Petite Emma Hix penetrated after sucking stepdad dick

Petite Emma Hix penetrated after sucking stepdad dick
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Mr Saltzman opened his eyes. Light filtered into the room from a crack in the curtains. He stretched his arms expecting to feel resistance. But instead his arm passed straight through the empty space on the bed beside him. He looked over and narrowed his eyes. His suspicion that for the third time this week his girlfriend, Kiera, hadn't come home the previous night was confirmed.

But Mr Saltzman didn't have time to dwell. He rolled off the bed and stood up to his full height of 5ft 11in. The duvet slid of his body revealing a slim but toned stomach. His morning hard on was protruding 7 inches outward. It seemed he was to go unsatisfied for yet another day … "Ohhh fuck" Kiera groaned. A thick cock was relentlessly pounding her from behind.

She was sore from the night before but the cock inside her was relentless. Arms wrapped around her and flipped her onto her back.

A large shadow fell over her body as the cock continued to pound her slick pussy. She was still wet from the mix of cum and pussy juice left inside her from the night before. She opened her eyes a fraction, enough to glimpse a hairy chest and give her flash backs of the night before.

She could remember everything. She'd met him at the bar and they'd come back to a hotel. She was a bit turned off that he had her pay for the room but it was a small sacrifice to make.

The man on top of her grinned and said "You told me you like it rough right?" in a foreign accent. I smile back as I can feel an orgasm approaching, I reply "Yes that is what I said." All thoughts of are washed from her mind as a wave of pleasure rushed through her body. She screams out "Yesss," and grinds her body against his and she thrust her chest into the air.

His hands grope her breasts and squeeze her nipples which only heighten the sensation. Suddenly her body shudders and collapses onto the bed. Once she feels steady she stands up, a wave of giddiness passes through her but she manages to make it to the bathroom. She looks in the mirror. She's a complete state.

Her eyeliner is smudged and her hair is everywhere. Somewhere in her mind she wonders whether her boyfriend has noticed her absence from his bed. She looked at herself in the mirror again. There was something erotic about cheating on her boyfriend with guys she barely knew. A familiar tingling began between her legs. She looked towards the bedroom door, perhaps one more round couldn't hurt she thinks. 2 hours later. "Good morning Mr Saltzman," a sweet feminine voice called out. "Good Morning Ms Butterworth," came the reply.

"Can I get you anything Mr Saltzman, tea or coffee?" "Coffee would be good thanks" "I'll get right on it" she said with a hint of playfulness in her voice. As she turned round her arse swayed from side to side as she walked away. Mr Saltzman knew her type, he could recognise that walk anywhere, she was used to the attention being on her.

There was no way you could have breasts like hers and not be noticed. She didn't hide it either. Her push up bra combined with the top few buttons on her blouse being undone showed just enough cleverage to send a pulse racing through his cock every time he saw her. But today something was different, his cock wasn't just twitching. It was fully erect. He was finding it hard to walk to his office. In a few more steps he had to stop to lean against the wall.

He pretended to drink from a water fountain whilst trying to hastily rearrange his cock to a more comfortable position. That's when she turned round. In a glance she observed the awkward position he was in. She saw him struggling to contain his cock. Her red lips curled into a seductive smile and she winked before pushing past the revolving doors to get his coffee. After she was gone his penis quickly deflated. He took advantage of the opportunity to make it to his office.

What just happened? She never had that effect on me normally he thought. He thought back to the scene that had just occurred. We'd met in the hallway; she'd offered me a drink. This was customary it happened every day. What didn't happen every day is that I'd get a full blown hard on. I sighed and sunk back into my chair. She was sexy all right. She must have been 5 ft 7in. Her hair was blonde and she had startling blue eyes. Her breasts must have been a D cup.

It was every man's dream come true. The red lip stick was a new touch and he gave her a seductive edge. It didn't take long for him to start dreaming about those ruby red lips sliding up and down his shaft. He half moaned out load as her imaginary tongue swirled around the tip of penis. A knock on the door shocked me out of my reverie. This was it she had arrived, whatever happened now was sure to reflect his latent sexual desires for her. "Come in," I croak.

