Blonde police woman first time A Border Patrol Agent caught this

Blonde police woman first time A Border Patrol Agent caught this
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A Life In The City Chapter 1 WHAM!! "Wake up Wade!!" Ms. Johnson screamed at me during the middle of the lecture. It was another one of those boring days in History class, "wake up or get out of my class," she screamed at me. "Depends," I said "is there somewhere I can go that has a bed?" She picked up her big metal ruler and screamed at me to leave.

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Whatever, I thought, that just means I can go to the nurses office and crash there. Wait today's Monday, which means that nurse Jackie is in the office today. Nurse Jackie is a 24-year-old who has a nice apple shaped ass with a decent set of tits on her.

Her eyes are a deep electric blue and long black hair that falls around her in beautiful wavy pattern. That's good cause I think she likes me, I thought with a smile on my face. I finally remember where the nurses office is and as I walk up my good friend Jason walks out.

"Dude what's up?" I say as he sees me. "Nothing man, but you better get in there dude. She told me that she hasn't had any sex for three weeks now." I thought about that as he hurries away to get to his locker.

I look through the window on the door before I go in. She's sitting at her desk making a phone call and looking around with a worried look on her face. I sigh and open the door and step in to the office. "Wade, what are you doing here?" She asks as I step through the door. I smile and tell her what happened in History class.

"Well that sucks something major. You want to lay down here for the rest of the hour?" I smile as my very dirty mind goes to work. "Sure, but with one condition." "What do you want?" I thought of the consequences of sleeping with a school nurse but then I tossed those out the window when I looked down her shirt and saw cleavage that you could hide about two pounds of any drug in.

"Well," I said with a half smirk on my face, "I would love to lay down," dramatic pause "with you." She looked up at me with those eyes and it took her a moment to respond with "Wade, you know that I can't do that.

You're cute and all, but im pretty sure that your illegal for me." As she said this I laughed a little and said "What cause im eighteen? Come on, no harm in just laying in a bed. Besides I can give you a nice massage for your back and other things." Again she looked at me like I had two heads. "But I have a boyfriend, Wade." I laughed again and wished Craig could be here to see this. "Well, from what a little birdie told me, he hasn't been doing his job very well." She looks at me again and does a sort of nodding of the head while sighing.

She stands up and walks for the door. "You know just as well as I do, Wade that doing anything of that sort would be against the law as well as I could lose my job." She locks the door and pulls the shade down. "But, I guess that rules are there to be broken. And I could always get a real job at some clinic." I smiled as she reached for the button on her top and undid the first two.

"Besides its not like im going to tell anyone. I know how to keep my mouth shut." I dropped my messenger bag on the chair next to me and step close to her.

She reached for the next button but forgot about it when I pressed my mouth against hers. She kissed back and I started to remove her shirt. Her tongue came out of nowhere and started to play with my tongue. I ran my hand over her bare stomach and I felt a shiver go through her body.

She moaned slightly as I rubbed her stomach and slid my hand up her back and searched for the clasp on her bra. I floundered around looking for it until I realized that it was one of those bra's that have the clasp in the front. I moved my hand to her front and removed the clasp and slid it off her shoulders and began to massage her tits.

She pressed her mouth into mine harder and pushed me against the wall. Her hands slid my shirt off of my body and moved to remove my jeans. I switched us around and had her against the wall as I slid my tongue along her throat. She gasped and slid her hands down my chest, reaching for the button on my pants. I took her left nipple into my mouth and sucked on it a little as she undid the button.

I stop sucking on her nipple and slid my tongue between her breasts. She gasped again and finally managed to get my button undone.

My pants dropped and my underwear bulged in the front. She pulled my head back up and slid her mouth onto mine. She gave my bottom lip a gentle bite and slid her hand through my hair. I Slid my hand down to her skirt and started to undo the belt that held it up. As I finished getting it undone she flipped us around again so I was pushed against the wall. She slid her tongue lightly down my chest until she got to the band of my underwear.

I gasped as she slid her hand down my underwear and grabbed me wit her warm hand. I went to take my underwear off but she stopped me pulled her hand out. "That's my job, not yours," she said as she took my hand and led me back to the beds. A rather big smile hit my face as I thought of what was going to happen.

I closed the door behind us and moved for the best bed in the entire place. It was no bigger than a twin size mattress but it was comfortable. I laid down on the bed on top of her, kissing her deeply. I broke apart the kiss a couple minutes later and began lightly kissing my way down her maybe 110 pound body.

