Blonde bimbo enjoys a rough shag

Blonde bimbo enjoys a rough shag
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The Oculus Mirror Def: Oculus Mirror a mirror in which the more you look at it the more you see your evil reflection. Prologue: The old man walked along the side walk slowly.

His cane helped him along so he wouldn't stumble. Soon he came to a row of shops and entered the one with the sign 'Antiques' hanging above the door. Walking into the room he took a look around and noticed something amiss. The clerk came out of the back room and spied the old man and said, "Hello Herr Brunner, how was your lunch?" "Where is the mirror?" The old man asked pointing with the tip of his cane to a space against the back wall where it used to stand covered up.

"I sold it Herr Brunner." The clerk replied happily. "What? You sold it?" The old man asked in astonishment. "I would never have sold it!" "But, I got an excellent price for it, Herr Brunner." "To whom did you sell it? We must try and get it back!" "To a young lady, sir.

She gave a parley some for it. All in cash too." "Did you get her name? Her address?" "No sir. Why? What is wrong?" "You don't understand Roger, that is evil." The old man said just before he collapsed to the ground. Chapter One Hanna Penny made her living, a very successful living writing romance novels under the nom de plume of Genevieve Jones. A mousy, quiet type of girl in real life who's novels showed the reader heroines that had a deep inner strength to bring them through trials of conflict, failed and successful romances.

Her success allowed her to live better than average acquiring a Victorian style home in the country and to fill it with antique furniture. Her latest acquisition, a 17th century mirror which she immediately hung in her bedroom thinking to use it as a dressing mirror.

After some struggle, Hanna was able to hang the mirror right where she wanted in the bedroom across from where her own bed sat. It was beautifully ornate wood framed mirror with hand carving all around. Standing there looking at the mirror itself, she began to look at her reflection. She saw herself as she did always; Standing 5'2" in her stocking feet.

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She had a shapely body measuring 34-28-32. Her ample breast always looked large on her small frame. Her dark brown hair she wore lose fell down along her shoulders to the length of mid-back. Her face was covered with black framed glasses which gave her a nerdy look. Nothing like the women portrayed in her novels.

Actually quite the opposite, shy and soft spoken if not a bit submissive. Looking into the mirror, her image seamed to shimmy, if just for a second. She rubbed her eyes. She must be tired she thought and decided to go to bed. Though the hour was not late she wanted to get up early and get a start on writing her next novel. That night she slept. Not a restful sleep, but one with strange dreams making her toss and turn most of the night. Awaking in the morning, she knew she was still tired and knew she had these strange dreams but could not remember any of them.

She moved across the room heading down stairs to the kitchen, not before glancing at herself in her pajamas as she passed the mirror. With dawn just breaking, a good cup of coffee out on the veranda in the cool fresh air was just what she needed to wake up. Finishing her coffee, she went inside, made a second cup and firing up her laptop began to write.

Three hours later it was time for a break and a stretch. Back up stairs to shower and change. When finished she was dressed and standing in front of the mirror watching herself as she brushed her hair. As she did so the image in the mirror shimmered once again and in a flash she saw her own refection change.

Change from what she was wearing, blue jeans with a white blouse to a much different image. She saw herself, or what looked to be her. The reflection of herself wore a black leather mini skirt, a black leather bustier which pushed her ample breasts upwards.

Almost lewdly. Black leather knee high boots adored her legs. Her hair was pulled back tightly on her head into a high pony tail.

Hanna glanced away to look for her glasses. Seeing them on the night stand, she moved to grab them and put them on. Looking back into the mirror all she saw was the reflection of the image of herself, as she was. What had happened? What had she saw? Was her mind playing tricks on her? Surely she was still tired from the lack of restful sleep. That and too much strong coffee.

It had to be it. She made her way down stairs and went back to work writing. Chapter Two The next morning she arose at her usual early morning time. She was tired. She had put in a full day of work yesterday writing well into the night.