Someone entered the room wearing a bright red royal mail jacket. He held out a letter, immediately recognisable as from HSBC.

"Arrived for you this mornin'," said the man "Ah thank you," Mr Saltzman replied. The man left the room, the door swinging shut behind him. Damn it. The sexual tension that had previously hung in the air had disappeared. But with it came back reality.

He had a girlfriend, what had he been thinking? Would he really have had sex with his assistant? Sighing, he looked back at the letter. He was about to open it when someone knocked on the door again.

"Come in," he said. The click of stilettos followed his reply. Ms Butterworth closed the door firmly behind her as she stepped into the room. She was hopeful today. She didn't know what had changed, maybe it was the red lip stick but she'd seen her boss struggling with his cock earlier. She knew she had a hold on him. Today she was hoping to serve more than just coffee. Perhaps Mr Saltzman needed just a little more persuasion.

She walked over to the table and leaned over exposing the whole of her cleverage to him as she placed the coffee on the table. Then she accidently knocked a pen off the table. She muttered an apology as she bent to pick it up proudly sticking her arse in the air. Never before had she dared to be so forward. Mr Saltzman's cock swelled at the sight of her tight skirt framing her arse in the air.

She placed the pen on the table. The quiet tap as it touched the work surface was the only sound in the silent room, "Was there anything else Mr Saltzman," she asked. There was an expectant glint in her eyes.

"No that'll be all thank you," he replied. The hope in her eyes died and a rosy red colour filled her cheeks. She stepped back and quickly left the room as if she had been scolded.

A small sense of guilt nagged at him but he quickly pushed it aside, back to business he thought. Picking up the letter he opened it revealing his bank statement. All was in order up to one week ago when cash from his account had been withdrawn on several occasions without his knowledge.

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He checked his wallet. His card wasn't there. The card had been used at several bars and two hotel rooms. It didn't take him long to add the pieces together.

My girlfriend had the card and she was blowing the money on bars and hotels. So where did that leave me? "Urghh," I am never going to get bored of this cock. It never fails to fill me completely Kiera thought. Her tits bounced as she rode his cock. With every bounce his cock thrust all the way into her pussy hitting her cervix. Little spasms of pleasure rushed through her body every time.

She leaned over and pressed her mouth against the lips of the man beneath her. His thick fingers felt their way to her back and held her there until she pushed away to come up for breath. His cock reached a whole new tempo as he began to thrust like a wild man. His cock was a blur as it slipped in and out of me. She bit back a scream. He was tearing her apart. "It hurts," I said, "please, slow down." But he didn't slow down. She couldn't get away. She liked it rough but not like this. She struggled to endure the pain.

She decided if she ever got away she would be faithful to her boyfriend. When he had sex with her he was kind and loving. Too kind, she liked being treated roughly, but now she found herself craving his intimate touch. She resolved to never cheat on him again. Later that day she used her Mr Saltzman's credit card to get a full body massage and spend two days at a different hotel, letting her pussy recover.

When she got back home she didn't expect her boyfriend to be pleased at her absence but she could make it up to him. Mr Saltzman paced around the room angrily. She must be cheating on me he thought. Why else would she sleep at a hotel room instead of with me? Thoughts, and ideas rushed through his head, until one stayed that would not be moved. He'd missed too many opportunities.

The answer to his problems was close by. He walked over to the desk and pressed a button. A slightly frustrated voice said "Yes Mr Saltzman." "Could you please come to my office Ms Butterworth," I said.

"Yes Mr Saltzman," can the reply. Mr Saltzman sat at his desk anxiety clawed at him. If he was wrong about Kiera this was big mistake. But he assured himself that he wasn't. Excitement filled him now. The atmosphere was tense. His heart pounded in his chest waiting for the door to open. A sharp rap at the door filled the silence.

"Come in," he said. The sharp rapping of stilettos filled the room. A cold stare met his eyes. Gone was the playful eagerness from before. "Ms Butterworth, please take a seat." Her eyes never left mine as she walked across the room and sat down. Mr Saltzman stood up and went to the door and locked it. Then I went to the window and closed the blinds. Her eyes still hadn't left me, I saw a hopeful shimmer in her eyes tempered by doubt. Her arms were crossed under her ample breasts.

