Azumi kawashima nude in the river

Azumi kawashima nude in the river
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Warning: This is a very long high-fantasy story with elves, dwarfs, magic, etc. It contains extreme scenes such as rape, whippings and creature sex. It is a full repost of an earlier story done in chapters that I edited and combined. Druid's Ordeal by E.Y. Toad Chapter 1 To Ronak my Betrothed, or whoever may find this letter: My name is Dahlia. I am a 19 year old human female. I am an initiate druid studying under Arch Druid Westrell in the Grove of Tranquility.

I am now being held captive; a slave to the perverse desires of an evil man. I beg of you, please see that this letter reaches Ronak. He is a half-elf fletcher's apprentice in the Elven city of Fellgar. I swear that you will be suitably rewarded for your effort. Four nights ago, I was traveling with Westrell and several fellow initiates. We were returning from a visit to a nearby grove.

We were not told why we made this journey, but I gather it was of some importance. It was said in whispers that we were transporting some type of magical artifact, but I know nothing of its nature or what purpose it may serve. Westrell had told us months ago about Arch Druid Kelmane from a grove down south.

He had been ejected from the order when it was discovered that he had also been practicing the dark arts, and he was now trying to build an alliance between the dark clans from all over Revaria.

Rumor had it that our journey was related to this threat. I don't know anything about that, but I know that Westrell was very quiet on our way back home and had a package he kept very close to him at all times. It was late on the second night towards home. We had made a small camp and many of the initiates were already sleeping. I had wandered off to see if I could find some Bitterleaf.

I'd heard that it grows in this area and it can be used in powerful magic. As I returned to the camp, I heard screams, howls and much commotion. Just as I got to the clearing I saw that we had been set upon by a band of Gnolls. Gnolls are a race resembling a cross between a dog and a man. They are about 5 - 6 feet tall, with the face of a dog, but walk upright like a man.

Most carry a sword, and a whip as a secondary weapon. They are filthy and savage creatures. I stopped at the edge of the clearing and hid in some bushes, not knowing what to do. There were so many of them, probably 25 or more. As I watched, several of them grabbed Westrell and were trying to tear the package from his arms. Westrell broke free of them, chanted some words and disappeared in a flash of blue light.

He had abandoned us to fend for ourselves! Was this an act of cowardice? I did not want to believe that. Whatever was in that package must have been very important; apparently more important than our lives.

My fear turned to horror as I saw what occurred next. Once they realized the package was gone, they grabbed poor Aleeda, stripped her clothes off and two gnolls held her face down on the ground.

The gnoll who appeared to be the leader barked loudly at Aleeda as he repeatedly brought his whip down on her bare back, ass and legs. Poor Aleeda screamed as I have never heard anyone scream before. The gnoll leader appeared to be interrogating her. None of us besides Westrell knows the gnoll language and gnolls are unable to speak Common because of the shape of their mouths, so she could not have even understood the question, let alone answer it.

At one point, brave Arlis jumped up and tried to grab the whip from the gnoll leaders hand. He was quickly run through with a sword and collapsed on the ground. After a few minutes of this, Aleeda appeared to have passed out. The gnolls then went wild and started tearing the clothes off of the other initiates. Besides myself and Arlis, there were 4 female and 2 male initiates.

The gnolls were in a blind rage, whipping and gang raping the initiates. They were all raped multiple times, including in their mouths and asses. Even the men did not escape these despicable acts. It was horrible.

They were being held up off the ground at both ends as one gnoll raped them in their vagina or ass, while another raped them in their mouth. It was hard to see from this distance, but the gnolls had huge reddish-colored penises, probably 8-10 inches long, almost as thick as my wrist and with what looked like pea-sized bumps all over them.

The initiates screamed the entire time. I know they were all virgins since that is a requirement to become an initiate. How horrible it must have been for them. I could not bear to see any more of this and turned my head away. My mind raced trying to decide what I should do. I know a few minor spells, but nothing that could handle two gnolls, let along all of them. I decided I needed to survive to return to the grove and relate to the elders what happened.

I would stay hidden until they left so I would not be detected. I was far too scared to move anyway. After the screams died down, I looked and the gnolls were sitting around drinking and laughing, if you can call their grunts and yips laughing. The naked initiates just laid on the ground moaning, some with small streaks of blood running down their legs. Occasionally one of the gnolls would walk over and rape one of the initiates again but there was no more screaming.

Once the gnolls had had their fill, they made the initiates stand up and chained them all together. They marched them off to the northwest, to a horrible fate only they and the Gods know.

I waited another few minutes to make sure they were gone. Just as I decided it was safe to move, I saw a flash of blue light in the center of the camp. A tall, older man appeared out of nowhere. He appeared to be about 50 years old. He wore a dark gray robe, a silver headband and several large rings on his fingers. He looked around for several moments as if he was searching for something. He uttered strange words I had never heard before as his hands lightly glowed.

Suddenly, his head turned directly towards me and we made eye contact. I had been detected! I stood up, jumped out of the bushes and ran as fast as I could to the south. I had only made it a few steps when I heard the man shout some words I had heard before.

He was casting a spell of plant control! This spell allows one who is powerful enough to animate plant life in a limited fashion. I immediately felt roots emerge from the ground and wrap themselves around my feet. I frantically tried to pull them off, but more roots would cover my feet faster than I was tearing them away.

I was trapped! The man slowly walked up to me, taking his time. He knew I was trapped and he was in no hurry. As he approached, I stood up and turned to face him as much as I could with my feet rooted in place.

He circled me once and then stood in front of me. "What is your name, girl?" He said. "My name is Dahlia, initiate druid from the Grove of Tranquility." I replied, "Who are you and what is the meaning of this attack?" "My name is not important.

You were traveling with a band of druids, were you not?" He asked. "I was." "Was Arch Druid Westrell among you?" He asked.

"I. I am not in the habit of answering the questions of people who refuse to identify themselves!" I protested. With that, he raised one hand and almost casually flipped two fingers towards me, saying a couple of words under his breath. My head felt as though it were on fire! I slapped my face and head frantically trying to put out a fire that was not there. After a few moments the pain subsided. "Was Arch Druid Westrell among you?" He asked again.

"I. yes. he was." I replied. I saw no harm in telling him that and I just wanted to get out of there and report to my elders. "Did he have any. package with him?" the man inquired. "I think he did, but I don't know what it was. I am just an initiate; I am not privy to that level of information." I said. "Yes. I see. I don't doubt you, girl." he began, ". and you are such a. beautiful girl." I did not like the way he looked at me when he said that. He kept leering at me for several moments and then gestured my way again, saying a few words under his breath.

Suddenly my robe and undergarments started to fade away! I could feel they were still there, but they were becoming invisible! I frantically moved my arms around, trying to bunch up the quickly fading garments to hide my nakedness. Once the garments were fully invisible, I covered my chest with one arm and my vagina with the other hand. "Ah, ah ah! None of that!" he said, gesturing again as vines descended from a nearby tree and wrapped themselves around my wrists. The vines tightened and pulled up on my arms until they were fully extended over my head.

"You ARE a beautiful girl!" he said, with a grin that chilled me to the bone. "Who are you?!" I yelled, "I demand that you release me at once!" "You. demand?" he asked rhetorically as he walked towards me. I felt so totally helpless, exposed and humiliated. I was spread out and completely naked before a strange man. My beloved Ronak has never so much as glimpsed my breast, let alone my full womanhood. Just as he approached me, my garments started to slowly become visible again.

Is it possible he can't maintain both the invisibility and plant control spells at once? "YOU DEMAND?!" he yelled. I jumped with a start at his tone. "Please.

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whoever you are. release me! I have nothing that will be of use to you!" I pleaded. "Oh, I beg to differ, young one." he said, the evil grin reappearing on his face, "You have much that will be of use to me." As he said this, he grabbed the top of my robe and jerked downwards quite forcefully, ripping the robe from my body, leaving me in only my light undergarments. "You have MUCH that will be of use to me." he repeated with emphasis, as he placed his hand on my vagina and lightly squeezed.

"By the Gods. please. do not do this! I am betrothed! " I begged. "Ah, my sweet virgin princess. you will beg me for more before this night is over!" he said, cackling and turning away from me. He seemed to be meditating or maybe praying for a few minutes. I couldn't tell which. He stood up, faced me and made gestures with both hands and spoke a few words, some of which I recognized.

What is he doing. it was very familiar. Oh Gods! He was casting a spell of charm. I felt a wave of warmth come over me and felt the roots and vines receding. Even though the plants had released me, I was unable to move. My mind was screaming "Run!" but my body would not obey. "On your knees!" he commanded. I had no choice. I tried to fight it but immediately went to my knees. I was his helpless puppet. "Take my cock in to your mouth!" he demanded, as he pushed his robe aside, exposing his genitals.

He was using crude street language, but I new what he meant. Again, I had no choice. In my mind, I was repulsed and humiliated, but my body instantly obeyed and I took his penis in to my mouth. It tasted rancid. "Ah. sweet, sweet girl." he sighed. He gently started pushing his penis deeper in to my mouth, then almost fully withdrawing it and repeating.

I had heard stories of the prostitutes in the city doing things like this and it always repulsed me. It was even more terrible than I imagined. He stunk of sweat, piss and dung. "Mmmmm. " he moaned as he pushed it almost all the way in. It went part-way down the back of my throat and gagged me. I wanted to vomit but my body would not cooperate. "Move your tongue around slowly!" he ordered.

I immediately, and involuntarily, started massaging the underside of his penis with my tongue. "Lightly massage my balls with your hands!" he said. I was no longer wasting energy fighting it. I was helpless. By this time his penis was much larger than before, and standing up rigidly. I felt the warmth in my body fading away. I think the charm spell was wearing off and he didn't seem to notice. I was regaining enough control that I probably could have removed my mouth from his penis, but I was buying time until I regained enough control of my body to escape.

I kept massaging his penis with my tongue as I felt control returning to my body. As much as the thought repulsed me, I was planning to bite his penis as hard as I could and then run. I had almost regained enough control to attempt my escape when he pulled his penis out of my mouth and took a step backwards.

"Do not think me such an amateur as to not know the limits of my own spells!" he said, gesturing again to the roots to grasp my feet.

At this point I was desperate and tried to cast the only spell I could think of that might be of use. I gestured and spoke the words of the spell of blindness. "Damn you, girl!" he yelled as he put his arm over his eyes. After the flash had faded, he removed his arm and blinked a few times, trying to focus on me.

"Your pitiful attempt at magic has done nothing more than anger me!" He yelled, his vision fully restored. With this, he gestured again to the vines, which came down and pulled my arms high above my head. "Let me see your full beauty, girl!" he said, in a low hushed voice. Another vine that had been on the ground slowly started sliding up my left leg. It crawled beneath my undergarments, brushing against my vagina and continuing up my stomach.

As it slid between my breast, it came out the top of my undergarment and curled back on itself. With a hard, fast, jerk, it ripped my undergarment off. I was now fully exposed to him, unable to cover up in any way. "You should not have angered me, girl!" he said, as he removed the leather strap that was holding his robe closed. He circled around behind me and made no other movement or sounds for several moments. "Please. what are you doing?" I asked, turning my head trying to see him I then felt a stripe of pain lash across my ass, burning as if it were on fire.

It was the worst pain I have ever felt. I screamed so loudly it hurt my ears. He reached down, grabbed my undergarment, ripped a piece off and shoved it in my mouth, looking around nervously. Then it began. I long series of lashes up and down my legs, ass and back. Each lash felt as if it were setting my skin afire. I tried to scream, but it was almost completely muffled by the cloth in my mouth.

I was in too much pain to count the lashes, but it felt like an eternity. I thought it would never end. I thought I was dying. He was going to beat me to death, I just knew it. I was sobbing and crying long after he finished whipping me. He stood there, sweating and trying to catch his breath. "Enough of this!" he yelled, and gestured to the vines again.

The vines on the ground lifted up and grabbed my arms, as the vine from above wrapped itself around my stomach, pulling upward. I was now bent over a vine, with my arms and feet secured to the ground and my ass fully exposed, legs spread wide apart. He spit on his fingers and rubbed it in to my vagina and removed his robe. "Xanthula! I commit this virgin to you! Please accept this offering and bless me with a measure of your glorious power!" he yelled skyward, and then mumbled some strange words.

I then felt a great stabbing pain shoot through my vagina and into my pelvis as he rammed his penis fully in to me with one savage stroke.

"Ahhhhh!!!" he sighed loudly, as I screamed in to my cloth gag. He continued to pump his penis in and out of me, faster and faster. After several minutes of this, he slowed down and yelled "Gods! Ah! Eyaaaaahhhh!!!" as I felt a warmth shooting in to me and running down my leg.