When she finally stopped for the evening she had gone to bed but once again her sleep was interrupted with strange dreams. Dreams which bothered her but none that she could remember when she awoke.

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Taking her normal cup of coffee she went out on the veranda of the house only to find a large package waiting for her. When did this arrive? She thought. She didn't hear any delivery. No bell was wrung. Strange. She brought the package into her house and placed it on the table. It had her name and address on it but the return address was unreadable. Taking a steak knife from the drawer Hanna cut the seal of the box and looked inside surprised at what she found. It was a black leather corset.

She lifted it out of the box and admired the beauty of the construction of the piece. It was certainly hand made with quality leather and heavily boned. It laced up the back and had a zippered flap that covered the laces. Putting back into the box, she went outside and sat down to drink her coffee. Where did it come from? She hadn't ordered it. Nobody she knew would send something like that to her.

Finishing her coffee she decided to for go writing to go and take an immediate shower and to get dressed. As she moved through the kitchen, she reached into the box and took the corset with her up stairs.

Really not knowing why. After her shower she came out of the bathroom only in her panties and was moving towards the closet when she thought she hear some one call her name, "Hanna." She turn quickly to look but there was no one there.

"Hanna." She heard it again, but there was no one in her room. "Hanna." It was only a whisper. As she looked around the room trying to figure out what was going on she looked at the mirror. Something drew her closer to the mirror. She looked, saw her reflection and then it changed.

It was the image of herself of what she saw yesterday. But this time she was calling to herself. "Hanna. Hanna." It said. "Put it on." She looked as if in a trance. Turning Hanna moved to the bed and picked up the corset. She looked back in the mirror. Her reflection was smiling. "Put it on." Echoed in her mind. Hanna bent down and stepped into the corset lifting it up over her hips to pull it waist high.

It fit perfect over her small frame. From just over her hips to breasts. Lifting them up. Pushing them outward. Proudly. But it did not cover her breast completely. Rather, the cups lifted them up but only covered them half way. Peeking over the top was half of her silver dollar sized aureoles.


She tried to pull it up a bit further but every movement by her body allowed it to slip down. She needed to tighten the laces. Reaching behind her back, she could grab the laces but was unable to exert the type of force to tighten them. Then she remembered there was something else in the box. Going back downstairs, she went to the box and on the bottom found two metal lasing hooks. With these she was able to grab the laces and pull them tight. She started at the bottom and worked her way up to the top.

Tied the laces off to hold them in place and then decided to do it again. Starting back at the bottom she pulled the laces even tighter. After a half an hour she was able to pull the corset extremely tight pulling her waist in almost a full two inches.

She then used one of the hooks to snag the zipper flap and pulled it up covering the laces. She then made her way back up the stairs to look at herself in the mirror.

She was amazed at what she saw. The corset defined her curves like never before. Breasts pushed up and outward. Her gum drop sized nipples poked over the top. It did no good to push them back down as they just continued to pop back out.

The only problem she had was that the corset made breathing a bit difficult forcing her to take shallow breaths.

Since she was home all day alone, she threw on some jeans and decided not to cover up the corset. Instead wearing it as is. Several times through out the day she returned to the mirror to look at herself. By late afternoon she had gotten used to having it on. That evening, when she decided it was time to go to bed.

She struggled for over an hour, but could not find a way to grab a hold of the zipper. Without being able to pull the zipper down, she wasn't able to get to the laces. Without being able to get to the laces, she wasn't able to take the corset off. Tired and frustrated, she took off her jeans and crawled into bed still wearing the corset. That night she masturbated herself to an orgasm before falling to sleep. Chapter Three For the third night in a row she did not sleep well waking even more tired then before.

Making her was back downstairs, she grabbed a cup of coffee and again went out on the veranda. Another package awaited her. Not square like the one that the corset came in, but long and rectangular. She brought it inside and up to her bed room before opening it up. Inside it held a pair of black leather boots the likes of which she had never seen before.

