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He had been emailing with her for a couple of weeks. She was a housewife who'd read 50 Shades a few too many times and persuaded herself that it was something she wanted but wasn't going to get it at home. As he pulled up she was stood waiting where he'd told her; outside the sex shop at 9-30am, in a short skirt, tight top and no underwear.

He could see her nipples from 20 feet away. He doubted he'd get this 36 year old milf to dress like such a slut at first, but it looked like she was desperate to live out her fantasy.

Men were openly staring at her large breasts and barely covered backside and she was blushing, avoiding their gaze. He reached over, opened the door for her and told her to get in.


As she sat, the tiny skirt rode up even more. "Leave it" she was told, as she tried to pull it down. "In fact, take it off. You won't be needing it any more". She hesitated at first but then slowly pushed it down to her ankles, revealing her freshly waxed pussy. "Good girl, now, look in the glove box". She opened it to be greeted by a 6" vibro.

"I expect your cunt to be ready for use by the time we get home. Best get started". The redhead milf flushed again with embarrassment as she started to pleasure herself. Her pussy was already wet from anticipation, so the toy slid in easily. He looked over as she started working it in and out of herself, her eyes down at the foot well, knowing that if someone happened to look in, they'd see her pleasuring herself. Ten minutes later, they pulled into a driveway then a garage, the door closing behind them at the push of a button.

He got out, walking round to open the car door. "Last chance for you to change your mind, Amy. I can drive you back and you can forget all about it, but if you get out, you're mine to use until 2". Almost trance like she swung her legs out of the car and stood up. It was the first time she'd seen him properly, his stocky 6 foot 3 frame dwarfed her petite 5 foot body, her eyes lingering on the large bulge in his pants.

"No, I want this, I want everything we talked about". "Good. Now lose the top, leave it in the car" As she peeled it off he admired the D cup breasts, reaching over to pinch her nipple, using it to pull her towards the steps down to his cellar. It was pitch black until he flicked on the lights, illuminating a bdsm playground.

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Ropes hung from the ceiling, a bondage bench stood in the middle of the room, whips, canes and floggers on the walls and an array of sex toys were on a desk. He picked up three clamps, fixing one to each nipple then the third to her clit as she winced in discomfort. Then taking a leather collar and fastening it round her throat.

"You're mine to do with as I please and you'll obey any order without hesitation, understood?" "Yes, sir" Cuffing her hands behind her back, then standing in front of her. "Now, on your knees and take out my cock" She drops down, using her teeth the work the zip down, then pressing her face into his crotch, using her tongue to work his penis out.


She looked at it with a mixture of fear and excitement. It looked big in the pictures he'd sent but in real life it was huge.

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It had to be nearly 10 inches long and nearly as thick as a redbull can. "Are you going to just stare at it or are you going to suck it, slut?" Tentatively, she opened her mouth wide, taking the head inside and working a couple of inches into her mouth, using her tongue to bathe it. "You're not sucking your husband's limp dick now, girl.

I thought you said you can deepthroat". Embarrassed at the chastisement, she pushed her head forward, getting 6 inches in as it hit the back of her throat. "More, slut, I expect it all in" Grabbing her hair, he pushed, making her take every inch, filling her throat as his balls hit her chin, laughing as her eyes streamed, gagging and choking on his dick.

"Much better" he says as he starts to fuck her face, drool spilling from her lips, makeup running. "We'll make a cocksucker out of you yet" She tried to nod, struggling to breathe through her nose as he took out his phone, snapping pictures as he used her mouth to service his dick. "Do you enjoy sucking my hard cock, whore?" Her words an indistinguishable noise as she tried to speak.

"Pardon? I can't hear you" Pulling out, slapping her face with it. It felt like she was being hit with a rolling pin. "Yes sir, I love sucking your cock" Her voice was shaky and raw from the intrusion.

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Attaching a chain to her nipple clamps and using it to pull her up, walking her over to the bench. There were two pads for her to kneel on, wide apart. Another narrow pad supported her body, her breasts hanging down either side. She felt the straps as her legs were restrained, her legs spread, pussy and ass exposed, another strap ran across her body, rendering her immobile.

Weights were added to her nipple clamps, stretching them as they throbbed. Two fingers were pushed inside her then wiped across her face. "You're dripping wet, slut. Does it turn you on to cheat on your husband with a stranger?" Without warning, he slammed the full length into her, pounding her pussy relentlessly as she moaned.


"Your husband fuck you like this?" "" was all she could say as she was ridden, screaming out her first orgasm. She saw a video camera and knew she was being filmed. Lube was spread on her arse and she felt the first bead of a string being pushed inside.

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"No! Not there!

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That wasn't part of the deal! I've never done anything there before" she said, panicking as the bead was pushed inside. "You're mine to use any way I like, remember. Anyway, you're in no position to be making demands". Another and another were fed into her, every thrust of his cock moving them inside her as she grunted, tears running down her cheeks.

More pressure, but the other way as he starts pulling them out, one by one, by the time they were out she felt strangely empty. Fear filled her as he pulled from her well fucked pussy and rubbed his cock between her cheeks.

"Time to pop that cherry".