Fake agent blonde teen and trainer fucks My dad has always told me

Fake agent blonde teen and trainer fucks My dad has always told me
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I have never been with a girl throughout my 26 years of life. I've just never felt the urge to feel the touch of a woman; definitely not a homophobe, I just don't get any excitement when I think about another pussy against my mound.

In fact, I just get all squirmy and uncomfortable because I'm so dry when I think about it. That being said, I just can't believe I ever did that last night. I mean, I don't even like talking to my mom so I just can't believe that we made each other come like that. My mother had come over to help me pack my things up from the apartment I had been renting for the past few years.

I was being evicted for late payments and was unfortunately moving back in with my parents. "And what are these for young lady?" I heard my mom ask behind me in a voice thick with disgust. I turned around only to see my mom holding up my half-empty box of Magnums. I said the first thing that came to mind. "Sex. What else would they be used for?" I questioned her sarcastically. Not even giving her a moment to answer, I turned back around and got back to work.

My hands were busy filling up the box, my ears not paying attention to what my mother was saying. "Well I know that they're for sex you idiot, I'm just surprised you're getting any. If you're so easy with that cunt of yours, then why don't you sound happier? More relaxed? I can tell by the lack of smile on that face of yours that you've been faking," she concluded as she threw the rubbers in the moving box. I said nothing as I continued to work. "That silence is the perfect answer: ain't denying your unhappiness and it ain't acknowledging it either.

Maybe this is how you are in bed: deathly silent. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the problem little girl," her voice grated while roughly opening and emptying my dresser. "Don't break my furniture," I warned her without looking up. I knew she wouldn't really damage my property, I just didn't know that she would be shuffling through my things like a nosey little 4-year-old. "Well, well, well—Look what we have here!" she shrieked as she held up the skimpiest outfit I owned.

I had never actually worn the thing, but couldn't return the damn thing because I had lost the receipt. "I didn't know that you wore this size. I always figured that you were bigger. When was the last time you wore it?" I didn't need to be dressing sexy for my mother.


Nor did I want to put off my packing to move in with this monster, but I was desperate for a break so I ripped the cloth from her hands and shoved off to the bathroom. The red fabric was easily see through, displaying my bare quim to the world as the black accents turned into strings. They connected above my ass with a small trail of false crystals. I didn't like the feel of having a piece of string between my cheeks, but I kept the damn thing in place as I put the red push-up bra on.

My small breasts were immediately ballooning at the bottom of my throat, my skin lifting up around my belly and making me look skinnier than I already was. I was running my fingers over my hidden ribs, lost in my reflection when my mom's voice brought me out of my reverie.

"Aren't you done yet? God, you take so long to get dressed into nothing," she complained. I rolled my eyes and pulled the door open.

Mom stared at me, calculating how hot or idiotic I looked. "Turn around," she commanded of me. I turned my back to her and showed her my bare ass.

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Without thinking, I threw my hip off to the side and crossed my arms; it apparently pleased her. "Oooh, sexy little girl is coming out now!" Her laughter grated against my bones but I felt a familiar tingle in the depths of my stomach. I could feel the little bit of moisture dampening my slit as I stood in front of my mother.

I turned back around and leaned against the door frame. "What do you want me to do now mother dearest?" She had planted herself on the bed, her legs crossed as she propped herself by the palms of her hands. I repeated the question after I realized she hadn't heard me.

I saw her shake her head, clearing her thoughts before she ordered me once more. "Take off the bra. Do it sexy. I wanna see how you treat your men." My body froze and I found myself stuck at a cross road.

I had never heard my mother speak with such begging tones in her voice and I was confused about what she said. Did she want to be a man so she could make love to me? Did she just want to make a ploy to get my clothes off? Should I define sexy how I usually do? Or differently because of my mother?

Did she want to get me naked so she could seduce me? Was she seducing me now since she had successfully gotten me into a skimpy pair of panties and bra? Going against my better judgment, I turned around and peeked over my shoulder.

My bra strap fell off my shoulder as I gently kissed my skin, giving my mother exactly what she asked for. My other strap fell down before I rested my back against the door jamb. I reached behind me to undo the hook, my chest automatically pushing out as my back curved.

The roundness of my ass pressed against the cool wood of the door as I felt the hook release. My hand held the flimsy bra against my chest as I let my back straighten out again.

Mom was watching me aptly with her head tilted off to the side. Her eyes were half-lidded as she drank in all my movements. While some of my moves were actually what I did in front of my beaus, but most of my confidence was shot because I was doing it in front of my mother.

I was playing off the shy sexiness as best as I could when I felt the leaking warmth of my most intimate hole. Goose bumps took over my skin as I realized that the way my mom was looking at me was actually turning me on. I let my mouth gape at the revelation as I unknowingly let the bra fall to the ground, my arm still hiding my hardening nipples from her view.


"Well," she started softly, "is that it? No flourishing? No added drama?" I couldn't believe this. She wanted more?