These had high stiletto heals that forced the wearer of the shoes to walk up on the tips of the toes. Like a ballerina doing an en pointe position. "Hanna, put them on." The voiced whispered. And again, "Hanna, put them on" She heard it in her mind. Looking up from where she sat on the bed across the room into the mirror.

Her reflection dressed in black leather smiled back at her. The red ruby lips telling her to put the shoes on. She removed her robe that she was wearing and slowly she slipped her legs into the thigh high boots and began to pull the laces tight.

Working first the right boot and then the second boot. The boots fit perfectly, forcing her feet into sharp angles downward. Her legs not used to such extreme positions soon began to cramp her calves, but she did not stop until they where both laced up completely.

A flap at the top of the boots wrapped around and covered the top of the laces where they were tied off at. The flaps needed something to hold them in place. She looked into the box and found two miniature pad locks. Taking the first one in hand she closed the flap and applied the lock.

It snapped shut with a permanent click. She repeated the action on her other leg. Suddenly, she realized what she had done as if coming out of a trance and began to panic. She searched the box in vain looking for the keys to the locks but there were none. A storm began to brew outside. Winds blew hard and the rains came fast and furiously. Hanna began to cry. She spent most the day in her room trying to get used to the boots. Walking was difficult though she learned if she took small steps she was able to maintain her balance.

Her reflection in the mirror hauntingly urged her on. By night fall the rains had subsided and she was able to stand in the boots for up to twenty minutes before she had to sit down. She fell asleep on top of her covers, she wore the corset, boots and panties only. The dreams kept her from sleeping well. In the middle of the night she half awoke and reaching down between her legs she masturbated once again.

The next morning, she got up and without covering herself nor making coffee, immediately went out to the veranda and found a third package. She knew what she must do and brought it back inside up to her bed room. Walking up and down the stairs in the boots was a major chore but she was finally able to manage. She was extremely tired from lack of sleep. Her feet ached all the time and she felt dizzy from not being able to take full breaths.

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She placed the box down on the bed and looked into the mirror. Her reflection appeared as usual, she studied herself in the corset and boots when the reflection changed again. She saw herself in the leather miniskirt and and bustier. This time she had a black whip in her hand.

"Hanna, open the box." It called out to her. "No." She answered. "Hanna, open the box." "No." The image swung the whip. It came through the mirror and struck her on the left thigh and buttock. It stung wickedly. Hanna jumped. "Hanna, open the box." "No. She said with tears welling up in her eyes. The whip struck again. Again it caught her on her left thigh and buttock. "No.

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She cried. "I don't want to." As she tried to move back away from the mirror.

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"Hanna, open the box." The mirror said and again the whip came out to sting her. No matter where she moved the whip found her and stung her body sharply, painfully. She tried to move to the bathroom but the whip stopped her.

When she tried to move to her room door again the whip stopped her until she finally gave up and capitulated and moved to the bed. She opened the box and with shaking hands removed the first items. They were several sets of thick leather fur lined cuffs.

"Put them on," the mirror said. The first set went around her boot covered ankles. Miniature pad locks secured them in place. Hanna cried as she completed the tasks. Locking a second set around her thighs just above her knees and the third set around her wrists. Reaching into the box she pulled a short 8" hobble chain out and locked each end to the cuffs around her ankles.

Tears continued to flow down her cheeks as she took the next item from the box. A short 10" bar. Her reflection in the mirror told her to attach the ends of the bar to the cuffs around her thighs.

She did so knowing that walking in the ballet boots will now be even more difficult along with her not being able to close her legs as long as the bar stayed in place. Hanna felt completely trapped yet there was still more stuff in the box. A 3" hard rubber ball with a spider web of straps attached was next.

