Naughts friends soccer players in locker room

Naughts friends soccer players in locker room
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Stepdaughter Laura: the next day As I was checking my e-mail accounts the next morning I found a whole set of photos of Laura ranging from completely dressed to completely naked in moms e-mail. I set up a folder and set it as my screen saver. My day was un-eventful until around four thirty; Laura came bounding though the door. As she rounded the freeze, she was only in a midnight navy bra and a matching lace trim thong form Victoria's Secret.

Laura was talking on her cell phone as she walked up to me. I looked her in the eyes and she smiled as I pulled her panties down and proceeded eating her sweet pussy as she continued her conversation. Shutting off her cell, Laura ask, "So pop, what was mom and your routine?" I sat back as I continued fingering her wet pussy, "Well baby, first when mom got home she and I would go get something to eat then when we got back home we would strip, play on the computers awhile then we would shower before bed." "Where are we going to eat?

You know more what is around here Pop." "Well, what are you in the mood for baby?" "Take me to mom's and your favorite place." "I guess we need to put some clothes on then if we are going out." As I stood up, Laura nodded, "I'll need my suitcase Pop." Her suitcase was sitting just inside the carport door.

I picked it up and followed her to the master bedroom. I sat the case on the bed and opened it. The only thing I saw in it was bras and panties and one pair of shorts and a t-shirt.


I opened my dresser drawer to get out a pair of underwear when Laura commented, "No underwear Pop." I turned to look at her and was about to ask, 'why not' when she tossed me a pair of her panties. "Put these on," it was a pair of her blue hipster panties. I looked at the size, "I think I would take an eight in a hipster not a seven sweetie." "Well Pop, they will look better on you than moms size ten briefs." Laura slipped on the t-shirt and shorts as I put on a pair of jeans and a shirt.

As the two of us walked out of the house I saw a dress lying on the ground next to moms car. Laura smiled and said, " Just leave it, we can get it when we get home." She tossed me the keys to her BMW, "You drive Pop," as she headed to the passenger side of the car.

My eyes fixed on her swinging ass as I followed her to the passenger door. I leaned in and gave Laura a kiss as I unzipped her shorts. "Your so bad Pop." "Not any more than what I would do with mom, baby." As I got behind the wheel, I couldn't help notice that Laura had unbuttoned her shorts and had her pussy lips exposed.

I slipped my right hand between her legs as she text one of her girl friends. It was a twenty-minute ride to a Thai restaurant and Laura ask a lot of questions about moms and my routine. I introduced Laura to Cheryl, she and her or the owners.

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Our conversation at diner was keep to normal family topics. I opened passenger door for Laura and waked around to the drives side. As I began to open my door, I saw Laura toss her shorts into the back seat leaving only her T-shirt on.

Before we got out of parking lot, Laura had the T-shirt off.

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She unzipped my jeans, freed my penis from her panties. "Now for dessert," she said. I lost count of the number of loads of my semen she swallowed before getting back to the house.

Pulling into the driveway Laura said, "Bring in my hanging clothes Pop," she stepped out of the car with no since urgency and completely naked, made her way to carport door.

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She took my keys and unlocked the door as I had my hand full of her clothes. She led the way inside as I brought up the rear. Bandit, my Alaskan malamute, came up to great us.

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Laura has always been uncomfortable with him trying to sniff her in the past when she and Jason were at the house. I stood behind her and watched as Bandit stuck his nose right on Laura's bare pussy the only thing this time was that she did nothing to stop him as he began licking her.


"He's always liked you baby." "I figured that he did Pop," we made our way to the bedroom with Bandit licking her ass all the way. "Has he every done mom?" "No baby, he has never done mom." Laura was not sure that I was telling her the truth. "Well, every time I've been here he's has tried to smell me and I just thought did because he was use to doing it to mom." "He's never tried any thing with mom are any other female except you baby." I hung Laura's clothes in my closet and when I came out into the bedroom, she was sitting on the side of the bed with the dog between her legs licking her pussy.

When I rounded the side of the bed, he backed off and looked up at me, I just nodded my head and went and lay down at the foot of bed. I stepped in front of Laura and as she removed my jeans and her panties I has on, I removed my shirt. I then bent down and gave my stepdaughter a kiss and she wrapped her hand around my penis.

Laura maintained her hold as we entered the master bath. You enter the bathroom though an unobstructed doorway. The shower is an open bay type without any kind of enclosure and plenty of room for two people.

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Anyone entering the master bedroom has a clear line of sight though the door-less entrance straight to the shower. As with mom, Laura and I played with each other as we bathe, me fingering her nipples and pussy and she soaping my penis, mom always said she 'was washing her hair'. At less twice a week mom would wash hair and on those nights she would get on her knees and suck me.

After our bath Laura and played on the computers far awhile before going to bed.

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After getting into bed, just like I did with mom, I began by rubbing Laura's neck and shoulders working my way down her back. "This always relaxed mom." Laura let out a soft moan, "Ah, that does fill good." Next I gave Laura a long soft kiss as my hand made its way down from her nipples to her pussy. It wasn't long until she was so relaxed that she drifted off to sleep.

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I woke her the next morning just like I would wake mom, by fucking her pussy. Laura fixed us some breakfast and then dressed and left the house around seven-thirty. "I have meeting most all day Pop.

I'm not sure what time I'll get back here." Laura gave me a kiss as she went out the door. More to follow…