Horny brunette sucking cock and gets

Horny brunette sucking cock and gets
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VERRY INCESTUOUS RELATIONS BY: JIWJIW11 CHAPTER 3 TITLE - Gorgeous Broads, Girl-On-Girl Incest & Sudden Changes A. Waking Up Ravished / Just Like The Good Old Days: The next morning Cindy was awakened by the sound of her husband Bill taking a shower.

She lay there for a couple of minutes, with her eyes closed, trying to get her bearings. She was so groggy that she felt like she'd been drugged. It seemed like she had a terrific hangover, but without the headache. Memories of last night began to creep back into her mind and she smiled to herself as she started to remember what a very hot and wild time she had with Bill last night.

She didn't know what had come over her. She had suddenly turned into a sexually aggressive wild woman and had been all over Bill, acting even more wantonly than she had done when they were dating. Quickly jumping to the conclusion that she had drunk to much wine, her husband had seized the opportunity to exploit her vulnerability, and had done things to her that he hadn't done in years.

In fact, some of the things he'd done to her she didn't know that he even knew existed. His surprisingly lewd use of her body hadn't really seemed like something Bill would do, at all. His actions had been more like the vulgar conduct of the last two guys she had slept with, before she and Bill had gotten married. She had met those two gross looking, crude acting bozos at a party she had gone to with a girlfriend.

She had been drinking and was feeling no pain when these two guys had started hitting on her. Eventually they had gotten her upstairs and into one of the bathrooms, locked the door and had flopped out their big cocks and had persuaded her to give both of them a blow job.


After she had sucked their cocks and swallowed their cum, they had taken her to an crummy apartment they shared together, where the two of them had spent the rest of the night double teaming her and jointly screwing her in every conceivable way.

When they had completely spent themselves forking her very cooperative orifices, they had called her a cab and then had, unceremoniously, shoved her out the door. When she woke up the next day she had felt totally mortified at the way she had let the two pigs use her, and at how badly and callously they had treated her. To her utter amazement, as the days went, by she found that she wanted to go back to their apartment for another round of the lewd and crude debauchery.

During the passing days she had searched her mind for answers that would explain why she was willing to put herself through another night of their disgusting sexual behavior. Finally, she realized that it had stemmed from the fact that the two dorks had the biggest cocks she had ever had in her. The endless thoughts of the two big pricks had gotten her so hot to trot that, eventually, she had called them, asked them for a date, and had gone back to their filthy crib, for more.

On that visit, knowing that she was really asking for it by begging them for another date, the ugly pair had treated her even worse than they had the first time, and when they had tired of using her body, they had tossed her out again. The next day Bill had proposed to her and, wearing her engagement ring, about once a month she would call them like a sex addict and would go back for another demeaning session. And she had continued to do so right up until two days before she and Bill had gotten married.

That night was Bill's bachelor party, so she took that opportunity to have a bachelor party of her own. She had made the mistake of telling the two assholes that they were her bachelor party, and they had worked her over in the worst ways possible.

After the second session with the brutes, her unspoken arrangement with them was that, she brought them her body and they used it, any way they wanted to, and always simultaneously. Double penetration became a way of life for her, and the two cocks being stuck in her lower body, at the same time, had been a very demanding event that she always passed with flying colors. No matter what the two repulsive creeps had made her do, she had enjoyed every bit of the raunchy, dirty, big cocked sex.

To them she was just their beautiful plaything, and she played the role of a mindless, bimbo, in order to keep getting their big cocks stuffed into her orifices.

The memory of the lewd and crude, demeaning sex, and the two large cocks were seared in her mind as though it had happened just yesterday. Putting those embarrassing thoughts aside, she stretched luxuriously, like a big sexy, well fucked cat, and felt the pleasant sensation between her legs, of a pussy that had been vigorously churned. She spread her legs and reached down between her thighs to stroke her pussy lips and clit, but felt something very hard, instead.

She opened her eyes to see what it was and saw the familiar black rubber disc top of a butt plug. Bill had apparently buried it in her cunt during last night's sexual romp, and had left it in there. Looking herself over, she saw that she was naked except that her red leather, knee high boots, with the fringed tops, which were still on.

She tried to swallow, but realized that there was something in her mouth. She reached up and felt some material sticking out past her lips. She grasped it and pulled and soon was looking at her panties.

She shook her head in amazement and thought to herself, "My goodness, we certainly have gotten our second honeymoon off to a fantastic start, but a couple of days earlier than we had planned." Her empty gunned, but now clean, husband came out of the shower and said to her, "Honey, I have to get to work. It is the last day before we go to my sister's wedding and I have many things to get done before we leave for Santa Barbara.

Would you fix me some breakfast while I get dressed?" With a big, satisfied smile she cooed, playfully, "Sure baby, I'll be right down." B. - Starting The Day With A "Porn Show" Breakfast: She got her, curves piled on top of curves, body onto its feet, pulled the huge butt plug out of her pussy, and then put her wet, cummy panties back on.

Next she grabbed a pair of white short-shorts and squeezed into them, then donned a white halter top. She quickly brushed her thick, jet black hair until it framed her face, sensuously, then put on some lipstick. She took a quick look in her full length mirror and was bemused by how slutty she looked in the white outfit and the knee length red boots. The torrid look didn't bother her at all and she left the room and went to the head of the stairs where she saw her two, nearly16 year old sons standing at the foot of the staircase.

"Hi, guys, what are you doing up so early," she asked, cheerfully, as she started the undulating trip down from the second floor, a trip of swinging hips, flashing thighs and bouncing breasts. Her totally mesmerized twins watched the entire erotic descent with a lump in their throats and a second lump beginning to swell in their blue jeans.

She breezed by them and they quickly turned and followed her into the kitchen, eyes glued to the magnificent pair of ass cheeks swaying back and forth in front of them, the mindboggling sight causing the already large bulges in their jeans to swell even more. Once in the kitchen, Cindy asked, "I am making breakfast for your father, so do you want some?" "Boy do we ever want some, and real bad," they both chorused, with big grins.

They got themselves some orange juice, then sat at the round kitchen table so they could watch every move their mother made while she was fixing breakfast. The walking back and forth and all of the stooping and squatting, had the two boys, squirming in their seats and turned on beyond belief. When their tantalizing mother grabbed a banana, peeled it, and then put the shaft of soft but firm fruit in her mouth, they nearly lost it. It was a big banana and, each time she took a bite, she stuck it in almost throat deep.

By the time their father joined them, the erotic breakfast preparation, virtual porn show, had been so graphically prick teasing that the boy's eyes hurt from watching it. That wasn't the only thing that hurt, their balls were nearly blue. Their father said to them, "Now, just to remind you two, your mother and I are leaving early in the morning for Santa Barbara. We are going to be gone for five days and we want you to behave yourselves while Aunt Mona is here looking after you.

We want you to do everything you can to make her stay with you as enjoyable for her as it can possibly be. You hear me, guys?" "Yes, Dad, we certainly intend to take very good care of Aunt Mona, entertain her, and make her really have the best time she's ever had," the twins promised, as thoughts of their bodaciously built, sexpot aunt crowded into their minds, joining the current visual images of their mother's mind blowing body.

Their eyes were glazed over with thoughts of the incestuous relations they had planned for their amazingly statuesque aunt, as they dug into the ham and eggs their mother had set in front of them. They heard their mother say, "Bill, Mona and her daughter Margie are coming over later on this morning to take me on my last shopping trip, before we leave town tomorrow morning. They are going to take me to lunch, too, so I'll be gone until probably three or four o'clock." "Fine," Bill said, as he pushed his plate aside.