This wasn't going to be as easy it could have been before he thought. He stopped by his chair and leaned on the desk wondering how to approach the situation.

Perhaps I should re-establish my true feelings. I leaned over the desk a lustful glint in his eye, "Do you realise how hot you are?" She didn't say anything. But Mr Saltzman was not dissuaded. "Back at home I have a girlfriend who can't satisfy me and sometimes the only thing that persuades me to get up in the morning is the thought of seeing you at work." Still nothing, anxiety was starting to replace my eagerness.

This was failing catastrophically; she obviously wasn't the slut I thought she was. Then she spoke. "If you really wanted me you wouldn't have turned me away this morning." "I've never done this before, I wasn't sure how I should react to your advances." She looked him hard in the eyes.

"You're my boss you can do whatever you see fit." "If I'd known that before I would have done what my every instinct was screaming at me to do." She uncrossed her legs and leaned forward.

"Then take me Mr Saltzman," she said in barely a whisper "I've been waiting the past few months, I don't think I can wait anymore." Her lips quivered with anticipation.

In two steps he'd walked round the table. With the next step he lifted her off the chair and tentatively kissed her. Her hands slowly wrapped around his head, ruffling his hair. As the seconds passed the kiss became more intense.

She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my back. I fell back against the wall. Their mouths were locked in passion but Mr Saltzman's cock demanded attention. She pulled away from him and slipped down my body. He ripped off her blouse, buttons pinged off the table as her breasts were revealed. A black lacy bra covered half her breast in startling contrast to her red lips. She looked up at him almost innocently and said "what are you going to do to me." In seconds the bra was off and her breasts, full and round, lay before him.

They filled him with lust. He lifted her to the table and laid her down.

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Her milky breasts stood proud and firm but were so large that they splayed slightly too either side of her body. She quickly pulled down her tights and he teased her knickers from her body. A beautiful vagina presented itself.

It glistened with moisture. He ran his tongue up and down it eliciting moans from Ms Butterworth. His tongue flicked back and forth and fluid sprayed into his mouth as she orgasmed. "Fuck me NOW," she almost screamed. In an instant his cock was pushing against her pussy. She was so tight but well lubricated. He thrust his hips forward as he moved into her.

She moaned again. Now he was moving in and out of her fast. The sensations running through his cock were magnificent. His steel rod slipped in and out of her like a steam engine.

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Her pussy muscles were contracting sending vibrations up and down his cock. The feel of pussy flesh sliding on and off my cock was sending him towards the edge. He looked up, her breasts were shimmering with the vibrations of her body.

Her right hand was feverishly pulling at the nipple of her right breast and the other was stimulating her clitoris. It was enough to send him over the edge. He placed his left hand on her left breast and squeezed as cum shot out of his cock. Again and again his cock stiffened until he'd deposited the last drops of milky fluid inside her delicious body. As our bodies stilled the sound of panting filled the room.

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I looked over at her and realised she was staring at me "that was amazing," she said. It was 5pm, two days after Kiera had decided to be faithful to her boyfriend. Her experiences had shaped her into a new person. She knew her bf wouldn't be happy. She had to win back his affection and she had a plan. She sidled up to his house that they shared. Using her key she slipped in through the back door.

The heating wasn't on. That meant there was no one home. She had perhaps an hour before he got home. Quickly she turned the heating up a little past the normal temperature setting.


Next she showered. She was 5 ft 10in with C cup sized breasts. She had long brown hair which was sodden with water. She reached for special sea mineral shampoo which she rubbed all over her body making her skin tingle. She took extra time applying it to her breasts. She applied it liberally causing them to take on a shiny sheen. She spent so much time on them she began turning herself on at which point she stopped herself. Now that she was clean she stepped out of the shower dried herself thoroughly and began to shave herself.

The little black stubble that usually resided above her vagina was completely removed. Feeling fresh she moved to her wardrobe.

