Art this if for you julian rios sondra hall

Art this if for you julian rios sondra hall
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A steady thumping in my chest rocked my entire body with each beat. My hands had become covered with sweat, and my forehead was growing hotter with each passing moment. I tried to focus on the movie playing in front of me, but my mind could not wrap itself around the plotline.

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My thoughts were too far gone to attempt to pay attention to even what was dubbed the best action movie of the year. I was thankful that it was dark in the theatre; in broad daylight my nervousness would have been so much more apparent. At least in the back of the large dark room no one would be looking at me, except perhaps the girl sitting next to me. I had only known her a month, yet I felt like I had spent my entire life getting to know her. She was the picture of beauty in my eyes: long light brown hair, hazel eyes, and thin pink lips painted with clear shiny lip gloss positioned perfectly on her pale face.

Compared to her, even I looked like I had some sort of tan on my complexion. My lips were thick and painted a dark and shiny magenta, so different from hers. I fantasized briefly how her small mouth would feel puckered and touching mine… As soon as the thought entered my head, I quickly pushed it out. I didn't even know if she was interested in girls, let alone a girl like me.

We were only here together because we didn't want to see this movie alone and had no other friends with the same interest in it as we did.


I was merely her companion today, nothing more. Even with that knowledge, I couldn't help but want to dress up in a red sundress covered in large pink roses with a saddle colored woven belt around my waist.

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Like every other day, I covered my eyelids with pink shadow and brown eyeliner, lining my waterline as well. My cheeks had a rosy tint to them already, so I didn't bother with blush. I snuck a glance at her again. All I could see on her pretty face besides her lip gloss was black mascara on her beautiful eyes. She didn't need anything more; her face belonged on the cover of Teen Vogue with or without makeup.

She was so lucky. I noticed many a guy looking at her when we walked in. She didn't give any of them the time of day, although I caught her smiling nervously as we walked to our seats. Liked me, she preferred sitting in the very back so that no feet would be kicking at our seats.

The rows were separated far enough apart that even the tallest man sitting in front of us would not have posed any issue. I didn't even notice the end of the movie when the end credits began to roll on the screen. I stood up, grabbing my small purse and putting it on my shoulder. "What did you think of it Valerie?" she asked, her voice sounding like wind chimes.

"Great ending to the series," I said, keeping vague in case I missed a crucial detail. "Agreed.

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Too bad there isn't another to look forward to though." She pouted. "Aw, don't be too sad about it Lilly." I smiled at her brightly, hoping she wouldn't see the anxiety in my eyes. I had to watch what I said, or my flirts would become too obvious. "You're right; it's just a movie," she replied, nodding and grinning. When she smiled I couldn't tell if the lights had gone on in a theatre or if it was just her brightening radiance filling the room. Trying not to stare at her, I looked down at my watch.

"It's only nine o'clock. You wanna go home now or hang out a bit more?" I tried to make my voice nonchalant so she wouldn't see that all I could hope for was more time with her. "I don't feel like going home yet.


Let's go get a smoothie across the street first." "Okay." I shrugged like I couldn't care less, while in reality my reaction was one of ecstasy. I followed her outside into the summer air. It was a night that lacked humidity, and the air felt cool and refreshing in my lungs. The sweat on my palms dried in the light breeze, something I was more than thankful for. The store she led me into had a colorful and relaxed theme to it. The tables were lime green with pink, yellow, and orange overstuffed leather chairs surrounding them.

We walked to the counter and ordered small strawberry drinks and went to choose seats. I chose a pink chair near the back of the store while she sat daintily in the orange one beside me.

"I love strawberries in any form," I said, sipping through a colorful straw. She laughed. "Same. It's a bit of an addiction." I joined her in a laughing fit. We drank slowly, taking our time before we left. We had killed an hour, although the night still seemed young. "Hey Valerie, my parents aren't coming home until tomorrow night from some business trip.

Wanna sleep over? I don't feel like going home to an empty house." "Sure, why not? Sounds like fun!" I kept my response short; trying to do everything I could to repress my joy. I quickly called my parents to let them know I wouldn't be coming home until morning, then called a cab back to her place.

The ride was short, but my excitement made every moment seem like an hour.

"You can borrow some clothes in the morning; I'm a little taller than you but I think you'll fit." "Thanks," I said, looking around her room.