"I will be late getting home tonight, myself. I have to make sure that everything is in order at the office, before I leave.

So I'll just see you when I get home." He kissed his gorgeous, temporarily satisfied wife on the cheek, and then rushed out to his car. The boys left the kitchen to go back upstairs and finish their plans for putting their meat to Aunt Mona and then sharing her lush body with their, just as anxious to fuck her, dirty old man, grandfather.

C. A Call From A Sexy Best Friend: Cindy cleaned up the kitchen then went upstairs to the master bedroom. She was in the bathroom, about to undress and take her shower, when she heard the telephone ring. A few moments later there was a knock on the bedroom door and she heard her son Jerry say, "Mom, its Sally." "Okay, thanks honey" she called out.

She walked out of the bathroom and went over and sat on the edge of the bed, dressed like a cheap hooker, picked up the receiver and said to her oldest and closest friend from high school, "Hi there, babe." "Hi, darling, I hope I didn't wake you up," Sally said brightly.

"Oh no, I have been up for a long time," Cindy assured her. Sally went on, "I am making my regular, bi-monthly call to see how things are going with you." "Well, you caught me at a very busy time. My husband Bill's kid sister, Celeste, is getting married this Friday in Santa Barbara, and I am the Matron Of Honor," Cindy informed her, happily. Sally replied, "Well that is just great. Is your sister-in-law still the gorgeous, redheaded mantrap that I met at your house five years ago?" ''She sure is," Cindy responded.

"Well who did that knockout capture for herself," Sally asked? She's marrying a young man from a very wealth Italian family," Cindy replied. "But, other than that, I don't really know much at all about them, at all. The father is a very mysterious guy named Carmen Basilio, who I have only met once." "I don't know what he or his son do, but the father must be very successful because he has a huge mansion in Santa Barbara that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

From what Celeste tells me, the father's business associates are coming in to attend the wedding from all over of the country." "I did meet her fiancé, Frankie Basilio, the last time Bill and I visited her. He's a dark, handsome young man who is really full of himself and acts like a complete jerk around women." "Being an Italian male, he apparently feels that it is his ancestral privilege and obligation to pinch every girl's ass that he sees." "Hell, even though he was engaged to my sister-in-law, and knew that I was married, he cornered me in the bedroom Bill and I were staying in, and made a pass at me." "He just grabbed me and started feeling me up.

I was so surprised that I couldn't even react immediately. He mistook my inaction to be a sign that I was going to cooperate, so he forced me to my knees and tried to get me to give him a blow job. I finally got my wits about me and jumped up and ran out of there." "But, that aside, Celeste has been going with him for a long time and is apparently fully aware of his womanizing ways. I assume that she either really loves the jerk, or has just decided that his family is too rich not to marry into.

Either way, she is apparently willing to ignore his wandering eyes and cheating ways and go ahead and be his bride." "So, Sally, if it is okay with her, it is okay with me. It is her life to live," Cindy concluded, resignedly. "My, that is a hot story," Sally replied. "Damn if he was that good looking and rich, if it had been me, I would have stayed down on my knees and sucked his cock like a professional hooker." Cindy ignored her, always wickedly spontaneous, best friend's comment and went on, "The wedding is going to be quite the social event in Santa Barbara.

Besides the wedding itself, there are pre and post wedding parties, practice session for the bridesmaids, ushers and every one else directly involved in the event, along with all kinds of entertainment. Since I am the Matron Of Honor, I have to attend all of the wedding functions and parties." "Wow, it sounds like you are going to have the time of your life," Sally opined. "But you had better keep an eye out for the horny bridegroom; he may not be through trying to get into your hot body yet, girlfriend, in any port." "Oh stop that," Cindy scolded.

"It is going to be a great time, and Bill and I are leaving first thing in the morning. We are going to take a leisurely drive up to Santa Barbara and get in some salacious, cheap motel room, time together, along the way." "We plan to make this whole trip a kind of second honeymoon for us. We have been married for seventeen years and we need a chance to get away and try and put a little romance back into our lives." "Bill's business is very successful, but he works such long hours that we hardly ever get to have any quality time alone together.

So we're seizing on this opportunity to spend some sex filled time with each other, faraway from this house and away from the turmoil of having these twin boys under foot.

We are going to use this trip to revitalize our sex lives." Sally laughed, "Oh, so the new bride isn't the only one who's going to get screwed this week?" "Gosh, I certainly hope not. I am planning on getting in a lot of wild, nasty sex, while we are alone in the motel and hotel rooms. Ummm, the hotel room in Santa Barbara even has a mirrored ceiling so Bill and I can watch ourselves get screwed." "Well from the sound of things, it doesn't look you've changed your sexy ways a bit, since we were in high school," Sally teased.

"And just exactly what do you mean by that," Cindy asked, trying to sound offended? Well, honey, as your best friend in high school, I well remember that you were quite the round-heeled sexpot, and that cock sucking was your specialty," her good friend stated, accusingly. "Well I'll admit that I was extremely interested in boys back then, but I was just trying to practice safe sex habits, and I thought that oral sex was the best way of making sure that I didn't get pregnant," Cindy responded, offering up a weak excuse for her past, often times wanton, oral sex promiscuity.

"That sounds like a good story now, darling, but just remember, I was on quite a few double dates with you, and I know, first hand, that you had cocks going off quite regularly, in places other than your mouth," Sally reminded her, emphatically. Cindy protested with a curse and said, "Well, I will just take the fifth amendment on your accusations, girlfriend." Sally chortled in response, "Okay, okay, be that way.

But I know for sure that, if Celeste's fiancé had made that same pass at you in high school, you would have been on your knees, in a heartbeat, snorkeling his cock like a porn star." "You're just awful," Cindy exclaimed!

Sally went on, "And you have very selective memory, sweetheart. You remember when we went to LA the summer after we graduated from high school, and went into that hotel bar and let those two salesmen pick us up, take us up to their hotel room and then screw the hell out of us." "Then we let them talk us into making out with each other on the couch, after which we ended up crossways on the single bed, in the 69 position, and they stood on each side of the bed and fucked our pussy's and our mouths, and switched ends every couple of minutes so we could get a full taste of everything." "Watching them stick their cocks into your pussy, then seeing the cock plow you hard, then watching it come out of your cunt and then be stuffed into my mouth for me to suck, then having it pulled out of my mouth so I could bury my face in your snatch and eat it, all the while knowing that the same thing was happening on the other end.

Now that was a real blast." "Baby doll, I got to know you very up close and personal that night and the taste and smell of your ravished pussy was really something," Sally cooed. "And you must remember that after they finished doing all that to us, they wanted to have anal sex with us, too, and I refused. So you ended up letting them both give it to you up the ass." "Talk about two guys getting a piece of tail, they sure did get it from you that night, to the absolute maximum.

Damn those were two really big cocks that they reamed us out with," Sally said, almost smacking her lips. "Stop it," Cindy pleaded. "I am a mother now, and those days are far behind me." "Okay, I'll take your word for it, sweetheart, but speaking of your being a mother, that son of yours who answered the phone sounded quite grown up.