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She wanted something to make him forget she hadn't been around for the last few days. Eventually she chose a lacy red bra with a matching pair of panties. She pulled on a pair of black tights and a black fish net top. With everything almost ready she dimmed the lights and poured two glasses of dark red wine. She stopped before the mirror just to admire her handiwork.

She was a picture of demonic beauty. She smiled to herself knowing everything was going to go as planned. Mr Saltzman had had a hard day at work. He was absolutely exhausted. He had grown to like Ms Butterworth. They made love whenever they got the opportunity. Mr Saltzman felt a growing affection for her.

Ms Butterworth satisfied him completely. He didn't need anyone else in his life, let alone his cheating gf. He planned to break up with her as soon as he got the opportunity.

He had no idea it would be so soon. As he opened the door to his house, he immediately started sweating. Thinking he'd simply left the heating on he took off his tie and undid the buttons on his shirt. That's when soft lilting music began to play. Realisation came swiftly to Mr Saltzman he followed the source of the music to the living room and his breathe caught in his throat.

There was Kiera. He hadn't seen her for days but now she was here. Her body lay along the full length of the sofa enticing him to join her. He entered the living room and sat down. If he hadn't cum inside Ms Butterworth barely an hour before he probably would be having sex with Kiera already.

But fortunately he could still think rationally. Unanswered questions popped into his head. But as she raised her glass to him he found himself walking over to the sofa picking up the other glass and taking a swig as well. Next he sat down. He sat on the sofa, not next to her. But close enough to smell the fresh fragrance emanating from her body. She smiled at him over the rim of her glass.

The room was dark. But as she twisted in her seat the little light there was reflected off the shiny sheen of her breasts through the fish net material.

Mr Saltzman could feel his cock stirring. He opened his mouth abruptly and said "Where have you been this these last few weeks?" Kiera smoothly replied "I went to see my family up North. My Grandmother was taken very ill. I'm so sorry I didn't have time to tell you. It was very emotional and I didn't want to burden you with the news." Realisation dawned immediately and numbness spread through Mr Saltzman.

Was it possible? Had he made a huge mistake? Her grandmother lived far away maybe she had to sleep at hotels during the journey. The bars could have been her way of dealing with her grandmother's illness, a harmless drink to take her mind off things.


While these thoughts swirled around his head. She'd softly moved closer along the sofa. "I'm so sorry I left you here on your own" she said brushing her fingers through his hair "please forgive me, not a day passed that I didn't think of you." She tilted her head upwards and nibbled on his bottom lip. "I've wanted you so badly," she said taking his hand and placing it on her breast.

Subconsciously his hand started feeling and squeezing. His cock stood to attention. I'd made a mistake. I had to have had.

I looked one last time into her eyes but all I could see where the shadows on her face in the darkness. Just a little bit closer, come on, Kiera though.

She tilted her head upwards and closed her eyes, puckering her lips enticingly. The seconds seemed to turn to minutes. But then she felt a mouth lock against hers. Relief sent trembles through her body. But a strong hand supported her back pulling her closer. Next thing she knew she was being pushed back onto the sofa. Mr Saltzman lay on top of her. Suddenly her tights were pulled off along with her panties leaving her pussy bear. His warm wet mouth covered her pussy, his tongue probed past her outer pussy lips.

"Ahhhhh," she moaned. It had been so long since a man had licked her out. Apparently the men she hooked up with didn't share her pleasure in cunnigulus. She felt a hand slide under her fishnet top and one handed, her bra was undone, followed by another hand touching and squeezing her breasts.

Just as she was about to orgasm, she felt herself being picked up and carried up the stairs. Along a corridor they went and through a open door. Then she felt herself sink into a bed. Hurriedly she stood up and clawed at Mr Saltzman's trousers trying to get them off.

In one movement he takes them off. Then his top comes off revealing his strong lean torso.

The words "yes" and "oooh" echoed around Kiera's mind, this is what she had been waiting for. She lay back exposing herself to whatever Mr Saltzman cared to do.

