Young Model Dakota Vixen Bound And Humiliated

Young Model Dakota Vixen Bound And Humiliated
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Turning Point, Ch. # 6 In chapter five Robert finely lost his cherry and much more. He is looking forward to time with Mary and the things he can experience and learn from her. He only sees a bright shinny time ahead with her.

He has no way of knowing all the turning points that lay ahead of him. ********* When I arrived home his Dad was setting at the kitchen table drinking some home make wine. He looked mad as usual and ask me, where the fuck is my fish, I told him they were right here in the bucket, cleaned and ready to cook.

I set the bucked on the sink cabinet, Mom snatched it up telling me, don't set that damn dirty bucket on the cabinet. I could tell they had been auguring again. I went outside and started my chores.

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I was flying too high to let them pull me down. When I was through with the work I was on my way straight to the shower then bed. I wanted to get a good night sleep because I was hoping for a big day tomorrow. I waked through the kitchen and down the hallway.

Just as I got to Kay's bedroom the door open and Kay stepped out into the hall with only a large towel wrapped around her. We both had a startled look as neither was expect the other. She growled, what the hell are you gawking at you pervert.

I smiled and told her I was about to go take a shower but I could wait unless she would like for me to join her. She started to make another smart remark then looked me straight in the eyes and said what if I said okay? Well, that one got me and I was standing there in the with my mouth hanging open as she walked away, flipping me the bird over shoulder. I waited for Kay to finish then got my shower and went to bed. I went fell asleep with thoughts of the days events and trying to imagine what might be in store for tomorrow.

Just as I was dozing off Mary's questions about who I would or wouldn't have sex with run through my mind and Kay wrapped in her towel crossed come to mind and I thought, Hell yes I would. I was awake a little before day break, dress and was out getting my work done.

I went back to the house to get my fish bucket. Dad was setting at the kitchen table and I wondered if he had even been to bed. He ask where I was off to this early in the morning. I told him I was headed to the lake, I had all my work done. He said well get fuck on out of here and bring a couple extra fish today, I'll take them to my buddy's later tonight. I thought Oh shit, that means a couple more of the fish I have at Marry's. I gathered up my poles and headed down the road.

I looked around to be sure no one was around the turned into Mary's walk and made my way through the basement, up the steps and down the hall. When I got to the bedroom door I opened it as quite as possible, looked in and saw Mary laying on the bed asleep and naked. I went to the bathroom, stripped off my cloths, pulled the curtain around the tub, turned on the shower and stepped in for a quick bath.

I stepped out, dried off and headed back to the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom Mary was still laying on her side. I eased into bed and cuddled up to her back and put my arm around. Thinking she was still asleep I lay there enjoying the pleasure of her warm body.


I jumped a little when Mary said, you smell good, you just had a shower didn't you. Yep, I sure did and it felt good. Oh really she said, well tell me if this feels better as she reached down with her hand and wrapped it around my half hard cock.

It didn't take much of her stroking before it was rock hard. I reached over her arm and took her big, soft tit in my hand and massaged my way down to her nipple. I took the nipple between my index finger and thumb and started squeezing it. Mary howled easy baby, they are very sore this morning, you really worked them over yesterday.

Me I said laughing, I think I remember a certain lady pulling and tugging on them quite a bit. Mary said yes but we did have fun didn't we. My only answer as a moan from the pleasure I was receiving from her stroking on my cock. I ask Mary if she was trying to make me cum this early. She laughed and told me it had crossed her mind but she was hoping to have it in her mouth.

I said no problem as I move over a little and lay on my back. Mary rolled over, put her lips to mine and gave me a soft kiss. She pushed her tongue against my lips and I sucked it into my mouth. The kiss became more passionate and she rubbing her big tits across my chest. I was trying to reach down to get my fingers to her pussy lips. She pulled back from the kiss and told me to turn around and she would see if she could help me get a little better look at her pussy.

Smiling, I ask is looking all I can do? Mary said well sweetie, I had a shower and quick douche very early this morning so you will be looking at a squeaky clean pussy but I will leave it up to you.

I got on top in a 69 position, put my arms under Mary's legs so I could use both hands to reach around and pull her pussy lips apart. I spit in her pussy a couple of times and used my fingers to massage it around her lips then slipped two fingers inside while rubbing her little rosebud with another finger.

