Black oral gay sex on white guys and black men who suck themselves

Black oral gay sex on white guys and black men who suck themselves
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Following her fight with her parents, Tiffany did not come home. She stayed over at her friend Katie's house instead. Jon was worried about her but he had no way to contact her. It was not until school the following day that he got to see her.

When he approached her though, she avoided him. "What's wrong?" he asked while chasing after her. "I've got nothing to say to you," she refused to speak to him. "What did I do? When I came home yesterday Mom was throwing a fit about divorcing Dad but he kept saying she wasn't going to go through with it." "Whichever they choose, it has nothing to do with me." Tiffany shrugged him off. "Hold on, I know you don't really like our family but what about me?" "You're the worst one!" she raised her voice suddenly.

"It's been nearly a year since I've woken up without cum in my hair because of you." Jon snickered as he imagined his sexy sister washing her hair in the bathroom sink in the morning. "It's not funny, Jon. My cunt is sore, my whole body is sore. I'm tired of tasting nothing but semen. Every time I look at you the thoughts come rushing back." "Wouldn't it be the same if you got a normal boyfriend?" Jon argued. "We don't do anything like a normal couple. Even when we go out together it always ends with my pants around my ankles and cum running down my legs." "That sounds like a successful date to me." Jon shrugged.

"The fact that you're the one who gets to decide that for me is what pisses me off." She stomped ahead of him. Jon looked around and noticed that there was a crowd gathering.

No one heard what they were saying but they definitely knew there was an argument. Reluctantly, he decided not to follow Tiffany. As the winter months were wrapping up, Tiffany decided to go to the locker room that morning to check on the gym clothes she had left there when soccer season ended. She was definitely going to be participating in track once spring arrived.

Upon reaching the gym she noticed several students all crowded around the entrance to the boys' locker room. "Hey, Dave," she called out to the first one she recognized.

"What are y'all doing here?" "We're waiting for you," he admitted with a sly smile. "Me?" she was more than a little confused. "That was quite the argument you and Jon had," he went on speaking as if she had not said anything.

"He's just getting on my nerves right now," Tiffany sighed. "Not satisfying you enough?" David asked coyly. "Excuse me?" Tiffany's eyes bulged. "Oh don't play dumb. We all heard you yesterday." David gestured to the five other boys around him. "You should be a little quieter if you're going to get it on in the men's room; let alone beg for your own brother to fuck you." "Oh god." Tiffany covered her face with her hands.

"So, skinny little Tiffany likes younger guys… oh wait, maybe she just likes them related to her," David laughed.

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"I bet she lets her dad fuck her too," his friend Joe joined in laughing. Tiffany bit her lip as she glanced between all six boys. She knew the group well enough. They were the rowdy boys from the sports clubs.

To say David was their ringleader would be a stretch. He was simply the only one who she had ever spoken with before and the one she addressed first. The group was harmless enough, playing pranks on teammates and peeking into the girls' locker room. The look on their faces at the moment was far less innocent than usual in Tiffany's opinion though. "Say, there's no harm in giving us a little attention, right? I mean, you've already let your brother fuck you to the point of screaming dirty talk in a bathroom stall." Tiffany stood stock still.

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She could not bring herself to respond. Joe, a larger boy from the football team, was the first to approach her. She looked into his eyes pleadingly while shaking her head. He tapped her quivering chin lightly before kissing her on the mouth. She tried to back away but he grabbed her by the wrists. He put both of her hands together and held them above her head with one of his so he could reach under her shirt and fondle her chest with the other.

She had not worn a bra today as Katie had none that would fit her tiny chest. She screamed into his mouth as she felt his massive fingers pinching her flesh to the point of bruising. He took advantage and pushed his fat tongue past her lips. He scraped it against her teeth while pinching one of her nipples almost completely flat.

She felt something hard pressing into her stomach. When she glanced down, she noticed a massive bulge in his pants. Her eyes widened as she realized that, barring a miracle interruption, she was not going to escape having that thing thrust inside her shortly. While she stared transfixed at his bulge, one of the other boys circled around behind her and reached up under her skirt.

She squealed and kicked as he slipped his thumbs into the waist of her panties and dragged them down to the floor. Joe lifter her onto her tiptoes by her wrists, allowing the boy to pull her panties completely off. Shifting her gaze over her shoulder, she saw him holding them up to his face so he could smell them before he stuffed them into his own pocket. He then swatted her on the butt, slightly pushing the cloth of her skirt into her now exposed anus. She squeaked again while trying to ignore the cool feeling of air hitting her bare cunt lips.