She felt the tip of his cock touch her clitoris "ohhhhh" she moaned. It probed an inch deeper before withdrawing. Then in the midst of her lust filled mind she heard him say "I'll be back in a moment." Then the door swung shut. She was so horny she didn't wait for his return.

Hurriedly she fingered herself pulling off fishnet top. Revealing her breasts, hurriedly she took a bottle of lotion and rubbed it into her breasts, thinking when he came back he wouldn't be able to resist her anymore. A minute passed, two passed, 30 seconds later. BANG the door swung open hitting the wall. Mr Saltzman stood there, mobile in hand.

"YOU LIED TO ME. You took me for a fool. Your Grandmother has never been better!!" Kiera gasped and struggled to sit up, "Please wait, I can explain." "No Kiera, no … no you can't." In two strides Mr Saltzman bounded across the room. He leapt on top of her and pinned her down; in one swift movement he drove the entire length of his 7inche penis into Kiera. The movement sent tremors through her body, causing her tits to wobble precariously and she gasps in pleasure.

Mr Saltzman continued to pound her relentlessly, his penis throbbing like a steam engine as he drove in and out of her. Kiera's body is shook violently desperately she spat on her hand to try and lubricate his shaft. She needn't have bothered, she could feel an orgasm building as his cock stimulated her clitoris. "Fuckkkk" she screams as she orgasms again and again. Her pussy released torrents of juices and clenched around Mr Saltzman's cock.

The vice like grip had the required effect. His cock exploded inside of her sending ropes of cum flying deep into her pussy. He takes a deep breath slowing down. Eventually his cock softened and slipped out of her pussy with a pop. His body falls next to her on the bed. He turns over slowly to face her. "I hope that was hard enough for you Kiera." Kiera didn't reply. Her chest was still heaving, thrusting her breasts out towards him, her face and breasts red, and struggling to catch her breath.

"Because there's a lot more where that came from, and if you want me to go easy on you you'd better get your head between my legs and suck the remaining cum off my cock." Her eyes widened, but his gaze was unrelenting, dutifully she got down and licked all the cum off his dick. Once it was completely clean Mr Saltzman smiled at her. "Good, now what you just experienced is not enough to express my disappointment in you, to cheat on me the way you did and then use your own Grandmother as an excuse is pathetic.

I've seen more moral values in a dog. So I'm going to treat you as such. And tomorrow you're going to leave. I'm never going to see you again and I'm going to go back to living my life without you in it. Now go over to the drawer and bring me the cords inside it." Kiera stands up slowly. As if she's been hypnotised she goes over to the drawer and fetches the cords.

"lie down on the bed with your arms and legs spread out" ordered Mr Saltzman. A protest beings to form in her mind but she quickly buries it, knowing that she has done wrong. She would let Mr Saltzman have his way … after all … she deserved it, maybe . maybe he would take her back if she went through with all this.

She knew it was a small hope but it was all she had. Mr Saltzman tied her arms and legs to each separate bed post. Completely naked she lay there unable to move. The cords were pulled taut leaving no leverage. Then Mr Saltzman stood up at the bottom of the bed. "Why Kiera? Why, what did I ever do to you?

All I've ever been is kind and supporting. There's no point in lying or deceit now. I want the full story." So she told the story starting from the very beginning, by the time she had finished her pussy had become soaking wet again.

Reliving the stories of all the guys who had pounded her silly had got her so turned on. But Mr Saltzman was less impressed. "I want to make you to suffer but it's not me, I won't raise my hand to you, but there are other things I can do to you. Firstly you should know I guessed what you've been up to and I have someone else who's more than able to satisfy my needs. In fact we fuck every day; she's more than you ever could be.

Secondly you're in for a long long night." In the darkness Kiera moaned a thin film of sweat had formed on her brow. Hours had passed. She tried to move from side to side but something was stopping her. She could see, no feel, someone's head buried between her legs. "Rick … is that you" she moaned. A finger entered her, then two. Whoever it was, was rubbing on her g spot, and they knew how to work it. Her whole body was tense. She could feel a colossal orgasm approaching.