How are those handsome twins of yours doing these days," Sally asked? "Oh God, they are absolute murder," Cindy groaned. "Their sixteenth birthday is on the same day as the wedding and they are typical teenage boys. Horny around the clock and completely consumed by thoughts of females." "There are so many hot and cold running, half-dressed teeny bopper girls coming over to the house and going to their bedrooms that I feel like a Madam." "Both of them are so hot all of the time that sometimes I catch them eying me up as though they want to take me upstairs and add me to their list of sexual conquests." Sally jumped in, "Damn, girl, do you actually think they would screw you?" "They are so perpetually horny that I think that they would screw anyone," Cindy confessed to her friend.

"Hell, the two of them are handy as hell with my sister Mona's body and her daughter Margie's body, too. When they come here to visit me, the two boys literally give them a full body search. Celeste's fiancé has nothing on them.

I am telling you, girl, that they are incorrigible." Sally interjected, "Speaking of that sexy big sister of yours who, by the way, was always my role model for sophisticated prick teasing, when I was growing up, how is she doing these days?" "Just wonderful," Cindy replied.

"In fact, she and Margie are going to be here in less than an hour to take me shopping for outfits for me to wear to all of the wedding parties.' "She insisted that they take me to their favorite dress shops to pick out some very sexy outfits to wear for Bill, as well as to wear to all of the parties we are going to be attending, before and after the wedding." "Well you certainly have the right person going along with you to help you pick out sexy party clothes," Sally commented with a sly laugh, "Mona is the fox of all foxes and knows how a woman should dress to show off everything she's got." "Yes, I agree.

Mona told me ,when she set up this shopping trip, that she was going to make me buy some very erotic, revealing clothes. She and Margie both think that I should dress like a total slut for Bill, so I can drive him crazy on the trip," Cindy gushed with excitement.

Sally responded, "Well, you be sure and listen to your sexy sister's advice. She knows absolutely everything there is to know about dressing like a high class slut. You'll get all of the fucking you could possibly want from your husband, or from some of the other men who will be there eying you up, if you'll follow Mona's suggestions about buying erotic clothing." Cindy sighed happily, "I promise you that I'll do whatever Mona says, because I really do want to get a world class screwing this week." "Well, if you want that kind of screwing, I think that you need to give Celeste's fiancé a shot at you, too.

He sounds like he could play real rough with you and take you to the moon, girlfriend, just the way you used to like it." "You are just terrible, Sally," Cindy yelled at her. Calming herself down, Cindy informed her friend, "By the way, believe it or not, Mona is going to be house sitting the two boys while we are away at the wedding." Sally whistled, "Damn, I bet the boys are looking forward to that.

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Talk about putting the ultimate in temptation in front of two horny wolf cubs. The three of them ought to have a real hot, tense few days together. Having to watch all of Mona's superb curves prancing around in front of them, all day long, the boys will be upstairs jacking off every hour, on the hour." "Oh Mona will be fine with them. She doesn't seem to mind their antics at all and just takes it with a grain of salt," Cindy assured her, confidently.

"I'm sure that you are probably right, sweetie, and since you have so much going on I won't keep you on the phone any longer. Have a great time on your second honeymoon and at the wedding. Call me when you get back and tell me all about how everything went for you, sexual and otherwise," Sally said, blowing her friend a kiss.

"I will, for sure," Cindy promised, "and thanks for calling, darling. Bye now!" D. Getting Ready To Shop For Slutty Outfits: Since she was going to be buying sexy party clothes today, Cindy decided that she should wear the same type of bra, garter belt, panties, nylons and high heeled shoes that she would be wearing when she actually wore the outfits in Santa Barbara.

To go with her hot, frothy undergarments, she elected to wear her best, very sexy, cleavage exposing, form fitting, extremely short, one piece cocktail dress that was made out of a light, stretchy, curve hugging material. The virtual mini-dress was pale rose in color and fit itself perfectly to her superb curves, just like it was a second skin. It was so short that it barely covered the almost crotch high nylons and the straps of the garter belt she was wearing.

It was also a very functional dress for a day of boutique hopping, since it was so easy to get in and out of. But it was not just functional. It was as provocative as hell and she felt ultra-sexy in it. In fact, just sliding it down over her body, and smoothing it into place, made her hot.

This was a dress she had only worn once before and, that night, the very revealing, teasing dress had raised the eyebrows and temperatures of every man in the room. After drinking a couple of strong martinis that had been personally provided by the attentive host with the very wandering hands, she had been secretly pleased, knowing that if she had wagged her finger at any of the men who were ogling her, they would have pushed their wives or girlfriends out of the way and come over and let her have her way with them, in a heartbeat.

With those delightful thoughts turning her on, once she was fully dressed and primped, she took a long look at herself in her full length mirror, from all angles, then gave herself very pleased thumbs up.

She knew from the reflection in the mirror that she wasn't going to have to take a backseat to her luscious big sister today. Dressed up like this, she was every bit the voluptuous match for her trophy wife sibling. She was anxious to start the shopping tour and, with a confident strut, she went out of the bedroom and down the stairs to get her purse and put together her makeup, combs, etc., while she waited for Mona and Margie to arrive.

Her twin sons, hearing their mother start down the stairs, quickly leapt to their feet and clamored down the staircase after her. When they got in sight of the entry way, their jaws dropped. Their dolled up, hotly dressed mother looked absolutely sensational. Her minimal, pale rose dress showed off her body so sensuously that they both wanted to jump her and fuck her brains out, right that minute.

Immediately after they had gotten a full, but brief, view of her dazzlingly decorated curves, they heard Mona's Mercedes pull into the driveway. Cindy turned and blew them a kiss then undulated out the door. They went to the door and waived at Mona and Margie, but mostly looked and the curvaceous form of their stunning mother, as it swayed provocatively towards the large car.

They were grinding their teeth as they took in the breathtaking view, then watched it disappear into the back seat of their aunt's very expensive black car. When the car door closed behind their mother, Jerry turned and said to his brother, "Damn, bro, is she the MILF of all MILF's, or what?" E. Buying Some Very Trashy Nighties: The three super stacked honeys's returned the goodbye waives from the two boys who were standing in the doorway.

"Cute kids," Mona opined, as Margie backed out of the driveway. "Oh, don't tell me that, they are driving me absolutely crazy. I'm telling you, they are totally obsessed with sex and they seem to have a hard-on twenty-four hours a day," Cindy shot back. "Well, baby, they are supposed to be that way at their age. Being males, they are already well into the prime of their sexual lives," Mona advised her.

"Well, I just hope that I survive their passage into manhood," Cindy groaned. Mona laughed, "Now lets put all those thoughts aside because it's time for us to deal with your wedding trip clothing requirements and your desperate need for a lot of hot, dirty sex." "Margie and I are going to take you to Fredericks of Hollywood's, first, and buy you some night time stuff that will drive your husband off the deep end, and will make that starving, under used pussy of yours very, very happy," Mona promised.

To Cindy's shock and amazement, her sister then reached back between the bucket seats and patted her prominent pubic mound, then began stroking her panty crotch covered clit, sensuously, while she went on. "After Fredericks we will go to Vixens and complete your party-time wardrobe, and not only get outfits that will drive Bill crazy, but also some hot evening clothes that will do the same thing for everyone else who attends the wedding related parties.

We are going to dress you slutty enough to make you the main attraction at every party that you are going to have to attend during the wedding extravaganza," Mona assured her. "It all sounds absolutely wonderful," Cindy smiled, "I'm putting myself completely in your hands." Of course her pussy was already in her big sister's skillful hand, and her overly sexy sibling had pushed her knees apart and was squeezing its puffy lips and stroking them, as well as the close by clit, with her long finger nails, through the silky crotch material of her panties.