Two other boys each grabbed one of her ankles and lifted her feet off the floor. They pulled them apart so that her bare cunt was exposed and rubbing against Joe's bulging member. He let go of her breast to pull down the waist of his pants just enough for his cock to spring out. She jerked back, freeing her mouth from his. "That thing is not going to fit in me!" she shouted. Joe pushed the tip of his cock against her, not even damp, cunt lips.

Instead of even entertaining the idea of slipping inside her, it merely bent slightly and then sprang away. "She's right," the boy holding her right ankle, Trent, spoke up. "One of us normal dudes got to loosen her up first." "Are you volunteering?" Andrew, the boy holding her left ankle, asked in a slightly accusing manner. Trent turned to look at the only two boys who had yet to touch her, David and Adam. "I'm actually fine just watching." David raised his hands innocently.

"I'm kinda friends with Jon and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he was fucking her just yesterday." "Bunch of wimps." Adam stepped forward while unzipping his pants.

Joe let go of Tiffany's wrists, leaving her entirely supported by Trent and Andrew. Once again, her cunt was not wet enough for Adam to slip inside in the slightest. She just winced as he smashed his semi hard cock against the outside. "Why aren't you horny?" Adam asked accusingly. "Sorry, this really isn't the most romantic of settings," she was oddly calm in her response.

"Neither is the boys' room with your brother," Adam reminded her. "Just do what you do for him." Tiffany sighed as her cheeks turned red. All of the boys gasped when she brought her own hands to her crotch and started pulling her cunt lips apart.

She rubbed one of her fingers around the edge for a while, licking the tip periodically to moisten it. There was no doubt, she was masturbating. Trent and Andrew craned their necks to see while Adam, Joe and David leaned forward to stare in awe.

The last boy, Jason, the one who pocketed her panties, walked up alongside her and reached underneath her shirt to touch one of her breasts. She winced but did not complain. Over the next few minutes, the boys all watched with interest as Tiffany brought herself to a very subtle orgasm.

She held her breath as her neck muscles flexed and her head twitched. Her cunt was barely moist when Adam touched it again. He tried to push his cock against it but it was still difficult to slip in. Instead, he lied down on the floor of the gym and motioned for Trent and Andrew to lower her onto him. His cock was completely erect and Tiffany could see it coming closer to her cunt as she was brought down on top of Adam.

He pried her cunt apart with his fingers as they slid her down on his member. Her tight cunt was forced to spread out. It felt incredibly warm after having been exposed to the air for so long.


His cock was only slightly thicker than Jon's but every difference was noticeable. After all, she'd only ever had Jon inside her cunt before. She tried to keep from groaning as she looked at Adam's face. He had dark hair that was wavy and parted to one side. He was on the soccer team like David and Jon but was a midfielder so he did more running and was slightly less muscular. He was not unattractive in the slightest but Tiffany had never imagined herself having sex with him before.

She was not sure if she should be flattered that he was interested in her enough to rape her. She was already used to being raped by her own family so the current situation did not seem all that out of the ordinary for her.

She just had to try to enjoy herself a little if possible. Adam tried to use his hips to thrust up into her but she was still not wet enough. He ended up forcing Andrew and Trent to lift her off of him and then slide her back down.

"Why aren't you horny?" Andrew asked in annoyance. "Because you don't know anything about foreplay," Jason accused him. Tiffany sucked in a large breath when Jason ripped open her shirt, sending the buttons flying.

He grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it. Her flesh was already bruised from Joe; it just was not showing yet. He rolled her flesh in his fingers and pinched her nipples.

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Then he leaned down and licked it, flicking his tongue over it and eventually biting it slightly. "Stop!" she gasped. He pressed the palm of his other hand against her stomach and massaged the muscles a little bit. "Oh god." She started to shiver as she felt the tip of Adam's cock inside her smashing against the flesh below her cervix. Jason let up and then pushed again, causing her to shudder once more.

He continued to push until she was just shaking slightly, sliding around on Adam's waist as far as her impaled cunt would let her. "You're making me fuck myself," she whimpered. "It's touching everything." There was a slight sloshing sound as she moved. Adam's waist was noticeably glistening with her fluids as they leaked out of her cunt.

Tiffany leaned forward and placed her hands on Adam's chest to brace herself. She stared into his face with slight tears in her eyes and red embarrassed cheeks. She soundlessly mouthed the word sorry before kissing him. At the same time he felt something warm spilling over his waist. She had just lost control of her bladder. "Did you just make her pee?" Trent asked Jason. "How did you do that?" "I used to play around with my cousin and her friends before we really knew what sex was," he admitted.