I could see it was a mixture of what I presume was semen, and traces of blood. As he was in the midst of his ecstasy, the vines started losing their grip.

As he pulled his penis out of me, the vines and roots receded away and I fell to the ground, crying and sobbing. As I lay there, naked and ashamed, I could think of nothing other than my beloved Ronak.

This evil man stole my virginity from you. I will not blame you if you longer want me as your wife. No respectable man would want me now. I laid there for many long minutes, in to much pain to move. The man then grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced me to look at him. "You have pleased me, girl." he started, "I have decided to let you live." My heart seemed to skip a beat. He was going to let me go! Praise the Gods! "Yes, you will live.

at the top of my tower where you will please me at my whim." My hopes completely deflated, I collapsed on the ground, crying and sobbing once again.

"You should feel proud, girl. Not many girls have the privilege of being a personal servant of Kelmane!" He proclaimed proudly.

By the Gods! This man was Arch Druid Kelmane! He pulled me up by my hair and grabbed me around the waist. He gestured and spoke a few words. There was a flash of light and were were instantly in a circular room made of stone. There were two small windows but all I could see was the sky. There was a wooden hatch on the floor.

We were obviously at the top of his tower. "This is your home now. A servant will bring you food twice a day. I will summon you when I desire your 'attention'. There is no escape from this place.

Attempt to leave and it will not go well for you." he said, making a gesture and disappearing in a flash of blue light. I have been here for 3 days now. I have been fed and have access to a few dusty books and a quill, but I have not seen Kelmane since he brought me here. I wrote this letter on blank pages from the books.

I befriended a large crow that had been landing on my window sill. I attached this letter to its leg and asked it to deliver the letter to a druid or other friend of the animals.

I have no idea who this letter may find, or if the crow even understood my request. I can only pray to the Gods that someone can help me. Please. help me. Chapter 2 It is day seven of my captivity at the top of Arch Druid Kelmane's tower. I have still not seen Kelmane or left this room since I was brought here against my will. Twice a day, one of Kelmane's servants brings food and refills the water bucket I use for washing, and a pitcher of drinking water.

He also replaces the bucket that I use for. other purposes, with a clean one. I have been trying to befriend this servant. He is a a small, stocky man, and quite grotesque. I am not even certain of his race. He is roughly four feet tall, about the size of a dwarf, but if he is a dwarf, he has been deformed since birth or perhaps suffered a terrible accident. He has gray, scraggly, shoulder length hair, a face completely covered with wrinkles and several moles, and overly-large hands, with pudgy fingers.

His fingernails are yellowed, long, sharp and encrusted with dirt. He is quite gentle, almost shy, but also very firm in his refusal to speak to me. I have attempted to talk to him but he just shakes his head, almost fearfully, and leaves. He will not even tell me his name. It is possible he is not even capable of speech; I have only heard him grunt on occasion.

I am writing this on the last blank page from the books that were left in my room. I have asked the servant for more paper, but he will not respond. The crow I dispatched with my first letter returned, but my letter was no longer attached to it. I do not know if it was delivered or was lost, but I must keep trying. I desperately need more paper. May the Gods, and my beloved Ronak, forgive me for what I was about to do.

I waited until the evening delivery of food. The servant arrived with a plate and set it down on the table as always. I waited a few moments, trying to build up my courage, and choke back my shame. The servant started to open the hatch to leave. "Servant!" I said. "Uhhnn" he grunted. "Paper?" I said, holding up and waving the last blank page, "Please!" "Nnnnn" he grunted, and started down the hatch. "Servant!!" I said, louder this time. He looked back at me and stopped descending the ladder, half of his body already below the floor.

"Paper." I said, softly, as I slowly pushed the robe off of my shoulder, revealing my left breast. "HUUUUUNNN" he said, looking around nervously, eyes bugging out slightly. I caressed my breast with my hand, and repeated "Paper.". "HUUUUUNNN" he said again, as he closed the hatch and left. I had failed.

I shamed and humiliated myself to no avail. I picked at my food and went to bed, sobbing and crying myself to sleep. ***** Later that night, it must had been almost midnight, I was awakened by the hatch being unlocked and opened.

It was the servant, glowing lantern in hand. I immediately jumped up and stood at the side of my bed. "What are you doing here?" I demanded. "HUUUUUNNN" he replied, reaching in to his robe and pulling out three pieces of paper. "Thank you!" I said, reaching for the paper. "Nnnnn!" he grunted, pulling the paper back, out of my reach. "What.? Is the paper not for me?" I asked. "HUUUUUNNN" he groaned, pointing at my chest.

Gods! What was he wanting? I slowly pushed the robe off of my shoulder again. His eyes widened and he licked his dry, cracked lips. He seemed very shy, or possibly intimidated, almost afraid to approach me. I sensed that he was not going to do this on his own, so I walked over to him and slowly reached for his head, pulling it towards my breast until his lips touched my nipple.

His lips were still very dry and rough, irritating the sensitive skin of my nipple. He then started licking my breast with his disgusting tongue. It was a sickly gray color, and his saliva was slimy. He slobbered on my breast for several seconds, until I pulled away and covered my breast with my arm. "Paper!" I demanded. "Huh! Huh!" he replied, handing me the three pieces of paper. I again lowered my robe and let this horrid creature lick my breast and lightly bite on my nipple with what few yellowed teeth remained in his mouth.

After a few minutes of this, I could take no more and pulled away again. "That is all!" I said, pulling my robe back up over my shoulder. "Nnnnn!" he grunted. "That is all!" I repeated. "NNNNNN!" he protested, more angrily this time, as he grabbed his crotch. "No more. or I will tell Kelmane what you have done!" I said. "Uhhnn!" he said fearfully. "Thank you for the paper, but I can do no more for you." I said.

He started walking back towards the hatch, stopped for a moment and then walked to the small writing desk and picked up the bottle of ink. "Uhhnn!" he said, with an evil grin, shaking the nearly empty bottle of ink and grabbing his crotch. Gods, I had not even thought about the ink! I turned my head away from him defiantly.

He opened the hatch and left, snickering and grunting as he descended the ladder. ***** I awoke early the next morning and continued writing. The ink was indeed almost gone. I would need more by tomorrow if I was to continue writing. I can not bear to think of letting that creature touch me again, but writing these letters is the only thing allowing me to maintain my sanity, trapped in this tower. At the usual mid-morning hour, the servant opened the hatch to deliver my food and water.

I stood up an approached him. "Good morning servant." I said. He did not reply. He seemed annoyed with me. He attended to his duties, picked up my waste bucket and started to open the hatch. "Servant?" I started. He stopped and looked at me. "Ink?" I asked, sheepishly. "Nnnnn!" he grunted forcefully and started to walk away again. "Wait!" I shouted. "Please. Ink?" He set the bucket down and grabbed his crotch. "Uhnnn!" he demanded. I looked at him for a moment, trying to swallow my pride. "Yes." I said, turning my head away from him in shame.

"Huuunn!" he said excitedly and turned to leave again. "And paper!" I added. "Nnnnn!" he said, shaking his head. "And paper!" I demanded, folding my arms over my chest. "Uhhnn." he groaned under his breath. After he left I tried to eat, but could do nothing but hang my head in shame and cry.

I was no better than a common prostitute now. No. I was worse than a prostitute. They at least get a silver or two for selling themselves to normal men. I was going to humiliate myself with this grotesque creature for four coppers worth of paper and ink. ***** Later that night, around the same time as last night, the servant arrived in my room as expected. He set the bottle of ink and what must have been eight or nine pieces of paper on the desk. He then turned to me and grabbed his crotch.

I looked down at the floor, trying to think of a way out of this. "Hunnn!" he said as he pulled his robe aside, revealing his penis. It was horrible. It was only about four inches long, but was very fat and stubby-looking. It had several moles, warts and wild hairs on it. His pubic hair was gray and patches of it were missing. His testicles were wrinkled and sagging down several inches below his penis. I would die before I would allow him to put that thing inside me!

I sat on the bed and patted it, prompting him to lie down. He removed his robe and lay down on his back. Gods, this was a disgusting creature! I turned slightly on the bed so I could reach him and put my hand on his penis. "HUUUNNNN!" he groaned. Seeing his reaction, I doubted he had ever been touched by a woman.

His penis immediately grew to five inches or so and became rigid. I started to massage and stroke it. He was becoming more excited by the second, kicking his legs around and moaning. Suddenly, he sat up in bed, pulled my robe off of my shoulders and tried to push me down on my back.

"No!" I shouted. "UHHHNNN!" he replied, obviously annoyed. I pulled my robe back over my shoulders, covering myself back up. I then gently pushed him back down and started stroking his penis again. "NNNNNN!" he grunted loudly. He wanted more than my hand. "I will not submit myself to you for paper and ink!" I insisted. "Uhhhhnnn." he grunted, touching my lips with a finger. "No! I will not put that in my mouth. not for a wagon-load of paper and ink!" I protested.

"Huuunnn." he groaned. He then looked down at me and motioned for me to remove my robe. I assumed he at least wanted to see me naked. I decided that was much better than having him try to put that thing inside of me, so I stood up and slowly removed my robe, revealing my full naked body to him. He was becoming visibly excited again and was rubbing his penis quite vigorously.

"UHHHNNN!" he said, pointing to his penis. I again started stroking his penis, with both hands this time. It was quit fat, and it took both hands to fully encircle it. I stroked up and down for several minutes as he panted and moaned. With no warning whatsoever, he let out a shrill scream: "Eeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!" It startled me and I quit stroking him. I was unsure if he was in pain or not. He grabbed my hands and put them back on his penis and started thrusting his hips, pumping his penis in and out of my cupped hands.

"AAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!" he screamed as load after load of semen shot out of his penis. It was awful. Semen was going everywhere; in my hair, on my blanket, on his face and even on the floor. After the first time it landed in my hair, I turned away so it would not get on my face.

I could still feel it hit the back of my head several times. He continued to pump my hands for about a minute after the semen had stopped. When he finally stopped, he jumped up, looked around fearfully, put his robe back on and quickly scurried down the hatch.

I tried to clean up the mess as well as I could in the dim light of the single candle I was allowed, and quickly fell asleep. ***** The next morning as I writing at my desk, the servant arrived with my food. "Good morning." I said. He would not reply. I think he was embarrassed. "Don't be embarrassed." I started, "You helped me and I helped you. We can be friends and help each other!

That is nothing to be ashamed of." I wish I could believe that myself. I felt nothing but shame and humiliation for using my feminine charms in this manipulative manner. "Uhnnn" he grunted weakly. "In fact, if you were to help me again, I might be willing to give myself to you. totally." I said. "Huunn?" he inquired. "Yes, if you were to. maybe. help me. escape." I began. "NNNNN! NNNNN!" he grunted, clearly fearful.

"But. we could both escape! We could run away together and. BE together!" I pleaded. "NNNNN!" he said firmly. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, filling the room with a blue glow. It was Kelmane. "Good man, Ardy." he said, speaking to the servant, "You have resisted her charms." "Kelmane! Please. release me! I am going mad locked in this room!" I begged. "You will have plenty to keep you busy soon enough." he said cryptically.

"What. what do you mean?" I asked. "You will know soon enough." he began, an evil grin forming on his lips, "Right now, I think Ardy deserves a.

reward. for his loyalty, don't you?" "He was not as loyal as you think, Kelmane!" I protested, trying not think think about what he was implying, "He gave me paper and ink for. for. a sexual favor!" "Don't you think I know that, girl?!" He shouted. "I see everything that happens here! I was merely testing his loyalty. He passed the test, and now. I am going to reward him." I just looked at him, unsure what to say.

"Or perhaps it would be more apt to say. YOU are going to reward him." Kelmane said. "What.?" I asked, stunned, "What do you mean? I. Gods! You can't. you can't expect me to." "I EXPECT you to do WHAT I tell you to do, WHEN and WHERE I tell you to do it!" he shouted, startling me.

"Kelmane, please. I have already been humiliated beyond what any respectable woman can bear. Please do not do this. please, I beg of you." I pleaded. "Ardy, remove her robe." he ordered. Ardy immediately came up to me and pulled my robe off. I tried to cover myself with my arms.

"Now girl, will you submit willingly, or must we whip you in to submission." Kelmane asked. "I. Kelmane. please. take me yourself if you must, but please don't make me." I sobbed. "Answer me, girl!" he yelled. "I. I will. submit." I said, tears flowing down my cheeks.