The very experienced and talented hand stayed there, pleasuring her, until Margie turned the Mercedes into Frederick's parking lot, where the three total hotties got out, in all of their barely covered glory, and pranced towards the entrance. Her niece and sister led the way and, for the first time, Cindy got a full look at their attire. Ever being her mother's daughter, the always prick teasing Margie had on a green blouse buttoned only up to the bottom of her huge breasts, thereby advertising a maximum of wonderful cleavage.

Her matching green, incredibly tight skirt, almost vulgarly showed off her ass, lusciously rounded belly and prominent pubic mound, to sinful perfection.

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The eye catching skirt went down to mid-thigh, the length necessary to cover her garter belt and the tops of her nylons. Of course, when she sat down the frilly tops to her nylons and the black garter straps, were put on teasing display. Her shoes were green 5" stilettos. All in all, to anyone who saw her, she looked like she was promising that a good time could be had by all. Her opulent mother was wearing a one piece dress that had full length sleeves, a plunging neckline and, like her daughter's outfit, it was mid-thigh in length in order to cover up the tops of her nylons and her garter belt.

It was wickedly form fitting and was the color of wet molten gold. She was wearing panties of the same color. She looked like there was nothing, and no one, she couldn't take on and screw into total submission. The trio of suggestively dressed females went inside and did some serious shopping and, after an hour of scintillating fun, purchased four trashily decadent sleep wear ensembles.

In these very naughty nighties, Cindy was guaranteed that her late evenings in Santa Barbara, with her husband, were going to be filled with wonderfully raunchy sex.

Arms loaded down, the trio of erotic looking sexpots, left the store, put the purchases in the trunk of the Mercedes, jumped in, and were off to Vixens. F. Now, On To Vixens - To Eat And Be Eaten: As soon as the elegant automobile was rolling down the street, Mona turned her body in the front seat, so that she was looking back between the bucket seats at her gorgeous sister. Cindy was, very conveniently, sitting in the middle of the couch-like black leather back seat.

Mona reached back between the seats and slid her hand between her sister's thighs, again, and this time Cindy automatically spread them for her.

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Mona quickly manipulated the crotch of her sister's panties aside and inserted two fingers into her warm, wet cunt, pushed them in as far as they would go, then began sawing them in and out of the rapidly juicing, puffy lipped slit. As she leisurely finger fucked her sister, Mona asked, point blank, "Do you like to have your pussy eaten?" Taken aback for a moment, the turned on Cindy huskily replied, "Why, yes, I enjoy it very much." "Have you ever made out with a woman before," Mona asked?

"Well, in high school I did some girl on girl sex with a friend of mine, a couple of times, to entertain the boys we were double dating with." "Did you like it," quizzed her now very slick fingered sister?

"Sure, it was a real turn-on," Cindy gasped as she began humping Mona's invading fingers. "Good," Mona replied. "Now, before we get to Vixens I want you to know that I have known the owner for many years. She is a full blown lesbian and, by nature, a bull dyke who is into S & M and is a hardcore dominatrix." "Her name is Davia Gold. She has always had a real thing for me, ever since the first time I met her.

She pursued me for a long time, wanting to make out with me and, one day, she caught me in the right mood and I let her have her way with me." "She proved to be the best pussy eater I have ever known, bar none and I have known many, both male and female.

When she is through having your twat, you are completely limp with exhaustion and satisfied beyond belief. There is just nothing else like it anywhere, I promise you." "After that first time, I made it perfectly clear to her that, in the future, I wouldn't go any further than letting her have lesbian sex with me.

There would not be any S & M." "She was very disappointed, but she was so hot for my body that she found my demand to be acceptable and, ever since then, I have come to her store, from time to time, and let her do me, good, and really eat my pussy completely out." "She still honors my one demand of her, but that doesn't stop her from trying to coax me into S & M.

In order to make sure that I am able to continue to get the unbelievable pleasure of her mouth, I let her get a little pushy with me, but stop her when she starts trying to really dominate me." "For the last six years I have been bringing Margie with me so that she, too, could experience the oral and fingering pleasures Davia provides." "Of course my darling, oversexed daughter is so wildly hot and promiscuous that, if I don't watch out for her, Davia would soon have her in handcuffs, on a spreader bar, ball gagged, with alligator clamps on her nipples and clit, being whipped," Mona laughed.

Listening to this unbelievable disclosure, as she let her sister's fingers ravish her, Cindy was so totally hot that she was squireing and humping Mona's fingers, just like they were a penetrating cock. "So today, darling, we are not only going to enjoy trying on and buying many sexy party costumes while we are at Vixens, we are also going to get to experience the pleasure of having our pussy's eaten by the best lesbian cunt lapper in the business." "Now, when the girl on girl sex starts, I want you to just relax and let yourself go and let Davia do you real good.

I promise that you will find that it is as stimulating and refreshing as going to a SPA, and a lot more fun." "It will prime your sexual engine and put you in the mood to fully enjoy having really filthy sex with your husband, while you are on your Santa Barbara trip." Now also working her sister's clit with her thumb, Mona went on, "As a part of our sex shows with Davia, she always insists that Margie and I make out together, in front of her, so today she is going to insist that you join in our make out session, so she can watch all three of us do each other in an all female sex orgy." "While we are making out with each other, she will be ordering us around and handling us like we are whores, but just go with the flow and I know that you are going to really enjoy the hell out of it." "Besides, in exchange for our performing for her, she gives us a 10% discount, so I guess you could say that we really are going to be whores, today," Mona laughed.

With that, Mona pulled her fingers out of Cindy's steaming cunt and said, "Here, lets get the sex fun off to a good start by giving you a full taste of your cunt." "You will be getting a lot of these tastes from the orifices of all three of us before Davia is through with us, today," and, without further ado, she stuck the dripping fingers into her sister's mouth and let her suck them clean.

G. Some Really "HOT" Shopping At Davia Gold's Slut Boutique: Margie parked the car on the street in front of Vixens and the, more than ready for pleasure, astonishingly well stacked, threesome, went inside. Mona told them to go and start looking around at the racks of delicious outfits while she went to find Davia.

The absolutely scintillating blonde walked to the back of the store and climbed the stairs to Davia Gold's office, from which, through a large plate glass window, the store owner could see everything that was going on below.

The door to the office was open, so Mona walked right in and found the always intense store owner working at her desk. She stopped in the doorway, struck a provocative pose in her curve hugging, wet molten gold dress, and said, "Hi, Davia." The very dark skinned proprietress looked up, then leaped to her feet and came around the desk to greet her. She was a slender, big titted, brunette who had a sharp featured, wicked looking face.

She was darkly attractive, but not beautiful, and had a look of dissolute depravity about her. Some of her dyke sex partners thought that she looked like sin personified. Today the perverted Dom was wearing a skin tight, black, latex catsuit, with matching knee-high black boots and shoulder length, latex opera gloves.

As she came forward, the very Jewish princess gushed, "Hello, my darling, how is my absolutely favorite sex mate in the whole world, today?" With confident familiarity, the full blown, alpha lesbian immediately placed a hand behind Mona's neck, pulled her face down, then gave her, many times sexual conquest, a long, nasty, spit swapping French kiss.

