Esposa gostosa de pernas abertas

Esposa gostosa de pernas abertas
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She looked up at me, as if surprised to see I was still there. "Oh, do you like that?" she asked. She looked like she really wanted me to feel good. At first I was confused that she didn't know what I would enjoy, then I remembered the only other cock she'd had experience with. She could probably fit that whole thing in one hand with room to spare. "Oh, of course," I said, "You've never done this with a real cock, have you slut?" She shook her head, then turned back to my dick.

"Well," I said, "The head is the most sensitive part. What feels best for a guy is putting pressure around the top, then sliding the skin up and down." She did what I said, and was soon slowly masturbating me with both hands. I felt incredible, but I wanted more. "Stop." I said. After a few seconds, she stopped her hands. "No, I mean, let go." She slowly let go, and crossed her arms under her chest. She'd been squirming for a little while now, trying to bring some friction to her wet pussy.

I was pleased to see that she hadn't tried to touch herself again, obeying my earlier command. "You're going to suck my cock now, slut." I said. Her eyes went wide with fear, and she sat back as I stood. I got off the bed and finished undressing. She turned to face me, scooting closer so her feet were on the floor. "I'm not sure about this." she said. I didn't say anything. "I mean.I've done this with my boyfriend, but his know.and." she said.

She looked away nervously. She seemed to be really afraid of my size, suddenly. I grabbed her jaw, but more gently this time, and turned her towards me.

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"Listen to me Jessica. You came into my room tonight, and begged me to show you my cock, didn't you?" I asked. "Y.yes." she whimpered. "You want this, don't you? You want to know what a real dick feels like, don't you?" I asked.

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Still holding her face, I grabbed my dick by the base and shook it slightly. "You want to taste this real cock, not your boyfriend's little clit, don't you?" She nodded again. "Say it." "Yes.


I want to taste your cock.please." she said softly. "Really?" I said. "Yes.please, I want to taste it. I want to suck your.your big dick. I want to know what a real cock tastes like." I stroked her cheek gently with my thumb. "Good girl." I said. I let go of her face. She nervously took my shaft in her hands again, slowly stroking its length.

Without any more prompting, she leaned forward and licked the head. She made a little expression of displeasure at the taste of my pre cum, but went back for another one. She quickly started licking all around the head, sometimes wandering a little down the shaft.

Her hot, wet tongue felt incredible.

I let this continue for a few minutes before getting her to move on. "Ok, slut, it's time to put it in your mouth." I said. She looked into my eyes, and nodded once. She seemed somewhat stunned by this whole experience, but so eager to do a good job, to do what I told her.

She slowly tried to put the head in her mouth, just managing to get her lips around my girth. She pushed harder, squeezing my cock further and further. She could only fit a few inches inside. Her tongue was going crazy, and her hands were sliding all along my shaft.

It felt so good, so warm and wet. She suddenly let out a long, lusty moan. I started to thrust my cock forward a little, pushing back along her tongue. It was clear I wasn't going to get any further until she'd had some practice, so I was content with my little thrusts for now. I was only able to enjoy the sensation for a few moments before I was aching for release. I hadn't masturbated all week in anticipation of this. I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth.

She looked up at me, tears touching the corners of her eyes, but a huge smile on her face. She licked her lips, and wiped the spit from around her mouth. "Did that feel good?" she said, breathing heavily. "It did." I said. She smiled even wider and licked her lips again. I was amazed at how little it had taken for her to submit to me. "Did you enjoy it?" I asked her. "Yes!


Oh my God, it's just so big and thick. The way it.pulses. Having it in my mouth is so fucking hot. I'm." she trailed off suddenly. "You're what?" I asked. "I'm dripping wet, right now." I already knew this, but it felt good to hear her admit it. I smiled. "Jessica, what's it like when your boyfriend shoots his little load?" I asked. She smiled again, knowing where I was going with this.

"It's just.a few weak spurts. Like, a teaspoon's worth." she said. I gently took her jaw. "Do you want to see what it looks like when a real cock cums?" I asked softly. "Yes, yes, please. I want to make you cum, I want to see you shoot your load." she said, nodding vigorously. I ran my other hand through her hair.

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"Then finish me off." I said, guiding her head back towards my cock. She went straight to work, trying again to fit as much of my cock in her mouth as possible. She bobbed her head back and forth irregularly, and lightly stroked my balls and shaft with her hands.

The sides of my cock were scraping slightly against her teeth. This was my first experience with this, but even then I knew she wasn't doing a very good job.

