Britney is a cum bucket

Britney is a cum bucket
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Katy and Liz had been having sex with each other for a while. The first time they had nervously explored each other's young bodies had been a month ago, when they had stolen a drunken kiss one night while Katy's parents were away on a summer holiday, which had got out of hand very quickly. They had grown up as close friends, sisters really, since Katy had moved to the neighbourhood when she was twelve.

Instantly hitting it off, they had spent much of their teenage years constantly in each other's pockets. Now they were both 18 and were going off to different universities, there was a bittersweet feeling about the long hot summer. They knew that things would change somewhat in their relationship once they travelled to different parts of the country to explore their respective passions.

What neither had bargained for was the exceptional passion they would awaken in each other that drunken night. And so, here they were, at Liz's house, discussing their excited plans for university and kissing each other every so often. The feeling of the soft lips and taste of the chapstick was enough to send shivers through their erogenous zones.

"Shall we get some pop from the newsagent?" asked Liz after reluctantly breaking off another kiss. "Yeah ok, I'm well thirsty," replied Katy. She playfully rode up Liz's frilly skirt and gave her pussy a light kiss through her thin panties. Liz moaned as Katy got up from the bed and laughed at her. "Let's be quick then!" They made their way down from Liz's bedroom and went through the hall, saying bye to Liz's parents on their way out of the door.

They had both been wearing short skirts all summer, both because of the baking heat and because of the heat of their passion for each other's wet cunts.

Neither were wearing bras, letting their young breasts free in the summer heat. It was easier when you had quick access. Liz was a blonde with striking blue eyes, her breasts small but perfectly formed. Katy, on the other hand was a brunette with large breasts, the envy of the other schoolgirls growing up.

She also had blue eyes, and the pair of them could both be described as blue-eyed bombshells. They had quite the effect on the men they walked passed, drawing their eyes to their own, and more often to their beautiful teenage bodies. They often caught women glancing at them, some with envy, but a fair few with passion.

They rounded the corner to where the local newsagent was. There was a bloke standing outside smoking. They paid him no attention, but he had certainly paid them some. As they entered, they saw the familiar sight of Mr Patel behind the counter. He had seen them grow up from mischievous little girls to beautiful young women.

They liked him very much because he used to treat them on occasion to sweeties with a wink and a promise not to tell their parents. The poor man had lost his wife the previous year to cancer, and he was still very cut up about it. Yet he turned up to work every day, which they had both found commendable.

"You two are more radiant every day I see you!" he said. They smiled demurely, thanked him and went towards the back of the shop where the refrigerated section was. On the other side were the magazines. The shelves were situated in such a way that they could not be seen very clearly.

Liz looked up at the porn magazines and smiled a little as she took one off the shelf. "What are you looking at?" asked Katy, as she sidled up behind her best friend and lover. She looked over her shoulder, leaning her chin on Liz's shoulder. "Oh you naughty bitch." Katy laughed and then sucked a little on Liz's ear, which always set Liz off.

"Hey, stop it, Mr Patel might see," Liz whispered. "So what if he does?" asked Katy, always the braver of the two. She slid her hands round Liz's body and hugged her from behind, snuggling into the crick of her neck. "Let's take a look inside then." Liz was powerless to the feeling of Katy's hands softly stroking her stomach and ribs. She opened up the magazine at a random page and was presented with a woman on her knees, her large breasts hanging down and being pummelled from behind by a large penised man.

Katy pinched her erect nipples and Liz felt herself getting wet. "You would like that wouldn't you," whispered Katy in her ear, her breath sending shivers down her spine, "getting fucked from behind by a man with a huge cock." She continued to fondle Liz's small breasts.

Liz let out the softest of moans as she imagined that scenario. She was getting wet down below and was extra excited because of the risk of being discovered in such a compromising position.

Katy moved her hands down to where here top stopped, just above her skirt, and moved her hands upwards again, underneath Liz's top. "Stop," whispered Liz, non-committedly. "No," Katy simply said, and pinched Liz's nipples between the thumb and forefinger of either hand. She kissed Liz's neck softly, behind the ear and then downwards to her shoulder. Her hands were stimulating Liz's nipples and she could feel Liz shuddering slightly each time she flicked them.

Liz couldn't keep her eyes open, and she was going weak at the knees as her pussy went from slightly moist to sopping wet. "Are you all right back there?" said Mr Patel, looking towards the back of the shop where the girls had disappeared to. Liz let out a startled cry. "We're fine," said Katy, "just reading a magazine.

Is that all right?" "Sure whatever," said Mr Patel, too engrossed in the cricket he was watching on his laptop to really care. The shout from Mr Patel had set the adrenaline pumping in Liz, which only added to her excitement.