"Good. Turn around and get on your hands and knees, ass towards us." he ordered. "Kelmane.<sob>" "Do it now, girl!" he commanded. I slowly dropped to my knees and spun around, my back to them.

"Down!" he shouted. I bent over, placing my palms on the floor and hung my head in shame. "There you go, Ardy. Use my new plaything as you wish." Kelmane said. Ardy immediately walked up to me and put his hand on my vagina. He rubbed it for a few moments and then bent over and sniffed me. I then felt his putrid tongue sliding up and down my vagina, his slimy spittle dripping off me, making a small puddle on the floor.

I turned my head to look at Kelmane. He was just standing there watching, a smirk on his face. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain as Ardy poked one of his fingers in to my vagina. He gyrated his finger around for a few moments and then inserted another finger. "Ahhh!" I yelped. "Huh! Huh!" Ardy grunted. I felt Ardy remove his fingers and then I heard some shuffling noises. Just as I turned around, I felt Ardy ram his penis in to my vagina. I thought he was going to rip me open!

"HUHHH! HUHHH! HUHHH!" Ardy grunted with each thrust. My head was jerking up and down with each powerful stroke. I managed to yelp out a single word at the end of each painful thrust, "Please.

Stop. Please. No. Gods!" After several minutes of this, Ardy pulled out of me, bent over and started licking me again. This time he was licking my vagina and my. my ass hole. By the Gods, what depravity! Ardy walked around and stood in front of me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He put his penis up to my lips. I turned my head, sickened by the smell of his penis mixed with the scent of my vagina.

"Uhhhhh!" he said, looking at Kelmane. "Do it, girl, or I will take my strap to your backside again!" Kelmane ordered. I turned my head back towards Ardy and reluctantly opened my mouth, but just slightly. Kelmane walked over and grabbed my head, forcing my mouth open wide and said "Do it, Ardy!" Ardy slowly put the head of his penis in my mouth.

I was sure I was going to vomit. It stank worse than Kelmane had. I could feel the warts and moles sliding over my tongue as he inched it in deeper and deeper. My lips stretched until they hurt, to accommodate his girth. Once he had his penis fully buried in my mouth, I thought it was going to dislocate my jaw, but thankfully it wasn't long enough to gag me too much.

My nose was buried in his scraggly gray pubic hair, making the stench even stronger. Ardy started sliding his penis in and out of my mouth, gaining speed with each thrust. "Mmmfff. Mmmfff. Mmmfff." I huffed, with each thrust.

Suddenly, he grabbed my head and started ramming his penis in to my mouth even harder, over and over, smashing my nose against his groin. "AHHHHHHEEEEEE!!!" he screamed. Just as he screamed, I felt the warmth of his first load of semen shoot down the back of my throat. I tried to pull my mouth off of his penis, but he was too powerful. I felt a wave a nausea come over me as load after load of semen shot down my throat.

His penis was such a tight fit that very little of it could escape my mouth; I had no choice but to try and swallow it all, or I would choke on it. After swallowing several gulps of semen, I could not keep up and some of it came out through my nose. It was a horrible feeling. Ardy finally stopped and pulled his penis out of my mouth. I laid my head down on the floor and just sobbed. "Please. leave me now. You got what you wanted.

Leave me to my shame.please!" I begged. "Are you done with her, Ardy?" Kelmane asked. "Nnnnn!" Ardy grunted. Gods! What more could he want? Ardy walked back around behind me and put his still rigid penis back in to my vagina.

I just laid there on my knees, head on the floor, crying and sobbing. I lost track of time as I tried to think about how happy life was back at the grove. I had a vague awareness of Ardy's penis thrusting in and out of me, and my face rubbing against the floor as he violently humped me for many minutes. I was trying to remember Ronak's beautiful face. It was getting harder every day to see him clearly in my mind. I was shocked back to reality by Ardys shrill scream, as he again started shooting load after load of semen, this time in to my vagina.

After Ardy pulled out of me, I just fell over and lay on the floor. "Clean yourself up tonight, girl." Kelmane said, "We have many guest that will begin arriving in the morning. They are very important diplomats from across the region." "What." I stuttered quietly, "w-what have they to do with me?" "Do I have to spell it out for you, girl?" he asked, "You are the entertainment!" I laid my head back down and sobbed deeply.

Chapter 3 I awoke this morning on the floor. I must have cried myself to sleep after Kelmane and Ardy left me last night. I could feel tears welling up in me again, but I remembered that Kelmane had ordered me to get myself cleaned up. I did not want to anger him and thought it best to put off my self-pity until later. My pubic hair was caked with Ardys dried semen, and it was also on both of my thighs and my chin and neck. I spent almost an hour trying to wash it all off of me.

My vagina was sore and quite tender to the touch. I was not prepared for Ardy to violate me so savagely, nor for the scraping of a warted penis for such a long time.

My jaws also ached. I mustered what little strength I had and cast a minor soothing spell upon myself. It took the edge off, but I am still tender. After cleaning myself up, I anxiously awaited my mid-morning meal.

I was still queasy from swallowing so much semen. It was all I could do to keep from vomiting last night, but now I wish I had; at least that disgusting fluid would no longer be in my stomach. I was suddenly overcome with a horrible feeling of dread. What if. Gods! When was my last monthly cycle?

I could not remember! Gods help me. I could not bear the thought of . Just then the hatch opened and Ardy came up the ladder. He had my food, fresh water and some clothes.

He walked to the table and set the food and clothes down, looking at me the whole time with a strange look on his face. I think he was ashamed of himself. I just looked away. After he finished his chores, he started back down the ladder and paused.

"Huunnn?" he grunted quietly. I turned my head even further away from him until I heard the hatch being closed and locked. I looked at the clothes he had left on the table.

It was a gaudy three-piece outfit; an ankle length skirt, a long sleeved blouse that stopped short of covering my stomach, and a type of undergarment I had never seen before. It would barely cover my pubic hair in the front, and there was only a thin strap up the back. I put the outfit on. The blouse and skirt were very sheer; you could fairly easily see my undergarment if the lighting was just right. Only a design pattern on the blouse kept my nipples from being visible.

I looked like a prostitute. No. more like a. a dancer. Gods, what was he planning to make me do? ***** It was early evening. I had heard commotions outside all day long; horses, wagons and people greeting each other. I could not see the ground from my window but I assumed these were the diplomats Kelmane spoke of. The room filled with a flash of light. Kelmane appeared and walked up to me.

"I see you have cleaned yourself up, girl. " he said. "The outfit flatters you quite nicely." "Kelmane, please tell me what is going on. What is expected of me? Have I not suffered enough?" I asked. "We are having a banquet tonight, and every night this week." he stated, "And as I said before, you are the entertainment for my guests." "What does that mean?

How. what am I to do?" I asked. "These diplomats are of vital importance to me, girl!" he said, almost shouting, "You will do whatever is necessary to please them!" "But." I began. "Let me make this clear to you, girl. These people signing the alliance agreement is much more important to me than your life. You will do everything in your power to please them. If you do not please them. if you fail me, I will hang you by your thumbs from the ceiling in the lowest dungeon of this tower, and whip you to the verge of death every day for the rest of your pitiful life.

Do you understand me, girl?" "I. y-yes. I. " I stuttered. "Good. Do not fail me." "Y-yes, Kelmane." "Your first duty will be to entertain our guests by dancing. I know you can dance, as it is part of normal druid rituals. You will dance slowly, and in an enticing manor.

You will caress your body as you dance, and tease the guests with quick glimpse of your female. charms." "Yes, Kelmane." I said, hanging my head in shame. "If you are not dancing to my satisfaction, I will use a spell of charm on you again and force you to dance properly.

And then you will be severely punished after the banquet." he warned. "I understand." I said, tears welling up again. "There will be representatives of several clans and races seated around the banquet table.

You will begin dancing immediately after dinner, and you will continue to dance until the last guest has retired for the evening. " He ordered. "I will do as you ask." I replied.

This did not sound so horrible. I do not like the thought of enticing men with my body, but I do enjoy dancing. "One other thing, girl." he said "At any time, if one of the guests gestures to you, you will immediately work your way over to them, dance seductively for them for a few minutes and then slowly make your way down to your knees and under the table." "Why. why would I." I stammered.

"Don't be stupid, girl! This is what is expected of a dancer at these gatherings!" he shouted, "You will work your way under the table and pleasure them with your mouth!" "By the Gods!

You want me to act as a common prosti." I started. "You will act as I tell you to act!!!" he yelled, striking me full across the face with the back of his hand, "And make sure you swallow every drop.

I do not want my guests to suffer the embarrassment of semen stains on their formal garments." I just looked away and sobbed.

"I have hired two other girls who will be part of the entertainment as well, but neither of them have your looks, or youth, so I expect you will be quite popular." he added with a grin. "Yes, Kelmane." I said, my hand on my burning cheek. ***** I was brought down to the banquet room towards the end of the meal.

The two other dancers and I were in a small room off to the side waiting for the guests to finish eating. The other girls were attractive and both had larger breasts than I, but they looked as if their best days were behind them.

One of them grabbed my cheeks in her hand, moved my head back and forth as if inspecting me and said "I don't envy you tonight, Blondie!" We were given the signal to begin. I had no idea what to do so I let the other two girls lead and I watched them closely.

As we entered the room, there was some polite applause and three dwarfs cheering, probably already drunk. I looked around at the diplomats. They were a very strange collection of beings. Besides the dwarfs, there were five gnomes, a huge creature that I believe was an ogre, a night elf, three small men wearing hoods that appeared to be halflings, and several other creatures that I did not recognize.

They all looked unsavory and I felt a slight aura of evil hanging over the room. We started dancing. I felt very awkward at first, but after a few minutes I was getting the hang of it.

The other girls were much better at this than I, but most of the eyes seemed to be on me, except the disgusting ogre who seemed to be more interested in cleaning out his nose with his finger, and the halflings, who looked around suspiciously and whispered amongst themselves most of the time.

The dwarfs continued to cheer and holler at us. After about half an hour, the dwarf on the left, who seemed to be the leader, gestured to me. The other two dwarfs gestured to the other girls. We all danced our way up to them and seduced them for a few minutes.

I was still following the lead of the girls. As we worked our way down under the table, all three of the dwarfs already had their penises poking out of their garments and were rubbing themselves. The one in the middle had a very large penis, the other two were somewhat smaller. One of the girls pushed my out of the way, saying "I'm not doing the big one!" and crawled over to the one who had gestured to me.

The other girl then took the one on the right, leaving me with the largest one. I watched them for a few moments to see how they did it. They were both licking the head of the penis, so I did also. Then they started running their tongues up and down the length and flicking their tongue all over it. I matched their movements for several seconds. They put the penises in their mouths and started slowly going up and down on it. I tried to do that as well, but I was not able to go down nearly as far as they did.

It was only about three or four minutes in to this when I heard the girl on my left start to make noises. "Mmffff, guh, guh, guh, guh" she gulped as she seemed to be swallowing rapidly.

I saw the dwarfs legs stick straight out and he let out a yell. After the noises subsided, she slowed down her movements and eventually stopped, wiped her mouth and looked at me.

"Too bad, Blondie. Yours was a quick one." She gloated. I kept going up and down on the middle dwarfs penis. I could only take about half of his penis in my mouth before starting to gag. A few minutes later, the girl on my right started making noises. I tilted my head to watch her out of the corner of my eye. Her eyes closed tightly and she grimaced several times, trying not to gag. "Hmmph! Hmmph!" she huffed through her nose. She seemed to be letting the semen build up in her mouth rather than immediately swallowing it.

Every few seconds she would swallow with a loud gulp and continue bobbing on the penis. I decided that this way would be easier for me when the time came. As I was still looking at her, I felt the dwarfs huge penis tighten up and start throbbing. I then felt a hot load of semen hit the back of my throat. I was not prepared for this and my head jerked up, banging against the bottom of the table.

I vaguely heard several people laughing. I regained my composure and concentrated on my task. It was bad enough having to endure this humiliation, I did not want to be punished as well. I waited for three or four loads of semen to shoot in to my mouth and then quickly swallowed. It certainly did not taste good, but it was not as disgusting as Ardys semen had been.

I repeated this several times and each time there was less semen to swallow. I was sure I had got it all. I slowed down as I had seen the other girls do and after I was sure he was done, I took my mouth off of it. I checked his garment to make sure it was clean. Gods! There was a huge glob of semen near the bottom of his shirt. I wiped it off with my finger and looked around for somewhere to put it. I couldn't find anywhere that was suitable so I closed my eyes, put my finger in my mouth, closed my lips around it and wiped it off, swallowing it.