I was just too big for her to get a real feel for it. But it still felt incredible, and after just a minute or so I was ready. "Just your hands, now." I said. She quickly backed off my cock and started jerking me hard with both hands, her spit working as lube. She was staring at my cock with an intensity I'd never seen before. Her breath was heavy and her face was flushed. "Do you want me to cum on you, slut?" I asked.

She didn't look at me, but started chanting under her breath, "Yes, yes, cum on me, please, cum, cum on me, yes." I grabbed her head for balance and let the feeling overwhelm me.

Hot, burning lines of pleasure jolted from the tip of my cock. It was incredible, ten times better that the last time I masturbated. I let out a loud groan of pleasure.

The first shot splattered across her face, and a few landed on her tits. Without being told, she shoved my dick back into her mouth, desperately swallowing my cum. She started choking slightly, not used to the amount, but kept at it. I held her head there until I'd finished, then let her go. She immediately fell back on the bed and started rolling around, clutching her boobs and rubbing her firm nipples.

She was rubbing my sperm around on them, moaning and whimpering. She brought her arm up to wipe the sticky fluid from her face, and ran her tongue up across it.

Her face was scrunched slightly in displeasure of the taste, but she moaned softly again, and continued grabbing her heavy tits.

I felt light-headed from the force of my orgasm, and she was really confusing me. "Jessica?" I said. She sat up and started squeezing her thighs together, still squirming.

"I've never felt this good before.please, please let me touch myself.I think.aahh, I think I'm going to cum soon.oh God I'm so wet." I was surprised that she obeyed me even now, her hands never once going near her crotch despite how much she obviously wanted it. She was covered in my cum, begging me to let her touch herself. I took just a few seconds to appreciate the position I was in. My cock, which had begun to wilt slightly, was back at full mast within a few seconds.

I sat down on the bed beside her. I lay down, and she crawled to the other side to make room. I took her gently by the arm and guided her towards my legs. I got her to straddle me, sitting right up against my cock so that it pointed straight up, lying parallel against her stomach. "Oh my God, you're still so hard." she said. She was still fidgeting, a pleading look in her eyes. "Come here." I said. She leaned forward to obey me, and as she did my cock ran along her stomach.

She pushed it back until it was flat against my body, pressed between us. I pushed her up, and guided her until my cock was between her legs, her weight supported by her knees on either side, and her pussy resting gently on the under side of my shaft.

She let out a small sigh when she first made contact, started letting out little humming moans with every breath. She was soaking wet. Her pussy juices began literally dripping down the sides of my cock, leaving little trails of moisture.

"Listen to me, Jessica." I said, "Tonight.I'm not going to fuck you, do you understand me?" Her expression instantly turned from a lustful haze to disappointment, and panic. "But.please, I'm so wet, I-" I tucked my fingers beneath her chin, and put my thumb gently on her lips, silencing her. "No, not tonight.

You haven't earned it yet." She looked like she was going to cry. "But. you have been a good little slut for me tonight. So I'm going to let you orgasm. Would you like that?" Her face grew excited again.

"Yes! Yes, please make me cum, please, I'm so wet." I pushed upwards with my hips, sliding my thick shaft along the outer lips of her pussy. She turned her head, moaning at the sudden intense feeling. I moved my body back, and just looked at her. She took the hint and began to thrust her own hips up and down, sliding her wet pussy along the length of my cock over and over, moaning gently every time she grinded her clit against it.

She started slowly at first, savouring every inch, but soon began to pick up the pace. Within just a minute, she was humping against my cock with a quick and steady rhythm, her eyes closed tight in concentration. Her body was slick with sweat. Her huge tits bounced slightly with every movement. I realised then that I hadn't even touched her tits yet. I reached out and grabbed them, hard. She gasped loudly and opened her eyes.

They felt good, so soft and heavy, and a little sticky from my cum. Her nipples felt rock hard against my palms. I quickly pinched them both between my thumb and fingers and squeezed.

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She let out another loud gasp and closed her eyes, throwing her head back to let out a low, guttural growl. I couldn't tell if it was in pleasure or pain, but I didn't care. I squeezed harder for a few seconds, drawing another long moan from between her parted lips, then I let go. Her hands went to straight to her nipples and she began lightly pinching and rubbing them herself. Her body was shaking more and more now, and it seemed like she was close to orgasm.

"Look at me, Jessica." I said. It seemed like she tried, but she was still screwing up her face in pleasure. "Slut." I said, grabbing her jaw, "Look at me." She did this time, gazing into my eyes. "Do you want to cum, Jessica?" I asked.

