Desi young couple caught fucking More Details

Desi young couple caught fucking More Details
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I got to her house earlier than usual. It was 1 in the afternoon the sun burning bright in the sky. She wouldn't be out till 3:30, but I didn't mind waiting at her porch.

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I had a book I was reading anyway. About 5 minutes into my book I heard the gate open. I thought it might be her and she left class early, but it was her mom. I got up to greet her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and she invited me in.

She offered me a drink and told me to get comfortable.


I restarted my reading from where I left off and her mom left to the room. A few minutes later she came out with her hair down, and casual clothes. Not the usual attire I saw her in like dress pant and a button up with some heels and a bun. No, she had her hair down dripping over her shoulders, black loose blouse, skintight faded blue jeans and summer style open toe sandals. My god I had never notice the body on her till this moment. Her breast perked up, her legs, thighs and ass where so dam thick.

She had an amazing body that left stuck in the thought of her, that for a second I forgot that she was my girlfriends mom.i was lost in thought I hadn't notice she began talking to me.

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" hey you ok? " she said. I snapped out of it and said " yea I'm sorry, what was the question" She asked if I knew what time her daughter would be home, " yea, about 4:00 maybe 3:50 " I replied. " that's a long time to wait isn't it?" She said.

I told her I didn't mind as long as I had a book to read. We kept having small talk about how I was doing in school, my goals for myself after I was done for school, what it was that I like doing. She said she didn't ever really get a chance to talk to me or get to know me since she was always busy and on the go but I looked like a handsome young and smart guy, who treated her daughter well. So I told her the basic of me and why I do, I like school and the trade im learning, i like to read and write, I like exercising, so I stay active by going to the gym, hiking, running and biking.

She then told me she'd love to start exercising and get fit but she never has anytime for herself and when she does all she wants to do is relax in a nice bubble bath and nap. I started to drift off as she told me more about her job. I started analyzing her body from head to toe. Slowing down as I reached her loose blouse,then her neck, her lips as they moved when she spoke, and finally my eyes met with hers. She wasn't speaking anymore and we had total eye contact in silence for more than the normal time, and then something inside of set a fire on, as if somebody opened the furnace in my chest and started feeding wood for a winters fire.

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She broke the silence and asked me" what are you thinking" when I looked up to answer I just simply said" I think your like fine wine, aged well, and I'm also thinking if you taster as good as you look." We sat there for a moment in silence. Then she smiled and said "your charming as well I see" and I smiled back. With a hint of cockiness I said " I'm good with words".

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She then got up and walked away and as she walked away, she paused about halfway to the kitchen and looked back at me with a smile then but her lip.

By now it was already 2:10. I looked up at the kitchen to see my girls mother washing a bit of dishes.

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Staring at that ass like a hungry wolf on the hunt, I got up and walked up behind her as she washed dishes and I slid my hands around her waste, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I grip her hips and pulled her in as I went for a slow and passionate kiss on her neck as I moved her hair out the way. I felt push her self harder into me and she let out a small moan slip through her lips. I kept kissing the back of her neck and moved my hands slowly up from her to her stomach and then I slowly grabbed both Breast and squeezed gently and she let out another small moan with low and slowly dragged out "fuck".

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I kept squeezing and massaging her breast as I kissed her neck and now she was also slowly grinding on me. No words exchanged. Our body were doing the talking.i started moving my lips from her neck to her shoulder strap and kissed her gently as I moved her bra strap of with my lips till it hung off the edge of her arm.i started to let one of my hands descend from one of her breast to the button that held her pant together, I undid it and separated her underwear from her skin as I slid my hand in her pants.

I could feel the heat as my hand approached the entrance to temple I had already to explore on the outside. She let out a pleasuring moan and twitched. I pulled my hand out and turned her around, I reached around her waist to turn the water off as she had left it running while she was lost in the fog of lust. I went in for the kiss and we started and elegant duel with our tongues. I bit her lips and she bit mine my hand swaying her gently back and fourth by the hips.

I felt her hands reach my pants button as she undid it, unlike me she worked hasty and in a swift gesture she pulled out my already hard and erect cock, she start to jerk it up and down at the same time she started on my neck with rough biting, sucking, and kissing. I moved my hands from her hips to grab handful of that ass, the ass that had driven me here in the first place.

I then moved my hands to the edge of her pants and started to pull them down, she shimmied to help me get them off, and my pants dropped as well. I dropped to my knees and as I pulled each pants leg off I followed all the way off with kiss down her legs.

Once they were all off and she stood there in only a blouse with nothing else on. I took off my briefs and shirt. I stood completely naked in front of her. And she smiled. The silence we shared was louder with each lust kiss.