For some reason, it was much more disgusting to taste it like this than it was while the penis was in my mouth. This last swallow made me more queasy than all the rest of it did. I licked the spot on his shirt several times where the semen had been. I figured saliva would dry quickly and I wanted to make sure there was no semen to leave a stain. I sat under the table for a few moments to wipe my mouth, straighten my clothes and calm my stomach down, then began dancing again.

The other two girls were still dancing as well. As I danced, I thought about how much easier that had been than I expected. It was still humiliating and disgusting, but it was much better than having my mouth forcefully raped as Ardy had done. I could get through this. A short time later, the ogre diplomat stormed out of the banquet hall and left. I did not understand what had happened but Kelmane did not seem pleased.

Throughout the night, I noticed that the night elf had been staring at me, but barely spoke a word to anyone. Night elves are an ancient race of uncertain origin. Their most distinctive feature, of course, would be their dark blue skin. They are slenderly built and look almost fragile. Their faces are usually hairless and smooth, even a bit feminine.

They are usually about five to five and a half feet tall. They are generally unfriendly to other races and live in secluded underground cities where outsiders are not allowed. This night elf had short, black, cropped hair and small facial features. He wore a plain light gray robe and no jewelry or insignia. Still, he managed to have an aura of dignity about him.

So far I had been lucky and only had to pleasure the dwarf. The guests were starting to get their fill of drink and it was getting late. I actually may get through this night without further humiliation. Just as these thoughts passed through my mind, the night elf gestured to me. Gods! A few more minutes and I would have been dismissed. I danced over towards him and used my seductive moves as I made my way under the table.

It was quite dark by this time as the candles and torches were burning down. I positioned myself between the night elf's legs, opened his robe and caressed his thighs as I put my head in his crotch, ready to begin licking his penis.

His penis must be quite small, I thought, because my mouth could find nothing but pubic hair. I kissed his pubic area and moved lower, trying to find his penis with my mouth. Maybe their penises were positioned lower than other races?

I continued kissing and licking his pubic area, moving lower and lower when suddenly, my tongue hit a moist, fleshy area and I smelled a distinct scent. the scent of. vagina? By the Gods!

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It was a female! A wave of shame overtook me! I had just put my tongue in a womans vagina! Even the most grotesque male would be better than this! I can't do it. I can't. I scrambled out from under the table and ran to the side room, crying and sobbing. I heard a commotion in the banquet room. It seems I had gravely insulted the night elf.

I could not imagine what punishment Kelmane would have in store for me. Kelmane stormed in to the room and grabbed me by the throat.

"You bitch!" he yelled, "You will go out there this instant and make this right! I've already lost the ogres, I will not lose the night elves because of you! You will go out there right now, you will beg for her forgiveness and then you will offer to submit yourself to her for anything she desires!" "I. I can't. not a woman. please. anything but that!" I begged. "You will do as I say." he said, growling under his breath so only I could hear him, "and you will do it now, or I swear I will have you skinned alive before daybreak!" "Kelmane, please." I began, then saw the look on his face and knew he was serious, "I.

Yes, Kelmane, I will do. as you say." I composed myself, went to stand before the night elf and dropped to my knees. "Ma'am, please forgive me. My behavior was unacceptable. I was. I was unfamiliar with. I mean. I thought." I stammered. "You have insulted me, girl!" she said, her words dripping with indignation. "I'm sorry, Ma'am. Please allow me to make it up to you!" I begged.

"Yes, girl, you will." she said as she motioned to her two soldier escorts that had been standing near the door all night. The soldiers grabbed me and roughly shuffled me up several flights of stairs. We entered a room, that I presumed was the night elf's quarters.

The soldiers teased and taunted me, grabbing my ass and squeezing my breasts as they bounce me back and forth between them. This went on for several minutes until they heard the night elf coming.

They then stopped and each grabbed one of my arms as they stood at attention. The night elf walked in, stood in front of me and looked me up and down a few times. "Strip her." she said calmly.

The soldiers immediately obeyed, one grabbing my blouse and ripping it off, while the other tore my off skirt and threw it aside, then easily snapped the band of my undergarment with one fast jerk and dropped it on the floor. They still had hold of both my arms so I could not cover myself. I stood there, trying to lay one of my knees across the other in a vain attempt to hide my pubic area.

The night elf gazed at me for several moments and then grabbed both of my cheeks with one hand, bunching my lips together. "So, you don't like females?" she said, hesitating for just a moment, "So, you don't like. me? I could only grunt in response and nod my head. She then put her mouth up to mine and kissed me deeply, forcing her long, narrow tongue deep in to my mouth. When I felt her tongue touch mine, I was struck by revulsion.

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This was unnatural! It was perverse, disgusting and despicable! I could not do it! I would rather face the punishment of Kelmane! I turned my head away from her in disgust. "So, this is how you want it to be, eh?" she hissed, a smile forming on her face, "Good. Gooooodd". "Hang her from the ceiling." she ordered. The soldiers did as they were told, tying my hands tightly together with a length of rope and throwing it over a beam on the ceiling.

They pulled the rope tight, until my toes were barely touching the ground and then secured the other end to a cloak hook on the wall. I hung there, completely naked, spinning around slowly as I tried to reach the floor with my feet to relieve the weight from my arms.

The night elf opened a chest and searched through it, looking for something. She finally pulled out long riding crop. "I think we'll start with this." she said, tapping the crop in her palm. "Ma'am. please. I did not mean to insult." Whack! She hit me across the left side of my ass. "Ahhhhhh!" I yelled.

It hurt, but not like Kelmane's belt.


"P-please, Ma'am. I'm. I'm." WHACK! This one was harder, and on the back of my left thigh. "Eeeeeeiiiiiaaa!" I yelled, "PLEASE!" She walked around and aimed for the right side of my ass. WHACK! "EEEEEEEEYYYIIII!!!" I screamed, "By the Gods!! I'm sorry!! Please!!" She looked at the soldiers and calmly said "Lift her legs and spread them wide." The soldiers both grabbed a foot and pulled them up to about the level of the night elf's chest.

They then spread my legs wide. My vagina was now fully exposed to her. "Wider." she ordered. The soldiers both took a step away from each other, spreading my legs farther apart than I thought possible. My thigh muscles ached and I thought my legs would pop out of their joints. "Interesting." the night elf said, "I've never seen a blond vagina before." The soldiers looked at each other and snickered.

She pulled the lips of my vagina apart slightly. "And fresh too." she continued, "You have not been with many men." "No, ma'am. please, ma'am.

my arms. they hurt." I pleaded. She then bent over and put her face in my crotch. I felt her tongue slowly probing around inside the lips of my vagina, as if she were tasting it in several places.

I got no pleasure from this, but I must admit that it was soothing to the tender skin that was still raw from Ardys rough treatment last night. I then felt her tongue wiggling around, forcing itself in to my vagina. Suddenly, the revulsion hit me again. This woman had her dark blue tongue inside me! It was disgusting! I pulled my hips back away from her. I could only move a few inches, but it was enough to get her tongue out of me.

"Nooo. please!" I begged. "Again, you insult me!" she hissed, with more emotion than she had shown previously. She then pulled the crop back well over her shoulder and slammed it down on my right inner thigh. Whack! "AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!" I screamed, "PLEASE. GODS HELP ME!" Whack! Again on the right thigh, but closer to my vagina. "AAAAARRRHHHH!!!!!" She repositioned herself and lashed the crop along the top of my pubic hair line.

Whack! "AAAAARGGHHHH!!!! PLEEEEAAASSSSSEEE!!!!" She reared back and lashed again. Whack! I felt an explosion of pain as the crop landed squarely on the lips of my vagina.

"GGGGGGAAAHHHHHH!" I screamed, thrashing around as much as I was able. Whack! Again directly on my vagina. "GGGOOOOOODDDDDSSSSS!!!! PLEEEEASSSSEEE!!!! I CAN TAKE NO MORE!!!!" I begged. The next few seconds were a blur of pain as she rapidly lashed me many times, up and down both inner thighs, and all around, and directly on my vagina. My screams must have awakened everyone in the tower. She finally stopped beating me.

I looked down, and my thighs and pubic area were covered in red welts. Please forgive me Ronak. I am not strong enough. I am no hero. I cannot endure this pain any longer. My will is broken and I am defeated. I can now do only what I must do to survive. "Please, ma'am. no more. please. I will do as you ask." I begged. "Oh? So you have atoned for your insults so soon?" she asked rhetorically, "I think not!" "Release her legs!" she ordered.

The soldiers dropped my legs; my toes were again barely touching the floor. The skin on my thighs and vagina burned as my legs came together. The night elf again searched through the chest, pulling out a whip about 4 feet long. "PLEASE!!! I will do anything you want. I swear it!!!" I pleaded. "Yes. I know you will." she hissed walking around to my right side.

She reared back and brought the whip down, lashing it across my breasts, the end of the whip wrapping around to my back. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!" Gods, this was worse than Kelmane's belt. I think I started to lose consciousness.

She cracked the whip across my hips, leaving a red welt all the way around to my ass. "GGGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSEEEEE!!!" I screamed with a hoarse voice. "Please! Oh Gods! You are killing me! Please, Ma'am!!! NOOOO!" I begged, as I saw her lift the whip again. Crack! My stomach felt as it were on fire! "GODS! OH GODS! HELP ME! Guh! Guh! Guh! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" One of the guards took a step forward. "Ma'am. you are going to kill her." he said meekly.

"One more word and you are next!!!" she yelled, frightening him back in to silence. Crack! "Uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh" I moaned as everything started to go black. Crack! I saw the whip lash across my legs, but it was strange; like it was happening to someone else.

I felt the pain, but it was as if I were numb and detached, watching a scene in a play. Crack! Everything went black. ***** I felt a splash of cold on my face. I woke up still hanging from the ceiling and immediately felt searing pain all over my body.

I have no idea how long I was out, but the night elf and soldiers were still standing in front of me, so I assume it was only a few minutes. One of the soldiers had a pitcher in his hand. He must have splashed water in my face. I looked down and was shocked to see dozens of red welts up and down my body, criss-crossing each other.

She must have kept beating me long after I passed out. I could not move without severe pain. "What. have you done to me." I sobbed. "I do not like to be scorned, girl." the night elf said, "However, I am not completely heartless.

Hold still." The night elf took a step back, raised both of her hands and started chanting strange words. They were unfamiliar to me and were in a language I had never heard. She stood there for several seconds chanting, then suddenly both of her hands began to glow.

It was a deep red glow. She seemed to be straining, almost in pain. I felt an odd sensation over my whole body. It was not a warmth exactly, more like, a… buzzing. tingling? I can't explain it. I wasn't sure, but I seemed to be in less pain than before. I looked down at my body.

Was I imagining things, or were the welts. fading? She kept chanting for nearly a full minute. It was obvious now that the welts were fading and the pain was almost gone.

Was she a healer? She stopped chanting and dropped to her knees. One of the soldiers held her by the shoulders so she would not fall.

I was healed! The welts were gone, with nary a trace they were ever there. I felt completely normal again. "Ma'am. you are a healer?" I asked. "I am Madrian, High Cleric of Valindour." she replied, standing back up and straightening her robe. "Now, the choice is yours. Do you intend to spurn me again?" "I. I will do as you ask, Ma'am." I said, looking away in shame. "Cut her down and leave us." she ordered.

The soldiers did as they were told and walked out, closing the door behind them. "Ma'am." I began "While we are alone together in this room, my name is Madrian." she said, pulling her robe off her shoulders and dropping it to the floor. Standing naked before me, she was quite beautiful. Her breast were very small, her nipples a deep blue, almost black. Her pubic hair was as black as the hair on her head.

"And. my. my name is. Dahlia." I replied. "That is a nice name. Dahlia." she said softly, putting her hand on my cheek. She took a step closer to me and reached up to kiss me gently on the lips. It was very uncomfortable having a woman kiss me this way. It was not unpleasant, but it was unnatural and I felt ashamed.

I returned her kiss. I did so not out of desire, but only to please her and to avoid further punishment. I felt her tongue gently slide in to my mouth. I was momentarily repulsed, but I quickly got control of myself so as not to upset her again.

We kissed for several long seconds, then she nudged my head towards her chest. I kissed her neck, and worked my way down to her breasts. I kissed her nipple several times and then licked it, circling my tongue around it several times. She tilted her head backwards, sighed and caressed my head. I could feel her nudging my head lower and I knew what she was wanting. I could not bear the thought of what I was going to have to do, but I had little choice.