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Her voice came out in a shuddering, shaking breath, "Yesss.please, I think.I think I'm.Oh God, I'm think I'm close." she moaned. "Do it.cum for me." Her voice caught in her throat, and her hips began to spasm, breaking her rhythm.

She lay back slightly against my cock, forcing the girth further between her folds. She never looked away from me. I wanted her to face me, to look me in the eye so she'd always remember her first orgasm, and who gave it to her. I reached behind her and grabbed her firm ass hard, digging my fingers in deep.

She gave a throaty growl as I thrust my hips forward, providing even more stimulation. Suddenly, with a loud, shaking squeal, she came. Her hips were still jerking back and forth, continuing the stimulation on my cock. She was panting hard, every other breath coming out in a ragged moan.

She was still pinching her nipples, harder now, as hard as I had. Her orgasm seemed to last minutes, her eyes never leaving mine the whole time.

As she rode the waves of her orgasm to the end, she let out one final moan, and collapsed against my chest, her head on my shoulder. I held her for a while, my hands still on her ass, just enjoying the feeling of her warm naked body, still shuddering from the power of her orgasm. We lay like that for a few minutes. Her pussy was still resting against my erect cock, the bottom of which was now completely coated in her juices.

Once the little aftershocks that made her body twitch and quiver had completely stopped, she looked up at me. I moved my hand up to her head, and idly ran my fingers through her hair a few times. "Oh my God.that was good.," she sighed. She closed her eyes and lifted her head, lips parted slightly, as if to kiss me. I held my hand against her collar bone to stop her. She opened her eyes, confused. She seemed disappointed.

"Get out." I said. She suddenly looked terrified. "Wh.why? I mean." She looked down at my cock, still erect between her legs. "Aren't you. Don't you want to.fuck me?" she asked. I sighed again, and pushed her to the side. She rolled off of me, and turned to face me. I didn't look at her. "I already told you, Jessica, I'm not going to fuck you tonight." "But.please?

Please, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel a real cock-" I turned sharply to look at her, silencing her. I didn't want to hear my earlier words repeated back to me. "No, slut. Not tonight. Get out." She bit her lip. She once again looked so desperate. But for once in her God damn life, she didn't argue. "OK. I'll go.

Can we do this again? Please?" she said. "We'll see." I said, turning away from her. I grabbed the blanket and pulled it over me. I lay down with my back to her. She got up and walked to the other side of the bed, towards the door.

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She got dressed without her underwear, ignoring my sperm on her body. When she was finished, she turned to me. "What should I do know, the guy I've been.?" She didn't seem to want to say "boyfriend". She hadn't said his name either, I noticed. I looked at her, and considered it. "Jessica, you're not my girlfriend." I said. "I know.", she said with a smile, "I'm your.slut, right?" She seemed proud of it.

"Look, I don't give a fuck what you do with that needle dick, or anyone else for that matter. As long as you keep doing what I say, you can fuck whoever you like." I really meant this.

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I knew I didn't have to tell her not to fuck anyone else, because I knew it wouldn't matter. She was really obsessed with my cock by now. I doubted she'd even look at another guy. And being with her boyfriend again would only serve to remind her how big I was in comparison.

She seemed uncertain. I got the feeling she wanted to be given a command, something she could do to make me happy, to prove herself, to "earn" my dick, as I'd put it. "There is one thing you can do for me though." I started. Her face lit up. I was right. "Learn how to give a decent blow job. That was pathetic tonight." I said, with a touch of disgust in my voice. Her face fell, but she didn't reply right away.

"I will." she said, "I'll practice, I promise." "Good." I said. She didn't leave. It still seemed like she was waiting for something. "Thank you, for this. Thanks." she said. "Was that really your first ever orgasm?" I asked. She nodded. "Yes, definitely." I laughed softly. She hadn't seemed sure about it before, but now she knew. Whatever faint shadows of pleasure she'd experienced alone, or with her boyfriend, weren't even close to the real thing.

What she'd felt tonight as she humped my huge cock, that was what an orgasm felt like. "Well, you're welcome. Now get the fuck out so I can sleep." I said.

She nodded once. As she turned to leave, I noticed the fading pink marks on her ass that my fingers had made when I grabbed it. She left, closing the door gently behind her. I lay back and thought about what had just happened. I hadn't really planned how that had gone. My only real goal had been to make her beg to suck my cock, and that had gone very well. When it came to it, right after that, I knew I could have fucked her.

I could have pounded her until she screamed. But I didn't want to. I mean, I wanted to, obviously, but on some level it just didn't feel right.

There had to be.more. I wanted to see her even more degraded. I'd seen her beg, but I wanted to see how desperate she could really get.