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"Dad would've thrown me out if I had done something that pathetic. Or do you get freaks for fucks?" I kept my mouth shut as she went on to say that she had never had anyone too wild in bed, but certainly wouldn't mind having a chance. "Oh for heaven's sake Jessica—Drop your damn arm!

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If you're gonna be such a prude around your own mother how in the hell are you gonna please a man?" In a flash, my mother jumped from the bed and tore my arm away, exposing my hard nipples to the cool air. My nipples hardened, surprising me as the tips extended to half an inch from my skin. The red tips topped my round breasts like cherries on ice cream, waiting to be sucked and nibbled on. "Ah!" my mother sighed with a smile on her face.

"Now that is what men like to see! That is what's attractive! You're presentation is horrible though darling. Let momma show you how you're supposed to entertain someone." With that, she threw me on the bed and went to the bathroom. It wasn't a minute later that she opened the door, letting me see her sheer white panties and bra covering her large breasts.

I noticed that she was wearing her white pearls about her neck, the front pearls resting in her cleavage. Her crotch looked damp as she let her hip jut out, her opposite shoulder against the door frame. Her hand slowly traveled up her body, caressing the curve of her hip and sides, outlining the curve of her large tit and teasing her exposed neck. I stared in awe as my mother fiddled with her pearls, her fingers gently nudging her full tits apart as she went to tease herself through the bra.

"Want it off?" she asked before biting her lip, letting her nails scratch against her skin. I nodded as I felt the familiar wetness in my lap. I was turned on by my own bitch of a mother and I desperately wanted to rub my aching clit, but I didn't want to give her that sort of pleasure. Plus, it would have been weird. I was thrown off when she approached me with this sexy little walk, her hips swaying swiftly.

I was unprepared when she pushed me on my back, crawling on top of me with her covered tits in my face. "Take it off of me," she whispered. Her gentle voice shocked me in my already stunned state, but I was able to lift my hand and slide it up her back to the hook of her bra.

I unsnapped the hook and used my teeth to pull away her straps. The cloth rubbed against her thick nipples and made her gasp, her hips grinding down into my own. She rested her weight on my hips and let the other strap fall off her shoulder. Her bra was discarded to some corner of the room and I was set to stare at my mother's large tits and hard nipples.

I hesitantly licked the flesh of her breast before attentively sucking on her distended tips. I suckled her teat as she let out a low moan, her "ohh" stretching out into silence as my teeth brushed against the edges of her areola.

She gasped and rocked her body against mine as I worked my tongue over her thick nipples. "See what I'm talking about? Much better don't you think?" she gasped softly as I suckled her breast eagerly. Her hand stroked through my hair as I continued my work on her chest with closed eyes, feeling her other palm traveling to my own chest.

Her soft hand cupped the flesh of my small tit and massaged it gently. I moaned onto her nipple and she squeezed my breast in retaliation.

My nipples were squeezed and pinched as she massaged my tits, my mouth attached to her own tips. I sucked her harder to be rewarded with one of her deep moans.

By now I could feel her wet pussy soaking through her panties and knew that they had to be see-through. I moaned at the thought and felt her body shudder against mine. Her hips began to work in overtime as I felt her tight lips play against my wet pair, our panties rubbing between us with delicious sensations between our folds. As my pussy lips saturated in our juices, my mother pulled her nipple from my mouth and rubbed it against my pebble-like tip.

My skin prickled at the feel of her wet tips and I stared as her thick nipple rubbed and teased my small, hard one. I felt her hard clit rub against my sensitive bud once more and moaned out to her.

"Oh mommy," I cried with clenched eyes, feeling her spasming pussy through the thin material of her panties. I could picture how my mother's stretched pussy would look wrapped around my fingers, her juices running down my wrist and dripping onto the sheets as I thrust my fingers in and out of her with a quick pace. Thinking of that beautiful sight, my fingers found their way to her puffy muff.

My mom moaned for me as my fingers toyed with her pussy through the panties. They were sticking to her skin perfectly as my fingers dug into her slit with ease, feeling the bump of her aroused clit at the top of her groove.

"Oh yes baby. Play with momma's pussy just like that," she cooed in my ear. I slipped my fingers into the leg of her panties and peeled the material from her mound.

My hand cupped her garden and worked circles around the area, the heel of my palm grinding into her clit as my palm massaged the petals of her flower. Her hips bucked against my hand and I let my fingers slip into her slicked folds, her moistened slit splitting open to swallow my hand whole.

I worked my fingers into her hole and massaged her inner walls. It wasn't long before my mom began to bounce up and down on my fingers with lust. I could feel her hard nipples bumping against my own with every land and I forced more of my hand in her depths.

Once more, her body was shaking, desperate for the release of another orgasm. My thumb worked on her clit as I fingered her horny cunt with gusto, loving that I was making my mother work for me for a change.

I worked my fingers in her tunnel harder, working my hand faster as she got closer to her climax. Sweat spotted our skin as I worked my hand for her, her heart pumping sporadically as she worked for her orgasm. "Fuck yeah baby. Oh yes, Jessica, that's it. That's how momma likes her pussy played with!