I got to her skirt and slid it down her legs. Then I moved my eyes up to see her body. God, what a site, I thought as I began to move the bright purple thong she was wearing, to the side. As I moved it to the side she moaned a little shifted her hips. I gently began to stroke her clit with my thumb, wanting her to get as wet as possible. She moaned and shifted her hips again. My tongue flicked out and sampled the treat before my eyes.

She spread her legs just a little so I could fit my head and hand between her legs. My tongue flicked out again and started flicking across her clit.

Out of nowhere her body had a slight spasm and her hips shifted again. My tongue slid down one side of her juicy lips then back up again. Then I slipped my tongue into her and swished it around a little bit. She ran her fingers through my hair and pushed my face deeper into her very wet pussy. My underwear was starting to feel restricting so I slid them off and began to eat her out. First my tongue was on one side of her vagina then it flicked over to the other side.

Jackie started to moan a little louder so I started to move just a little bit faster. She pulled my face off her pussy and looked me in the eyes and said "my turn to give you a little something." I smiled and wiped my mouth off. She pulled me up and then pushed me down onto the bed. She gave me a little kiss while she dropped her panties. She slid her hands down my torso until it got to my pubes.

She grabbed a hold of my eight and a half inch cock and started to jack me off a little. I groaned and played with her hair, giving the back of her neck a small massage. She groaned a little and used her other hand to juggle my balls.

I laid back and let her jack me a little more. Her mouth suddenly slid over the head of my dick. My eyes opened wide with surprise as her tongue flicked over the tip, licking all the pre-cum up.

She grasped my cock and takes it halfway into her mouth. Her tongue continues to attack the tip as she pulls me out. She continues this for a couple of minutes until she puts me all the way down her throat, without gaging. She starts moaning as she pulls me out halfway and repeats the deep throat. I groan as she does this and I begin to run my fingers through her hair. I grab her by the back of the head and begin to put pressure there so she goes a little faster.

She pulls me out of her mouth and wipes off her lips. "Why did you stop?" I ask as she stands up and walks for the head of the bed. She smiles and straddles my stomach. "Because," she said as she slides down my stomach, "I think you will like this a lot more than a blow job" As she says this, she picks herself up and places the tip of my dick into her dripping pussy.

"Your right," I say with a satisfied groan, "I do like this." she nods her head and sinks a little lower on to me. Damn, she's tight, I thought as I groaned. I begin to thrust a little to loosen her up a little. She started to moan and grind back as I began to slide a little bit further into her. I reached up and began to massage her tits.

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She slid her hand down to her clit and began to rub it as she grinded a little harder on my cock. Jesus, is her supposed boyfriend like two inches or is he gay and doesn't know what to do with a girl? I pulled out and pushed her down so I could get behind her and fuck her that way. I slid back into her pussy and began to thrust. She spread her legs so she could get as much of me into her as possible.

I slid my arm around to her front and used my fingers to rub her clit. She put the pillow in her mouth and moaned loudly while I listened to the sound of my balls slapping against her. She began to pant and grind back against me a couple of minutes later. "Harder," she moaned, "please god, harder." I smiled and replied with "you can call me Wade," as I began to thrust harder.

I began to get a little faster as I felt the pressure build in my cock. She was on the verge of screaming out with pleasure as I began to put on more speed. The sides of her pussy began to contract around my dick, so I began to increase the speed as much as I could.

I felt the burning in my hips as I reached my max speed. She was doing a half pant half moan and grinding back onto me. Her hand flashed to her clit and began to rub it furiously. I gave her ass a slap as and bent over and gripped her tits. The pressure was at the point of blowing when I felt her entire body shudder and she called my name into the pillow. I kept right on thrusting until I knew I couldn't hold it any more. The pressure blew and I half groan and half growl.

I slowed the thrusting down until I was sure that there was nothing left in me. I pulled out and fell onto the bed next to her. "Now was that so bad?" I asked with a smile on my face. She laughed and pushed me off the bed. "I will take that no. So did you like your taste of real dick?" I asked. She smiled and reached for her panties. "It was better than what I haven't gotten in the past month, if that' what you askin." I smiled and began to look for my underwear.

We both get dressed in silence, me admiring her body, her limping a little to where I tossed her skirt.


As I finish getting dressed and secured my bag on my shoulder, the bell starts to ring. I look at her and she says "just remember, Wade, that never happened.

