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Huge nude penis cumshots gay Sean Summers Bukkake Splash
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The day after my visit to my brothers' house, I gave my father a call. I left him a message that I would stop by that night after dinner to say hi. My father called me back and left me a message, all he said was that he would leave the front door unlocked. I showed up at his house and let myself in. I called out for my father and I heard him respond he was upstairs. I went up stairs, my father had his bedroom door open and I could hear the TV playing so I walked in.

He was lying naked on his bed, jacking off to a porno movie. I walked over to my father and sat down on the bed next to him. My dad looked at me with a lustful, glaze on his eyes as kept stroking his shaft. I didn't bother to ask him if he wanted me to give him a hand job, I just reached over, grabbed his cock and began to give him a nice hand job.

My father instantly let go of his prick and put his hands behind his head, enjoying watching the porno and having his daughter jacking him off. "Mmm, that feels so good Megan. You are so good at stroking cocks!" "Thanks dad. When you are watching these movies, are you thinking it is you and I?" "Fuck yes Megan!" "Isn't it a bit hard?

I don't have big tits like those women do." "Megan, big tits doesn't mean anything. Your 36B tits look great on your body. Besides you are such a great fuck! Being able to fuck my own daughter more than makes up for big tits." I just smiled at my father as I worked his sticky prick faster and faster. My dad stroked my hair, groaning with delight as he watched me stroking his prick. I turned and smiled at him as I changed my grip on his throbbing cock.

I now was on his side, facing his cock as I worked it with both hands. I loved watching my fathers' eyes glaze over with incestuous pleasure as each stroke of my hand brought him closer to cumming. I didn't know if he wanted me to keep stroking him or if he wanted me to slide his cock into my mouth when he was ready to unload his wad. But I knew my father would let me know what he wanted, I was just happy bringing him closer and closer to blowing his wad.

"Oh yeah Megan.fuck you are getting me closer to cumming. Fuck! You are the best daughter ever! Faster.that's it Megan.stroke my cock faster." I worked his cock as fast as I could, judging by all the pre cum that was oozing out of his shaft I knew he was really close. "Dad, are you ready to cum?" "Ooh yes.Megan.fuck yeah I'm ready to cum!" My father leapt up, standing on his bed with his bright red, throbbing, drooling pre cum. My father did not have to say a word, I knew what he wanted.

I quickly got up on my knees and grabbed his cock again. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. "Wider Megan! Open your pretty mouth wider for you father!" I did what he said, "Yeah that's it Megan.

Now stick that tongue out further so I can cum all over it. Here I cum Megan.get ready for you fathers cum!" With one more stroke on his prick my fathers' prick erupted with a surge of hot, sticky white cum. It jetted right into my mouth and I could feel it splattered on the back of my throat. Then spurt after spurt of cum erupted out of my fathers piss slit. As I kept stroking my fathers prick, his cum landed on my tongue, on my chin, on my lips and in my mouth.

As looked up at my father, he looked so happy emptying his cum load into his own daughters' mouth. I think my father came more this time than the night him and my brother fucked me on my birthday. When he was done, he grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth.

"Suck it Megan! Suck my fucking cock dry! Oh yeah, that's it! Suck it! That's it Megan, suck your fathers cock dry of all my cum!" He slowly fucked my mouth with his cock and then after a few minutes he pulled his cum wand out of my mouth. He watched me lick his cum off of my lips and chin.

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Before my father or I could say a word, suddenly his closet doors flew open. Out rushed both of my uncles, my fathers' brothers, Ray and Jeff. I was caught completely by surprised as I watched them rush towards the bed; both were naked, raging erections in their hands! "Shit Mike, Mike is my fathers' name, you weren't fucking kidding!" Uncle Ray said. Uncle Jeff followed up with, "I would never have thought our niece Megan was a cum swallower! Not to mention she is into incest!" I turned to my father, "Dad!

I can't believe you told them!" "Sorry Megan, but a fuck as good as you are has to be shared; especially when it is in the family. You are a hot, young woman who is a great fuck and a great cock sucker." My uncles stood there, incestuous lust was pouring out of their eyes as they stroked their cocks. It was obvious I had no choice, I was going to suck and get fucked by my uncles but I would at least make it fun for all of us.