"They learned that pushing small objects into their pussies felt good but it also hurt. I practiced massaging their wombs from the outside and they were always gushing wet." "Do you think she's big enough for Joe yet?" Andrew asked. Tiffany let out another gush of liquid at the mere mention of getting fucked by Joe's massive member.

She kissed Adam's lips even harder. Without warning, Adam grabbed her waist and rolled over so she was beneath him on her back. Trent, Andrew and Jason were pushed away in the process.

He then stood up, breaking the kiss and leaving her gurgling with her own saliva and his mixing in her mouth. He held onto her waist, lifting it up with him so that only her shoulders were still on the floor.

Next he thrust down into her, bending her legs up. He had to position her feet over his shoulders. "She is so slippery now," he laughed as he continued to thrust down into her. "No, stop, I'm too sensitive," Tiffany wailed as she felt the tip of his cock come dangerously close to her cervix. "That's the point," Adam laughed.

"I want to see you go crazy." Tiffany gritted her teeth and lifted her head slightly, craning to get a look at his cock sliding into her. She then dropped her head back down to the floor with a thud. The other boys winced sympathetically. She repeated the action though, and even began to pick up speed, banging the back of her head on the floor over and over again. Her toes were curling above Adam's shoulders and it was obvious she was trying to distract herself from an orgasm.

Adam was enjoying himself too much to care. He thrust into her as deep as possible and started cumming. "Hot!" Tiffany screamed as her insides were filled with his warm fluid. She almost tried to buck him off of her but he put his whole weight down. She arched her back and twisted awkwardly while they were still connected at the waist.

Finally, her orgasm subsided and she collapsed on the floor in a heap. Her chest was rising and falling visibly as she gasped for breath. It was covered in shiny sweat.

Adam was soaked in sweat too. His wavy hair was darker and stringy instead of fluffy. He pulled out after his cock started to soften and stumbled backwards into the wall of the gym.

He slide to the floor and sighed contently. It would be a while before he would be getting up. "Who's next?" he asked smugly while trying to catch his breath. "She looks messed up." Trent leaned over Tiffany. She was lying on her back but her waist was slightly rotated.

Her legs were shiny with her own cum and there was a slight pool of white from Adam, leaking out onto the floor. Her eyes were unfocused and she was staring up at him with a froth filled twitching satisfied smile on her face. "I think she liked it," he announced almost sadly. "Who cares if she did?" Joe asked while kicking her leg so her waist straightened out and she was lying flat on her back again. "I bet she's wet enough for me now." "Hold on, if you break her, what are the rest of us going to be able to do with her?" Andrew demanded.

"You can have her mouth," Joe laughed. "Let's put it to a vote. Who thinks Joe should go last," David asked. "Were you even going at all?" Andrew asked. "I don't know yet," he admitted. "Forget it, I'm going next." Andrew rolled Tiffany over onto her stomach and lifted her butt up. She squealed when he slid his cock into her still slick cunt. She tried to reach behind herself to push him away but he grabbed both of her wrists and pulled her arms straight back, lifting her front off the floor so she was just on her knees.

He thrust into her while simultaneously pulling her back toward him by the wrists. She moaned every time his hips slapped her butt loudly. She was still sticky with sweat. Trent tapped his foot impatiently for a while and then walked around in front of her. He pried her mouth open with his thumbs and pushed the tip of his cock inside. "Hey, I'm doing her!" Andrew growled.

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"No wait, she just tightened up real good. Keep doing that!" Andrew started to thrust even harder. Trent moved his cock in and out of Tiffany's mouth gently for a while but eventually started digging the tip into the side of her cheek. She whimpered as her face was stretched slightly. When the saliva in her mouth had built up too much, she swallowed. Trent's cock bent awkwardly as the tip was directed at the back of her mouth.

It was incredibly slippery because of her drool. He took advantage and grabbed the back of her head, shoving her face into his crotch. She made a horrible squelching sound as his cock slipped into her throat.

"Oh boy, she just clamped down on me," Andrew cooed excitedly. "If she weren't so wet, I wouldn't be able to move right now." He continued slamming into her cunt from behind. She was being pulled into him by her wrists and pulled into Trent by her head in tandem. "She looks like a pig on a spit," Joe laughed. "She must be so uncomfortable," David muttered sympathetically.