While fully engaged in the hot liplock, the flaming lesbo ran her other hand under Mona's skirt and worked three latex gloved fingers up into her plush, very familiar, often plundered, vagina, and fingered it thoroughly, as she sucked tongue. Davia finally broke the steamy embrace and asked, "Did you come alone today?" Before Mona could answer, the deviant store owner looked down below and caught sight of Margie, and squealed with pleasure, "Oh darling I see that you have brought your delicious daughter with you, too." "Now the only remaining question is, are you two here to just shop, or are you also here so the three of us can have hot, wicked sex together?" Mona teased, "Hot, wicked sex, of course.

You never give us any other choice, do you?" The dominant sin mistress smiled lewdly and smacked Mona hard across the ass, then said, "Wonderful, my pet, having the two of you is going to make my day." Mona quickly injected, "But today, Davia, I have also brought my sister along with us, so that we can purchase some scandalously sexy outfits for her to wear to a wedding and, more importantly, to all of the related parties she is going to have to be attending." She pointed at the window and said, "As a matter of fact that's her just walking up to Margie, now." Davia gasped, "My god, she is absolutely stunning.

Her body is just incredible. Is she going to let me have sex with her, too?" "Of course, darling, I wouldn't want her to miss out on experiencing the ecstasy that your mouth provides. I promise that you will have your way with her, any way and every way you want to." "Wonderful," the lesbo queen drooled, "lets go down so you can introduce her to me, and then we'll go to the private dressing room and get things started, immediately." They went down onto the shop floor and joined the aunt and her niece, and Mona said, "Davia, I want you to meet my sister, Cindy.

She is here to be dressed in your nastiest stuff, so that she can spend the next few days being chased around by men, and, hopefully, be forced to have really disgusting sex with as many of them as possible." The totally turned on Jewish dyke slipped an arm around the stunning sister's waist and said, "Well, beautiful, you have certainly come to the right place to get help in achieving that salacious goal." "We can make you as nasty a slut as you want to be and, my goodness, you certainly have brought all of the necessary, deliciously curved body parts, for me to barely clothe." As Cindy opened her mouth to utter a greeting, Davia quickly inserted her long tongue between her teeth, silencing her before she had even had a chance to speak.

While Davia devoured her mouth, her sister and her niece watched the audacious lesbian stuff the same three gloved fingers that Mona had just been violated by, up the black haired beauty's already well titillated twat, and gave it a quick, butch firm fingering.

Davia finally released her sexual conquest to be, licked her lips like a pleased black cat, then sucked the wet, latexed fingers of her glove, saying to Mona, "my goodness, your sister is certainly a hot, tasty young thing, isn't she. I look forward to having absolutely all of her today." The dark, almost evilly attractive, boutique owner led the three of them into a special dressing room, where she pulled a magnum of champagne out of a refrigerator, and poured them each a full glass of the sparkling fluids.

She toasted them and they all took long, very needed, swigs of the well chilled bubbly, The hot, scheming Jewess business woman/perverted sex addict left them for a few minutes and returned with a dozen risqué outfits, each one more slutty and tantalizing than the last. With no nonsense aggressiveness the very practiced shop owner quickly helped Cindy out of her form fitting cocktail dress, then knelt in front of her and pulled her panties down and had her step out of them.

While her head was in such a convenient position, the shop's very sexually experienced, always on the prowl for new pussy to corrupt, clothes merchant, gave Cindy's clit a few long, wet licks, before she got up and helped her now dizzied and cooperative customer into the first of the super hot outfits.

As she continued to put the outrageously stacked, ebony haired sister into each sexy costume, she handled her the same way she always handled her sister and her, whore hot to be pleasured, niece. Cindy began to experience the stimulating benefits of girl-on-girl sex, as she watched the dyke lick and suck her erect nipples, stick her tongue into her oozing pussy and lap it, chew on the surrounding puffy cuntal lips, tweak her throbbing clit, spear her anus with her tongue, and essentially give her a total lesbian fucking.

Spurred on by the carnal knowledge that she was going to have all three of these gorgeous, voluptuous women's bodies today, Davia continually French kissed the fast weakening sister, making her get a full taste her pussy and anus. Also, in order to prime the observing sister and her delightfully hot bodied, very juicy niece, for their coming sex session with her, and to put them in the mood to be totally debauched, she French kissed them, as well, giving them the same taste of their relative's lower body orifices as Cindy was getting.

Davia not only enjoyed the full taste of the amazingly statuesque sister, she also displayed her excellent taste in vulgarly sinful clothing and Cindy, with the help of her two very close, extremely hot to trot relatives, picked out a treasure trove of scandalously revealing outfits. They included a nipple low, crotch high, skintight micro party dress; a plunging neckline, slit up the side to the hip, evening gown; another one piece party dress that had a very low cut, spaghetti string top, and a fully flared, obscenely short skirt, that had difficulty covering any of her crotch, ass cheeks and panties.

Cindy knew that, when she wore this one, if she were to bend over, the scanty skirt would cause a riot. Her customers having completed the selection of a full complement of sinfully tantalizing clothing, and having been heated up enough to let themselves be raunchily sexually exploited, the slut shop owner said, "Now my darlings, after such a strenuous shopping session, you are going to all have lunch with me, in my special entertainment room." "I have already arranged to have finger food and drinks delivered, for us to consume as we all feast on the luncheon's main course, your pussies.

H. Lunch With Davia Pussy's For Everyone: "But, before we start lunching on each other, I have one final outfit that your sister must take on her trip. Mona told me that one of the wedding events is a costume ball where the guests all wear sensual costumes and masks." "Now, since Cindy looks like, and is built just like Wonder Woman, in every way, I have an exact replica of the original costume that Linda Carter wore on TV, and it will fit her perfectly." "Wearing this Wonder Woman costume, she will be the belle of the costume ball, and every man there will be panting to have her, just as she will be panting to be had." "I also have a specially altered version of that same costume, for your succulent sister to wear for her husband, after they return to their hotel room from the ball." Davia pulled both of the costumes off of the rack and showed them to her three attentive, hot pussied customers.

The Carter costume had the familiar bustier, starry tights, knee high, sharp toed boots, a wide belt, a mask and a golden tiara. The erotically altered version was identical, except that it had nipple cut outs in the bustier, and tights that were crotchless, from clit to tail bone, so that when a woman wore them, her entire crotch area would be completely accessible for sexual use and for being thoroughly violated.

"Now I want your sister to put on the altered one, to have lunch in, then we will take her into my private party room and feast on her body and bring her to total, girl-on-girl, sexual satisfaction," Davia said, smiling hungrily.

Moving quickly, Vixen's owner stripped Cindy of everything but her garter belt, then put the altered Wonder Woman costume on her and attached a pair of, almost crotch high fish net stockings to the garter straps. The demented, manipulating proprietress stepped back and said, "Now, is that a decadent look, or what?

She looks just the way Wonder Woman should look, like a pure slut. And she looks good enough to eat, doesn't she," the crotch lover added, smacking her lips in anticipation. "Now that she is properly attired for us to consume her, while we are waiting for the food and refreshments to arrive, lets take our female appetizer into the next room and do things to her magnificent body that will drive her completely wild and will make her have multiple orgasms," Davia ordered, with wicked relish.

She grabbed her next sexual victim by the arm and sternly led her into the inner sanctum, closely followed by her now redhot sister and niece.

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She stopped Cindy and said to the other two, "Now crowd around her for a few minutes and put your hands and mouths to work on her plush assortment of curves, and really get her boiling hot for me, while I watch." Mona and Margie, never having made out with their curvaceous relative, eagerly seized her body and began kissing and licking it, and biting and sucking the exposed, erect nipples.