I gently kissed her nipple one last time and slowly kissed and licked my way down her stomach and continued to go lower. When I reached her pubic hair, I felt her stomach quiver with excitement. She took my head in both of her hands and raised my head to look me in the eyes. She stared at me for a few seconds and then pulled upwards on my head, prompting me to stand up. I stood up and she kissed me deeply for many seconds. I kissed her back and slid my tongue in to her mouth. She put her arms around me and walked backwards as we kissed, leading me to the bed.

She spun around and laid me down on the bed. I adjusted myself so that I was lying straight, with my head on the pillow. As she was still standing beside the bed, she bent over and started kissing me again. She crawled up in to the bed, her head towards the foot of the bed.

She started kissing down my neck, leading down to my breasts. She kissed and suckled each of my nipples for a time and started moving down my stomach. As she kissed lower and lower, she hiked her leg over me to straddle my face. The distinctive scent of her vagina was strong, but not overpowering. I could feel her working her mouth in to my pubic hair. I knew what I had to do, but I hesitated, trying to work up my courage.

I could feel her hair brushing against my lips. After a few more moments of hesitation, I knew I could not wait any longer so I stuck my tongue out tentatively. I probed around with my tongue until I felt the warm flesh of her vagina. It was very wet and swollen. "Ahhhh. yessss!" she sighed. I closed my eyes and continued.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do, so I just gently licked and kissed her lips. I started to feel her tongue on my vagina. She slowly slid her tongue up and down my closed lips, gradually spreading them apart. As before, it was not exactly pleasurable, but it was not an unpleasant feeling.

I took my cue from her and tried to mimic what she was doing to me.


She seemed to be concentrating around my clitoris, licking around it and gently sucking on it with her lips so I started doing the same to her. I could feel it getting firmer. "Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. Oooooo. she moaned. I felt her tongue probing for and then entering my vagina.

Her tongue was quite long and thin so it was not painful. In fact, it was beginning to feel rather good. Then a wave of shame came over me as I realized that I was beginning to enjoy this depravity. I may have been forced to endure this, but I would not shame myself in this manner. I again mimicked her actions and inserted my tongue in to her vagina. I was not expecting it to taste so badly. Her outer lips had a scent, but did not have a taste. The instant I inserted my tongue, it was assailed my a repugnant taste and I immediately withdrew it.

I don't think she even noticed. She was rocking her hips back and forth, rubbing her vagina against my mouth. I just kept my tongue out, flicking it back and forth, letting her position herself wherever she desired. "Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh." she panted, as she rubbed against my flickering tongue. "Mmmmm. Ahhhhh. AHHHHHHHH!" she stopped licking me and raised up, arching her back as she sped up her rocking motion. "Mmmfff, Mmmfff, Mmmfff!" she grunted with each thrust of her hips.

"YESSSSSSS!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!" she yelled, her thighs tightened around my head as I continued to flick my tongue.

She was squeezing my head between her thighs so hard that is was difficult to concentrate on licking. "Mmmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmm." she moaned, slowing down her thrusts. She collapsed on top of me, her head resting on my stomach. "Oh, girl. that. was." she panted, trailing off. She laid there for a time and then moved her head back towards my vagina. "Now girl, I will do the same for you!" she said. "Ma'am. I mean. Madrian, thank you, but you don't." I began. "I don't mind, girl!" she replied, "I want you to feel good too." She started licking my vagina again.

I laid there for several minutes, afraid to move or say anything. Eventually she realized nothing was happening and stopped licking me. "What is the problem, Dahlia?" she asked. "I'm sorry, Madrian. Please do not be offended. I. I think you are a beautiful woman, but I'm. I mean.

I am betrothed. to a man. I. I just don't." I stammered. "I understand, Dahlia." she said, "I am not offended." "Thank you, Madrian" I replied. "I'm sorry." "No, girl, thank you!" she said, "I needed that. It has been so long." She trailed off as she seemed to be thinking about something. "I think I can do something for you after all!" she said excitedly, getting out of bed and standing up.

She stood at the edge of the bed and raised her right hand. She recited a few words and her hand began to faintly glow with a greenish light. I felt a strange sensation in my vagina. I have no idea what she was doing. She wasn't even touching me, but it. it was feeling very pleasant. "What are you. what?" my thoughts were interrupted by a feeling unlike anything I had experienced before. "What.ohhhh! What are you doing to me?!

I. ohhhh Gods. ahhhh. what. mmmmmm. by the. OHHHHHH GOOOODDS, MMMMM!" My whole body felt as though it were going to explode with ecstasy! Was this what it was like? Was this an orgasm? "AHHHHHH, Yes! Yes! Yes! OHHHH GODDSSSSSSSSSSS" I screamed, gripping the blanket with both hands and thrusting my hips in the air.

With one last thrust of my hips, my whole body tightened up and exploded in delight. "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!" I moaned deeply, and then collapsed on the bed, exhausted. I lie there for several moments before I remembered where I was and opened my eyes.

"What did you do to me? I asked. "That was a spell I picked up a few years ago." she said, crawling back in to bed and lying next to me, "Unfortunately, it won't work on the one who casts it. Believe me, I've tried. It's just as well; If I could do that to myself, I'd never get anything done." I smiled and closed my eyes. She pulled the blanket up over us and put her arm around me. We both fell asleep within minutes.

***** I awoke the next morning to the sounds of Madrian washing and getting dressed. "Good morning, Madrian" I said.

"You will call me 'Ma'am'." she said rather coldly, "You may get your robe and leave now." "I. yes, Ma'am" I replied. I admit, my feelings were a bit hurt by her change of attitude. I picked up my robe, put it on and started towards the door. "Girl." she said, not even looking up at me, "Tell your master that you have pleased me.

Tell him that I agree to the alliance." "I will tell him, Ma'am." I replied, opening the door to leave. "And girl." she said, looking up at me, "Thank you." "You're welcome, Ma'am!" I replied happily, and then walked out, closing the door behind me. ***** I reported the news to Kelmane. He was very happy. "Wonderful, girl!" he said, grabbing my face and kissing my forehead.

"When this is over, you shall be generously rewarded!" "The only reward I wish is to be set free." I replied. "You may yet earn your freedom, girl." he said. "What, Kelmane? What must I do to earn my freedom?

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Tell me and it shall be done!" "My only concern is convincing the other diplomats to join the alliance. You continue to aid me and when enough of them have joined, you will be free to go." he replied. My heart soared! I would be free soon! I would happily do whatever it took. "The gnomes have requested your company tonight." Kelmane said, "Be cleaned up and ready to go by nightfall." "The gnomes? Which one?" I asked. "Which one? All five of them, of course! They are brothers. and they do EVERYTHING together." he replied.

Everything? Gods! Chapter 4 I stood in the hallway outside the gnomes room, tying to work up the courage to knock. I knew what I had to do; I was the 'entertainment' for the five gnome brothers tonight. I had put my shame behind me and swallowed what little pride I had left. I wanted nothing more than to leave this place and go home. If I had to 'entertain' even ten gnomes, I would do so happily to make that happen. I had met several gnomes in the past.

They are strange creatures; about 3 feet tall, pale skin and many are at least partially bald. They are very intelligent and rather reclusive, preferring building things to being social. They have a particular knack for mechanical devices. I don't think they are evil so much as just mischievous. I straighted my robe, took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Who is it?!" I heard someone say impatiently.

It was a high-pitched, almost comical voice. "It's Dahlia. You requested my. company. tonight." I replied. I heard some banging noises and feet shuffling around, then the door opened. "Ah Ha! Come in. yes, yes, do come in." the gnome said, rubbing his hands together excitedly.

He wore blue overalls and had some strange goggles over his eyes. I did not see anyone else. I stepped in to the room, leaving the door open behind me. I felt quite nervous; something did not seem right. "I've been preparing for your arrival!" he said, walking over to me.

He flicked a lever on his goggles and his eyes grew very large, as if they were being magnified. He stared at me for several seconds. "Yes, you will do just fine." he began, "Boys!" Suddenly, I heard the door slam behind me.

I quickly spun around and saw another gnome locking the door, looking at me with a devious smile on his face. "What. what are you doing?!" I asked, "I. I am here to entertain you. you don't need to." Just then, three more gnomes came out from their hiding places and encircled me.

The gnome with the goggles returned to the bench he was working at, turning his back to us. "Please. I will. I can't." I began, trying to get control of the situation, "Which. which one of you should I." Almost simultaneously, the four gnomes grabbed me, pulling my robe off and throwing it down by the door, leaving me in just my undergarment.

"Please!" I pleaded, "I will entertain all of you, one at a." The gnome behind me grabbed my undergarment and stripped it off, the buttons flying off in all directions. I quickly put my arms over my breasts and vagina, trying to hide my nakedness. The gnomes were pinching and grabbing my ass, breasts and vagina, as I moved my arms to cover two of the areas, leaving the third exposed.

"Please, stop!" I begged, "I will entertain you all, I promise!" "HeeHeeHeeHEEE" they laughed, continuing to grope me.

They pushed me down on the bed. I was laying sideways on the bed with my feet on the floor. One of them grabbed my arms and held them over my head. Two of them grabbed my legs and spread them apart, the third put a box on the floor between my legs and stood on it.

"Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!" he cackled, as he caressed my vagina. "Get her ready!" the gnome with the goggles yelled, "It's almost done!" The gnome between my legs bent over and spit on my vagina several times. He then worked the saliva in to my lips and spread them apart with his tiny fingers. He kept working my vagina open with his fingers, inserting one, two, then three fingers in to me. He eventually fit his whole hand inside me. His hands were very small; it was uncomfortable, but not painful.

He worked his hand in and out of me several times. "She's ready! Hurry it up!" he shouted. "Please! What are you doing?!" I asked. Then the gnomes with the goggles turned around to face me. He was wearing some type of harness around his waist with a mechanical box over his crotch. He grabbed something from the bench and attached it to the front of the box.

It was tubular, about six or seven inches long, smooth and made of brass. It looked like. Gods, it looked like a penis. He stood up on the box, grabbed a handle on the side of the box and jerked on it. Nothing happened. There was a rope attached to the handle and on other end, to something inside the box. When he let go of the handle, the rope was pulled back in to the box automatically. "Damn!" he shouted, pulling the handle again. This time, the box started sputtering and popping but then went silent.

"Wait." he said, adjusting something in the back of the box. He pulled the handle again and it started making an awful racket. Small puffs of steam were shooting out the bottom of the box. Then the brass penis started slowly moving, thrusting out to its full length, then about half of it receding back in to the box.

This repeated over and over, getting faster and faster. He made some adjustment in the back of the box and it slowed down to a steady pumping motion. "Gods! What are you doing!" I asked, "I will pleasure all of you! There is no need for this! Please!" The gnome guided the contraption to my vagina.

I could feel it bumping against me. He held my vagina open and inserted it. "AHHHHHH!!!!" I yelled, "It's HOT!!!" It was painfully hot, but not enough to burn me. "EeeHeeHEE" he laughed, as he adjusted something in the back.

The penis sped up. I tried to pull away from it but the other gnomes held me firmly in place. "PLEEEASSEE! It hurts!!!!" I begged. He adjusted it and it sped up even more. "Ah. ah. ah. ah. ah.

ah." I stuttered, as it pumped my vagina, "Pl. ee. ee. ee. se.!" I could feel it getting hotter. "IT"S TOO HOT!!! STOOOOPPPPP!!!" I screamed. The gnome reached down and touched the brass penis as it was thrusting. He jerked his hand away in pain. "Hmmm." he said, pulling it out of me, "Maybe if insulate the steam modulator." he trailed off.

He walked back to his bench and turned away from me. "Forget your gadgets, come have some fun!" One of the gnomes said to him.

"I think I can fix this. Carry on, boys!" he said. The other four gnomes ripped off their robes. They were quite pitiful looking, all old and wrinkled. Their penises were only about four inches long and slightly pointed. They were roughly the size of a human males index finger. They had no pubic hair, and very small, smooth testicles. They started molesting me. Two of them were licking my breasts and I felt a tongue enter my vagina. I kept trying to push them away but I could not fend them off.

One of them crawled up and straddled my face, putting his penis up to my lips. I tentatively opened my mouth and he immediately thrust his penis deep inside. He buried it all the way, my nose smashed against his groin. I could feel it in the back of my throat, but thankfully, it was not long enough to gag me too much. I wrapped my lips around it and started massaging it with my tongue as he pumped my face.

I just wanted to get this over with and decided to do whatever I could to help them. I could feel one of them licking my vagina and two others still working on my breasts. I had stopped fighting them now and just let them do whatever they wanted.

