Blondie Deserves to Get Destroyed

Blondie Deserves to Get Destroyed
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It's the end of winter in lower Ohio and I've been divorced for about four years and enjoying the freedoms of said divorce, mainly all the single women I've dated and taken to bed and since I'd had a Vasectomy it's been even nicer. My name is Paul Jacobs and I'm 45 years old and enjoying life.

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It wasn't until my ex Robin called wanting me to sign some papers from our divorce that had gotten missed I said ok, I can be there in two weeks well she started up and I said whoa there right now, we're not marry so either go on my time table or forget it bitch and I hung up. It took her maybe three minutes to cool down and saying she was sorry and I was right ok, when you can make time call me first so I have the papers out of the safety deposit box.

I agreed and we hung up again and I said yes loudly right in the middle of a grocery store. Now causing the divorce was her inability to have sex, she read about it, and all in those romance books she was always reading and when I'd heard she got remarried well I felt sort of sorry for the sucker until I found out he was an asshole too from someone that knows him, then I felt karma is coming back around for all those years of trying to get her to have sex and she felt once a month was good enough.

When the time came to go up to see her I dreaded that day like knowing you were going to get a whipping for something but not sure what for.

When I got to the city where she lives, in my old house still I learned. I called her once again and she said I can meet you at a restaurant if you'd like and I jumped at that one for sure.

I didn't want to be alone with her even though she was a hotty and all but still. So I got there early and ordered myself a drink, something she hated me doing and that was one more cause for our divorce.

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So when she got there I ordered another and it came as she was sitting down. I said want something to drink? She says I'll have a coke please, I told the waitress and I sipped my crown and coke. I told her she was still looking good and she thanked me, she says it's been sometime since I've seen you, how you been? I said can't complain and you?

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She said well I remarried as you might know and he's an over the road driver. I don't get to see him like I'd like too. I thought to myself why, doesn't he like sex either? She says so, here are the papers for the sale of the property in Tennessee. I said so you have a buyer? She says no but without your signature I can't even get things going on it. I nodded ok and signed where it was highlighted. I handed them back to her, our hands touched and she jumped back saying I just got shocked.

I said naw, come on, there is no way. So we touched again and she says wow, I could have sworn I got shocked the first time. Well we wound up ordering an appetizer with me another drink and a shock to me she ordered a wine.

Well one glass then two glasses of wine and she was asking me if I'd like to come back to the house for old time sakes and she smiled that fuck me smile she has. I looked at her and finally said, are you asking me to come back to the house and make love to you after all these years?

She hung her head down slightly saying well Jim is gone so much and he's not the best lover there so, yes, I am, ok there I said it, I want you to come back to the house and make love to me the entire weekend ok? I nearly laughed at her but I said only under my rules, if at anytime you object I leave understand? She looks at me, thinks and says ok, but no anal, I know how you are?

I said no objections. She says fine, ok, I'm ok with the terms, can we go now? I paid the tab and we left, she drove her car and I followed to make sure there wasn't going to be someone waiting for me once I got out I waited and she came to the car saying its ok, really, come on, I need some sex badly.

We no sooner got inside that she was taking off her clothes and pulling at mine, I said whoa there take it easy, you said we have all weekend right? She says yes but I need that huge ass cock of yours now. I said and you'll have all you want, slow down here, let's see if anything has changed and I was referring to her full muff bush and it was still there.


I said number one, this has to go, no options here, shave it before we start so go, shave your pussy bald and I can promise you the best sex you've ever had in years and she groaned but knew I was right/ I came in as she was sitting on the side of the tub, her big ass titties hanging there and she was shaving her pussy bald, damn it I had this bitch and I was going to fuck her brains out and her ass her mouth, anything else I'd been wanting to all those years of marriage.

When she was done I kissed it and she shivered, this bitch was in heat and she wanted a cock now. She rinsed off her pussy, put some special scented lotion on it, it tasted of strawberries and damn did it ever.

She came into the bedroom I was on my old side, she climbs in seeing my hard shaft and she tries to climb atop me and I shook my head no, I said 69 first, she looked like I'd just killed her puppy but she knew what and why I wanted it and she submitted to me. She sucked my cock like she did when we were first married and damn she sucked me hard.

When she came I blew my load into her mouth and said swallow it all and she groaned and did as she was told. When she finished me off I had her suck me hard and then and only then did I turn her over and fuck her so hard my hips hurt after wards and all she did was smile and moan.

I came up to her mouth saying again and she eagerly sucked me hard again. I fucked her doggy style, that's her favorite and I believe all woman love that position as well. I pounder her cunt as hard as I could and when her head finally hit the headboard I came deep inside her sending her into another rolling orgasm.

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After that I had her suck me clean, she didn't mind that to much, she thanked me for easing some of her itch, I laughed saying oh we've only just begun, I just need something to drink and she says well I don't keep liquor here you know that? I said yep that's why I brought some with me, so I'll make myself something to drink, you go douche yourself out and by the time we get back to bed I'll be ready for round two and she giggled saying no way?

I said you'll see and off I went to the kitchen. When I got back she was still in there douching herself out, when she came back out I tapped the bed, she giggled and came up with me, I asked her to get onto her hands and knees again and she purred umm yeah and she did so. I slid my shaft back into her cunt, fucked her for a good while and all of a sudden I pulled out, aimed for her ass and touched her there, she grunted saying go on, fuck me in my dirty ass damn it, fuck it good and damn if I didn't.

I blew two nuts worth inside her ass and then pulling out I slid it back into her pussy and gave her a load there too. Damn I loved those fucking blue pills I bought last month.


When it was all over for the night she was panting saying oh my god she needed this so badly. I said and this is only tonight, we've got the rest of the weekend to fuck too and she giggled saying bring it on. For the first time since we were first married she let me cuddle behind her, taking a big ass titty in my hand and we fell asleep that way. The next morning she was up making breakfast I knew that because I smelled the bacon and coffee. When I came out she was naked, I smiled, and she says so, hungry?

I said hell yeah, I could eat the whole pig, she giggled saying well not that much but I can make more.

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We ate until I was full, she cleaned up the kitchen and as she was doing that I bent her over the table and fucked her from behind there making her squeal with pleasure as I pounded her cunt hard. We had sex in every room, twice maybe three times that weekend, I used five blue pills and it was worth every penny I paid for them too.


I fucked her ass more than once, made her suck my cock a few times and fucked her cunt so hard and long that she was begging me to fuck her ass to give it a break. By Sunday afternoon when I said I have to go her cunt was red as a beat from all my poundings, her ass was still gaping wide and her breath really did smell of cum and all she could say was you're an asshole for doing this and leaving.

I laughed saying you set the time limits, I just set the rest. She laid there moaning as I left and I told her ice would be nice right now and she yelped out fuck you bastard, I said I fucked the bitch first, so I guess so, have a good life bitch as I closed the door and never looked back.

I took the deed to the property and bought it sending her half of what I paid for it, she never said anything but I knew she was fuming from it, I chalked it up to years of aggravation I dealt with being with her. I never saw nor heard from her but thru my buddy he says she walked a little funny at work for a time saying she must have strained something but he and I knew better. I had my sweet revenge on her and had some awesome sex on top of it, what could be sweeter.