I will lose my kob if anyone finds out. See you later." I left and thought, Gees, that was fun. Now it's lunch time. And boy could I use it. Chapter 2 Welcome to my life. My name is Wade Curzon. Yea I know it's a weird name but, oh well, its mine and I'm proud of it. Well lets give a quick background on me with a quick description. I'm about 5' 10". I got a well toned body, nothing to muscled but enough to make it look like I work out.

I have long brown hair with a slightly tanned body. I weigh in at about 160, and I am 18. I go to Holding Hills High school, which is an alright school. The principal is a pot head and most of the teachers are female, ugly but female.

The school is located just outside of L.A. and its filled with all sorts of people. You have the dark and gloomy gothic crowd, whom I'm friends with. Then you have the Emo crowd of razor happy idiots. Then, being in L.A. you have the fairy crowd. Not that im against that, hell I'm a member of GSA, but I just don't talk to them much.

You of course have the surfer/skateboarder crowd, usually stoned or just not here. Then you have the jocks. I dislike jocks, one because they think they are better than everyone and two, because the think they're richer than everyone. Well there you have it, my school in an eggshell. Now for a little background on me. See I have the jocks beat on the whole richer than everyone affair. See my parents happen to own some large corporation that is located in New York and in countries over seas.

So I barely get to see them. Which works because my parents, love them to death, like to rub the fact that they are richer than everyone in everybody's face. But the upside to that is I get an allowance, probably cause they haven't realized that I have moved out of their summer home into a smaller place.

It's a little place, two bedrooms one and a half baths, but its mine and I prefer it to a fuckin mansion in the middle of nowhere. So with that out of the way, they send me an ass load of money every month.

Which is the upside to having overly rich parents cause I have enough money that, should I choose to, have 10 kids and send them all to college in Europe. So here I am in lunch, looking for some of my friends. I spot my friend Craig in the vending machine area, kicking the crap out of the machine and yelling something about it being a dirty whore who was in need of a shotgun accident.

I walk up and yell over him. "Dude, what the fuck are you doing?" I ask as he pulls back to punch it. He looks over his shoulder and says, "Sorry man, the damn machine ate my only dollar. So im gonna get it back." "Dude," I said to him as he pulled a little further back, "here's a damn dollar, now lets be smart about this and not kill the fucking machine.

Cause you know as well as I do that should you in fact put your fist through the glass, you gonna get your ass trampled by the crowd." He finally put his hand down and took the dollar I was holding out to him. He put it in the machine and got his chips. "You fell better now that you have beat the fuck out of a defenseless piece of garbage machine?" I asked as we walked over to our table.

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"Actually dude, I feel a helluva a lot better now" he said with a smile and a mouthful of chips. "So have you seen Shelly?" I asked him. "Yea, she's over there getting stared at like it's some kinda sport." He said with a frown. "I really don't see how people can just stand there and stare. It a fucking insult and unnecessary." he got up and threw his lunch into the can. "Good luck getting through the damn crowd, dude" he said as he walked to his next class. I at where he had pointed, got up, and walked over there.

I began to elbow some drooling morons out of my way as I made my way through the crowd. I get to the center and I understand why there are so many staring idiots today.

Quick background and description of Shelly. Shelly McDogan is my girlfriend. Yea I know, I just finished having sex with the school nurse and I have a girlfriend. Well, chill. Cause me and her have a sort of open relationship.

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But there are of course rules, like we cant record it unless there is money behind it. People she fucks have to wear protection unless sterile. I have to where protection unless the person im fucking is sterile.

I know for a fact that nurse Jackie is sterile because she told us in an assembly a couple of weeks ago.

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Said it was some kinda birth thing. Then there is the fact that we cant tell each other about it unless we plan on including that person in a threesome with me and Shelly. Now Shelly is what a shrink would call a troubled teen. Her parents are poor drug addicts who attempt to sell everything they can to have some money for there heroine.

So she spends most of her time at my place because of the fact that her parents are rarely sober enough to acknowledge the fact that they have a seventeen year old daughter in there home. They used to be sober once. Then, when shelly turned about thirteen her parents found that supposedly wonderful drug and haven't kept the needle out of their arm. So when I met her, she was walking around in a pair of fucked up jeans that if they got any worse, you could of seen her pussy from across the class.

And that's because her parents had sold all of her clothes for drug money. I met her when she was fifteen and saw the beauty under the filth of not being able to shower unless she had PE class.

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So I found her and the jeans where ripping a little more and her shirt had a tear in it. I started talking to her and we got to be good friends. When she turned seventeen and I was nineteen, I asked her out. She was a little hesitant to say yes but she did. And that's when she started coming over to my house for weeks at a time.