After about two minutes, the one started to ejaculate in to my mouth. "EyyeeeeEEEEE" he yelled, shooting rather small loads of semen in to the back of my throat. I fairly easily kept it all in my mouth until he pulled out, then swallowed it in a single gulp. I felt my stomach twinge as the foul liquid worked it's way down my throat.

Even so, it wasn't so bad. If they all go this quickly, we would be done soon enough. He then pulled his soft penis out of my mouth and put his testicles up to my lips. Gods, what did he want now? Wasn't he done? I stuck my tongue out and licked his smooth, bald testicles.

It was disgusting. It felt as if I were licking a baby's testicles. I circled my tongue around them and flicked my tongue along the underside. After about thirty seconds, his penis was hard again. He moved his penis back to my mouth and again thrust it deep inside. This time it took maybe three minutes before he started shooting loads of semen in to my throat. I swallowed it as before, hoping he was now done. He crawled off of me, pushing the one that was licking my vagina out of the way.

He stood on the box, rubbing his penis for about thirty seconds until it was hard again. He slid it in to my vagina with a sigh. He started pumping his penis in and out of my vagina and moaning. By the Gods, how many times can they do this? Just then, the one who had been licking my vagina mounted my face and put his penis to my lips. I wrapped my lips around it and started gently sucking on it as he slowly pumped my face.

The other two gnomes continued to lick my breasts. Apparently, there is some kind of hierarchy or pecking order. One of them uses me as he pleases and then the next in line can take his turn. After a short time, I heard the gnome between my legs yell out and start to orgasm. "EEEEEYYAAAAHHH!!!" he yelled, louder than the other two times. I could feel loads of warm semen filling my vagina.

Just then, the penis in my mouth started to spurt. The sprays of semen were shooting down my throat and it was hard to keep from choking on it. The gnome on my face crawled off as the one in my vagina pulled out of me. They all worked together to turn me over on my left side. I offered no resistance, but did not move voluntarily. The first gnome rubbed himself for a few seconds until he was hard yet again. I could then feel that he was bumping his penis up against my assholes.

"NO!" I yelled, "Not there! I will not allow." Before I could even finish the sentence, I felt his hard penis violate my ass. "YEEEEAAAAAAAGGGG!!!" I screamed as he buried his penis is to my ass. I tried to pull away but could not. It was quite painful but the pain eased up a bit he pumped in in and out several times. The second gnome positioned himself and slid his penis in to my vagina. The first two gnomes where thrusting and humping my ass and vagina at the same time as one of the others held my right leg high in the air.

The third gnome then put his penis to my lips. I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide it in. I closed my lips around it but did nothing else. I just laid there being molested in all three openings for several minutes. The gnome holding my leg then grabbed my hand and put it on his penis. I wrapped my hand around it and gently started sliding it up and down. I was servicing four gnomes at the same time!

I looked over at the gnome in the goggles and he was still at his bench working on his device, oblivious to us.

The gnome in my ass started to yell. As I felt the semen shoot in to my bowels, I had a sudden urge to defecate, but I held it back. I lost track of who was doing what. Every minute or two, I would feel one of them ejaculating in to my mouth, vagina or ass. I had quit swallowing the semen and just let it dribble out of my mouth on to the bed.

At some point, one of them put their penis in to my mouth and I could smell that it had already been in my ass. I gagged and wanted to vomit but I somehow held it back. I just wanted this night to be over. I had no idea how long this night would actually turn out to be. After quite a long time, probably an hour or more, I saw that the gnome with the goggles was no longer at his bench. I looked down and he was ejaculating in to my ass, naked except for the goggles. I had not even noticed he had joined in.

The night dragged on. I have no idea how these gnomes can keep this up for so long. There was semen everywhere; my head was lying in a puddle and my vagina and ass were dripping with semen.

I laid there for hours, as the gnomes had their way with me over and over, rarely a minute going by without a penis in one or more of my openings. ***** I woke up as first light was breaking through the window. I do not remember falling asleep. All five of the gnomes were still asleep, naked and lying all over me, and all over each other.

My hair was stiff and sticky from semen. My vagina and especially my asshole were sore. I badly need to use the waste bucket.

I tried to get out of bed, but the gnomes stirred awake, one by one. "Good morning, Dahlia!" the one with the goggles said. "What a fun night we had, don't you think?" "Fun?." I said angrily, then caught myself, "Um.

yes, it was. fun." "We can do this all the time once we get home. yes?" He asked. "Home? What do you mean?" I replied. "I mean when we all get home!" he said, "You will be happy living with us!" "Living with you. ?!" I asked, astonished. "Why yes. Kelmane promised we could keep you if we signed the alliance." he said, "You will enjoy living with us!" Kelmane! That lying bastard! Chapter 5 Ardy escorted me back to my room. We stopped along the way to get an extra two buckets of water and I spent most of the morning cleaning the gnomes semen out of my hair and pubic area.

A minor spell of soothing helped with the soreness in my ass and vagina. After I finished washing and put a clean robe on, I ate my mid-morning meal. My stomach was still quite queasy from swallowing so much semen. I barely made it to the waste bucket as I vomited most of the food I just had just eaten. I sat there on my knees next to the bucket, face in my hands, deeply sobbing and crying for several minutes.

Kelmane had lied to me. He told me I would be free to go once his alliance was complete but he has no intention of letting me go. I was a fool to believe him.

I decided I was on my own to escape this place. Ronak was not coming to my rescue. No one even knew I was here. I talked to the crow I had befriended, asking him to find certain plants and leaves for me. I don't know if he understood me or not, but I had to try. I know a few spells that may prove useful, but I need certain reagents; Bitterleaf or Spikeweed would help.

The crow flew away. I can only pray he will be able to assist me. ***** Later that afternoon, Kelmane appeared in a flash of light. "So, girl. did you enjoy your evening with the gnomes?" He asked, with a devious smile. "They are horrid, insatiable little creatures!" I replied.

I had already decided I was going to play along with Kelmane and not reveal that I knew he planned to let them keep me. I knew he could see every room in the tower by using a spell of farsight, but I also knew he could only see, and not hear us.

"The gnomes have agreed to the alliance. I will need your. talents. again tonight. We're almost there, girl. Your freedom is nigh!" he lied. "What humiliation do you have planned for me tonight?" I asked. "The leader of the rogues guild, a halfling who goes by the name of 'Brom' will visit you in your room tonight." he said, "You will do whatever he asks of you. I am about to lose the support of the rogues for the alliance.

The are a secretive and shady bunch of thieves, but they would be a powerful ally." "Yes, Kelmane." I replied, "I will do as you say." "Good. I'm glad to see you have decided to cooperate." he began, looking at me with lust in his eyes, "Now, come over here, girl. I have been so busy with the alliance that I have neglected to take advantage of your charms." I walked over to Kelmane and stood before him.

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. He pulled his robe aside, revealing his genitals.

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"Lick my balls." he ordered. I have learned by now that my humiliation is over sooner if I do all that I can to help them orgasm. So I stuck my tongue out and lapped the underside of his testicles, working my way around each one, and to the base of his penis. I flicked my tongue in circular motions around them, occasionally opening my mouth wide, taking one of his balls partially in to my mouth and gently sucking on it. "Ahhhhh, yes, girl." he sighed. After several minutes, I worked my tongue up to his penis, taking long strokes with my tongue along the underside and circling the head with my tongue at the top of each stroke.

"Yes. suck it now. slowly. softly." he said. At the top of the next stroke of my tongue, I slid the head of his penis in to my mouth.

I circled the head with my tongue several times as I stroked his penis with my right hand. "No hands!" he commanded, "I only want to feel your warm mouth." I took my hand off and reached around and grabbed his ass with both hands to give me a bit more control. I started sliding my lips down his shaft, taking him in to my mouth inch by inch. "Put your hands behind your back!" he ordered, "Use nothing but your mouth." I put my hands behind my back and continued going deeper until I was about to gag.

I could not take it all, but managed all but about two inches. "Deeper!" he shouted. "Guh" I gagged a bit as I took an extra inch. I do not think I would be able to take it all without vomiting. I slowly slid my mouth back to the head, circled it and slid back down until I got to the point of gagging again. "I SAID DEEPER!" he yelled, putting his hands on the back of my head and pushing my head down farther.

"Mmmfff!" I grunted, trying not to vomit. He held my head there for several seconds, then relaxed his grip. "Yes. that's better." he sighed. I slid my mouth back to the head, and slowly started the downward stroke again, stopping with about an inch left as I started to gag. He again pushed my head down all the way, gagging me. "We'll just keep you here until you get used to it!" he shouted. I could not breath and was on the verge of vomiting.

I looked up at him and he was looking down at me, smiling. "MMMFFF! MMMFFF!" I grunted, putting my hands on his thighs and trying to push him away. "Relax your throat. breath through your nose." he said. He firmly held my head in place, jamming his penis down my throat even farther. It was buried to to the hilt now, deep in my throat. My eyes were watering and I grimaced, my face turning red as I struggled to breath. I tried to relax my throat and it seemed to help.

I could breath through my nose just a little, but enough to keep me from suffocating. "There, that's better." he said, "You just need to get used to it and dull your gag reflex." He slowly let the pressure off of my head as I slid my mouth back to the head of his penis. "Now do it yourself." he coached, "Deeper. deeper. yes! There you go!" I still gagged at the bottom of each stroke, but it was tolerable if I controlled my breathing and didn't keep it in my throat for long.

"Now. put your hands behind your back again and look me in the eyes." he ordered, "Suck it slowly and softly, all the way down." I looked up at his aged face, his filthy penis in my mouth. Knowing I had no control and looking in to his gloating eyes, I felt more shame than I had in several days. Even if I could hold it in my hand and have some measure of control, it would no be so bad. I continued to take long, slow strokes up to the head and all the way down for several minutes.

"Ohhhh, girl! Yes." he moaned. I could feel his penis become even more rigid and start to throb. His legs started to tremble. He tilted his head back and moaned louder. I think having me not use my hand made the build up to orgasm slower, but ultimately more enjoyable for him.

"YES!!! Come on girl, do it." he groaned, "AHHH!!!" He penis was still just throbbing as he was building to an explosive climax. "AARRGGG!!!" he groaned, his pelvis violently convulsing. His penis jumped and stiffened in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and buried his penis deep in my throat. "OHHHH, GOOOODDSSS!" he yelled as semen shot down the back of my throat.

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A second and then a third load of semen shot in to my throat, I managed to push him away enough to swallow it before I choked on it. He then started violently pumping my head, ramming it down my throat and then backing it out, over and over as several more loads of semen spurted in to my mouth, some of it spilling out on to his testicles.

"Gods! Uhhh. Mmmm. uufff. ufff. ufff." he trailed off, slowing down his thrusts. "Mmmmmm." he moaned, as he came to a stop. "Gods, girl, I will miss you when you are gone!" he said, "Now clean me off." I made a few more strokes on his penis, tightening my lips on the way up to wipe off any remaining semen. I then licked off the few globs of semen that were on his testicles, swallowing it all.

I sat back on my calves, taking the pressure off of my knees. "Will there be anything else, Kelmane?" I asked, lowering my head in shame. "That will be all for now." he replied, "Be prepared for your guest tonight." He waved a hand and disappeared in a flash of light. ***** It was well past midnight and my guest had not arrived.

I can only hope they all got drunk and he passed out. I laid on the bed, reading a dusty book by candlelight. I must have dozed off as I was awaken by the caw of my crow friend landing on my windowsill. He had 3 small Spikeweed leaves in his beak. He had understood me! I gently stroked his head and thanked him as he dropped the leaves. I asked him to try to find some Bitterleaf and he cawed again and flew off.

I needed to hide the Spikeweed. If Kelmane saw them, he would know I was up to something. I tore a strip off of my undergarment and rolled the weeds up in it. I walked over to my small reading table, got on my knees and bent my head down under the table, jamming the bundle in to the corner joint.

Suddenly, I felt a small, soft hand cover my mouth from behind, as another wrapped around my throat. "Do not scream." a voice said, "I'm not going to hurt you." "My name is Brom." he continued, "I think you have been expecting me." He slowly removed his hand from my mouth. "How did you get in here?" I asked. "Do not move." he said, as he blew the candle out.

It was a nearly full moon, but it was still quite dark. "How." I began, then I felt my robe slowly sliding off of my shoulders. Brom put his lips to the back of my neck and started to gently kiss it, moving his kisses around to the side. I felt his small hands caress their way from my back to my chest, each finding a breast through my undergarments.

I tilted my head to the side to give him better access to my neck. I must admit, it felt good to be caressed rather than manhandled for a change. It was quite exciting and mysterious; I hadn't even seen his face yet! He caressed and stroked my nipples, which were starting to become erect.