I looked at them then to my father, "Did you tell them the rules, no anal." Uncle Jeff spoke, "Come on Megan, you have such a great ass! I think you could use a good ass fuck!" I got up off the bed and stood there in front of my father and my two uncles.

"Tell you what. You can do that and I will report the three of you or you can just enjoy fucking your niece and daughter. You can live out your deep seeded, lustful fantasy of having your hot family member suck you all off. So which is it?" They all said in unison that they would be happy fucking me and getting blowjobs. Uncle Ray then said, "Well Megan, I got a raging hard on and you have a very pretty mouth which would look even prettier with my cock in it.

So be a good niece, drop to your knees and open you mouth so your uncles can take turns fucking your mouth and cumming in it." They both began to move closer to me as the porno movie continued to play and my father stood on the bed watching his brothers getting ready to satisfy their lust with his daughter. "Um wait. I have a thought.something fun we could do." They stopped, "Make it good Megan, we want to cum." They all had such deep lustful looks in their eyes; I had never seen that look in my own boyfriend.

"You know those teen horror movies where the creature ends up chasing the young, hot teenage girl around." They looked a bit confused but they all said yes. "Well, how about you three chase me around the house. When you catch me, you can have your way with me for a bit. Make me suck your cocks, fuck me, strip me. Then after a bit you let me 'escape', give me some time to hide then you chase after me again." My fathers cock went fully erect; I saw that this really got some deep lustful fantasy going in their minds.

They looked at each other and then they turned to me and said, yes. Then my father said, "I have some of your old cheerleader outfits.

I think it would be even better if you put one of those on!" I said sure and I went in the bathroom to change. "Ok, well let's go down to the porch and you give me 30 seconds or so of a head start." Since it was night time and it was an enclosed porch, I knew as long as the light was off, nobody could see us.

They hurried me downstairs, grabbing at my ass as we went. I could tell by the amount of pre cum oozing out of their cocks they were incredibly horny now. "Before we start, do you guys want me to struggle a bit? Will that turn you on more?" My father instantly said, "Yeah that would be great Megan." I smiled and then I took off running.

I hid down in the finished basement. I could hear my father and uncles running around the house frantically looking for me. It oddly turned me on even more knowing that they were looking for me to take out all their deep, incestuous, lustful desires.

Uncle Jeff was the first to find me. He snuck up on me and grabbed me. I was startled a bit as I struggled around.

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He wrapped his arms tightly around me, "She's down here! I got her! Get down here quick!" My father and other uncle ran down the stairs with an extremely delighted, lustful look on their faces. Uncle Jeff hissed at his brothers, "Get over here and hold her down!" My father and my uncle rushed over, grabbing my arms and holding them behind my back.

Uncle Jeff then took a few seconds to feel my tits with one hand as he held his prick with his other. "Get her down on her knees!" They pushed me down onto my knees and in an instant; Uncle Jeff pushed his cock between my lips and into my mouth.

That is when I noticed that both of my uncles had very large cocks, eight to nine inches and with nice girth.

I could only imagine how much cum would spurt out of their cocks. As I began to lavish my uncles' cock with young lustful enthusiasm he let out such a loud moan. "Oooh fuck! Fuck she is great cock sucker Mike! Your daughter is the fucking best! Oh yeah Megan, suck it! Suck my fucking cock! I'm gonna love cumming in your mouth!" My father responded by saying, "You will love cumming in your nieces' mouth, she fucking swallows like a pro!" I could not believe my father was saying this about me but I did suck him and my brother off so it made sense.

My father and my other uncle weren't going to be left out. They took my hands and held them by their cocks. I grabbed both of their cocks and began to jack them off. My father told my other uncle to take a feel of my tits. He took his free hand and began to massage my tits through my cheerleader sweater.

Then my father joined in, each one massaged one of my tits as Uncle Jeff began to fuck my mouth with his massive prick. "Look at her suck that cock! Look at all that saliva and pre cum working out of her pretty little mouth." Uncle Ray said. Uncle Jeff grabbed my long brown hair and held tightly as he worked his prick in and out of my mouth.

I could tell he was slowly working his prick further and further into my mouth, wanting me to deep throat him. Much to his delight he found I really don't have a gag reflex as he pressed his cock all the way in. I worked my tongue all over his prick which was spewing out pre cum like there was no tomorrow.