When she was with me, I bought her an entire closet of damn nice clothes that she wanted. I kept them at my place so her parents couldn't sell them for more drug money. She turns eighteen in a couple of weeks, and a month after that I turn twenty.

So when she turns eighteen she plans on grabbing the last little bit of clothes she has and calling the cops on her folks and getting out of there. I completely and totally encourage her to do so. But that in a couple of weeks, so in the mean time she is gonna asleep at my place. Shell stands at about 5' 6" and weighs in at about 100. Her hair is that of an artists masterpiece. It's about mid-back length and a beautiful dark red color that sets her out of crowd.

Her eyes are a deep electric blue that when you look into them you suddenly feel that everything is perfect and there is no need to worry. Her face is that of an old Greek sex goddess, with its perfect touch of tan and lack of any lines. Her nose is completely normal, bout the only part of her that is. Her mouth is not to wide and at the same time not to narrow. And she is one of those rare people who have perfectly straight teeth.

Her tits are about a double D and she has the best nipples I have ever seen. And I have seen quite a few. Her stomach is toned, not like her abs are better than mine but she has a flat stomach with a cute little belly button. Her body has the best tan I have seen in the school. Not to dark and at the same time not to light.

Her legs are that of a cheerleaders, and yet she hates them to death. She basically has the body of everyones dream. Yea I know, bullshit, but its true. Today she decided that she wanted to wear the shortest skirt in the history of mini-skirts. It was so short that should sh in fact forget about the way she sat down, it would be a belt and everyone could see her tan lines.

The skirt was black and skin tight, and did not leave a lot to the imagination. Het top was a simple half top that barely fit because of her tits. It came down to her belly button and stopped.

Her top was a deep blue color and it had some lighter blue stipes in random areas. As you moved down her body to her legs, you would notice that the leather three inch heels. They came up to her knee and she was wearing very nice fishnets. She had put on some eyeliner that made her eyes stand out with some blood red lipstick.

And even though it was damn near ninety degrees out, she had let her hair down. I understand why everyone was staring at her. So now I need to destroy all of there hopes in dreams in a single move. I finish elbowing my way through the crowd of mostly skateboarders who had shown up to school that day and I see Shelly standing there with a smile on her face bending over in her locker. I tap her on the shoulder and as she stands up to look at who in gods name touched her, I kissed her.

It started out like a little kiss but escalated into a very passionate kiss. I slid my hand down her stomach and over the, it felt like, leather skirt. My hand found its way between her legs and my fingers found her thong. She moaned a little and the crowd had started to wander away with disgruntled voices and angry looks on their faces. I pulled away from both ends and pulled her into a cuddle hug. "Thanks for the save, babe" she whispered into my ear. I laughed a little and looked around.

The crowd had walked away and now we where semi alone. My friend Jordan had come walking over with his girl in his arms. "Dude, how's it going?" he asked as he got within ear shot of us. I laughed and told him that nothing was up. He smiled and winked at me, wrapped his arm around his girlfriend and strutted away.

"Something I'm missing? Better yet, don't tell me. I'm pretty sure I don't or cant know. So seeing as it is Friday, what do you plan on doing with me tonight?" She asked as she ran her hand over my crotch. I smiled and said "Well actually I was thinking you to dinner," which is wrong cause I hadn't been thinking that but was I gonna say anything? "And then I was thinking about a movie, and then going back home," home is actually my place.

We call it that because she spends more time there than at her old place. "And we will see where it goes from there." She smiled cause she knew I hadn't been thinking that. "So who's turn is it to pick the place and the movie, mine right," wrong, she had picked the last four times, but I was not going to say anything.

"So how about we go to Marios' pizzeria and then go see Kick Ass? Yea that sounds like a good idea. See you after school" she said as she flipped around and walked torwards her next class. Yay fifth period. The most boring part of my schedule. Mainly cause its stupid earth science and that means that I have to listen to some idiot teacher talk about something that I already know. So I make it through that class without much sleeping.

I manage to get to my last class on time, which record because normally I'm late as hell. So I get through my gym class with a double thumbs up from my girlfriend because my basketball skills where improving. Bell rigs and now I get to be in the same room with a bunch of sweaty men in there underwear.

