Mom and boy anal creampy

Mom and boy anal creampy
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when dave woke up it all seamed like an unreal dream to him.

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the last thing he remembered was his band rehearsing in a deserted house playing a Gun's N' Roses cover when all the sudden two girls walked in and he started feeling lightheaded (he just figured it was the 4 beers her drank earlier)he collapsed to the floor in a split second he was out like a light,he was wide awake now and he tried to asess his situation. he was tied up naked on his back spread eagle, and on top of that he had a massive hangover. he looked around him with care takeing specian attention to the python in ins cage to his left.

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he started to panic as he thought he was going to die. his heart skipped a beat when the door burst open and in walked the two girls from last night only now he could stay awake.

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he observed that they where both really hot and both also dressed in latex his cock stired the blonde girl slapped him on his balls and he yelped, suddenly the brunnette spoke her voice sounded like she was either high or possesed ''i am tiffany the owner of the house you wher trespassing in last night. and this is my daughter ashley'' suddenly he believed all the stories about this place being haunted.

out of nowhere ashley slams her pussy in his face and orders him to bake her cum. he was licking and sucking her pussy lips as best as he could but he didnt have a clue what he was doing.

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he was rigid by now and tiffany pulled her daughter off of him and he could tell that they where whispering somthing but he couldnt hear.ashley turned back to him for a second with a smile on her face, and he swore her eyes looked like a snakes for that split second.

all he heard the women say was "should we?" ''i dont know if he can handle it but who really cares if he cant?'' ''okay lets do it'' they both started getting out of the latex and dave thought that this got a hell of a lot better!


they turned to him and stood next to eachother he just layed there stareing at thier pussy's wondering how they would feel.that was when they started chanting something he could not understand them but he observed thier changes.

both girls now had eyes like the python in the cage and they where growing somthing from just above thier vagina's it didnt take long for him to realize what was comeing he could make out the distinct look of a huge cock sproutin ourt of them only it looked lie it had scales on it when bothe had stoped growing he tried to guess thies size's ashleys looked to be about 10'' while tiffany's looked to be at least 14'' he started to freak out when he saw how huge they where.

and almost broke free of his bindings when ashley grabbad him by the hips and tried to force her cock into him he cried in pain and started pleading for them to stop but tiffany just shoved her massive cock down his throat. ashley had givven up her plan to burry her cock in cuick and decided to slowly insert it dave was really in agony right now.

he could barely breathe and his asshole hurt really bad from the pounding he was taking.

ashley was burried deep in him now and started to pull out a little before raming her cock back into him it started to hurt less and less as ashley went on and he started to moan at the pleasure.

tiffany noted this and talked to ashley she sounded like a demon this time ''this little whore we piched up seems to like your cock. what do you say after you cum you go get al?'' '' oh my god mom!

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i dont think he could fit him!'' just thetiffany started cumming and then pulled out of his mouth getting her jizz all over his face and she did that ashley let out a squeal and suddenly daves ass was fillin more than he knew any cock could cum! now was the part he dreaded!


who was al? and more important how big was his cock?

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his answer cam soon as ashley went over to the cage to get the python. dave started to panic as he figured al was right in front of him ashley kissed the big snake dave guessed it was about 30'' long and 3'' wide and threw it on his chest. he figured if he move the snake would panic so he remianed still as the snake made its way down his body and slid itself up his well lubed asshole. the snake was causing him to scream in pain the girls just stood there watching with rageing hardons the snake was about halfway in his ass when dave exploded.

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it felt like no other orgasm he had ever had, he came more than he had ever cum before that was when he notticed the change. his dick looked smaller than it used to be and his balls where shriveling up into his body that made dave yell even louder he plaeded with them "please stop it!

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what is it doing?'' to wich came the reply '' he is absorbing himself into your body. in the process you will be turned into a rather handsome woman with a surprise like us'' he started to scream agian as he felt his pelvis shatter and re-form into a more feminen oneand he notticed his dick was all gone now hidden in his body.

and a new vagina was forming. it felt weird but dave had resigned himself to his fate long ago.


the snake was buyyied all the way now and he started to feel his face change shape which caused him to let out another scream, and a more highpiched one came after that as he felt his skin streatch and a beaitiful pair of tits came out bigger than ashleys the pain started to gradually gow away as the tranformation was almost over the final touches where needed to compleate the process as daves hair grew longer and his breasts grew bigger he felt a jolt go through him as the snake rubbed his G-spot the transformation was compleate so the snak crawled its way out of daves mouth as he gaged on it tiffany came over and said this to dave '' you are now dana and you will learn to love being a woman with a hidden cock dave (dana now) started to cry and ashley came over to hug her new sister