My father then slid his hand up under my sweater pulling my bra off of the tit he was playing with. He told my other uncle to do the same.

Now they were both fondling my tits, pulling and pinching my nipples. This only drove me wild, making me suck on my uncles' cock even more. I moaned as much as I could, that sound mixed with the slurping noise only encouraged my father and uncles more. "What do you think of her tits Ray?" "They feel so good; she has such hard, good sized nipples.

I bet they are great to suck on." "They sure are and she loves to have her tits fucked too!" Uncle Jeff looking down at me said, "Good, I love fucking tits and I can't wait to fuck my nieces and then blowing my wad all over them! I love seeing tits covered with cum, especially when it's my cum!" Uncle Ray then removed his hand from under my sweater and moved it to under my skirt. He pulled my thong aside, feeling how wet my pussy was he began to play with my clit.

"Fuck! Your daughters' pussy is so fucking wet! She is shaved except for a small spot." My father reached down with his fingers and began to finger me as well. I started squirm and moan even more, this only made them hornier.

My father said to his brother Ray, "Stick your fingers in her pussy and feel how tight my daughter is." Uncle Ray did that and let out a delightful 'oh yeah'. He looked up at Uncle Jeff and said, "Our nieces' pussy is so fucking tight and wet.

It will feel so good wrapped around our cocks!" Then Uncle Ray told me to spread my legs more; which I did. My uncle got up, moved around behind me and then he layed down. Sliding his head under my cheerleading skirt. In a moment I felt him pull my thong aside and bury his tongue deep into my wet pussy. I let out a loud scream of incestuous pleasure. My uncle went at my pussy like nobody ever has! I loved it! My father also loved seeing his brothers having their way with me.

"That's it Ray, lick my daughters pussy! Make her moan and fucking cum. Make your niece squirm a bit more." Then he said to me, "That's it Megan, give your uncle a great blowjob.

I want you to cum all over my other brothers' tongue; give him a good taste of your sweet pussy juice." Now my father played with my tits as one of his brothers' fucked my mouth and the other was fucking my pussy with his tongue. I lasted a couple of minutes before I had an incredible orgasm all over my uncles' face.

He lapped it up as I squirmed and moaned with every wave orgasm. Uncle Ray pulled out from underneath me, watching his brother fucking my mouth he said to Jeff, "Does our niece suck a good cock?" Uncle Jeff looked down at my other uncle, "Fuck yes! And I am going to show our niece my gratitude; I'm going to cum in her mouth!" Uncle Jeff held my head as he fucked my face faster, his ball sack slapped against my chin.

Then I felt his cock swell and his balls tightened up, he groaned, "Oh yeah Megan! Get ready to swallow my cum!" My uncle's cock erupted with hot cum. He kept working his cock into my mouth, forcing cum down my throat as he pumped more cum into mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could which only made my uncle very happy to see and to feel.

When he finished empting his cock into my mouth he pulled out, sending some cum running down my chin. I licked the cum off of my chin, my father said, "That's it Megan, make all gone with your uncles cum." My other uncle sat down next to me on the sofa. He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me down to his cock which he was holding with one hand. "Come on Megan. Suck my cock now!" I began to slide his cock in and out of my mouth. I was on all fours on the sofa sucking my uncles' cock.

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I felt someone flip up my cheerleading skirt and right after that I felt a hot, wet tongue running up and down my wet pussy lips. I let out a load mew as I kept working my mouth up and down my uncles' prick.

I could feel the tongue digging deeper and deeper into my pussy, I tried to look up and behind me to see if it was my father or my other uncle but Uncle Ray put his hands on my head, "No you don't Megan.

You keep my cock in your mouth. Yeah that's it. Be a good niece and keep sucking my cock." Then I felt a couple of fingers slid into my pussy as the tongue worked up and down my slit, and then I felt it tickling my asshole! At that point I nearly came all over those fingers in my pussy. I had told them no ass fucking but I never said anything about licking it. I squirmed around a bit and my uncle Ray said, "You like that don't you? You are a great niece Megan, letting us have our way with you." Then I felt a hand reach under me and pull my cheerleading sweater up to expose my tits.