They all soon had her in sexual heaven. After a few succulent minutes had passed, Margie moved in front of her aunt and began feasting on her huge tits and hot mouth, while Mona went to her knees, behind her sister, and started kissing and biting her luscious ass cheeks and running her fingers up into her pussy and anus. After another five minutes, her sister and niece exchanged positions and resumed their assault on Cindy's astounding body parts and orifices.

Cindy's eyes were open, but were clouded over with the unadulterated intoxication caused by the, two girls on one girl, sex. She just stood still and let them have their way with her as they turned her into mindless putty. After a few more minutes of this ecstasy, both of her lovers were on their knees, one in front and one in back of her, sticking their tongues up into her front and rear orifices, thickly coating their two busy oral organs, as they drove the sister/aunt into an oozing sexual frenzy.

Davia stood by and keenly watched the steaming hot sex show until she could stand it no longer and needed to join the orgasmic fray herself.

She stepped forward and pulled Cindy away from between the kneeling, wet faced sister and niece, and led the sex tipsy new addition over to a pink plastic couch, sat her down on the middle cushion, placed her splendid ass cheeks on the very edge of the cushion, so that her lower two orifices were fully exposed for use. She then leaned the pretend Wonder Woman back and motioned to the other heated honeys to get up and come over. She had them sit on each side of Cindy then said, "Now, my darlings, I want you to make love to this slut, while I eat her pussy." Her turned on sister and niece resumed putting their tongues and fingers to work on every inch of her upper body, devouring it.

On a sexual high, they started shoving their fingers into their own pussies, then into each others pussies, fucking them with abandon, then taking turns sticking four of their cuntal juice soaked digits into Cindy's mouth, making her suck them clean. They also did the same to their anuses, giving Cindy a full, and very tangy, taste of her relative's delicious rear passages. Meanwhile, Davia had stuck three fingers up Cindy's ass and was working them hard, as she applied her magic mouth to the now very sloppy twat, and began turning her into sexual jelly, as she worked to bring her into a perpetual state of, body shuddering climaxes.

After Davia, with her sister and nieces help, had gotten Cindy mindlessly drunk on sex, she had Margie switch positions with her, moving the magnificently endowed daughter into the prized middle cushion of the couch. Mona and Cindy immediately began kissing, licking, chewing, squeezing, and biting the delectable upper body of the steaming daughter/niece, and sticking their fingers into their own steaming orifices and feeding them to their very, very willing sex partner, as Davia applied her skillful mouth to Margie's oozing cunt and ate the humping snatch, until she had the juicy young harlot climaxing uncontrollably.

This was a state of mind that Mona's lush bodied, and overtly promiscuous daughter was always in, during these lesbian sessions with Davia. The dominatrix had always found Margie to be so unbelievably hot that only being a whore could possibly satisfy her glorious body and wanton mind. When the controlling lesbo had finished off the totally buzzed daughter/niece, and it was Mona's turn in the middle, Davia announced, "The food and drink are here, so lets stop and eat lunch before we finish these delightful activities.

When we return, I have a special game planned for my darling Mona to play for our entertainment." The super hot, and still unsatisfied older sibling, had been more than ready to be had by her sister and daughter while she watched the dark lesbian eat her pussy, therefore was more than a little disappointed that she was going to have to wait, but obediently went into the other room where they all nourished themselves for the rest of the demanding debauchery.

I. An Incestuous 69 Stack - For Every One's Pleasure: When they were refreshed and ready to be taken advantage of and be used by Davia, the wicked sex witch got them all onto their feet and said, "Now I want the three of you to have a different kind of nasty, girl on girl sex with each other, and really put on a show for me, before I do you, Mona, as the grand finale.

She led them back into the sinfully depraved playroom, where she led the Wonder Woman look alike over to a padded table and had her lie down on it, on her back. She then fit her Wonder Woman boots into two stirrups, and moved them so that Cindy's knees were spread wide and were pulled up, fully exposing her pussy and anus.

She then had Margie pull up her mid-thigh length, ultra-tight green skirt. The boiling hot young slut responded quickly, eagerly exposing her garter belt and frilly topped nylons, then stripped her panties off.

Davia then had the sex obsessed daughter crawl onto the padded table, facing Cindy's feet, and place her pussy right over her aunt's upturned face. When she was in position, the demanding Davia ordered her, "Sit down on it and then smear your cuntal juices all over it." Cindy watched her niece's wet, shaved twat descend until it totally enveloped her mouth and nose in the wet flesh of the puffy lips of Margie's already well probed vagina.

She then got her face coated with Margie's flowing cuntal juices, as her niece ground her oozing crotch into her face and wiped her snatch all over it. Davia then went to Margie's head and grabbed a fist full of her dark red hair and shoved her face down into her aunt's waiting snatch, until her nose was fully buried in the slippery, steaming gash.

Very excitedly, the horny lesbian told them, "Now both of you grab the ass cheeks that are right in front of you and begin humping your hips and devouring each others cunts," as she smacked Margie's upturned ass cheeks, very hard, several times, until they were bright red. Both aunt and niece did what the abusive dyke ordered, with noisy and hungry enthusiasm.

The aggressive lesbo then grabbed Mona by the arm and pulled the wet molten gold dressed sister/mother around to her daughter's bobbing, pussy eating head, and told her, "Darling get down on your knees, then stick your tongue up you sister's ass and help Margie eat her crotch and drive her crazy." Mona pulled her skirt up to her waist, knelt, then drove her tongue up her sister's ass and began tongue fucking it.

The mother and daughter were eye to eye as they ate their relative's juicy, swampy crotch, while on the other end Cindy was enthusiastically invading both of Margie's orifices, with both tongue and fingers. After a couple of minutes, the closely watching Davia grabbed Mona by the back of the neck, pulled her head back, grabbed Margie the same way and said, "Now you two kiss each other and swap your cummy spit," then she promptly shoved their faces together and watched them hotly go mouth to mouth.

Now putting her sharp, dark face down, right next to theirs, the almost crazed Jewess yelled, "Now keep going back and forth like that while I go back and do the same thing with Cindy," then spit into their already cum soaked, open, tongue fucking mouths. For the next few minutes the intimate sex pit was filled with the sounds of smacking lips as cunts were being eaten, the squishing of fingers being thrust into all three orifices, lusty kissing, the loud splats of Davia's latexed gloved hands slapping the jiggling flesh of the three sex obsessed relatives, and many moans and groans from the four, panting, totally turned on, pussy feasting hotties.

All three of Davia's sexual playmates got off multiple times during this dickless orgy, as they were turned into absolute trollops. The very pleased Davia finally brought this messy session of sexual excess to a halt, and said to Mona, "Now, for the last bit of sexual entertainment, I want you to be the center of attention, while your sister and daughter help me drive you absolutely wild, too, my special darling." J.

UP YOUR'S, BABY: The bull dyke picked up a studded collar and snapped it around Mona's neck, hooked a dog leash to it, then jerked her bountifully bodied prize to her feet and led her over and stopped her in front of a small table.

She had her pull her skirt up to her waist, fully exposing her garter belt and nylons and the wet molten gold panties. The demanding Jewish dyke stripped the exotic panties off of her leashed captive, made her sniff them and lick the inside of their wet crotch, then tossed them on the floor. She pressed a button situated on the top of the table and a fat, 9" long, black dildo came slowly up out of the very edge of the table, until the impressive weapon was aimed directly up at the ceiling.