Hanna's mind screamed no but she knew she must obey if she didn't want to get struck with the whip again. Opening her mouth wide, she shoved the ball into her mouth. Harder and harder she pressed with her hands until there was a popping sound as the ball finally sat behind her teeth. He jaw was stretched to the max. Almost to the point of dislocating as she maneuvered the jumble of straps around her head.

Coming through the center of the ball, the first set of straps wrapped around her head to buckle together behind her head. Once she got it buckled her reflection told her to pull it tighter.

She buckled it another notch. The whip lashed out and struck her the top of her left breast. Hanna screamed in pain, much of which was muffled by the ball gag in her mouth and wriggled in agony as the reflection said, "Tighter." Reaching quickly behind her head she grabbed the buckle and pulled the straps two more notches tighter until the straps were digging into the sides of her mouth, almost cutting them.

A second set of straps moved up both sides of her face along each side of her nose to join together at her forehead and continue as a single strap up over the top of her head to join with the two wrapped around her face behind her head.

The third and last set of straps went under her chin. It was humiliating to buckles these as tight as she did but the reflection in the mirror was watching. The next item was a leather hood. This terrified Hanna. She definitely did not want to put this on but a couple of snaps of the whip on each of her breasts and she scrambled to get it over her head.

It had eye holes and a nose holes with two tubes with went up into her nostrils to keep the air passage open. These where a bit painful to insert but not like the whip. Once she had the helmet in place she began to pull the laces behind her head together.

She made sure to pull them tightly know if she didn't she would taste the lash of the whip again. From the top back of the helmet to the back of her neck she pulled the sides together by pulling each lace tight. The leather hugged her face tightly like a second skin almost. Looking into the mirror she smooth out any wrinkles the leather had and tied off the laces.

All you could see now was her tearful blue eyes as she pulled the integral leather collar around her neck and bucked it over the top of the laces. Adding miniature pad lock to the collar Hanna knew her fate was sealed. The leather hood was not coming off until she was released from the collar by Mistress. Mistress. That's what the reflection began to tell her that was who she was. Her Mistress. Hanna's. Reaching into the box she pulled out a leather belt. This had a second strap attached to the belt.

She put the belt around her waist as ordered and buckled it tight.

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The extra strap hung down between her legs from the back. The whip snapped near her this time but not on her. She jumped in surprise. "On the bed.


On your knees, like a dog." Hanna scramble to obey climbing quickly on the bed. The whip snapped again. "Turn around." Hanna did as told to where her backside was now facing the mirror. "Push them in." The whip snapped barely licking her ass. The leather strap hanging down from the belt had two plugs on it.

The first was a thick ribbed dildo. The second was a cone shaped anal plug. Hanna sobbed as she reached behind her and began inserting the anal plug into her ass first. The top of the cone shaped plug pushed in past her sphincter opening her up. As she continued to push the cone as it got wider and her anal opening stretched open painfully. One inch then two.

She got the third inch in and it hurt terribly. The whip snapped again licking her ass and she pushed the forth and final inch into her ass, her sphincter closing over the tapered end of the cone.

She never felt so full down there in all her life. Next came the ribbed dildo. It was thick. She rubbed it along her pussy allowing her love juices to lubricate the bulbous tip. Her lips opened up naturally and the tip slipped in stretching her opening wide. She began to move it back and forth into her opening forcing it in inch by inch. Deeper and deeper it went in. The first two inches were easier than the next two inches.

The fifth and six inches were even more difficult. The walls of her sex hugged the dildo like a sheath. She felt each raised rib of the dildo enter her sex as every inch of it moved into her.

She had seven of the eight inches inside of her now and the tip was pushing up against her cervix. She just couldn't get the last inch in. The whip struck her ass once, twice, three times before she was able to shove it all the way in. Just in front of the base of the dildo on the belt was a very small alligator clip. Hanna didn't understand what it was for until her evil reflection told her to spread her lips and rub her clit.