She arched her back, the orgasm building, nothing could stop it now. Her eyes flew open as she screamed. Ice cold water rushed over her body, up her nose and into her mouth. She could barely breathe. She coughed violently, she tried to move but her efforts were in vain as she was held firmly in place.

She lay there shivering, terrified. Mr Saltzman loomed over her. "Rick? Rick?? If you ever want to orgasm again you had fucking better learn my name!!" With that he went over and undid the cords that tied her to the bed. Instead he used one cord to tie her hands together.

"Now be a good girl and suck my cock." It took all her will power to crawl over to him, her body soaking wet, the hairs on her arms and legs stood on end, shivering and demoralised she wrapped her mouth around his cock. Then he held the back of her head against his crotch. She could barely breathe, black spots began to appear in her vision.

Mr Saltzman on the other hand had never felt better. He was in complete control. He held her head a few moments longer and threw her back onto the bed.

Opening a draw he pulled out a tube of lube and speared it over his cock. Get onto your hands and knees. "Please I can't my hands are bound," Kiera whimpered. "Do it" Mr Saltzman ordered. Slowly she pulled herself up and with difficulty managed to support herself.

Mr Saltzman moved behind her. "You know I never truly appreciated your arse he said running his hand over it, then giving it a hard slap.

I should have used this more often, but I put your pleasure first, not anymore." With that he positioned his cock at the entrance of her anus and pushed gently. "Mr Saltzman, please don't, please I'm begging you, I've . I've never been used in this way." But her words were wasted. Mr Saltzman was past reason. She could feel his cock moving inside her arse stretching her out like never before. "Please …" she whimpered. Mr Saltzman was in heaven.

Kiera's arse was so tight his cock was spasming with each thrust. He had never felt himself so hard. The thought of putting his cock inside her anus must have done it. Slowly he pumped in and out. Every time it went in his sensitive head sent waves of pleasure through his body.

Every inch his cock sank into her arse, sent new sensations through his penis. Her arse muscles were working his penis so well. Forcing him to go slowly, he knew he wouldn't last long if he went any faster.

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He had never known sex to be so good. He learnt forward and fell onto of Kiera's back so he could knead her boobs from above her while entering her from behind. Slowly he kept pumping. Suddenly Kiera collapsed, not being able to support his weight, the change in angle allowed Mr Saltzman to thrust even deeper into her, "arrrgggghhhh" she moaned. Her anus clenched causing Mr Saltzman to squeeze her boobs even harder.

He whispered in her ear "You have no idea how good this is." "You're a twisted man Mr Saltzman," came the forced reply. "Oh am I. You brought this all on yourself; all I ever did was be good to you," he replied upping the tempo on her arse. "Urgh, it was your kindness &hellip. Ahhhh, that drove me, aaarruhhhhhh, away in the first place." "So are you telling me you like this?" "No that's why I uhhhh, came back, I thought you were the, ooohhh, one person who I could rely on to treat me the way &hellip.

a woman deserves to be treated," she managed to splutter. Mr Saltzman smiled, "When you're sucking my dick clean after I cum all over your face and tits, I want you to think about the kind of women you are and the loving I'm going to be giving a real woman, who was there when I needed her, not you, you're a pitiful excuse for a whore.

You're not even good at being a slut or you wouldn't have come back to me. And now ahhhh, I'm going to cumm. Get onto your back now!" Mr Saltzman pulled his cock quickly out of her arse and moved over to her face. "Suck it bitch." As her tongue swirled around his head he could feel cum forcing itself up his penis. He roughly shoved Kiera back onto the bed where she bounced once and then laid still as he impaled her with shot after shot of cum onto her face and tits.

She flinched at first but then she got used to the feel of cum splattering against her body. Some lay plastered in her hair, more dripping off her tits and nipples; it was a site to be proud of.

After he'd finished he put his cock inside her pussy and fucked her hard for 20 more seconds just to make her feel completely used. As well as enjoying the extra sensitivity his cock had gained from recently ejaculating. With that he undid her bonds. "You can wash yourself in the sink. Don't think about touching your clothes though, leave my house, you're not welcome here.

If I haven't made it clear already, your dumped."