She then handed Margie a jar of KY Jelly and told her to put a liberal amount of it on the jutting, fake cock. Margie took the jar then went over, bent forward at the waist, and took a close-up look at the black weapon and observed that it looked exactly like a real cock; veins, circumcised head, slit and all. The ever hot, impetuous daughter/niece went down on the dildo, hungrily, and gave it some passionate, drooling head for a couple of minutes, before releasing it, then started applying the jelly.

Davia had Cindy join her niece in applying the slippery fuck aid, and they both jacked off the big black shaft, until it was thickly covered with the lubricant. As they applied the slimy goo, they noted that the dildo not only looked just like a real cock, it also felt exactly like one, and was pleasingly firm, but flexible. The table had a pair of steps in front of it that were about three feet apart.

Davia had Mona walk up one of the set of steps, then carefully turn around and then place her right foot over onto the other step. Hands on her hips, like a drill sergeant, Davia barked, "Now you gorgeous slut, this shaft is going to go right up your ass. I am going to have your daughter get behind you and guide your body until your anus is right over the head of the dildo." The almost sexually berserk store madam, and very turned on S & M queen, motioned to Margie to move behind her semi-squatting mother, where she grabbed her by the hips, then pulled her lower body down until the head of the thick, black shaft, was centered right under her winking anus.

Margie took the base of the shaft in hand and Davia ordered, "Alright Mona, sit down on it and work the substitute cock all of the way up inside of your gorgeous ass." Cindy closely watched her sister flex her knees and lower her body until the top of the black shaft speared her anus.

Once the thick head had entered her back door, the impressively sized sex toy proceeded on its slow journey up into her accommodating anal passage, until it was fully buried in the ultra-female's exquisitely curved body. The extremely experienced, stupendously stacked sister/mother had absorbed the big shaft with little difficulty, as her rear channel quickly adapted itself to the challenging size of the invading tool, and took every inch of it inside of her.

The trio of mesmerized watchers could see Mona's face cloud over with total eroticism, as she sat fully impaled on the large sexual device. Her ass cheeks now sitting firmly on the table, with a foot on each step, her knees had been forced up to waist level, and her thighs were spread very wide apart.

Her favorite lover now securely shafted, Davia knelt between the exquisite, nylons and garter belt straps, decorated thighs, and shoved three gloved fingers up into her captive's cunt. That female receptacle was actually hovering just beyond the edge of the table and was fully available to be finger fucked.

The roaring lesbian leaned forward and licked the throbbing clit, and the fat pussy lips that surrounded her invading fingers, as she double penetrated the plush lower body of her completely skewered sex partner.

Her very experienced and capable mouth soon had the dildo rider squirming on the invasive shaft that was firmly stuffed up her victim's anal passage, who she soon had moaning with pleasure as the bull dyke did a number on her twat. When she had taken her favorite sex partner to the pinnacle, she stood up and had Cindy take her place between Mona's splendid thighs. The kneeling sister pressed her face against the drooling pussy and began chewing on the swollen pussy lips and nuzzling the throbbing clit with her nose.

She soon had her sister squirming in response, as the shaft up her ass kept her in perfect position to have her pussy finger fucked.

Soon she started shoving three fingers up into the boiling hot snatch and then watched her sister's body shake from a stupendous climax. While this was going on, Davia had Margie in position to watch the action, while she stood behind her forking four fingers up the whorish daughter's ass and making her moan and drool in total heat. When Mona had finished climaxing for her sister, Davia shoved the daughter to her knees between her mother's thighs, grabbed a latex glove full of her red hair and shoved her face into Mona's plundered pussy and ground her face into the oozing gash, as she yelled, in no uncertain terms, "Eat it, slut." Margie followed the instructions and ended up eating the snatch almost as well as Davia could, causing her mother to almost pass out from the multiple orgasms her super hot daughter was inciting.

Finally Mona couldn't stand any more, so Davia shoved Margie out of the way, then knelt and stuffed all four of her fingers up Mona's cunt, past the knuckles, several times, before finally relenting. The two steaming hot relatives helped the panting Mona dismount, extracting the slippery dildo from her very stretched rear sex channel, with a loud, suctioning, wet plop. The three totally satiated beauties put their clothes and/or panties back on, smoothed everything back into place, brushed their hair and freshened their lipstick.

They grabbed the sacks of clothes they had purchased, went out and put them in the car, climbed in and closed the doors. They were so hot that the windows immediately steamed over and they had to wait for the air conditioner to clear the wet fog away before they could leave for Cindy's house. Temporarily spent, but with very, very pleased pussy's, it was a quiet trip home, as their wet panties and the oozing cuntal juices began to make the inside of the car smell like a whore house.

K. Toys For The House Sitter - And Big Ones: After the three hot women had left to go shopping, the boys hurriedly called their grandfather Walt's office to tell him that they were on the way there to meet him Walt grabbed the phone and barked at them to get their asses down there, quick, so they could get the show on the road.

The sexually depraved grandfather was as excited and anxious as the boys were about buying a bunch of sexual tools and toys to use on the twins Aunt Mona. The source of his excitement was the knowledge that he was going to be right there with them putting the dick to their aunt's incredibly built body and then helping make her take on all of the challenging sex equipment they were going to have at their disposal.

Walt had been wanting to bury his cock in the opulently curved, overtly sexual, absolutely gorgeous, Mona, a lot longer than the boys had. Just like his voluptuous daughter-in-law had always done, Mona had prick teased him to the point where there was nothing he wouldn't do to her body to finally get some payback for the years of ungratified hardons that she had inspired. After they arrived at Walt's office, he had taken the other two member of his "Fuck Three Partners", the title he had given to their unholy alliance, to some sex shops and, under his depraved guidance, they had bought the biggest of the worst sex tools and toys they could find.

On the way back to his office, Walt asked them, "How long do you guys think it will take for your cum to wear off, after you give Mona some of it?" "We don't know, grandpa, but we assume that as long as we keep getting head from her, it will continue to keep her drugged for as long as we need it to," Jerry responded. "Do you think it will work the same way on her if you shoot it up her ass and into her cunt," Walt asked hopefully.

"Hell, I sure hope it will, cause that would make life much easier. But we will just have to find out through trial and error," Jerry responded. Walt said, "Well you are right about that, we'll just have to get started on her and see how it goes." "Now, when Mona shows up at your house tomorrow, you give her double the amount of cum you gave your mother and your cousin, just to make sure that she is completely under control." "Then both of you boys give her a good fucking and, after you've nailed her ass, you give me a call and I'll come right over, and we'll really get the orgy started on the overstacked bitch.

You got that boys?" "We've got it, sir," they both affirmed with excitement." The boys got home before their mother did and rushed the sacks of diabolical sex tools down into the basement and hid them where they would be handy to bring up in the morning, and start making Aunt Mona use them. When they were through, they drove to get a hamburger, and to discuss their final plans for plundering their Aunt's well packaged orifices, worse than they had they had ever done to any whore they had practiced on, under their grandfather's very crude supervision.

They knew one thing for sure, grandpa Walt was going to make a pig out of himself with their aunt's unbelievable body and, based on their past porn star fucking experience with him, they were anxious to get to see him put on a real dirty porn show with their statuesque, sensuous aunt.