Hanna obeyed. Between the plug in her ass and the dildo in her pussy, her sex was wet and as she fingered her clit it became enlarged. The whip snapped her on her ass again. "Clip it" was the command. "Clip it." Again and again the whip struck her ass as Hanna opened the alligator clip and very carefully positioned it over her swollen clit. "Now, Clip it!" the voice commanded as the whip flicked her ass again. Hanna let it go and it immediately snapped closed trapping her sensitive nub between it's teeth.

Hanna screamed into the ball gag while dropping to the bed prone. Both hands moving between her legs. "Now buckle the strap." Her refection commanded. "Immediately!" Hanna pulled it up between her legs and attached it in front of her waist belt pulling the strap through the buckle tightly until it was buried deeply between her ass cheeks and her sex. Then she added the padlock. A thick heavy padlock. It locked both dildos and the clit clip in side of her. She sobbed heavily. Partially from the pain and partially from her situation.

Never before had she been trapped like this before. The whip snapped and her reflection ordered her, "Get up!" Hanna scrambled off of the bed.

A chain appeared locking her wrists cuffs together in front of her. She no longer had use of her hands.

She stared at the mirror, her evil reflection stood hands on her hip laughing at her. "You will be my slave." the reflection said. Hanna shook her head no. The reflection motioned and Hanna's hands where pulled up over her head and held there in place. Again the reflection said. "You will be my slave." And again Hanna shook her head no. The zippered eye holes on the leather hood closed leaving her in total darkness. Her arms stretched up over her head as she did her best to balance on her toes of the ballet boots.

Chapter Four Time passed for Hanna. How long she did not know. Minutes? Easily. Hours, not so easily. Her arms held up over her head ached. Her legs screamed in pain from cramping up in the ballet boots. She was constantly dizzy from lack of oxygen as the corset cut off the full expansion of her lungs and the only air she got was through the tubes in her nose. Her jaw ached. Her ass was sore from the anal plug shoved up inside of her and the walls of her sex was stretched to the max as the ribbed dildo filled her to capacity in front.

The alligator clip bit into her clit horribly. The worst part was the dildo would come alive. Vibrating. Exciting her. All the way to the edge of an orgasm and then stop. It played with her mind. Drove her crazy trying to get herself off, but it would not happen.

Each time, just as she thought she would explode in bliss, the vibration stopped. She was never so frustrated in her life. It was maddening. She couldn't remember how many times now.

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Suddenly, the eye zippers opened. Hanna stared at the mirror. She saw her own reflection. How she was tied up tightly in bondage. She thought to herself, how erotic she looked. The reflection shimmered and was replaced by her evil reflection. Her Mistress. "You will be my slave." Again, Hanna though more slowly this time shook her head no. Again the zippered eye holes closed and the dildo inside her sex sprung to life.

"Noooo." Hanna moaned into the ball gag. Hours came and went. Hanna was going mad. If only she could feel the release of an orgasm.

Just one. The zippers opened up and in moments Hanna saw her evil reflection in the mirror. "You will be my slave." The Mistress said. Hanna nodded this time. What ever was holding her arms up over her head released and Hanna dropped to the floor.

"Crawl slave." The reflection said. "Crawl to your Mistress." Hanna got up on all fours and began to crawl best as she could towards the mirror.

"That's it, Crawl to your Mistress. Crawl like a bitch dog." It taunted her. As she got closer to the mirror, a hand came out and clipped a leash to the front of her collar. "Come, come and crawl to your Mistress bitch dog." The reflection said as it tugged on the leash. Hanna moved forward on her hands and knees into the mirror.

Epilogue Months passed and there was absolutely no trace of Hanna Penny. The police with no signs of foul play involved, filed it as a missing persons case which eventually went cold.

After a year, the bank foreclosed on the property and everything in it. All was sold. Much of the furniture went to an auction house where it was piecemeal out to interested buyers. The mirror was sold off like all the other pieces. Jodi thought with was a great buy.

She had several of her friends come over and help install it on the wall of her bed room. End