said. And that was it. Kevin started hammering away at my ass like a jackhammer and I was screaming with my tongue in Craig's ass.

I kept forgetting how short the fuse is when your a new cummer, but remembered when I heard Kevin well. "I'm gonna cum! - Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum in his ass!" Kevin shouted. "Do it! - lube his ass up for me baby, cuz I'm fucking him next!" Craig said.as he got up off of my face. I could now see Kevin and that painful look on his face. Craig had my legs back so far that I could actually see Kevin's chubby cock slamming inside of me.

"I'm cumming! - I'm cumming! - I'm cumming! - Oh Jerry! I'm cumming in you, okay" Kev said "Yeah buddy! - You shoot that fuckin' cum in me!

- Oh shit! - Oh fuck Kevin! - Damn buddy, you just popped my cherry, do you know that?" I said. "I did? Kevin said. "Yeah buddy, and you did real good." I said.

"Well now Craig's gonna pop your cherrie?" Kevin said. Obviousley neither of them understood the concept of popping a cherry, and I wasn't about to let them in on it. Not with Craig thinking that it was now his turn to pop my cherry. I just layed there tripping out over the fact that I had just lost my virginity to a 12-year old who just shot his load in my ass. That was a hot thought, but then I realized that his first boyfriend was about to use his cum as lube to fuck me with his somewhat larger cock.

I watched as Craig rubbed the tip of his cock over the dribbles of Kevins cum that had started to seep out of my asshole. "Come on Craig, Kevin got me really hot and I need more cock!

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Fuck me hard, okay?" I said. "Okay, but do me a favor and tongue fuck him while I'm fucking you." Craig said.

"You got it buddy!" I said. It was like deja vu as it went dark when Kevin's rosebud came down against my lips. I had hardly taken two licks when Craig's cock slammed home. It hurt just as bad as Kevin's did but I could detect a difference.

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Kevin was thick and opened me wide. Craig was skinny and slipped right in until he got as far as Kevin had been. But Craig was now violating an area almost 2 inches deeper then where Kevin had just been, and he wasn't waiting for any signals.

He got right to fucking and I mean fucking! I was screaming as neary 6-inches of very eager cock was pounding away at my ass. Kevin got up off of my face and just sat by my side as his lover fuck me senseless. I was screaming and moaning as Kevin stroked my sweaty forhead. "Is my baby making you feel good?" Kevin said softly.

"Oh! yeah. You both know how to make me feel good." Then without a word, Kevin got up and want and got behind Craig and hugged him from behind, and then helped him to hold my heavy legs up. They looked so in love as Kevin looked at me with his chin on Craig's shoulder. Craig turned his head and the pair started to makeout while Craig fucked me. He was able to last 3 times as long as Kevin and I was thankful for that. Then just like Kevin, Craig's orgams approached and I could see it a few seconds before he actually said it.

I saw the look of pain and that perfect "o" shape of the mouth as hot semen rushes to the tip of a boys cock. "I'm gonna cum! - Ready Jerry! - Here it comes! - Yeah! - Oh fuck! - Awww! Awww! Awww! - Cumming! - Mmm Cumming! - Yeah! Fuck! - Mmm! Cumming! Ohhh yeah! I could feel Craig's cum squirting in my ass but that wasn't a surprise. Some guy's are just heavy cummers and Craig was one of them. We all got into the shower and I sucked a creamy cum load right out of each set of balls and savored the flavor because I had a feeling that it would be my last, and I was right.

The End