Katy was also feeling the effects, though she had calmly dealt with the situation. "Let's turn the page," she said, and Liz obliged. She chose another page at random, and they both stared silently at two women sucking the cock and balls of another man with a large penis.

It could only be described as cock worship, because both the women had sultry looks on their faces as they went about their dirty business. One was sucking in the top of the man's cock, her full lips wrapped around his veiny thick appendage, her cheeks caved inward with the effort, while the other had one of his balls in her mouth, which was slightly open, and her tongue was cupping it from underneath.

"Holy shit," said Liz, in awe. "Do you want to do that too?" asked Katy, with a mischievous smile. Liz silently took in the sight before simply saying, "yes." Katy moved her hands from Liz's breasts. Liz sighed slightly in disappointment before being startled by Katy pulling down her panties in one swift movement. Katy then squatted behind the girl and spread her legs, stretching out Liz's panties between her ankles.

Liz lifted her foot up so the panties would not stretch beyond reason and slowly stepped out of them, leaving the sopping wet garment on the ground.

Again, Katy forced her legs wide apart. Liz knew what was coming and closed her eyes in anticipation of Katy's skilful tongue. But nothing happened. Then, just as she was about to turn her head and glare at Katy, she felt the girl blow a soft breath on her exposed cunt. She let out a soft moan. Katy then licked and kissed the inside of her sensitive supple young thighs, slowly making her way up towards Liz's glistening lips. She could see a drop appear at the entrance and make its way down to her clit before slowly getting heavier and larger.


It finally dropped, leaving a long sticky trail and hitting the ground between Liz's legs. It was the hottest thing Katy had ever seen. Katy was squatting there between her friend's legs. Her nipples were as hard as bullets and the slightest movement of fabric on them as she breathed long lustful breathes sent shivers straight to her soaking pussy. Her panties were glistening, and anyone standing behind her would have seen the growing sticky wet patch building, because her short skirt was not enough to cover her arse in this position.

Katy pinched her own nipples through the soft fabric of her tank top before setting forth with her tongue to lick the musky juices all the way up from her clit to her vaginal entrance. Liz moaned more loudly and set the magazine, open at the page, on the shelf in front of her. She leaned her hands against the rack to balance herself, as her lean athletic teenage legs were wobbling at the sensation of her friend's tongue. Mr Patel looked up at the sound of the moan, but decided to pay no attention to it.

Probably just the girls being girls, he thought, moaning about boys or something. He went back to watching the cricket.

Jack had been waiting outside the shop patiently to get another glimpse of the girls in their skimpy outfits. He was in his late 30s and was wearing a hoody and sweatpants.

He could not believe the amazing sight of them walking down the street and into the newsagent. Their tits had been bouncing, clearly showing they had no bras on, and their short skirts had promised much irresistible fun to be had between them.

He hadn't seen girls like that in a long time. Yet they hadn't appeared outside for a long time. He was growing impatient, and finally decided to investigate inside. He entered the shop. Mr Patel paid the man little attention as he quietly came in.

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Jack was confused as he looked around the shop, because it appeared as though the girls had done a disappearing act. He couldn't see them anywhere. Slowly he walked down the aisles looking for them. Just as he was about to get to the last aisle with the magazines and refrigerator he heard a moan.

Jack stopped dead, and listened some more. He could hear heavy breathing and wet sounds. Could it be? He quietly tip toed around the last corner and stopped again, amazed at the sight that confronted him. There, in the middle of the aisle, stood a girl with her legs spread wide, leaning against the magazine rack, having her exposed pussy and arsehole passionately eaten out by another girl who was squatting behind her with her skirt ridden up exposing soaking panties and her hard nipples almost ripping holes through her thin top.

He stood there flabbergasted. Then he quickly and quietly moved into the aisle, careful not to get in their line of sight, though both had their eyes closed.

His cock was getting rock solid by the incredibly erotic sight of the young teen lesbians. He gripped it and watched them. He noticed how Katy was sticking her tongue into Liz's entrance, then sucking on her sensitive lips, tasting Liz's sweet nectar. Katy would occasionally concentrate on Liz's arsehole, licking and sucking the sphincter. Then Katy stopped and stood up, and turned Liz around, but before she could give the other girls a wet sloppy pussy juice filled kiss, Liz gasped.

Her eyes were saucers. Katy turned around and saw the man who had sneaked behind them in the midst of their passion. "Shit," was all Katy could manage in her shock. "Oh," said Jack, "don't mind me girls, you carry on as if I'm not here." He was keeping his voice low, obviously trying not to draw the attention of Mr Patel. It was then that both Liz and Katy noticed the hard cock Jack was sporting in his sports trousers.