Then I felt hands fondling my tits as well as playing with my nipples. I moaned and mewed a bit louder now as the attack on my pussy was taking me closer to cumming. Then I heard Uncle Jeff's voice from behind me, "Fuck, your daughter's pussy tastes so fucking sweet." My father, who was playing with my tits responded, "Yep, sweet like honey. Are you having a good time licking her pussy?" "Oh hell yes. Now this is a pussy I could lick every day. I can feel how tight she is getting. I guess my niece is getting ready to get off on my fingers and tongue." I started to grind my pussy into his tongue, which was my signal to him that I wanted him to make me cum.

My uncle obliged by fingering my pussy faster, hitting my G-spot and licking my clit at the same time. My father moved close to my ear as I hungrily sucked on my other's cock.

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My father whispered into my ear, "I love your tits Megan. They are such a great size and the feel so good in my hands. If you weren't sucking your uncles' cock right now, I would be sucking your tits." He played with my nipples a bit more, and then my father spoke again. "I know you love having your nipples played with, pulled, licked and sucked.

I can't believe my daughter would have such great tits to play with. The other thing I would do after sucking on your tits Megan; I would lay you down and fuck your tits with my cock.

I remember how excited you were when your brother and I took turns fucking your tits. I know how much you loved it when we came all over them. Yeah, I loved that too Megan. I loved seeing my cum all over your tits. What father wouldn't like to see his cum all over his hot daughters' tits?" My father pulled away from my ear as I went back to slurping on my uncle's hard, pre cum oozing cock. "Megan, now you be a good niece and let your uncle cum in your mouth.

I know he wants to watch you swallow his cum load too." My uncle Ray began to jack off as I sucked his cock, he really wanted to cum in my mouth. Uncle Jeff's tongue finally made me cum. I bucked my hips as I experienced an intense orgasm. I tried to release the prick in my mouth but my uncle was too lost in his incestuous lust to let me off of his prick.

I moaned and screamed with pleasure as much as I could with a big hard cock in my mouth. My moaning and mewing brought my uncle to his climax. He pushed my head up and down on his cock, as jacked off with his other hand and began to thrust his prick into my mouth.

"Oh yes Megan…I'm gonna fucking cum…oh shit am I going to cum!" Suddenly he let go of my head, "SIT UP MEGAN, HURRY!" I sat back up and my uncle leapt up standing in front of me jacking off. "Open your mouth!" I opened up as my uncle said and just as I stuck my tongue out he placed his prick in front of my mouth and exploded with cum. He kept stroking his cock, milking out spurt after spurt of hot, salty cum. His aim was perfect as every drop did not miss my mouth.

Cum shot into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat before sliding down it as well as cum landed on my waiting tongue. "Oh yeah! Swallow it!

Swallow my cum Megan!" My uncle kept saying to me as sent spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth. Finally he sent one last drop into my mouth and then shoved my cock into it telling me to suck him dry. I grabbed his prick and sucked as hard as I could, sucking him down to the last drop of cum in his shaft. Then my Uncle got down off of the sofa. I looked around at my two uncles and my father. I had never seen such lust in any guys' eyes before. I never knew incest could give guys such lust.

I looked down at my fathers cock; it was erect and drooling pre cum. I then glanced to my uncle's pricks both of their cocks were erect; even Uncle.who had just cum was still erect. My father looked at his brothers, "I think it is time to fuck my daughter." He looked down at me with such a wicked smile.

I knew we were still playing our chase game and some how I knew if I made a run for it; it would really turn my father and uncles on even more. I slowly inched across the sofa, pulling down my cheerleader sweater and covering my pussy again with my short skirt. "But.but I am your daughter!.and I am your don't really want to fuck me.that would be incest." They all chuckled a bit, stroking their pricks at the same time. Uncle Ray spoke, "What's your point Megan? You just sucked us all off no problem.

You know you want to get fucked by us." Their lust was so evident now. I saw how much it turned them on when I protested, so I did so more as I got ready to make my run. "Sucking your cocks was one thing.but.but fucking me.daddy.I'm your daughter!" "Yeah, you are my hot, sexy daughter! And I am going to fuck you till I cum in that tight, sweet pussy of yours!" I caught them off guard when I made my break. They were so busy stroking their cocks and lost in their incestuous thoughts they were not prepared for me to make another run for it.