L. A Major Change In Everyone's Plans: When the three well serviced, feeling no pain, women arrived at Cindy's house, they all got out and took the many purchases up to the master bedroom and hung them up. Cindy and Mona exchanged a few last minute instructions about the next five days house sitting the twins, then her sister and niece gave her a very hot kiss goodbye and wished her the best on her Santa Barbara trip.

Cindy then stripped off her body fluids stained clothes and put on a pair of tight jeans, then started packing for the trip. As she was working, she heard the front door opening, quickly followed by the sound of her husband's voice calling her name. She ran to the upstairs railing and called down to him and in a second he was bounding up the stairs towards her.

When he got to the top, he grabbed her in his arms and hugged her then said, "Darling, I have terrible news. My biggest Japanese customer just called and told me that they are having a major problem with the electronic equipment I designed and sold to them, and I have to fly to Japan this evening and get everything back on track." Shocked beyond belief, Cindy said loudly, "My God, Bill, what about the wedding, you just can't do this to your sister." "I know, it ruins all of the plans you have made for us for this week, but I have no choice, the future of my business is at stake.

I called Celeste before I left the office and she understands fully, and it's all okay by her," he assured his agitated wife. "But what about me? What do I do if you are not going with me," Cindy questioned' plaintively?

"Well, you are the Matron of Honor, so you have no choice but to go on without me. Celeste told me, when I talked to her, that you were the only really important one for the wedding anyway," he said, trying to console her. "But this was to be our second honeymoon and there are all of those functions I will have to go to without you.

I just can't believe this is happening," she complained bitterly. "I know, honey, but there is nothing I can do about it, you will just have to go on and do what has to be done, and make the best of it," Bill advised her, firmly.

"As I was driving home I thought that your best alternative is to take the boys with you. They will provide you with company and protection on the drive to Santa Barbara, and they are mature enough to go to all of the functions with you and be good companions. But that is something you are going to have to decide on your own." "Right now I have no time left to talk about the matter any further." Chagrinned, Cindy dutifully helped him pack, called him a cab and, almost before she knew it, her husband was gone.

She sat down in a kitchen chair for a minute, to try and digest what had just happened to her.

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Bill's suggestion about what she should do made perfect sense, but it didn't deal with the fact that she was expecting to get a thorough fucking during the trip. Now the trip was something completely different and that fact was extra disappointing. She immediately grabbed the phone and called Mona. "Sis, I have absolutely awful news to tell you.

Bill isn't going to the wedding with me. He has had an emergency at his business and has already left for the airport to fly to Japan." "Can you believe that? Now instead of going to Santa Barbara on my second honeymoon, I am stuck with the alternative of going by myself, or doing what Bill suggested, and taking the boys with me.

Either way I am going to miss out on all the sex I was planning to have with Bill." "After all of the planning I did, and all the clothes we bought, what an absolute waste.

"My God Mona, now what should I do?" "Well you can't drive to Santa Barbara by yourself and spend the week there alone, so I think that Bill was right in telling you to take your boys with you and let them be your escorts to all of the events and parties." "I know that this is all turning out drastically different than you had planned, but since you are the Matron of Honor, I don't think you have any choice," Mona declared.

"Besides, I did get you laid today, and you certainly enjoyed it. I know that it wasn't like getting drilled with a cock, but it was very entertaining, so at least you have something to tide you over." Cindy pondered what Mona had told her and knew that she had no choice but to accept the wise council, so she replied, "Well, I guess you are right.

The boys are old enough to go with me to the events, and they already have tuxedos and suits they can wear, so they should be alright." A half an hour after she hung up from talking to Mona, the boys returned.

Cindy met them at the door and took them into the living room where she told them everything that had happened and what the new plan was. The boys were absolutely thunderstruck. All of their planning a scheming to screw their mother's magnificently endowed sister's brains out, had suddenly come to naught.

As they sat there in disbelief, Cindy told them to snap out of it and go start packing for the trip. They almost blindly proceeded up the stairs, with hang dog looks, and went into Jerry's room, slamming the door behind them.

Jerry kicked the side of his bed and said, "God damned, what a fuckin' disaster. Everything we have been dreaming about and planning for has gone up in smoke and now, instead of fucking aunt Mona till our balls fall off, we are going to have to spend the week chaperoning our mother to a bunch of god damned, pansy wedding parties." "Yeah," responded Larry, "all of the new sex toys Walt bought for the three of us to use on Aunt Mona, and all of that cum we have put in the jars in the basement refrigerator, ready for Mona to drink, are now going to go completely to waste.

Mother fucker, is just ain't fair." After a few moments of silence, Jerry said, "I think that you have just hit on a perfect solution to our problem, ass hole." "What's that," Larry asked. "Those words you just said "mother fucker". "We are stuck with spending all week being our mother's dates. Hell, we'll just do what all dates do; we'll put the moves on the hot looking broad, slip her some of our toxic cum juice, and then get in her panties. I mean we have a bunch of our cum downstairs and we have proven that it is an aphrodisiac for her." "Hell we have been aching to screw her outrageously stacked sister and niece ever since we can remember, all the time knowing that mother is just as stacked and hot looking as they are." "Hell, just this morning, we decided that we'd have a hard time choosing between the three of them, and really just wanted to fuck them all.

Well shit, all this change in plans means is that our choice has been made for us. We fuck mother first." Larry leaped to his feet and, as they gave each other a bear hug, Larry said, "god damned brother, lets pack everything up we just bought to use on Aunt Mona, take it to Santa Barbara with us, and use it on our super hot looking MILF date for the week.

We'll give her the same going over that we were planning to give Aunt Mona." "Oh, mother fucker," they both said, as they high-fived. Now excited beyond belief, they ran downstairs and found their sumptuous mother in the kitchen. They got on each side of her, draped their arms around her plush hips and Jerry said, "Hey mom, we have talked it over and we think that it is great to be going to the wedding with you.

We'll have a ball and it will be bitchin' to get to go to all of the events as your double dates. Hell nobody will have a finer looking chic on their arm than we will. It will be a blast." "Well, aren't you boys being sweet and understanding about all of this.

You have certainly made a full recovery from feeling so bad just a few minutes ago," she observed. "Hey," said Jerry, "things don't always work out the way you plan for them too, and sometimes you find out that the alternative is just as good, or maybe even better than the original." "Well you guys are really something. You are acting like real men," and she gave them each a pat on the cheek, not even noticing their hands were now resting on her ass cheeks.

"Okay, let's make the best of things and have us a really super time together this week." The twins raced up the stairs and grabbed an extra suitcase, took it to the basement and started stuffing it full of the sex toys and tools they had bought, whistling as they worked, with visions dancing around in their heads of their mother's fantastic body, in all degrees of dress and undress, being totally plundered by them, just the way they'd been practicing it on the whores their grandfather had been providing them with for the past year.

These thoughts created major boners for them both. Of course, after this week's activities were over there would be another bonus.

Their grandfather wouldn't need to pay as many whores for them to practice on anymore; they would have a free whore to use, right here in their own house. Sex tools packed they called their grandfather and broke the news to him and then spent the next five minutes listening to him curse, while they thought about the red hot woman they were going to begin fucking tomorrow.

They laid on the bed for a few minutes discussing how, when they got back, they would make their angry grandfather a happy man again by providing him with all of the hot tail he had been dreaming about and wanted so bad. Walt was a raunchy, crude, pure asshole when he was on a roll, but the three women would just have to learn to live with his raunchiness because their pussies were going to be his, any time he wanted them.