Trent stared down at Tiffany's face with a look of appreciation and admiration. She had tears streaming down her cheeks and her nose was running. Her mouth was perpetually open in a cute O shape to accommodate his cock. "Man my girlfriend won't even let me deep throat her.

I haven't done this since I got her younger sister drunk and convinced her that her boobs would grow bigger if she swallowed my cum. Man her braces really hurt." At that moment he had the idea to pinch Tiffany's nose. She immediately started to squeal and jerk. She ripped her hands away from Andrew and shoved against Trent's thighs. "Hey, easy now." Andrew grabbed and twisted her arms back behind her again.

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This time he held them both together against her waist. Joe pulled her shirt off until it was at her wrists then he tied the sleeves together so that her hands were bound in place.

Trent laughed as he shoved into Tiffany's throat mercilessly. He felt her muscles contort as she tried to vomit. Her mouth was blocked and her nose was closed off, leaving nowhere for it to go. She had to swallow it back down, along with his cock, which slid even deeper down her throat. "That's it, I'm spent," Trent groaned. "May as well fill her from both ends," Andrew grunted. Tiffany's toes curled and she clenched her fists so tight they started to turn pink.

The warm sensation of cum splattering the inside of her cunt was familiar but she was choking and struggling to swallow the sticky mess that filled her throat. She waited for Trent to pull out so she could throw up properly but he tangled his fingers in her curly hair and held her down on his crotch. "Dude, you're suffocating her." David tried to stop him. "I want to see how much she can take," Trent laughed. Tiffany's face turned red and her eyes rolled back into her head.

She waited and waited but Trent would not let her breathe. Finally all her strength to stay up on her knees left her. She fell to the floor like deadweight, sliding off Trent's cock in the process. Her chin hit the floor and she was knocked unconscious for a moment. When she woke up she started to puke immediately. Breakfast from Katie's, cum from Trent and her own saliva and bile poured out of her mouth and nose.

She also ended up peeing again. "She's a goddamn mess," Jason cringed. "Who cares? It's my turn now." Joe grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She had a look of misery on her face.

Her eyes were hollow and lifeless. Vomit was running down her chin and chest. "Hold on, let David and I get a turn," Jason grumbled. "How do you want her?" Joe asked cockily. Jason lied down on the floor and motioned for Joe to sit Tiffany in his lap. She started to cry when she felt his cock slide into her cunt as soon as she lowered herself onto his waist. Some of the life returned to her eyes. Jason reached up and fondled her breasts and he rocked her on his hips. He was being much more gentle than the others.

She could barely see through her tears but she tried to smile at him. He was rather plain looking with pale skin and freckles. He had short hair that did not suit him.

He was on the baseball team in the summer but often times helped out with the other clubs just to keep in shape during the winter. Tiffany moaned when he pressed his hand against her stomach again, rubbing her cervix from the outside.

She leaned forward, drooping her shoulders as it became hard to keep herself upright. Jason eyed her vomit filled mouth and frowned. He was upset that he could not kiss her. Instead, he pushed two fingers past her teeth and started to play with her tongue. He pinched and twirled it and even pulled it out of her mouth. He was almost chuckling to himself when he noticed Tiffany staring at him in complete confusion.

"What are you doing?" she asked as best she could, almost biting her tongue in the process. Instead of answering, he thrust up into her, causing her to yelp. "Okay, this is boring as fuck!" Joe growled. He pushed on Tiffany's back, leaning her down toward Jason and raising her butt upward.

He dipped two fingers into the pee she let out earlier and pushed them against her anus while spreading her butt apart with his other large hand. "No!" Tiffany shrieked, nearly biting Jason's fingers. "Shut up, slut." Joe shoved his fingers into her. Her eyes crossed as she tried to keep from throwing up again.

She could feel the intrusion all the way up her intestines and in her stomach, which Jason was still massaging. "Can you wait your turn?' Jason asked in annoyance. "You shut up too." Joe pushed two fingers from his other hand into her asshole and stretched it apart. "Stop!" Tiffany wailed. "You're going to tear it." "No girl has ever let me nail their ass before," he admitted. "They always say I'm too big." "Please don't. I'll let you fuck my cunt!" Tiffany tried to bargain.

"What made you think you had a say in any of this?" Joe pried her anus apart entirely. The flesh of her intestines puckered out to meet the air. He pressed the tip of his cock against the flesh, causing Tiffany to hiss as it stung painfully. Though he seemed to want to ram into her roughly, he knew he could not. He slowly pushed the head of his cock inside her along with her puckered intestines. She felt his cock stretching both them and her anus. She let out a guttural groan as her eyes crossed.