He then made his way up to the buttons on my undergarment and slowly unbuttoned them, one by one. He slid my undergarment down around my waist and resumed caressing my breasts. I tilted my head in the other direction as he moved his kisses to the other side of my neck.

After several minutes of soft neck kisses, he started kissing down my back and lowering his caresses to my stomach and groin area. I was still on my knees so I pushed my undergarment down to my calves and wiggled free of it.

He worked his hands down to my thighs, and made long strokes with his hands along their length, working his way to my inner thighs. I felt the excitement building, my pulse quickening. "Ah!" I inhaled sharply when his soft hand brushed against my vagina. He spun around to face me. For the first time, I saw that he was wearing a robe, maybe dark brown; it was hard to tell in the dark.

He had a hood covering his head so I was not able to see his face. Oddly, this added to my excitement. He gently pushed me back, laying me down on the wool rug on which I had been kneeling. He stood between my legs, looking down at me. I reached out to him. "Please. take me!" I said, breathlessly. He spread his robe wide but kept it, and his hood, on. His penis was of considerable size for a halfling. It was about the size of a normal human male penis, but on the body of a man just under four feet tall.

His penis was already fully erect. I reached out and placed my hand on it and cupped his testicles in my other hand. I stroked and caressed them for several minutes as he sighed with pleasure. He stepped back from me and then approached me from between my legs, kissing me just above the pubic hair and working his way up. As he reached my breasts, he kissed and licked my nipples and ran his hand along my sides and hips, as he rested on his other arm.

He worked his hand down to my vagina and ran his fingers along the outside of the lips. I could feel a tingling sensation and I could tell that it was very wet. He slowly worked my lips open with his fingers and stroked the inner flesh of my vagina.

I felt as if I were going to melt in to the rug. After a few minutes of this, he mounted me, his head only reaching to my breast. I could feel his penis bumping against my vagina, probing for an opening.

"Ssssss" I hissed with pleasure, inhaling through pursed lips. He found the target and gently, slowly started working the head of his penis in to me. It did not take long; my vagina was swollen, wet and ready to accept him.

"Ohhhhh." I moaned as he slid it in to me, filling me with his manhood. Brom started to move his hips, back and forth, my excitement building with each stroke. "Gods! Goooodddss!" I groaned. He continued to lick and suck on my nipples. My body was on fire with passion. "Ohhhhhh. Mmmmm. " I couldn't take much more of this. "AHHHHH!!!!" I yelled, as my whole body exploded in ecstasy. I put my arms around him and crushed his body against mine.

"GODDSSS, YESSSS!!! OH GODDSS!!! FUCK MEEEE!!!" I yelled. I was using crude street language, but I didn't care. Even Madrian's spell was not like this. I completely lost control. "OH! FUCK! ME! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK MEEEE!!!" I screamed. I thrust my hips violently as I tried to get even more of him inside me. "Uhhh. Uhhh. Uhhh." I panted, as the ecstasy began to fade. I did not want it to end. I fell back and relaxed every muscle in my body, completely exhausted, my sweaty body glistening in the moonlight.

"By the Gods, I had no idea. " I trailed off. Brom had remained silent throughout the whole thing, but I now heard him panting and groaning quietly. "Aaahhhmmmm" he moaned. The pace of his gyrations picked up. I put my arms around him again under his robe this time and caressed his back and ass.

"UTTT! AHHH! AHHH!" he grunted. I could feel his warm fluid spurting in to me. His motions became more jerky now, as if he was thrusting his hips with each shot of semen. "Uhh.

uhh. uhh. uhh." he slowly trailed off as he stopped pumping his manhood in to me. He rolled off of me and crawled up to lay his head on my shoulder. We both lay their for several minutes, basking in the afterglow.

After several long minutes, I spoke up. "That. that was amazing. " I began, "I never knew it would be so. amazing!" He did not respond, but just laid on my shoulder, his hand caressing my stomach. I could tell he was a man that was not used to much talk. "I. Ever since Kelmane captured me, everyone has used me for their own pleasure." I said, "Thank you for treating me as. a lady." He jerked his head up, hood still in place and finally spoke.

"Kelmane what?!" he asked excitedly, "Kelmane. captured you?!" "Yes. I assumed you knew that." I said, "He found me in the woods after the rest of the initiates I was traveling with were attacked and captured by gnolls." "You are a druid?" he asked, with a stunned look of disbelief.

"Well, I am a initiate druid. I have only been with the order for a few months." I replied. "Gods, Milady, I didn't know! You should have told me!" he cried, "I thought you were. I thought. I'm sorry, Milady, but I thought you to be a common dancing girl. a. a. prostitute!" "I'm sorry, Brom, I thought you knew!" I said, "I thought you came here to use me as the others have." "You cut me deeply, Milady." he said, "I am a rogue.

a thief, and occasionally an assassin if necessary, but I swear by the Gods, I am no rapist!" "You did not rape me, Brom." I assured him, caressing his face, "You gave me the most pleasurable experience of my life!" "We must get you out of here!" he said, starting to stand up. "Wait!" I urged. I pulled him back to lie on my shoulder again. "Kelmane can see us. I don't think he can hear us, but we must act normally.

Just lie with me and talk quietly." "I have work to do, Milady" he said, standing up and closing his robe. "What?" I said, "Can I at least see your face before you leave me?" He looked at me for several moments and then stepped back into the shadows a bit and lowered his hood. I could see well enough to tell that he had a ruggedly handsome face, with a full head of bushy brown hair, and a scar across his chin.

I put my hand against his face and caressed his cheek. "You are quite handsome." I said. "Thank you, Milady." he replied, "But I must be off." He led me to the bed and tucked me in.

It was now quite late, probably about the third hour. He gently kissed my forehead as I closed my eyes, but only for a moment. When I opened them again, he was gone. ***** I awoke late in the morning, around the ninth hour. I was still naked.

I walked to the window to get some air and was aghast! My crow friend was lying on the windowsill, still and cold. He had a single Bitterleaf plant in his beak. Fool that I am! I had no idea it would be poisonous to him. "I'm so sorry, my friend." I said, choking back the tears, "Your sacrifice will not be in vain." I hid the Bitterleaf in the cloth bundle and placed it back under the table. I cleaned myself up and got dressed. I went to my desk to do a little writing before my mid-morning meal.

On my desk, there was a small bag. I grabbed it and immediately opened it. It contained several things; twenty three silver pieces, a few coppers, some leaves useful in casting spells, a dagger, and a note.

The note read: Milady, We have one chance to get you out of here. I will wait until I see the servant bring your morning food and then I will wait five minutes. We will then clear the way for your escape. I will make sure your way is clear, but you will need to take care of the servant yourself. In the bag you will find a dagger. I would suggest you stab him in the chest, a little left of center. Stab as hard as you can to ensure you pierce his heart. Once the servant is dealt with, come down the ladder, descend the stairs and leave through the north exit.

Run to the north as fast as you can, for as long as you can. We will catch up and assist you as much as we can. I will distract Kelmane as long as I can.

Remember: You must leave five minutes after your servant arrives. If we fail, we will all be dead by nightfall. Brom Gods! I could not kill Ardy. He is not evil; he is just a poor, unfortunate soul born in to a crippled body. But, I could no sooner abandon the plan and endanger Brom.


Just then Ardy opened the hatch and came in with my food and clean water. No! I need more time! I can't just take a life, even to save my own.

Five minutes. I have five minutes to work up the courage to kill Ardy, or to sentence Brom and his friends to death. Wait! There may be another way. I greeted Ardy and then turned back to my desk. I waited until his back was turned and reached under the table to retrieve my cloth bundle. I quickly removed the Bitterleaf and Spikeweed, smashing and grinding them together. I needed the oil from both plants on my hand. I rubbed the plants vigorously on my left hand.

It was turning green as the oil covered my palm. By the Gods, what are the words! I had studied this spell once many months ago but I have never used it. I had the dagger in my right hand, behind my back, just in case the spell failed. I decided that I could not abandon Brom. If I had to, I would bury the dagger in Ardy's chest.

"Ardy." I said sweetly, lowering one side of my robe to reveal some cleavage, "Can you help me with this?" "Uhnnn!" Ardy grunted, walking over to me. "Ardy. you are such a sweet man." I said. I let my robe fall off of my shoulder to reveal my breasts to him. He looked down at my chest and licked his lips.

I placed my left hand on his face and caressed his cheek. His cheek was turning green as I rubbed the oil on him. He was too mesmerized by my chest to notice.

"You poor thing, I'll bet you are ready for me again tonight aren't you?" I said, feeling a wave of shame for deceiving him in this manner. I then softly spoke the words of the spell. Nothing happened. "Nnnnn?" Ardy groaned. My strange words snapping him out of his lust-filled daze. Gods! How does it go? I tried again, changing the inflection of some of the syllables.

"NNNN!!!" Ardy grunted angrily as he pulled away from me. He reached up, felt his face and looked at me in shock. He then fell to his knees and looked at me as if I had just pulled his heart out of his chest and stomped on it. A few seconds later, he slumped over, fast asleep. I quickly grabbed the bag and stuffed the plants and all my writings in it. I didn't know for sure how long he would be asleep, but I think it lasts about ten minutes. I prayed that would be long enough.

I climbed down the ladder and ran down the steps. It was several floors to the bottom, with hallways at each floor. On the third floor down from mine, I looked through the door leading to the hallway and I saw feet sticking out of a doorway and then they slowly disappeared in to the room as if someone were dragging them. My curiosity got the better of me and I ran over and peered around the corner in to the room. It was one of Madrian's guards, lying dead on the floor, his throat slit and still bleeding.

On the other side of the room was her other guard, throat also slit. Lying on the bed, still in her night clothes, was Madrian. There was a large spot of blood on her chest. A halfling in a hooded robe jumped out from behind the door. "Get moving, girl!" he urged, "Brom will catch up to you." "O-Okay" I stammered, turning away and running down the stairs. I reached the bottom of the stairs and ran straight for the north door.

I ran out the door and ran as fast as I could until my side felt as if it were going to split wide open. I must have ran for at least ten minutes. I fell down, panting and gasping for breath. I looked back towards the tower. The top of the tower was glowing with a fiery red light. Kelmane was standing on the top of the tower casting spells in all directions in his fit of rage, aiming at nothing in particular.

His alliance would never happen now without the night elves. I could hear his booming voice as if it were coming down from the heavens. "I will kill you all!" he screamed like a madman, "I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!!" I got up and ran to the north again, as fast I could.

Chapter 6 I kept running for what must have been almost an hour, stopping every few minutes to catch my breath. I had no idea where I would end up; I just kept running north. I had noticed a red glow back to the south. I thought it was the faint, distant glow of Kelmane atop the tower, but as I rested this time, it seemed to be moving.

getting closer. I jumped up and tried to run again, but I was exhausted. I needed a few more minutes of rest. Gods, give me just five minutes to rest.

As I lie there panting and gasping for breath, the light became much brighter. It was definitely getting closer. I stood up and ran, stumbling maybe ten steps before falling down again. I was done. I could not continue.

I slowly crawled in to some thick bushes, curled up in a ball and prayed. The light was only a few yards away now and I could see it was a man. it was Kelmane! Gods help me! As he approached to within a few feet of me, he stopped, spoke a few words and looked around. He appeared to be confused.

I lay there completely still and silent, afraid to even breathe. Kelmane raised both hands and spoke different words than before, much louder this time. He then looked directly at me, reached in to the bushes and grabbed my foot. "BITCH!" he screamed, "You fucking. BITCH!!!" He jerked me out from behind the bush, nearly pulling my leg out of its socket.

He grabbed my robe around the collar, pulled me up to my knees and started slapping me across the face. Slap! "Where are your friends?!" he demanded. "I don't know!" I replied. Slap! He used the back of his hand this time, his rings digging in to my cheek. "WHERE ARE THEY?!" he screamed. "I. I don't know!

They told me to run north." I began. He then began to viciously beat me, slapping and back-handing me over and over, screaming a word with each blow.

"YOU. FUCKING. CUNT. TELL. ME. WHERE. THEY. ARE. OR. I. WILL. BEAT. YOU. TO." That was the last I heard, as everything went black. ***** I awoke, confused and tasting blood. I have no idea how long I was out. As my vision slowly started to clear I realized I was hanging naked and spread-eagle from vines, roots wrapped around my ankles, my robe on the ground below me. "Good! You are awake." Kelmane said.

"I. I don't know. north. they said. north." I stammered. "I believe you girl." he began, pulling his leather strap off of his waist, "So we're going to try a different strategy. If I can't find them, I'll bring them to me!" He circled around behind me as I desperately tried to turn my head to see him.