It was just like one of those teen horror flicks. I pushed through them like they were the typical 'bad guys' in the movies. It took them a few seconds to react to me darting out of the room. I heard one of my uncles' yell out, "She's getting away!

Let's get her!" They came rushing after me, three very horny naked family members chasing me. It was exciting and it did turn me on thinking about what they were going to do to me when they caught me. I ran up the stairs and ran into my bedroom. I tried to shut the door on them but my father reached the door as I was closing it behind me.

I backed up from the door as he threw it open. Now it really looked like a teeny horror movie. I was the teenage hot girl in my cheerleading outfit, cornered as the 'baddies' came into the room after me. I slowly backed up away from my incredibly horny father and uncles. "No.Wait.we shouldn't do this.daddy.I'm your daughter." I knew every time I said that it turned my dad on more.

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I backed up to my closet door; I quickly opened the walk-in-closet door and tried to get in. My father grabbed me and pulled me out of the closet. "STRIP HER!" My father yelled to his brothers. They tore my cheerleading skirt right off as well as my thong. Then they practically tore off my cheerleading sweater. My father grabbed me and pushed me down to the ground. I struggled around a bit; he hissed out to my uncles, "Damn it!

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Someone grab Megan's arms and legs so I can fuck her!" Uncle Ray grabbed my arms and Uncle Jeff grabbed one of my legs at the ankle. His hand brushed across my foot making me laugh; I am very ticklish on my feet. I was flat on my back as my father got between my legs. Then with a quick thrust he rammed his prick into my pussy.

"Oh god yes! Fucking tight! I'm gonna love fucking you my sweet daughter!" My father now jack hammered my pussy with his thick cock. I instantly began to moan from the pleasure he was giving me. My uncle began to tickle my feet as my father fucked me. I had never had this done to me before and I loved it!

It drove me wild; something about being tickled and fucked at the same time and not being able to stop my uncle drove me so wild. I began to squirm all around, wildly, uncontrollably which apparently made my father hornier! My other uncle let of my hands and moved down to my bouncing 36B tits, fondling them for a few moments before he began to suck on them.

I was moaning and laughing uncontrollably. You know how when someone tickles you, you instantly tell them to stop, even though it feels so good, that is how I felt only being fucked at the same time made it even more intense. I moaned and laughed, "Oh.stop.please.stop.don't tickle me. Ooh, daddy.make him stop.please.fuck me." My father loved having me wiggle around so much underneath him as he drove his cock into me again and again.

"Hey, don't suck her tits! I want to watch them as I fuck her. Get down there and help tickle Megan. This is so fucking hot! I love fucking her while she is wiggling all around!" My uncle stopped sucking on my tits and grabbed my other leg. I kept squirming all around, kicking my legs as my uncles tickled my feet. The more I squirmed and laughed, the more it turned my father on and the harder he fucked me.

I suddenly was over come with this intense feeling of pleasure as my fathers prick brought me to my orgasm. The orgasm I had was so intense I blacked out! When I came to, my uncles were still tickling me as my father fucked me to his orgasm. "Oh yeah.make her squirm! Keep tickling Megan.OH FUCK! FUCK, I'M GONNA CUM!" I felt my fathers prick swell up and become incredibly rigid then I felt this incredible spurt of cum jet out of his prick and deep into my pussy.

"OH YES MEGAN! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM.OH YES.TAKE MY CUM!" my father screamed out at the top his lungs. I felt my father twitch as each thrust of his cock spat more cum into me. I honestly didn't think he was going to stop blowing his wad into my pussy.

Neither did my father as he let out this high pitch, pure lust filled scream."OH god! I'm still cumming!" My uncles kept tickling my feet until my father collapsed onto me, his face landing between my tits. He was panting away as he looked up into my eyes, he looked so satisfied and then he gave my tits a quick squeeze, a light suck and then licked my nipples.

He pulled his prick out of me and stood up over me. "Shit. That was the best fuck I ever had! I can't believe my daughter just made me cum that much!" My uncles were still holding my legs.