The only way to describe the feeling would be the opposite of going to the bathroom. Something massive was being pushed back inside her. Her mouth opened in a cute O shape that just dared Jason to try putting his fingers inside again.

Tiffany felt Joe's massive hands kneading her butt as he pulled her backwards onto his cock. She knew she would have purple bruises on her skin the next day.

Jason pressed his hand into her stomach again, forcing her cervix lower until it touched the tip of something hard inside her. She squealed loudly as warm clear liquid poured out of her cunt. She just came from the feeling of having her cervix massaged from the outside. Either that or from the sensation of being impaled by a massive cock in her asshole. At first the two boys moved slowly, each trying to get deeper inside her.

Her eyes glazed over as she tried to endure the stretching feeling. She stared straight at David with drool running down her chin. When she gritted her teeth at the feeling of Joe moving further inside, the drool dripped from the corners of her mouth instead.

David thought she looked like her mind was in a frenzy but her movements were sluggish. "It looks real enticing, doesn't it?" Trent noticed that David was staring at her mouth. "You really do like oral, don't you?" David countered.

"I like all sex but my girlfriend doesn't let me do oral unless she's drunk. Have you ever shoved your cock down a girl's throat while she was puking up beer? It is so slimy. There's something about having the girl conscious though.

Her sister was squirming so much and complaining the whole time. I hung her head off the side of her bed and slid down her throat like it was her cunt. She kept tapping on my leg like a wrestler giving up during a pin. I didn't stop until she passed out though.

Made it real easy to fuck her asshole afterward. She couldn't walk right for a week after that. I winked at her every time I saw her limping." David was trying not to say anything as he listened. Despite how horrible Trent's story was, it was turning him on. He was already imagining how hard it was going to be on Tiffany to walk after taking Joe in her ass.

Just then, Tiffany started to scream as Joe shoved into her further. The force of his hips hitting her butt lifted her off of Jason's cock for a moment before she fell back down. Her cunt was so wet and slippery that his cock managed to slide back in, even though there was barely any space for it because of Joe expanding her intestines. Jason closed his eyes and moaned as his cock bent in order to slide back into her. It was being squished against the back of her pelvis.

She sobbed as more pee squirted out onto his waist. "I need some lube," Joe grunted while thrusting, showing the onlookers that his cock was practically stuck in Tiffany's ass. "Why are you so much bigger than Randy?" she whimpered.

Jason frowned uncomfortably as he contemplated how to react to being peed on.

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Finally he spoke directly to Joe. "She's obviously gonna die if you keep tearing her asshole open. She's real wet down her though." "Good idea," Joe laughed as he gripped Tiffany's butt and lifted her into the air. She shrieked as his cock pulled out of her anus, pulling her intestines with it slightly.

"You're turning me inside out," she wailed while kicking wildly and tugging at her tied wrists. He flipped her over with some difficulty and lowered her back down toward Jason's waist. He made sure to aim her puckered asshole at his friend's stiff cock. It was so slippery that it went inside in a second. Being slimmer than Joe it made it much further. Tiffany's stomach contorted as she felt her bowels filled to new depths. She barely had time to adjust before Joe's massive cock was pressing against the outside of her cunt.

It was too big to fit and kept bending and springing off. She gasped each time though as warmth from him was replaced by cold exposure. "It'll never fit," she complained. "Shut up or it's going in your mouth," he warned her. Tiffany watched in dread as he cupped his hands around her cunt like a funnel so there was nowhere else his cock could go but inside her.

He got the tip in first and then slowly slid the rest inside with the help of how wet she was. She thought her pelvis was going to snap but instead the engorged flesh of his cock had to compress slightly. However it swelled up again as soon as it was beyond her entrance.

Once he was sure he would not slide out again, Joe slammed all the way in. Tiffany's vision went white as his tip hit and split open her cervix. "Stop," she croaked horribly.

For once everyone listened. Both Joe and Jason waited for her to speak. "This is really too much. I'm going numb in my fingers and my head hurts like crazy. I'm losing my mind. Please, just let me rest." Joe looked at each of his friends, silently asking what they should do.

It was obvious they had taken this too far. Tiffany tried to focus her eyes on Joe. Her eyelids fluttered periodically though, threatening fainting. Suddenly he started to laugh. It was a joyous yet cruel laugh. "That sounds awesome. I'd like to see that!" he admitted. Tiffany's face went pale. She had no time to react before Joe had thrust up into her cervix.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Joe pulled the head of his cock out of her inner box and then shoved it back in. She bit her tongue. Blood poured down her chin. He repeated the action; her toes curled and went white. Out and in again; she shook violently, screaming incoherently. Again; liquid shot out around his cock.