Mary lifted her hips a little and moaned softly. As I licked across her clit she took the head of my cock in her mouth. Then she took hold of my ass cheeks and pulled down sliding my cock all the way to the back of her throat holding me there while running her tongue along the base of my cock.

I didn't have any other experience to compare with but I was sure Mary was one hell of a cock sucker. While I was licking and fingering around Mary's pussy a thought crossed my mind and I backed off just long enough to ask Mary if we could mix us another treat today.

She never removed my cock from her wonderful mouth but I could tell she was nodding her head yes. Great I said as I went back to work on her sweet, hot pussy. Mary started moaning very loud and humping her hips up hard to meet my fingers and tongue and I knew she was about to cum. At the same time I could feel myself getting close and knew Mary could feel it also.

She pulled her mouth back just a little and started sucking on the head while holding the shaft and moving my cock around in her mouth. Just as I let go with my first shot of cum I felt a little shot of her juice in my mouth, then a big flood followed. I was so tempted to swallow every drop but I held as much as I could in my mouth.

We continued to lick and suck until we were both drained. Mary tapped me on the shoulder and I turned my head to see her pointing to the bedside table where I saw our big rose colored glass. I eased myself off the bed, picked up the glass and spit everything I was holding in my mouth into the glass.


I moved back to the bed placing my hand to the back of Mary's head to help her set up. She motioned for me to hold the glass over by her mouth. She took hold of my wrist and stopped the glass about six inches from her mouth, held her head over the glass, parted her lips to let the cum and spit mixture drool out of her mouth and into the glass. This was such a turn-on for me I could feel my cock twitch and firming up a little.

When she had empted her mouth she leaned over to me and stuck her tongue out. I could see the shinny cum that still coated her tongue and I knew what she wanted. I took her tongue in my mouth and sucked on it like a small cock. Mary was breathing heavy and moaning into my mouth as I sucked.

I could tell this was a big turn on for her and I knew her pussy would be hot and soaking by now. I run my hand down over her stomach and touched the top of her pubic hair. We were not really kissing, she was holding her mouth wide open while I continued to suck on her tongue. I moved my hand on down until I could feel her clit. It was hard and sticking out like a mini cock and when I stroked two fingers over it Mary let out a loud moan and pushed her tongue as far as she could get in my mouth.

She placed her hand over mine and started moving my fingers back and forth much faster than I had been. She pulled her tongue out of my mouth, put her arms around her neck, threw her head back and said HARDER BABY, RUB THAT FUCKER HARDER.

She pulled her body closer to me, crushing her big tits into my chest. I could feel her pussy juice flowing down across my fingers. Mary fell back on the bed taking me with her. She pushed down on my shoulders and said lick my old pussy my young cunt licker. I didn't need to be told twice, I started licking her dripping wet pussy then licking the juice was running down her thigh. I held in all in my mouth until I had her all cleaned up, then I spit it all in the glass.

Mary told me to get my ass out of bed and head to the bathroom. She informed me that we were fucking around here and getting off schedule for the things she had planed for today. We give each other our enamel getting our assholes nice and clean. We moved to the tub for her douche and she ask that I not do the G-spot massage this time, she didn't want to wear herself out cumming all morning long.

I was a little disappointed because I knew how much she enjoyed her little douche massage.

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I did as she ask and felt my cock getting rock hard just watching the fluid gushing back out of her pussy. She told me to get the glass from the bedroom, she had a little something else to add to it. When I return with the glass Mary was still setting on the rim of the tub with her legs spread wide apart. She had a big smile on her face and ask me if I would like to hold the glass up to her piss hole or would I like to put the piss in the glass myself.

I was a little slow catching on then I smiled back and dropped to my knees and was about to place my mouth over her pussy. She stopped me and told me to hold my mouth about six inches from her pussy so she could watch as she pissed. I opened my mouth wide hoping not to miss a drop. She pulled her lips apart and I was looking at her piss hole when the yellow stream shot out and landed in my mouth.

I was swallowing as fast as I could but there was just too much and it was running out of my mouth, down my body and I could feel it as it run around my hard cock and dripped off my balls. I held a mouth full and placed my thumb over her piss hole to stop the flow. I raised up and kissed Mary on the lips, sharing her piss with her. I dropped back down and move my thumb to let the piss flow again.