Uncle Ray spoke up, "My fucking turn with Megan!" He took my fathers position down between my legs. "Ok fuck me.but please don't tickle me again while fucking me.I don't think I can take it again." I said to my incestuous lovers. My uncle got a wicked smile on his face, "GET UP MEGAN! GET ON ALL FOURS!" At first I did not move so my father and my other uncle grabbed me and flipped me over onto my hands and knees.

Uncle Ray moved behind me, rubbing my ass with one hand I felt him guide his hard cock into my pussy. "HOLY SHIT MIKE! YOUR DAUGHTERS PUSSY IS INCREDIBLE!" He pushed his cock in all the way into my pussy. "OH FUCK! YOU ARE SO TIGHT! Damn, how much did you cum inside of Megan?" My uncle said to my father.

"I came a lot Ray. Once you start to fuck your niece you will know why. Do you feel how great my daughters' pussy is. If you had Megan squirming around like that she would make you cum a huge load too." my father said back to him.

I stayed on all fours as my uncle slowly pounded his prick in and out of my pussy. His balls hung down low so I could hear them slap against me. He grabbed my long brown hair and pulled my head so I was looking straight forward. His pace slowly increased as he lost himself in his taboo lust. "Your daughter is so good to fuck.

She has the best pussy I have ever fucked!" I closed my eyes, moaning softly as my uncle continued to fuck me; I didn't see my father moving behind me as well. Suddenly I felt a hand on my ankle; my eyes popped open and turned my head quickly to see my father sitting there with a wicked grin on his face.

I knew what he was going to do, "Oh no don't tickle me while I'm getting drove me wild!" My father smiled, "Yeah I know. I want your uncle to have the enjoyment of fucking you while you are squirming all around.

I am sure he wants to shoot a big wad of cum into your pussy like I did!" Uncle Ray looked at my father, "Do it!

Tickle her! If it makes fucking Megan even better, do it! I want to blow a huge cum load into my niece's pussy." My other uncle knelt down in front of me and placed his hands on my shoulders so I could not get up.

His hard, pre cum drooling prick dangled in front of me. Of course he slowly moved his body back and forth, making his cock slap me lightly in my face. Then my father started to tickle my foot which caused me to squirm around wildly once again! I thrashed around, laughing and moaning, my uncle let out a loud, "Fuck!" He grabbed my ass and began to fuck me hard and fast.

"You weren't fucking kidding! Look at Megan wiggling around! This is great!" The more I laughed and begged my father to stop, the more he tickled my feet. Now I was bucking my hips all over, grinding wildly into my uncle as I arched my back in wild convulsions from the intense pleasure. My uncle fucked me even harder and faster now.

"Keep it up! Don't stop tickling Megan! This is fucking great! Look at her squirm around! Her pussy is becoming so wet and tight!" My other uncle made sure I could not sit up as he kept slapping his cock against my cheek. I had pre cum running down my face now; it was very hot and sticky. I was so wild with pleasure I opened my mouth and tried licking his cock as he slapped it against me.

"Fuck! Look at Megan! She loves it! She is trying to suck my cock! What a horny slut you have for a daughter!" My father replied in low lustful tone, "I know, I want to fuck her 24/7!" I felt an intense orgasm building in me as it did I could not hold myself up any more. I dropped from my arms down on to my chest, only my ass was in the air as my uncle fucked me harder.

I heard my father yelling to his brother, "Look at her! Look at my daughter! Fuck her! Fuck her harder! Fuck my daughter! Cum inside of Megan! FUCK HER! FUCK HER! YEAH FUCK MEGAN!" I glanced at my father and saw he had a raging erection again! Just watching me squirming around and getting fucked by his brother was making him horny again. You could hear the incestuous lust in his voice as he kept telling my uncle to fuck me as he tickled my foot.

My uncle was on his knees at first as he fucked me, now he had gotten up on his feet to get a better angle as he plunged his cock into me again and again, faster and harder with each thrust.

I let out a load scream of pleasure as I felt wave after wave of my orgasm rush through my body. I didn't black out all the way again, but I was partially out of it when my uncle unleashed his cum storm.



I could feel his cock pumping cum into me as he came. What a feeling!