It was huge, they could easily see, despite the fabric covering it.

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Liz's mind flashed back to the photo in the magazine of the girl getting fucked from behind, and the other one of the two women sucking a big cock with passion. She was in lustful fog after being eaten out so effectively by Katy, and she could feel her wet juices dripping and leaving trails across her inner thighs. She bit her lip. Katy looked at Liz and noticed that familiar look of lust. Katy was also feeling incredibly turned on, her panties nothing more than a wet rag at this point.

"Kiss me," Liz said, looking passionately into Katy's blue eyes. The girls kissed passionately, their lips and tongues interlocking in a wet mess with their saliva and Liz's pussy juices.

Their hands started to roam, moving up and down their backs, through their hair, along their stomachs, ribs and breasts, and to their arses and pussies. Katy let out a moan as finally Liz touched her cunt through her wet panties.

"Fuck me Katy, you're so wet." At that Liz pulled down Katy's panties, which Katy happily stepped out of. Liz picked up her own panties from off the floor and used them to soak up the juices of her own pussy, and the trails along her inner thighs. She smiled mischievously and said to the man, "here, which of us tastes better," and handed him the panties, which he eagerly took in disbelief. Katy felt like she was about to fall over after hearing and witnessing that, it was so erotic, so depraved, and Liz was usually the shyer one, which made it all the more irresistible.

She decided to step it up a gear and lifted her top off. Exposing her large young perfectly shaped breasts, the ones that the other girls looked at with deep envy. Jack felt like he would shoot his load right there and then as he held the girls panties in each hand. The blue one's were Katy's… "What… what are your names?" he asked, struggling to get the words out as he watched Liz go behind Katy and started fondling her breasts and sucking on her neck and ear.

"I'm… Katy," gasped the large breasted girl, as Liz dipped a finger into her overly lubricated pussy. "And I'm Liz," said the beautiful blonde, as she took that finger and stuck it into Katy's mouth, forcing her to suck her own juices off her friend's finger as the stranger looked on. She was getting close to coming from putting on this show for some older guy they had never met before.

"Are you going to tell us who tastes better or what?" asked Liz, almost angrily, as she took that finger and used it to stroke the other girl's arsehole. Katy felt her legs wobbling and had to force herself to lean back seductively against the other girl to keep her balance.

"I'm Jack," he said, before taking his cue. He screwed Liz's panties up into a ball and stuck them in his mouth. He sucked hard, tasting and smelling and breathing in the teens pussy musk and juices.

This made Liz and Katy moan in unison. Liz had taken her own top off now, and both girls had their skirts around their waists. Liz had started rubbing Katy's clit and Katy was grinding against her finger, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm. The thing that brought about the final plunge into orgasmic bliss was watching Jack take Katy's panties and put them in his mouth alongside Liz's and suck on both wet rags at the same time.

It was so deeply depraved, she just couldn't hold back any longer and came. Hard. Liz quickly stuck the two fingers of her left hand she had previously had deep in her own snatch into Katy's mouth to muffle the sound of Katy's orgasmic gasps and screams.

Mr Patel was getting excited, as the cricket was entering the final stages of the match with it finely poised. He had his earphones in and could here the crown moan in unison as one of the players was bowled out. Jack, meanwhile, saw Katy fall to her knees in post-orgasmic weakness. He took the panties out of his mouth and held them in his hand in front of the girl. Katy instinctively took them from him, but realised she had no idea what she would do with the saliva and juice covered balls.

Then she had an idea, as a sort of revenge for Liz forcing her to cum in front of the random bloke. She turned around and spread Liz's legs. Liz duly obliged, and then gasped as Katy forced one, then both panties up her soaking slit. Then Katy eagerly started licking Liz's clit. Katy was on all fours while she ate out her friend, her pert young arse presenting itself to Jack.

Her wet pussy was dripping in front of him, her pussy lips and clit swollen and in heat. It was too much for Jack to take and he pulled his trousers and boxers down and stepped out of them, revealing his swollen hard monster cock. Liz's blue eyes were saucers again as she took in the sight. He looked at her. She met his eyes, and then looked down at her friend's arse and then back to him. She silently nodded to him and bit her lip. Jack squatted behind Katy and lined up his stiff manhood behind her.

He slowly rubbed the swollen head up and down her wet slit. Katy moaned "yes." He took that as his cue and pushed his cock head slowly into her tight snatch. And she was so tight, so young, so wet. He hadn't felt anything like it since his early twenties. He almost shot his load right there and then. Katy took her mouth from Liz's clit and grimaced in pain and pleasure.