Her bed was a full size, with a quilt as blue as the ocean. Pillows were leaning against a wooden headboard. "I like your room." "Thanks, I just had it done." She was silent for a moment, then looked away from me. "Valerie," she said, still looking away, "there's something you haven't cared to admit to me yet, and I wish you would." Her gaze turned back on me.

"Haven't you ever done this before?" "Done…done what?" I stuttered, trying to steer around what she was getting at. I must have given myself away…she was never going to talk to me again now.

"You aren't going to say it, are you?" "Say what?" maybe if I acted dumb enough she'd think she was mistaken. I was a fool to think she was that stupid. "Fine, don't.

I guess I'll just have to make the move myself." Without another word or hesitation, she walked over to me and put her hands on my waist. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips against mine. My brain went on complete shutdown. All I could do was react to her kiss, trying to move at her pace. She sped up as she went along, her tongue sliding in between my willing lips. She seemed to have more experience than I would have thought an hour ago, but I went along with it willingly, the sensations she was giving me feeling too good to stop.

She pulled away from me and gestured to her bed. She reached around my back and unzipped my dress. The fabric crinkled as it fell to the floor. She undressed herself, unbuttoning her blouse and sliding out of her flowing white skirt.

She jumped back on the bed, motioning with her finger for me to follow.


I climbed on next to her, and she kissed me again before I had time to situate myself. Finally comprehending what was happening, I allowed my hands to wander about her gorgeous body.

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My thumbs caressed the edge of her bra, itching to go inside. I slid my hands along the band to the back, where I found the hook in the middle. "Can I?" I asked, my voice no more than a whisper. "Please." I unhooked her bra and it fell from her chest, revealing a set of beautiful and erotic breasts, perking just for me. She ridded herself of the garment that had fallen between us, and kissed me again. Seconds later my own bra fell off of my body, revealing my larger chest.

I grew self conscious and instinctively moved my hands to cover them, but she caught them and pinned them at my sides. "So beautiful…" she moaned as she stared. Without warning, she leaned down and put her pretty little mouth on one, sucking until I screamed. She jumped off the bed and ordered me to lay flat on my back and close my eyes. She spread my legs apart, ripping the last article of clothing from my body.

"You shaved too. Good, I like them better that way." My eyes still closed, I could not watch as she put her face in between my legs. Her tongue worked magic, licking and sucking at my most sensitive spots until my entire body began to vibrate.

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I wasn't sure if I could give her this much pleasure, but at that moment I didn't care. All I wanted was more of her, and more of her soon. My orgasm ripped through my entire body.


She refused to stop, although it was impossible she was unaware of my spasms. Finally I peaked, and I opened my eyes. "Where did you learn to do that?" I asked, panting.

She shrugged. "Porn, an old girlfriend, the usual places." She let herself fall back on the bed. "You got really wet really fast. You taste amazing." "I do?" I asked. "Delicious. Most girls do." "I wouldn't know…" I trailed off. "No? Never?" She sat upright. "Time for you to find out. Go on, get up." I stood reluctantly and walked to the other side of the bed.

She finished undressing herself, and spread her legs in a full split for me.

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I took a moment to admire the gorgeous scene set before me. She was completely shaven, and her sex was a soft pink. Everything about it invited me in for a taste. I bent down slowly to take the small nub of her clit in my mouth. I nibbled and sucked until I heard her gasp once. I ran my tongue up and down her entire slit, tasting her juices as they began to flow.

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I had never tasted such sweet nectar. I had tasted the salty flavor of a man before, and that was all I had never known. Before Lilly, the sweet taste of a female had never crossed my mind as something I'd like to try. But now, here I was, trying to get as much as I could of her delicious taste.

I was so busy intoxicating myself with her flavor; I hadn't noticed her breathing had become jagged and irregular. Her climax forced a scream from her mouth, but like she had with me I kept going. Her wetness increased, and I drank whatever she gave me. I stopped only when her orgasm completed and her body lay still. "If that was your first time, I can't wait to see what you're like experienced," she said, smiling at me. "But for now, I'm exhausted." "We should sleep," I agreed.

I climbed into bed with her, and she wrapped her arms around me as I snuggled in next to her. The heat of our bodies and the smell of sex filled the room; the perfect atmosphere for a night of rest. I closed my eyes, perfectly content in her arms, and fell asleep with her naked body against mine.