I repeated this once more and spit the second mouth full into the glass. Mary was about pissed out and I just watched as her piss squirted out a couple of time falling to the bottom of the tub. Mary run her fingers through her pubic hair and ask what do you think sweetie. What do I think about what? The hair she said, do you like all the hair around my pussy and asshole.

I told her I hadn't though about reminding her that hers was the first pussy I had ever seen for real. She laughed and said sorry, sometimes I forget. She said she used to keep it shaved nice and smooth. She said she had thought about shaving it again but wanted to see what I thought. I told her to do it and if we don't like it the hair will always grow back.

She laughed and said quite true. She ask me to get the shaving cream and razor from the cabinet over the sink and she would let me shave her and if I liked she would shave me. I got everything together and return to the tub.

She ask me what style I would like. I laughed and told her I didn't know there was a style. She told me that her sister Alma shaved hers and left a little patch at the top she calls a landing strip. She also told me about a couple of friends, one left a small patch just her clit and another had a triangle at the top of her pussy. I'm sure she could see the puzzled look on my face and she ask what baby, you have a question?

I told her I had questions but they would wait until later but as for the shaving, can't we leave a landing strip and if we don't like the we can just shave it off.

We got started and I followed Mary's instructions to the letter. I soon had her pussy and asshole smooth as a baby's behind. We traded places and in just a few minutes I was as hairless as Mary. We showered then move back to the bedroom where Mary lay in my arms and we just relaxed for a while. She ask if I had anything special in mind to do today. I told her anything she wanted was fine with me. She smiled and said good, I think we will do some ass fucking and you can practice on your deep throat.

I laughed again and told I had no one to practice on, I would have to use the banana again. She told me Oh no sweetie we have other choices. She got out of bed and told me she would be right back. She was out the door and down the hall. She was back in just a minute caring an expensive looking leather case. She lay it on the bed and opened it to reveal several penis shaped items, one with some straps attached to it.

There was also sever other odd shaped items that look like they were made of rubber. Mary said I see you have never been introduced to sex toys. I told her correct, I had never seen anything like these. She smiled and said well my young stud, it will be my pleasure to make you acquainted with each and everyone of them.

Mary turn over facing me looking deep into my eyes, Robert please remember if I start to do something, ask you to do something or anything is going on the you disagree with just tell me and that will be the end of it. Mary, I'll tell you again, anything and I do mean anything you want to do is fine with me. I love everything we have done and look forward to more. She give me an evil little smile and told me okay stud, how about we fuck you in the ass. I told her she already had, using up to four fingers and a banana.

Well, we have new additions now and I have something special for your nice little asshole.


I ask do I get to see what it is, Mary reached for the leather case telling me honey you will not only see it you will feel it. She picked up the penis looking thing with the straps, then looked through the other items until she found the one she wanted. She show it me and explained the long part is designed to be as close to a real cock as possible. That will go in your tight little ass.

It will fit into the harness and I will strap it on.

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The back side that looks like a curved penis and a small short penis over the top will go in my pussy. That way while I'm fucking your ass the other side will be rubbing my G-spot and clit. Just her explanation was enough to leave my cock throbbing and I was literally drooling . She changed the toys then took a bottle of lube out of the case. She handed me the harnesses and told me to lube up the back side and her pussy.

Just spreading the lube over the toy cock was turning me on so much I was tingling all over. I reached my slick hand down and massaged the outside of her now smooth pussy lips.

I could not resist, I slipped my hand on passed her pussy and found her little rosebud. I placed my middle finger at her tight hole and pushed, sliding the finger in to the knuckle and wiggled it around a little. Mary inhaled quickly and moaned with pleasure. I moved back to her pussy, added a little more lube and pushed two fingers up into her just barely touching her G-spot.

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I remove my fingers and held the harness for her to step through the loops then pulled it up around her waist. She placed the cocks in her pussy then fastened the other straps to hold every securely in place. She poured some of the lube into her hand and coated the cock that was about to go in my ass. Mary had me get on my hands and knees with my ass toward her. I felt her warm hand as she spread the lube first on the cheeks of my ass then she went directly to my asshole.