Again; she tried to stand up but he grabbed her legs and pushed her back down, impaling her ass on Jason's cock again. Finally, Joe lifted her legs to the point that she was lying on her back on top of Jason. He crouched and shoved down into her cunt from above. Her head jerked wildly. Foam frothed from her mouth. She kept screaming the whole time. Joe had an idea. Recalling what Jason did earlier, he pushed his massive hand into her stomach, pinching her cervix from the outside.

The shriek that followed was earsplitting. Tiffany threw up all down her front, adding to the slick sweat, saliva and blood from before. She hunched toward Joe, her eyes completely white. "Please," she gurgled.


Joe just smirked as he continued to piston in and out of her like a jackhammer. Her voice shook in rhythm with his thrusts as she continued to sob, shriek and scream. Finally he felt his orgasm growing. He timed it properly and shoved back into her cervix at the same time he came.

He also shoved his hand into her stomach, clenched her cervix and twisted. Tiffany passed out the moment the first shot of cum entered her womb. She fell backwards on top of Jason. There was a slight bulge in her lower belly as it appeared as if Joe's cock would rip out of her stomach at any moment. Joe continued to thrust into her despite the fact that she could no longer feel it. When his cock finally started to soften, he pulled out with an intentional pop. "Aren't you going to cum too?" he asked Jason.

He shook his head as he rolled Tiffany off of himself. "The whole point of fucking someone is that they know you are fucking them." "You really put too much thought into how she feels," Joe laughed. "Anyone else want to ream her senseless while she's relaxed and loose?" He glanced around at his friends. They all seemed to be in agreement with Jason though.

He sighed and walked over to the wall of the locker room to lean against it and rest, eventually sliding to the floor. David hovered over Tiffany's thoroughly fucked body, examining what they had done to her. She had sweat, saliva, cum, blood and vomit all down her front.

Her normally curly hair was soaked with sweat to the point of being straight and stringy. Her asshole was gaping and twitching. If she were conscious she might start clenching it shut but not just yet. Her cunt was not stretched at all.

Joe's cock had compressed more than she had opened up, helped by how wet she was. The outside was aglow with red from being rubbed and from slapping against his hips.

Cum was leaking out and down her legs; from three different sources. To David she looked tragically magnificent; like a girl from one of those rough porn videos where they had to sign a waiver first and got slapped, spanked and whipped the whole time they were being gangbanged.

Something was bothering David though. She did not protest as much as he expected. She just asked that they not hurt her too badly. It was definitely the response of someone who had been roughly fucked before, maybe even raped. He was fine with doing this to her because he knew and trusted his friends to be reasonable but somehow knowing this had already been done to her by someone else made him feel like a bastard.

It was supposed to be a prank between high schoolers but David was sure Tiffany did not see it that way. David's thoughts were interrupted by Trent as he stood up.

David turned around to stare him down. He was not sure if he could or even would defend Tiffany if it came down to it. "Relax, I'm spent for the moment," Trent laughed as if he could tell exactly what David was thinking.

"That was inspiring though. I think I'm gonna make my girlfriend blow me a lot more now. If she says no I'll just rape her or her tight little sister. Hell I may just rape her even if she doesn't resist. It's kinda awesome when their pleasure comes second to yours, isn't it?" David felt bad for Trent's girlfriend, for multiple reasons, but it was not his place to interject.

After watching Trent leave the gym, he motioned for Andrew to help him lift Tiffany. "Let's get her into the locker room before anyone sees her." "We're not done, right?" Andrew asked greedily.

"Jason has not even cum yet." "If she wakes up again, I want to go for another round," Jason admitted. "Let's throw her in the shower then," Andrew suggested as her pushed his shoe against her gapping asshole, causing her to whimper. "We've sure found an interesting toy." He smirked at her affectionately.

David slid his hands under her armpits and lifted her top while Andrew grabbed her ankles. Her wrists were still tied behind her back. She was light and it was easy to move her into the boys' locker room. They leaned her against the wall of the shower and turned it on. She did not wake up immediately as they expected. She was far too exhausted.

David took on the job of washing the vomit and blood off her front. He made sure to rub her nipples and touch the hair on her cunt in the process. After seeing her magnificently fucked form he was sure he was going to join in for round two when she woke up, no matter how bad he felt for her.