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His cock stiffened up so much and then I could feel pulsing as each huge spurt of cum rocketed out of his cock and deep inside of my pussy. "OH FUCK! YEESSS! OH FUCKING MEGAN! YEAH I'M CUMMING!" I could tell he let go a huge cum load of his own! After what seemed like several minutes of him continuous cumming inside of me he pulled his cock out of my pussy. I was so wet with my pussy juice, I felt a bit embarrassed that I had gotten off that much from my uncle!

He fell back down onto his ass, "What did I tell you? Was that the best fuck and biggest cum load you ever had?" my father said to his brother as he let go of my ankle. "You weren't fucking kidding! Shit, I have never blew that much of a wad before!" Uncle Ray looked at Uncle Jeff "You are gonna love fucking our niece.

Trust me, she has the best pussy ever! But she has a lot of cum in her now." Uncle Jeff said, "Like I fucking care. She can suck my cock clean. All I want is to fuck her pussy and cum in her like you two did." They all stood up and talked for a moment, I couldn't hear as I was still lying on the floor, completely spent from my two intense orgasms.

Now they picked me up, making sure to fondle my tits as they did. My father left the room leaving me with my uncles.

"You have some really nice tits Megan." my Uncle Ray said. They fondled my tits and played with nipples. "Look at your nipples. They are the perfect size for you tits and perfect for sucking on." Uncle Jeff added. Then they both kept one arm around me and placed one hand on my tits. Each took one of my tits in their free hand and fondled them for a moment. Then they moved their mouths to my nipples and began to suck on my tits.

I was so spent but I started to moan again as my uncles pleasured my tits. My father came back with a fist full of neck ties. "Damn, can't you guys get enough of my daughters' tits?" "Are you kidding? I could suck on her tits all day." Uncle Ray said. Uncle Jeff added, "No shit and after that, I would fuck them. I bet they look great with cum splattered all over them!" "Get Megan up on the bed. I assume you still want to fuck your niece." My uncle nodded yes and they laid me down on the bed.

I suddenly realized what they were doing but before I could do anything they had my arms tied to the head board. "What.what are you going to do to me?" My father smiled at me with his raging erect cock dripping pre cum. "Your uncle wants to fuck you. The two of us want to watch you getting fucked and jack off at the same time. But we can't hold you down and do that at the same time." "You are not going to tickle me anymore.I don't know if I could take any more." They quickly tied my ankles to the foot board, now I was helpless spread eagle in front my father and my two uncles.

Uncle Jeff got up on the bed holding his raging hard on. He slapped his cock against my clit and wet pussy lips. "Go on tell her! I want to see the look on her face before I start to fuck her." "Tell me what? Daddy.what.what are you going to do?" Uncle Ray moved to one side as my father stayed at the foot he just tied up.

I watched them smile at each other. "We are both going to tickle you as your uncle fucks you.


We want him to have as much fun as we had." My eyes popped out again, I thought I would explode from the pleasure if they did it to me one more time. They started to tickle me and my uncle kept slapping his cock on my pussy as I began to laugh and wiggle around. Then he grabbed his cock and slid it into my pussy. "Holy shit! Did you guys cum a gallon in her? Man, this is the fuck'n tightest pussy ever!" They stopped tickling me, "Fuck Megan for a bit now and wait to see the difference when start to tickle her." Uncle slowly began to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy.

"Oh shit.fuck her pussy is so hot and tight! You have the best pussy Megan.I wish I was your father so I could fuck you every day!" They let him fuck me slowly for a couple of minutes, then I saw them get a wicked gleam in their eyes and they began to tickle my feet again.

I writhed around and arched my hips and back as much as I could as I began to laugh and had intense pleasure shoot through my whole body. My nipples became even more erect which my uncle noticed. "OH YEAH! FUCK THIS IS GREAT!

FUCK, LOOK AT HER NIPPLES! OH SHIT, DON'T STOP! I'M REALLY GONNA LOVE FUCKING MEGAN!" I writhed around as my uncle pounded his cock into me again and again and again. Over and over he buried his cock into me with such force; I thought his cock head would come out of my mouth!

"Yeah make her tits bounce! Look at those tits bounce." Uncle Ray said. "Megan has great tits. My daughter's tits will look so much better with cum all over them." I opened my eyes up a bit as I kept laughing and begging them to stop. I promised I would do anything they wanted if they would stop. But they kept tickling me as my uncle fucked me harder and faster. I saw my father stroking his cock as fast as he could.