She massaged around the outside just a little then I felt a finger pushing into my hole. She pushed in just a little then pulled back. I was expecting a second finger but there was three and I knew I needed to try to relax as much as possible. As soon as Mary pulled the three fingers from my ass I felt the toy cock touch my asshole.

She used her hand to rub the head around my ass a little then said get ready baby, the old lady is about to fuck you ass real good. I had such mixed emotions, I was nervous, excited, and so turned on that I pushed back against the toy.

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Mary said I don't like this, we are going to have to change. Without thinking I shouted WHAT THE FUCK. Mary laughed and said easy there lover, this will just make it better.

She rolled over on her back with the toy standing straight up in the air. She told me to position myself over the cock and I could control how deep and how fast I wanted plus she could better play with my cock. I was so anxious to feel this toy in my ass that I wasted no time getting in place. Mary reached down and guided the toy to my asshole and I started pushing down.

As the head of the toy pope in my ass I let our a grown. Not just my ass but my whole body was tingling with passion.

Mary's hands were resting on my hips but she was not applying any pressure. It was all up to me so I started easing my ass down on the toy. When I was about half way down I started feeling some pressure and a little pain.

When I stopped Marry suggested that I pull out a little and work it back and forth a little. I did as she said and each trip back down I could go a little deeper until I could feel the edge of the harness touch my ass. Damn, it felt so good, my ass felt so full and there was still a little pain but that just made it more exciting. When I looked down at Mary she was smiling and she said good job baby, not lets got on to some good ass fucking.

I smiled back and nodded my head. She wrapped her lube coated hand around my cock and started pumping.


I first started moving my hips back and forth in reverse from Mary's hand. I knew I couldn't last long and I wanted to get all I could out of it. I started moving up and down while I was still rotating my hips back and forth. When I went down and moved forward the toy would rub across the good spot in my ass and I knew I would soon be shooting cum all over the place.

I was trying to hold out as long as I could because it was feeling so fucking good. I was moaning and growing every move and I could hear Mary doing the same. No matter how hard I tried to hold back the cum started shooting out of my piss hole. Mary had the glass in hand and caught the first couple of shots in it. She squeezed my cock while she set the glass back on the table.

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She loosened up and started pumping again catching the remaining cum in her hand. I just kept rotating my hips and loving the feeling in my ass. Mary said okay baby, slow down, that cock in your ass isn't going to go soft. I started slowing down and finally just stopped and set down on the toy.

I was breathing hard and sweat was just rolling off my body. Mary allowed me a couple of seconds to catch my breath then told me to raise up and move between her legs. My ass was very tender but it was still such a thrill my body tingled all over and a few more drops of cum eased out of my cock.

Mary notice this and laughed saying you really love it don't you baby. I just nodded and moved back between her legs.

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She reached down to the top of the toy and covered it with the cum in her hand. She looked at me with a evil little grin and said clean it up and clean it good. I looked at her as if to say, are you serious. The smile left her face and she said in a very firm voice, SUCK THAT FUCKING COCK AND I MEAN RIGHT NOW.

I thought, what the fuck, my cum, my ass, so what am I waiting for. I lean forward and licked the cum off the head then slipped my mouth down over the toy cock. I knew I was going to do the best I could to take all in my mouth and throat. When I hit the spot I had been gagging before I took my time, breath hard through my nose and eased my way on down a little at the time. I felt it when it hit the back of my mouth and started into my throat. I relaxed and was surprised when my lips touched the harness holding the toy.

Mary just about lost it, SUCK THAT COCK YOU CUM LICKING FUCKER YOU. She started moaning and I held the toy in my mouth and started moving it around knowing that this would make the back side move in her pussy.

Mary push pushed her hips up almost causing me to gag but managed to hold on. Mary was on her way to one hell of an orgasm. I heard her moaning then Oh Fffffuuuuccckkk, SUCK IT, FUCK IT, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH ME, I LOVE IT MY SEET ASS LICKING, PUSSY SUCKER. I do love it so. She dropped back on the bed as I eased the toy out of my mouth and moved up beside this sweet, sexy woman, put my arms around her and we both just lay there enjoying the afterglow.

This will end this chapter 6 Robert has again broadened his sexual horizons a little more but there is much more to come.