"Oh god it's so big," she said, quietly. "He has barely got any in yet," said Liz in disbelief. Jack pushed more in, and was about 6 inches in when he felt Katy start to shudder.

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Clearly another orgasm was coming. He shoved the last three inches in and Katy came, shivering and shuddering on the massive cock, stretching out her young tight twat. She had no fingers to muffle the sound of her passionate scream this time and Liz nervously looked around hoping Mr Patel wouldn't hear. Mr Patel was snapped out of his cricket bound revery and looked toward the back of the shop.

He took his earphones out and heard moaning and words he couldn't make out. Then he saw Liz walking up the shop toward him. Weirdly her top looked ruffled on her, and her skirt was slightly misplaced. She walked up to the door and locked it, turned round the sign to say "closed" and walked up to the counter.

"Oh yes, fuck me you dirty bastard," came from the back of the shop. Mr Patel was very confused. He was even more confused when Liz got up and the counter and kneeled before him. "I'm sorry about your wife," she said. "Thank you," said Mr Patel without thinking. "May I offer you some comfort," she said, before leaning toward him and kissing him deeply on the lips.

He could taste her Chapstick, and something else, something musky. He knew it was wrong, that he was a man in his fifties and shouldn't be doing this with some random woman, let alone a teenager he had seen grow up. Yet she was so beautiful, and young, and her lips felt amazing, and her slender little hands were rubbing his neck and hair, and his body couldn't help but feel the natural urge. She broke the kiss. Liz lifted her skimpy top off and exposed her small pert soft breasts and hard nipples to the old man.

Taking a huge gamble, she had realised there was no use trying to keep Katy and Jack quiet, they were grunting and moaning and talking dirty now as he rammed his fat shaft into her tight little pussy.

So she had decided that instead of being caught and the fun having to come to an end, she would involve the beloved old shop keeper. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the ground behind her. Then she was completely naked except for the shoes and frilly socks she wore.

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She spread her knees apart, exposing herself to Mr Patel. He simply sat there silently as she traced her hands around her body, over her breasts, pinching her sensitive nipples and moving her hands down towards her clit which she flicked and sent shivers around her body. "Touch me," she said to the old man.

He lifted his hands, but before he got all the way he stopped. "Oh, please, Mr Patel I want you," she said seductively. In normal circumstances she would never have played with such a thought, but right now it was like she was in heat, she needed to be touched and sucked and fucked. And why not Mr Patel, he had always been so kind to them, and his wife had died, he needed the comfort.

So, she moved forward more, and took hold of his hands. She moved his hands to touch her breasts. Mr Patel's instinct took over and he started fondling her warm pert breasts, playing with her nipples with skilled experienced fingers. That set her off, and she moaned loudly, knowing that now she could be as loud as she liked.

Her blue eyes fixed with his, and she took one of his hand and moved it down to her little tight pussy. He thumbed her clit, and traced along her slit, feeling how wet she was. Then as he stuck his middle finger inside he was surprised to feel fabric.

At first, he thought she might be on her period, but realised that would have been completely different. Liz nodded, "take them out." "Take what out," he said, confused. "Our panties," she said, gyrating her pussy into his thumb and fingers. He hooked his finger onto the material and pulled it out, and the soaked panty came out with the other and dropped onto his counter. There were juices all over them, and she was visibly dripping onto the glass counter. "Now taste us," she said, picking up the panties and holding them in front of his mouth.

He opened his mouth, and she had an almost pained expression on her face as she placed them inside leaving two fingers for him to suck on. He suck on the panties and fingers and she was breathing heavily, her breasts heaving.

Mr Patel knew she must be incredibly turned on, so replaced his fingers in her pussy and curled them up inside towards her g-spot. The teen was gyrating on his fingers and when he placed his thumb on her clit she started shuddering. He didn't really have to do much, just offer a bit of resistance as Liz did all the hard work and came viciously on his fingers, her wet snatch somehow getting wetter.

She screamed. "That dirty whore," said Katy as she looked on in amazement at what her friend was doing on the counter. She had got up from mounting Jack's massive cock to see what had happened to Liz.

Well she knew now, as she watched her teen friend shudder to an orgasm and scream the place down. "Mr Patel," said Katy loudly. Mr Patel quickly dislodged his fingers from Liz's pussy, feeling guilty adrenaline coursing through his veins.

He looked to the bottom of the shop to see a naked Katy standing proudly, her large breasts' nipples standing to attention, her inner thighs glistening with the light of the refrigerator. "Please brinf your nympho friend to the back of the shop and join us," said Katy smiling invitingly and spreading her pussy lips with two fingers.