"No. please! I've told you everything. PLEASE GODS, NO!" I begged. He reared his arm back over his head and brought the strap down across my ass. "YYEEAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!" I screamed, as the searing pain shot through me.

He paused a few seconds, then brought it down across the back of my thighs. "AAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!" My whole world spun around, as I was stunned from the pain. He paused again. He was spacing out my screams to lead the rogues to us. I felt the lash of the strap between my shoulder blades.

"EEEEEEEEIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I screamed, my voice getting hoarse. He lashed me several more times, pausing between each, as I continued to scream. He moved all around me, lashing my breasts and all the way down the front of me to just above my knees.

My screams eventually subsided to loud yelps as I was becoming numb to the pain. "By the Gods. please. have. mercy. " I begged, blacking out again. ***** My next memory was of Kelmane shaking me back to consciousness. I was still hanging by the vines, my whole body numb with pain.

Kelmane took a few steps away and faced me. He raised both of his hands, spoke some words and thrust his hands towards me. My vagina seemed to explode with invisible flames. "NOOOOO!!! OOOOHHHH GOOOODDDSSSS!!! IT BUURNNNSSS!!! AARRGGGHHH!!!" I screamed, finding my voice again. I screamed for several seconds as I felt my entire groin burn as if on fire. Then the pain subsided. I looked down and my pubic hair was not even singed.

He waited a few seconds and repeated the spell. My vagina again exploded in fire. "IIIIIIEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!! STOOOPPPPP!!! PLEEEASSSSSEEEE!!!" I passed out again. "Damn you, bitch. I need you awake!" he barked, slapping me back to my senses. "Kelmane. please. I can take no more." I begged. He did not reply, but lifted his right hand and gestured towards a nearby tree. I heard a noise below me and looked down. A large tree root was emerging form the ground. It was about as thick as my thumb at the end, and became as thick as my arm about a foot down its length.

"What. what are you.?" I said, trailing off. The root started crawling up my left leg, slowly making its way to my inner thigh. "Gods, NO! Please don't. not that! God, Kelmane! Pleeeasssee!" I begged. The end of the root bumped against my vagina. "NOOOO!!! PLEEEEAASSSEEE!!!" I yelled. I could feel the root pushing past my lips, forcing its way to my opening. "YAAAHHH!!! NOOOO!!!" I pleaded. The root probed for a few seconds, found its mark and and thrust itself in to me.

"GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" I felt my vagina stretching as it penetrated me several inches. It was cold and damp. The root pulled itself almost all the way back out and then thrust back in, even deeper this time. "GGGYYYAAAAAAAAA!!!" I screamed with a shrill voice. This thing was going to rip me open! It retreated once again, pausing for a few seconds.

As I was trying to catch my breath, it thrust back in to me more violently than before. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYAAAAAAA!!!" My whole body tightened and convulsed. It felt like my vagina was being ripped open.

It started viciously pumping my vagina, going a full eight or nine inches deep. It was as thick as my arm at the point where it was entering me. "YYYAAAHHH. AAARRRGGGHHH. GGGAAAHHH!!!" I screamed with each thrust. The pain, and my screams, eventually subsided somewhat as my vagina stretched out and I became numb to it.

Finally, the root pulled out of me and fell to the ground, lifeless. "Gods be dammed!" Kelmane swore, "It looks as if your friends have abandoned you." "They.

they are not. my friends." I said, "I only met. Brom. you. sent him to. my room." "Well, girl. you are of no further use to me in your current condition." he said. I didn't understand what he meant. The vines and roots released me and I fell to the ground.

I rolled around in the dirt, writhing in pain. I looked down and saw red welts all up and down my body, and there was a trickle of blood running down my right thigh. I understood now; no one would want my used and scarred body ever again. "I'll use you one last time and then put you out of your misery." he said, removing his robe.

He walked over to me, grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my knees. He jerked my head back, forcing my mouth open. "This was all you were ever good for, cunt!" he yelled as he rammed his penis in to my mouth, burying it deep in my throat with a single thrust.

"MMMMMFFFFF!" I grunted, grabbing at anything I could reach. "Suck it, bitch!" he yelled, viscously ramming my head up and down on his penis, "I'm going to come down your fucking whore throat!" "Guh. Guh. Guh." I gasped, trying to take a breath in between each thrust. He fucked my throat for what seemed like several minutes, and then tilted his head back and closed his eyes. "Here it comes, cunt!" he yelled, "Yesss.

here it fucking comes. " He jammed his penis all the way in and held my head in place as the first load spurted directly in to my throat. I could feel his penis stiffen and throb. "AAAAHHHHH! FUCK!!!" he yelled, convulsing with ecstasy. He pulled his penis back out several inches, and then jammed it in again.

"YESSSSSSS, CUNT!" he groaned, shooting another glob of semen down my throat. He continued to rape my mouth, pumping his penis deep in to it with every shot of semen. "Aaahhhh. fuck. ahhhhh." he sighed, trailing off as the last few spurts of semen trickled out. He pulled his penis out of my mouth and took a step backwards, raising his hands.

I looked at him, still on my knees, too weak to offer any resistance. I now welcome the oblivion of death. Let it come, but Gods, please let it be quick. "Your lovely mouth will surely be missed," he began, "but now. you die!" He spoke strange words and moved his hands in small circles, and they began to glow with a bright yellow light. He raised his hands over his head and pointed his palms towards me as the yellow light formed a ball of fire in each hand.

I cowered, covering my face, sobbing deeply. "URRRKKK!!!" he grunted. I looked up at him, my tears and the fading daylight making it hard to see clearly. He seemed frozen in place, staring at me with a horrified look on his face. He just stood there for several seconds, the glow in his hands fading. His expression slowly changed from horror to anger. He spun around, facing away from me and I saw two daggers stuck in his lower back, one on each side.

I wiped my eyes and could only then barely make out the object of his anger: Brom stood before him, now unarmed and defenseless. "Cursed half-man!" he shouted. He waved his hands and spoke some unfamiliar words.

Brom clutched his throat and started gasping for air, as if he were choking. Kelmane reached around with both hands, each grabbing a dagger in his back, and jerked them out quickly. "YYYEEEAAAARRGGG!" he yelled, dropping the daggers to the ground. He staggered a bit, then stood up straight and returned his attention to Brom.

Brom's fell to his knees, still struggling for air as his face turned red. "I will kill you, then I will kill the bitch!" Kelmane snarled through gritted teeth, "You have brought my wrath down upon your entire guild! You have no idea what your interference has cost me!" Brom's eyes rolled back in his head several times as he struggled to retain consciousness.

Kelmane started speaking some words and rotating his hands towards Brom as he had done to me earlier. Bright yellow balls of fire began to form in his palms. I jumped up, naked, covered with welts and in numbing pain. Dirt and bits of leaves stuck to my sweaty body. I reached down and picked up one of Brom's daggers from the ground.

As I felt the dagger in my hand and looked at Brom's life fading away, my instincts took over and like a wild animal, I jumped on his back, wrapping my legs around his waist. I grabbed the hair on the top of his head, jerking his head back.

"Wha.?!" Kelmane yelled, stunned by my aggression. With one smooth movement, I ran the blade across his throat. "DIIIEEEEE!!!" I screamed, digging the blade deep and slitting his throat from ear to ear. Kelmane spun around wildly, holding his throat with both hands, knocking me off his back and on to the ground. "EEEAAAARRGGG!" he gurgled, as blood shot out of his throat, and foaming blood trickled from his mouth. He dropped to his knees, staring at me blankly. "Bitch.

" he whispered as he fell over, face down on the ground. Something inside of me snapped. All of Kelmane's cruelty and humiliations came flooding back to my mind. I crawled over to him, raised up to my knees and stabbed him in the back.

Over and over I drove the dagger in to his now lifeless body, crying, screaming and cursing him. As my fury faded, my exhaustion returned and I fell back to the ground. Lying there on my back, I closed my eyes and sobbed. I felt consciousness slipping away from me. I opened my eyes and through tear-blurred vision, I saw Brom standing over me. I closed my eyes again and let the darkness overtake me.

***** I awoke and looked around. I was in a dimly lit room, lying on a bed and dressed only in a thin white robe, a blanket covering my legs. A candle flickered on the table next to me. My whole body was stiff, but there was surprising little pain. I turned my head and saw a hooded figure slumped over in a chair next to my bed.

"Brom?" I said weakly. "Milady!" Brom said, jumping out of the chair. "Where am I?" I asked, trying to sit up. "You are safe now. We are with friends." he replied, gently pushing me back down to the bed. "How long.?" I trailed off. "You have been sleeping for almost two days." he said, "The healer tended to your wounds. You will be OK, with a few more days of rest." Brom poured water from a pitcher and handed me the cup.

I didn't realize until then how parched I was. I drank three full cups. "Is Kelmane dead?" I asked. "He is quite dead." he replied with a grin, "You made sure of that!" Suddenly, the memories started racing through my mind and I broke down in tears, sobbing and clutching Broms' arm. "Gods! I killed him!" I cried, "I. I slit his throat. I watched him bleed and die." "If anyone has ever deserved it, he surely did!" Brom reassured.

A flood of memories washed over me; the rapes, the humiliations, the beatings. They all came back to me, flashing through my mind. I felt a hardness come over my heart. a cold realization that I was no longer the same innocent girl I once was. "Yes," I said. "He did deserve it." "And you probably helped avert a war between the races." he added, "Our relationship with the night elves is.

strained. to say the least, but that will work itself out." Just then a halfling walked in, carrying a small tub filled with various items. "You are awake!" he said with some surprise, "Good!

You are healing much faster than I had expected." "This is Dink, Milady. He is my cousin, and a fine healer." Brom added. "Thank you, Dink." I said, "I am feeling much better." "Um. pardon, Milady, but I.

I need to apply salve to your. vagina." Dink said sheepishly, "It is almost fully healed, but we will still need the salve for the next day or two." "Of course, Dink." I said, spreading my legs slightly as he pulled the blanket off of my legs. "I will leave the room while." Brom started. "No, Brom. Please stay." I asked, taking hold of his arm. "Yes, Milady." he said, turning his head away.

I could feel Dink's soft fingers massaging salve in to the lips and opening of my vagina. It was still a bit sore, but the cool salve was very soothing. "It seems to be my lot in life to have strange men in my vagina." I said. I tried to laugh, but felt a stripe of pain across my left cheek.

I put my hand to my cheek and inhaled, hissing through my teeth. "You had quite a nasty scratch across your cheek." Dink said, "I did all I could but I'm afraid it may leave a scar." "Do you have a looking glass?" I asked. Dink reached in to his tub and pulled out a small mirror and handed it to me. There was a long, deep scratch across my left cheek. It was probably from one of Kelmane's rings.

There were several other minor abrasions that were almost healed. I lie there for several moments, staring in to my eyes in the mirror. The girl looking back at me was no longer Dahlia, Initiate Druid. She was. something else. Dink put his things back in his tub and started out the door. "A couple more days of rest and you can be on your way home!

It is only the third hour. You should sleep now." he said, closing the door behind him. "I. I'm not going home." I said slowly. "What?" Brom exclaimed.

"I cannot go back." I said, "I'm not that girl anymore." "But you are betrothed." Brom began. "He must think me dead by now." I replied, "I will let him believe that. It would be shameful for him to marry me now. I believe he loves me and would still have me, but we would be outcasts and shunned. He deserves a chance to be happy. He will find another, eventually." "What will you do, Milady?" Brom asked.

"Maybe. I could stay. here. I mean. with. you?" I said, embarrassed. "With me." he said, mouth hanging open, eyes wide open. "I mean, just so you could teach me." I quickly added, "I mean, I could continue my magic studies on my own.

Maybe you could. could teach me. I mean." "I know what you mean." he said, gently taking my hand. "And I would love to have the honor of your companionship for as long as you will have me." He bent over and kissed me, deeply and passionately, for several long moments. My stomach fluttered as I wrapped my arms around him. We fell asleep in each others arms. ***** Three days passed quickly. I was up and around, almost back to normal. The scratch on my cheek was healing, but there was a definite scar forming.

Brom knocked on my door and came in and handed me a dark brown, hooded robe. I put the robe on, raised the hood over my head and looked in the mirror. A tinge of excitement came over me as I saw the new Dahlia, cowled and mysterious, looking back at me. "You'll also need this." he said, handing me a shiny, pearl handled dagger.

"We start your training today!" "It can wait for an hour, can it not?" I asked, as I took his hand and led him to my bed. *** End ***