Gay boy daddy sex stories first time Soccer Pals

Gay boy daddy sex stories first time Soccer Pals
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I was 18 years old, driving back to New York from Washington DC. At the time, I was 6'3, 220 pounds, with an athletic build. I was in a relationship with a girl for the past 2 years, and madly in love. I had thought about being with guys before, but never had the courage to ever act. I was as curious as they came, and I knew that at some point, I would have to try. I was traveling with my friend, another 18 year old, around the same overall dimensions, both of us football players. He had to use the bathroom after some bad seafood he ate, so I stopped at a reststop on the way.

It was packed, and there were tons of people. While he was there, I walked in to the bathroom to pee. I walked in and saw that all of the urinals were full, and nobody seemed to follow the "every other" urinal rule that I used to abide by. I went up next to a guy who seemed about 23.

I chose him because I could see his large cock when I entered the bathroom. He must have been about 5 inches flaccid. I walked up next to him and took out my average sized dick.

I awkwardly looked over at his dick, I was fascinated. He caught me looking.


My heart started racing as I started thinking what he would think. He just looked at me and smiled. I zipped up my pants and left.

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My friend texted me saying he would be about 15 minutes in the bathroom, I decided to go to the rest area store and buy some chap stick. I was there and I met the most beautiful italian girl I had ever seen.

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Her tour bus dropped off a group there. We started talking, and I started getting really horny thinking about what I could do to this incredible looking girl. Suddenly, she had to leave. I then heard a man behind me making a noise to get my attention, I turned to see it was the same man from the urinal.

I ignored him, paid for my chap stick, and went outside for a smoke. It was dark now, about 830-9 at night, I was still about an hour from home in New Jersey. I saw the man from the urinal again, and he came up and asked me for a smoke.

The wind started picking up and it was impossible to get a solid light, so he suggested we go to the side of the rest area where the wind would block us.

I excitedly agreed. We got over there, and lit our cigs, and started talking. He then said he had to pee again, and, right in front of me, took out his massive dick and just held it.

As if I was hypnotized, I reached over and took it in my hands. It was incredible, the first dick I ever felt aside from my own.

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I was in a state of amazement. I didn't know what to do, but I was so excited. I started to jerk it slowly up and down. He started undoing my pants and took out mine, and we stood there jerking eachother off in the dark wooded area behind the rest stop. I took out my phone and started video taping it, which he didn't seem to mind. He suddenly dropped to his knees and took my dick in his mouth. He started pumping the shaft while sucking the tip, and playing with the balls.


The part that through me over the edge was when he reached back behind me and started rubbing the outside of my asshole. Seeing as how this was my first experience, I pulled away, even though it felt so incredible. I took my dick out of his mouth, and he stood up against the wall. I dropped to my knees, and with my raw primal urges, started sucking my first cock. I was worshipping his manhood, pumping it, licking it, rubbing the wet cock all over my face.

I started licking his balls and pumping the shaft. Then I tried to deepthroat it and I gagged. I was still able to get about 5 inches of it in my mouth at a time, and, if I may say so, I was quite good for a first timer.

I pulled his pants all the way down, he said to stop or else he was going to cum, and I didn't want my experience to be over just yet. I stood up and just started making out with him.

He reached down and pushed my pants and boxers all the way down, and I kicked them off along with my shoes. We stood there making out while pumping eachothers dicks, both completey naked from the waist down. I pulled him down to the ground and found my way to his asshole, where I started licking wildly. I got it very wet, and inserted a finger that was also wet, with ease.

I started finger fucking his ass while sucking his cock, and he started pulling and grabbing at my shaggy hair. This went on for some time. Then I leaned up again to kiss him, he pulled my body towards his by my ass, in doing so slipping a wet finger into my ass slowly. I was in heaven. I loved the feeling.

He then grabbed my dick and lined it up with his ass after wetting it completely with his spit soaked hand. He guided it in slowly, and told me to start slow. I pushed a little, and then a little bit more, and then I was finally in and we both let out a moan.

While I was doing this, he inserted his whole middle finger into my asshole.

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I started thrusting forward to fuck him, and bucking back to get my asshole fucked by his finger. We started kissing and I was going to cum at any moment. I told him I was going to cum and he said to cum inside him. I started pumping wildly and then I shot what seemed to be the biggest load I had ever shot into his asshole, 4 spurts of cum in, and then he took it out and jumped up and through it into his mouth to catch the other 3.

His mouth was now overfilled with my cum. I looked at him, and I grabbed him and started making out with him, wanting to taste my own cum.


I then threw him back to the ground and licked his asshole one last time, if this was my first time, and who knew when the next time would be, I was going to make it count. I then grabbed his dick and started pumping it into my mouth.

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He said he was going to cum, and I wanted to feel used more than anything, so I asked him to give me a facial. I closed my eyes and opened wide as he pumped his 8 inch dick into my face. As he shot spurt after spurt of hot white cum onto my face, I was loving every moment.

Catching it in my mouth and feeling it all over my face made me feel like such a little cum slut. I fucking loved it.

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We both got up, and he licked his cum off of my face. Then we kissed a couple more times, and I took his now flaccid dick into my mouth in its entirety so I could remember the occasion. I then remembered that my camera was still recording, and while some parts are hazy and hard to see from the ground, most of it is there.

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I was going to go to the bathroom to clean off my face, but my friend was waiting for me outside asking where the hell I'd been. I told him I was on the phone with my girlfriend.

We then got in the car, and for the rest of the ride, I was thinking about what had just happened. How I had just swapped cum with a total stranger, someone who I hadn't even exchanged names with. It was incredible.

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I loved feeling like a little cum slut. I reached up to scratch my head and found some of his cum behind my ear, I got it all on my finger and then sucked it dry. I got home that night and put the video on my computer from my phone, and have masturbated to it ever since.