OH! Oh God, Jessica YESSS!" she screamed as my four fingers jammed into her twat, completely filling her. Her full pussy triggered a mind-blowing orgasm, pussy juice squirting all over my hand and soaking my crotch. When I thought that I had made my mother lose all interest in continuing, she ripped her ruined panties off her waist and threw them somewhere over her shoulder.

I was now looking at my naked mother on top of my body. She crawled up until my face was staring into the parted lips of her juicy pussy, the few hairs she had on her mound matted down with her cum.

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"Clean up your mess baby. Be a good girl for mommy." My tongue darted out and swiped along her slit, playfully teasing her clit. Another spasm shook her pussy as I felt my nipples clamped between her fingertips. I let my tongue bathe her clit, massaging the spot mercilessly before sucking the nub into my mouth. Her mewls and howls rose to a steady scream of passion when my tongue darted into her depths, my nose bumping against her clitty.

Her arousal marinated my sense as I tasted her glory with eagerness. I was drinking her, lapping at her juices like a thirsty dog, set on making more of her juice rain down on my tongue.

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I cleaned her cunt with tongue as she played with my nipples, stopping myself before I could make her come again. I moaned as she pulled her box away from my mouth. My tongue felt naked out of its new home, but I forgot the bareness of my muscle when my mom tried to pull down my underpants. Now, we were both naked. Her hands pushed my legs apart as she gazed at my hairless cunt, licking her lips hungrily before she dove into my muff. I felt her tongue glide over my wet lips, teasing my cunt as I felt her through my folds.

My fingers tangled in her locks as I arched my back for her. "Oh mommy," I sighed to her.


I wanted to feel more of her tongue wiggling inside my pussy. I wanted to feel her warm tongue work me into a frenzy, snaking around my warm hole languorously as I scratched at her shoulders. My mommy hummed on my clit as she slipped her tongue between my lips. I gasped as her warm muscle caressed my hard clitoris, her stiff tongue probing against my pink slit. "Oh mommy! Play with my pussy mommy; eat my fucking cunt!" I cried as she desperately worked my tight pussy with her mouth.

It wasn't long before my hips were bucking my mound further into her face, her mouth clamping on my gaping hole as she sucked my bouncing cunt. My pussy was on fire with the want of release when I felt her jamming three of her thick digits in my twat. Cum gushed out of my pussy like never before as my quaking body shook on the bed. The springs in my mattress squealed against my seizuring form. "Fuck yeah you whore! Let me drink all your fucking cum baby. Let mama have all that good tasting juice in your sweet pussy!" I heard my mother scream at me between her gulps.

She drank all my cum, loving every second that she felt the sweet juice rolling down her throat. As I lay panting on my back, my mother kissed and nipped at my thighs lovingly. Her soft lips fluttered on the flesh of my inner most thighs as her hands teased my aching nipples.

"Go look in the bottom drawer," I croaked to her. I had just had my first orgasm from a woman and I didn't want it to be my last. I knew that once she saw the drawer's contents, my most recent orgasm wouldn't be the last female-induced orgasm I'd ever have. I heard her pull the drawer out and gasp. "Damn baby! I didn't realize that you were so naughty with yourself!" she giggled as her hand wrapped around the rubber of my double-ended dildo.

The fuchsia rubber flopped in my mothers hand before she engulfed it in her mouth. She worked the fake cock as if she were pleasing a real man, out of habit. Her spit coated the dong and she shoved the dildo in my heated cunt. Her mouth wrapped around the free end and worked around the rubber. As her mouth lips sucked at the toy, it worked in and out of my walls.

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She fucked me with her mouth and I fucked my cunt onto the toy. After a few minutes, my mom got on top of me and guided the toy in her pussy, my hand blocking her view as I rubbed her lonely clit.

She let the toy sink into her depths until our pussy lips touched. Her hips rocked, making the toy kiss my tender cervix. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt the wind leave me, my body deflating as my lungs almost collapsed. I gasped and moaned as the toy slid in and out of my vice-like grip, attending to my mother's movements as she bucked her mound against mine.

I was in the state of euphoria as I realized that I was sharing a dildo with the same cunt I was birthed from. Just thinking about that concept made me lose my collected composure. My vision went black as my spirit lifted from my being, watching me as I drowned the mattress with my juices, my tits jiggling as my body racked with this new-found pleasure.

Seeing my pussy flex and milk the toy made my mother's cunt over work itself, releasing its own torrent of fresh girl cum. "Yeah baby, come for momma! Oh yeah, mommy loves seeing her baby's tiny little cunt come like that! Ohhh!" she shrieked as she coated my mound with her love juice. Her body landed on mine, desperate for air from her long-lasting shriek. I wasn't aware of her on top of me because I had blacked out to unconsciousness, my body trying to recover from the powerful multi-orgasmic fun I just had.