But once again no incident which makes me kinda nervous, but I make it out and start my walk to my car. Now I could lie and tell you about my 1987 Dodge Charger but im not big on lying so im gonna tell you about my 1997 Honda Accord. Yea I know, all that money and yet I don't own some import car. The thing is I don't like showing off the fact that im rich, it makes me feel to much like an asshole so I don't do it.

Unless im with Shell, then its buy whatever she needs/wants. I see her at my car waiting for me and I think, God damn, she can change that quick and be at the back of the car lot in under twenty minutes? What the hell dose she do? Take off her skin and be done with it?

I smiled as I see a look of impatience on her face and I slow my pace to a crawl. "Will you hurry it up? It's like a thousand degrees out here and your moving like a snail," she hollered to me as I got closer. I speed up so she doesn't get to upset and I reach the car in damn near ten seconds. "You where saying, babe?" I said with my usual half smirk on my face. "Can we go please, hun, im really not feeling that great and I want to get home before I we have to go to Mario's.

By the way you need to see if we need a reservation or not and if there is a dress code. Cause if there is I need to see if I can fit into that new skirt you bought me a couple days ago." I smile and tell her that I will. I slide into my hotter car and crank up the a/c. Hey I can afford the gas prices so I don't care. And I guess it doesn't help that my car is black. We get onto the main road and I floor it. Im a huge speed freak, Shell not so much but im hitting her max speed so I keep it there until I see a light or a stop sign and then I only slow down about twenty feet from them.

We make it home before the four a clock marker and she immediately heads for the bedroom. I pull out my laptop and search for a number to Marios'. I find it and decide to call the number right there.

"Hello?" asks a rather sexy sounding voice on the other side of the line, "This is Marios's, where service is good and prices are cheap. This is Alexia, how may I help you tonight?" With that question in my ear I couldn't help but laugh. I could think of a couple ways. "I was actually wondering, is this one of those restaurants where people have to dress proper and then have to make reservations?" She gave a cute little laugh and replied " Actually, all you need to do is make reservations, dress is simi-formal.

As in nice pants and a nice shirt. No tie is required." At that comment I damn near jumped in joy. " Alright well I'd like to make reservations for eight o'clock tonight under the name Wade." I heard clicking of a computer keyboard and then a couple clicks of a mouse. "Alright, reservations are made under the name of Wade, how many?" Well if I had my way it be three, but we'll just have to see what Shelly wants. " Two" I replied to her with a slight smile on my face.

I heard clicking on the other side of the phone and then "Ok Wade, two reservations for eight o'clock tonight. Remember that dress is semi-formal and be here on time. If not I will have to give your reservation away.


Will there be anything else?" I said no and hung up the phone, made my way to the bedroom to see if Shelly was out of the shower yet and sure enough she was. She was standing in bathroom completely naked in front of the bathroom mirror.

A rather huge smile hit my face as I looked in and wolf-whistled at her. She turned and winked at me almost innocently. I chuckled as she put her hair in a towel and finished drying herself off. She then did a kinda twirl in which her hair left the towel and her hair spun around in a circle before landing on her back.

"Babe," I said with a shocked expression. "Reservations are at eight and its semi-formal. So no need to bust out the cocktail dress." She gave a small laugh at me and disappeared into the never ending closet. Then all I here from her is "black or crimson, love?" I thought about it a second and called back crimson. I had a nice outfit planned for me. She called back her thanks and I turned on my X-box. I figured I had at least half an hour before I needed to be ready.

So I fired up final fantasy and played it for about twenty minutes and found the save point I needed. "Why arnt you getting ready?" Shelly asked me when I least expected it and from where I least expected it. I turned my head slightly and found my self staring right into her beautiful eyes.

I smiled and finished saving and switched it off. I kissed her gently and worked my way into our void of a closet. I pulled out my nice black with silver pin stripes pants and the matching shirt.

I pulled on a nice vest over the shirt and instead of going for a tie I decided to leave the top button undone. I grabbed my blazer and tossed it on then moved out of the closet. Shelly was using the bathroom mirror so I decided to use the other one behind the door. I fixed the shirt a little and thought I was missing something. I go back into the closet and search for my really nice dress hat that I love to wear. Its comfy as hell. I finally find it and place it on my head then I look back into the mirror.

"Looking good there, Capone" she said. I smiled and turned to her, leaned against the door and made a rather good sounding Itallian accent come from my mouth. "Don't you know it sweetheart.

No what's a smoking honey thing like you doing going out with this tweezer?" She giggled and very sexily walked to me and whispered into my ear " Cause I love this tweezer and I refuse to be persuaded away from him."