She stood against the sink and slowly started to drop to her knee. Not only did I feel the warmth of her hands as she grasped me to take me in her mouth, I also felt the cold of her golden marriage ring it made her blowing me feel so mucho better for an unknown reason to me. I loved the way she started at the bottom of my cock and kiss slowly and then licked up as if it was a ice cream Lolly pop and she didn't want a single drop to escape.

When she finally reached the tip she would tease with kiss and licks before taking every inch into her mouthand oh my god the warmth of her mouth and the feeling of her lips gripping as she moved her head back and fourth. She gave me head for what felt like forever, but after about 15 minutes I finally exploded in her mouth and she swallowed it with out a single gag or complaint, she even kept sucking afterwards and licked up every drip, not a drip of cum was lost from her mouth.

She got up and kept massaging my balls. Still no words. She turned around and bent over to rinse her mouth with her ass facing me, I smacked it and I could see her smile. I smacked it harder then second time and this time a grabbed it and gripped I pulled her In and I was about to get ready to give that ass the love it deserved! But I looked up at the clock that hung above the sink and it read 2:35 I still had an hour and some change, so I decide to make the most of this moment since I wasn't sure if it's ever happen again.

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I turned her around and we made out again. Her tongue and mine spun around each other's and the lip biting was not forgotten. I grabbed her by the waste and lift her onto the edge of the sink.i undid her blouse with one hand and unhinged her bra with the other. Finally exposing her breast, great pair that did not hang low but perked up. I left her lips and moved to her neck while one of my hands played with her breast and the other moved lower to play with her pussy.

She moaned and moaned, till she grew loud enough for it to echo through to her living room. My lips left her neck and now moved to her breast, I took her breast into my mouth swirling my younger around the nipple and biting it, then sucking on them slowly.

Again I left her breast to reach my desired destination. I kissed her pussy gently, licking in a teasing manner before spreading her lips with my tongue. I took it slow and took my time as she did with me. I licked slowly and shifted to swirls to up and down to gentle biting and then some sucking of each lips.


I licked up her dripping nectar as she twitched when I made contact with my tongue. She pulled my hair and ran her fingers through it too. Then I got my and concentrated it on the spot that made her twitch and pulled my hair I licked and licked until she came in my mouth and I too did not let a drop of her go to waste. I stood up with her legs around me an my cock fully erect and she kissed my chest and I rubbed her back before wrapping my left arm around her and I placed my hand on her neck and started to grip tight and she took my cock in her hands and fixed at the entrance to herself and like an addict who needed a fix she she put him in injecting herself with me.

Her legs wrapped tight around me as she sat on the edge of the sink, my hand on her throat and her hands scratching my back. She let out moans and soft "fucks" or " oh god" every time she bit her lips she looked sexy and it made me fuck her more intently more passionate! Every Time she gasped for air or gripped me tight I got harder.

I thrust hard and forward! seeking for her scratches to get deeper and her moans to get louder. then she have twitch and a let out a breath on my chest a she leaned her head in I could feel her juices soak my cock like her mouth did with saliva. I had the choice to finish and end this, but again I looked up and saw the time I had 30 minutes before my girlfriend arrived. I was yet to feel that ass of hers grinding on me and backing into meso I helped her of the edge of the sink and bent her over it.

She shook her ass teasingly at me, smiled and then blew me a kiss. I smiled back and gripped my cock and positioned myself behind her. I used the tip off my cock as a massage tool and massages and teased the outside of her lips, splitting them and making a swirling motion.

Then I smacked her ass hard and good, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her in by it as I thrust forward. Her grasp for air as i completed the first thrust turned me on so much, there's was no way this was going to be slow and gently. I started pounding that ass with each clap of her cheeks against my thighs sounding like thunder in roaring storm.

Her moans now echoing through her whole house and her words guiding us to our shared climax. " fuck me FUCK ME! Oh god oh god oooooh God" she moaned. "Faster" she drew out the single word before letting a climatic cry of lust and pleasure.

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I came inside of her and she moved slowly back and fourth realizing that, as if easing down from cloud nine. I stood there behind her.

I turned her around and smiled at Her and she smiled back as my hand caressed her ass and I leaned to take her breast in my mouth one more time. I playfully rubbed her pussy as she laid a couple more kisses on my chest, she bit my lip and before walking off to the shower she held me in her hands and gave a teasing kiss to the tip.

As she walked away I walked behind her and gave that ass one last good smack and grabbed a handful again. She looked back and said " I'll be home early next week too, guess which day" and winked, before disappearing into her bedroom. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to go one more time, but I looked at the clock and it read 3:49 and I heard the gate open, so I walked to the bathroom to clean off.