Jack appeared behind her and took her breasts in his hands from behind. He also appeared to be naked, and his large cock was glistening with the same stuff as her inner thighs were. His big cock was swinging slightly and Katy took a grip of it in her hand and looked at Liz with a knowing smile. Liz got down from the counter and turned around to Mr Patel. "Come and fuck me, old man." Mr Patel stood with and took the panties out of his mouth.

Liz reached out and he gave them to her. She took one in either hand and started walking towards the back of the shop. Mr Patel walked like a zombie behind her, his mouth agape in disbelief. When they had all gathered at the back of the shop, Liz and Katy both knelt down in front of Mr Patel. "Please, Mr Patel, may we taste your cock?" said Katy playfully. Then she undid his belt, while Liz unzipped his fly. Katy then pulled his trousers and pants down, which he got out of.

Both girls looked at his cock, impressed. He was a good 7 maybe 8 inches. They had never realised the kindly old man from the newsagent could sport such a large throbbing cock.


Katy gripped the bottom of it in her small hand, her fingers just about fitting all the way round, and then guided it towards Liz. Liz had an idea, and picked up the panties from the floor and wiped both of them in the girls pussies, before wiping the juice soaked rags up and down the man's cock.

Liz looked up innocently at Mr Patel before licking it up and down, tasting the juices.

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Katy did the same, and both girls were licking him at the same time, occasionally locking tongues around it. Then Liz took the head of his penis into her mouth and sucked and licked it with vigour.

Katy looked on in admiration before starting to lick his scrotum and suck his balls. Jack simply looked on in amused incredulity, stroking his lubricated cock in his hand. The girls really went at it, sucking and licking his appendage, making Mr Patel moan in pleasure, but before he could cum, they stopped, smiled at each other and Katy down on her hands and knees again, while Katy did the same, so that they were face to face.

"Mr Patel," said Katy, "which of us would you like to take first?" "I think, because she was so kind, and asked me so nicely, I will give Liz the honour." Mr Patel got on his knees behind Liz and didn't lose any time penetrating her. Liz let out a long satisfied moan as she felt his long, thick, hard cock go deeply inside her. Katy then felt Jack penetrate her all the way to the hilt, her tight snatch gripping him and also moaned.

The girls started kissing each other as they were both fucked hard from behind. Katy big breasts undulated back and forth like pendulums much to Liz's lustful pleasure. Liz felt the old man gripping her arse cheeks and he rammed home hard and with precision from behind. She felt another orgasm building and then finally erupt, as she screamed a breathy outburst directly into Katy mouth. Katy also came, riding on the erotic sea Liz and she were both adrift in.

Then the girls decided to change things up a bit, and had the men lie on their backs. The girls rode them, taking control of the situation. Liz and Katy gained a rhythm and started to bounce up and down simultaneously. The men were about to burst, and soon came around the same time deep into the girls young tight little pussies.

First Katy and then Liz got up from their respective cocks and sucked the cum and juice off the cock that the other had been fucking.

Both Liz and Katy had tasted cum a few times before. However, there was something satisfyingly different about tasting the cum that had been unloaded in their friend's pussies. It mixed with the juices, which they already loved the taste of, so it was only really another step from there.

In fact they loved the taste so much that when Katy suggest they 69 Liz eagerly agreed. Katy was on top, while Liz was underneath. They both licked the slits of each other, taking care to clean up every last drop. Jack and Mr Patel, meanwhile stood watching stroking their cocks hard again at the seen of these nubile young 18 year olds going at each other's snatches.

Then Katy had an idea, and retrieved the panties, sticking hers in Liz's pussy and Liz's in hers. She took care to thrust them as deep as she could, before taking them out. She wiped hers on her own tits, while she wiped Liz's on Liz's tits. Then both took turns licking and sucking the cum and juice off each other's breasts. Then each sucked the other's panties in their mouths, sucking all the juice and cum they could get into their throats. Then Katy took her own panties and suggested Liz put them on.

While she then put on Liz's. They weren't much good anymore, and their pussies were exposed to the elements. But they didn't care. Katy sucked Mr Patel's cock, while Liz sucked Jack's, until both came. They then had one last sloppy kiss. "Thank you for such a lovely time," said Liz to Jack and Mr Patel as the girls put their clothes back on. Both the men thanked them as they left the shop, slightly more bedraggled looking than they had entered it, with free soft drinks generously gifted them by Mr Patel.

The girls held hands as they walked around the corner. Mr Patel and Jack shook hands, introducing themselves to each other for the first time, and smiling in disbelief at their amazing luck.