I looked at he hammered his cock into me. "Yeah.that's it fucking love it don't you? You love having your father and uncles fuck you. You love having our cum! Wiggle all you want my little slutty niece, you are not going anywhere until I cum in your pussy!" I rolled my head to see Uncle Ray with a huge erection and now he was jacking off as well.

"This is so fucking hot. Tickling Megan and watching her getting fucked!" my father said. Uncle Ray said, "Hell yes! Look how quickly I got hard again!" I couldn't believe how much lust my father and my uncles had for me. The incest really took them and me to new heights of lust. I lost all sense of time as I continued to get fucked as I watched my father and uncle jack off to me.

I couldn't even talk anymore, all I could do was to laugh, giggle, moan and writhe around on the bed. My uncle knew I was getting ready to orgasm when my pussy clenched up on his shaft. "Shit! Her pussy is getting tighter! Fuck yeah! Come on Megan.make that pussy tighter!" My father's face was nearly completely glazed over with incestuous lust as his hand became blur moving up and down his shaft.

"She's going to cum.Make my daughter cum." was all my father said. I let out loud moan then I began to scream as wave after wave of pure incestuous pleasure coursed through my body down to my pussy and my orgasm hit. I yelled out, " pussy! I WANT CUM!" That was the only time my father and uncle stopped tickling me but they were ready to cum as well and they quickly got up on the bed while still jacking off.

They knelt on either side of me, lust was pouring out of their eyes. Neither said a word, they just let out loud grunts, pointed their cocks at me and started to cum. Jizm erupted out of their pricks at the same time. I watched as huge spurts of thick white jizm spurted out, it was almost like a porno movie where it happens in slow motion. Uncle Jeff yelled out, "CUM ALL OVER MEGAN! THAT'S IT, CUM ALL OVER HER!" They both blew wads of cum across my tits! It was so hot and sticky! I could tell by that how lustful they were.

They kept stroking their cocks and spewing cum onto my body. Uncle Jeff yelled out, "HER FACE! CUM ON MEGAN'S FACE!" They both quickly turned and blew another wad or two each of cum across my face. Cum landed on my chin, my lips, nose and cheeks. This whole scene was the trigger for my uncle Jeff. All he did was to yell out, "MY FUCKING TURN!" Then I felt his cock swell. Just at the moment my father yelled out, "Cum in my daughter!" He let go the biggest wad of cum yet.

I could feel it fire up into my pussy. He grabbed his cock, squeezing it tight and pumped my pussy again. Then he released his prick and let another large cum spurt go. Then he pulled his cock out of my pussy just as another surge of jizm erupted from his piss slit. I could feel his hot sticky cum splatter against my pussy lips and I felt his hot stickiness on my clit.

Now I watched him hold his cock again with one hand while quickly stroking it with the other. Then he released his prick and without a doubt the largest single spurt of cum I had ever seen erupted from his cock head. No joke, it looked like a huge line of continuous cum, about a foot long, shot of his cock. It landed on my body, splattering from my pierced belly button up to between my tits!

My father yelled out, "FUCK YES! THAT'S IT! CUM FOR MEGAN!" But that was his last spurt of cum. Now all three of them moved up to my head and pressed their cock heads into my mouth. I lost control, licking and sucking all three of them at the same time! I felt like such a slut but I was so horny, I wanted to suck the three of them dry. "Look at Megan go! What a fucking slut!" my uncle ray said. My father looked down at me as I sucked on his prick; he ran his fingers through my brown hair, looking into my brown eyes, "Yeah and she loves cum that much!

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What a great daughter I have." When I had finished sucking them dry Uncle looked at the clock. "Oh shit. We better get going or our wives with think we are screwing around." They all laughed. "What she would do with Megan? Should we untie her?" My father said, "No, I might fuck her some more later." They left the room got their clothes on then came back upstairs. I wanted to be untied so I could go to town licking up the cum all over me. "Thanks Megan. That was fucking hot!" Uncle Ray said.

"No shit Megan. You are the best fuck ever." Uncle Jeff added. My father smiled, "She was such a good sport about it too." I spoke up, "Do you want to fuck me again sometime?" My uncles laughed, "Megan, just try and stop us from fucking you again."